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Rihanna: Sheer Exposure In NYC!

Rihanna: Sheer Exposure In NYC!

Rihanna steps out in a fully sheer top while dining at Da Silvano on Sunday (March 11) in New York City.

The 24-year-old singer’s exposed area drew a lot of attention as she headed out of her SUV towards the restaurant.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rihanna

Earlier in the day, Rihanna landed at LaGuardia Airport to huge crowds of people!

In case you missed it, check out RiRi‘s performance video at Brad Pitt‘s Make It Right gala earlier in the weekend.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s practically nude ensemble??

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  • Shauna

    IS SHE FREAKIN’ NUTS!? This woman has definitely hit a new low!

  • Marta

    Is she high?

  • lil

    is she on drugs??????

  •!/caainan Cainan


  • Imay

    Why even bother with Sheer? The whole point of clothing is to hide stuff. If it’s showing…stuff.. WHY EVEN BOTHER? XD

  • Jerry

    Why would she do such a thing? She’s beautiful and talented – these stunts are not cool.

  • Sara

    Pure Low Class

  • Helen

    She is a trash



  • One love

    I totally agree. Why bother? Just go naked out there, b!tch. I can’t believe her!

  • Olivia


  • sdf

    She’s been a hot mess lately.

  • rihoe

    rihoe: hoe hoe hoe, very ghetto!

  • Asha

    That is such a trashy thing to do. All that money and fame has gotten to her head. She needs to be knocked back down a few notches.

  • http://It Laurel

    She’s a narcissist who loves attention.

  • xax

    that blonde sure is fitting

  • reeyz

    Hahaha! I can’t help but laugh on Rihanna’s faux pas!!! or should we say awkwardness!

  • I don’t like her anymore. She seems quite stupid. Her music is great but she has not written the stuff herself or mixed the music, so it’s not really hers anyway.
    Her outfits by day and on stage are looking cheap and slutish – don’t know why this would be cool. Plus this dumbass moves with her ex – RIDICOLOUS. Get a therapist.

  • Elina

    She is soooo wasted…. I wonder what substances she abused to get so low.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Yep

    @Laurel: Yep, classic celebrity narcissist.

  • siennagold

    She always loves to dress like a slut. I don’t like her fashion sense.

  • j


  • nes

    man that is seriously tacky, wat has become of her?

  • emmaa

    Wow. Just………wow.

  • brian

    Wow, what an idiot. Rehab please

  • Mikaela

    Oh Rihanna won’t you retire already?She just can’t get enough can she?This is ridiculous and proves how crazy she is for attention…I find her disgusting.

  • WhatReallyMatters

    When Lady GaGa goes out with her butt hanging out in broad daylight I never hear people calling her trash. I’m not saying Rihanna made a good choice, but it’s obvious to me Rihanna has been doing more and more crazy stuff since she got beaten.

    It’s like she is acting out a lot of issues. I think wearing that top was wrong. I also think she might be using drugs. I don’t think she has anyone around her that will help her. She is just a cash cow that make money and I feel like something is really wrong. If people close to her don’t recognize this behavior as someone who is in trouble they are crazy.

    She is always working. recording or performing.Then she goes clubbing. I wonder does she ever take time to just be a young girl.

  • whatsoever

    I smell another Britney meltdown coming…At least Britney had a father who cared enough to help her.

  • Meela

    She looks ridiculous x1000. Rihanna, go put some damn clothes on and create some GOOD music for a change.

  • AVA

    She sad person.

  • Madeleine


  • Mimi

    She’s a pig! I wish she’d go back under the rock from which she crawled.

  • Ebonyladee

    In my opinion Rhianna is a poor excuse as a role model, there are young girls wanting to dress like her, yes she is talented but definitely not a positive role model. She sends you g girls the wrong message that its ok to get back together with a boyfriend that was physically abusive. She has such low self esteem that she craves the attention of the media. She is definitely not a happy person. To me she is a skank that sells sex.

  • Marvin

    She looks like a tranny. Pig!!!!!

  • teri

    Why doesn’t she get arrested for indecent exposure? A restaurant?

  • Sheila

    She looks wasted. She is acting more and more erratic and out of control lately. I sense rehab in her near future. Used to think she was a sweet girl with catchy songs, but now thing she’s a hoe who only gyrates and sings about sex half-naked, she’s basically a singing stripper now. Can’t wait until her time in the spotlight fades.

  • ohdear!

    She is a lost soul….

  • lola

    and she gets angry when someone calls her N bitch???

  • whoops

    No class, dumb, thinks she can sing, ugly whore!!!

  • :)

    Im not saying its appropriate but she’s been doing this since 2007 so why is everyone shocked? she’s gonna keep doing it if she keeps having the same reaction. Google rihanna sheer shirt and you will see since the disturbia era she’s been showing her nipples & wearing pasties as a shirt. one positive is At least she has a nice rack. When lady gaga copied her it was more disturbing since her t i t s look like droopy pancakes.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …train wreck.

  • zurichgirl

    she is young, she has money, she can wear what ever she wants.
    but look what she wears. total waste.

  • G

    Skinnier and getting weirder everyday. Yeah I think Riri’s on some heavy sh*t.

  • j.o.

    another whitney houston and bobby brown in the making

  • jc

    i think she was drunk :c

  • julie

    She used to be cool but now she is just over the top and WAY overrated. LiLo in the making.

  • giuseppe sallo

    She is so under the influence. Just look at her eyes!

  • kathy

    lol that attitude you all have towards that topic is so typically American.

  • kris

    and you wonder why she was abused, she is asking for it.. through her choice in clothing (or lack of) and her vulgar songs