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Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' Scenes in Surrey!

Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' Scenes in Surrey!

Daniel Craig takes direction while filming scenes for his upcoming James Bond movie Skyfall on Tuesday (March 13) in Surrey, UK.

The 44-year-old English actor filmed scenes just outside the villain’s lair, which is reportedly called Skyfall Lodge!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

Over the weekend, Daniel filmed scenes with his co-star, Javier Bardem, who plays the villain in the upcoming movie.

Skyfall will hit theaters on November 9 – be sure to check out director Sam Mendesvideo blog about the movie if you missed it!

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  • Fio
  • Fio

    “Was Dan at the St. Patricks’ Day parade last year…is that when he was outside the cathedral and met a catholic-high-ranking official??”
    Yeah, you can recall it!
    Raw Video: New York City Goes Green

  • Mendel
  • Fio

    I know it’s a typical gossip, but Bond has a sex scene with Bérénice Marlohe! Good.

    DANIEL Craig, 44, is having to report back every detail of his steamy sex scenes with stunning French actress Berenice Marlohe in the latest Bond flick to his new wife Rachel Weisz.

    A source on set of Skyfall told us: “There’s an incredible chemistry between Daniel and Berenice Marlohe.

    “In most of the hot bed scenes she’s naked except for a tiny thong.

    “It’s no wonder he’s been telling everyone on set he has to tell the missus every time they do ‘one of those close-ups’.

    “He reckons that he has been reporting faithfully on it to her.”

  • Paula


    That is coming from The Daily Star, a known tabloid that makes things up. I would not put stock in that at all.

  • Fio

    Hi, Mendel
    Thanks for the link. To my disappointment, the Blu-ray has not reached my house yet from Amazon. Agh, can’t wait!!
    And I just found this really funny pic of you… lol
    Is this Daniel Craig’s chair?

  • Fio

    to Paula
    “That is coming from The Daily Star, a known tabloid”
    Yeah, I know.

  • susan

    to Paula

    no question you’re right. yes, Daniel probably talks to Rachel every day; she’s his wife after all. but i somehow doubt they spend all of the time talking about his co-stars.

  • http://! Guinness

    Hey fellow groupies!

  • Guinness

    “ToryFall”—NICE! yea–you got some nasty reporters there–AWESOME.
    thank you for the Tunnel camera thing–wow. hollly testosteronie!! and Dan showing up–pricelessly topping off the testosterone. I love the tunnel camera! those were wonderful captures…ah, I thought baseball players had the best body-muscle-ration. DAMNNNN. And Dan-he is soooo cute to show!! “yeh, lets go down to the locker room–hell, they’ll let me in!!”
    And did you like my captions? I still laugh at myself about the “clearing the tree” comment. oh whell.

    Fio–you’re wonderful!! thx for the archbishop pic…I remembered because it is soooo unusually odd. and where does one even explain or get a chair such as that? seriously. it must be a sculpture of some kind?

    wow-its been really warm-summer weather here-gardening…found my tulips. oh-carp–gotto git the freezie vid up. (‘puter broke this weekend. jezzus).

    daughter and I did a callcenter for Obama monday. just called women about how he has passed laws and will continue to get better, but not if a Tory takes over next year. the field organizer got my 11 yr old daughter calling women. I cried. (the reddest state-Texas may pass a law making it a felony concerning woman & her choices.)

    anyhoo–Daniel is the topic, but he is an advocate–and he has a Bond girl for wife–this time for real! It would be cute if he reports back truely, but damnn–she gots some real hotties she gets intimate with too dont forget.

  • Fio

    I’m sure Daniel is in a bad mood today!!

    QPR Defeat Liverpool 3-2 To Pile On Premier League Misery For Kenny Dalglish (GALLERY)
    “Oi!… What the **** Mackie scored the winning goal at Injury time?”

  • Fio
  • Fio
  • Fio

    PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Meryl Streep in Kate Winslet’s The Golden Hat Book

  • Guinness

    How does DC communicate? He got the “f-me” eyes down right!!! Either mad “f-me” or “hey, I want to f-you” down…Flashbacks of a Fool scene comes to mind (pun intended cheeky Brit), AND the fruit eating scene from hotel Spledidddd!! just go there in your mind…

    THANK you FIO! That was a great “drop-kick” captured with Dan’s pic! He looked delish in that jacket thingy he wore so casually sexxxy. wow. dan can drop me anytime. but I would do the kickin’ –for more!!!

    um, I seriously think the UK & some of us over the pond need to speak out against Toryism!!! I absolutely love the English language–not “our-USA, New Hampshire language…but yours—my favourite (spelled favorite here) words are
    1. CHEEKY
    2. “general mahem” as posted in the below article!!! imagine–alcohol generating general mayhem, eh-hem, YEAH-DAH! so doesn’t Dan Craig when he is in town!!
    3. hoolligans
    7. Chap
    10. Laddie
    9. Mate
    4. arse
    A. Feck
    and others i cant think of…. I now call my kids hoolligans instead of i guess I am becoming more civilized and less crass & uncouth. blah blah bhalldhh where is DAN? OH—yes… let me know what Dan would say to this?

  • Guinness

    ohmygash—jaaay-jay crossed out ar…se? FUNNY!

    HEY!! i saw Tin-Tin AND I rented TGWTDT—going to watch it after my daily job hunt. it was in the red box at Walmart–what a great invention! it is a vending machine for vids, costs $1.20 a day, need a credit card & they charge you daily–until you don’t bring it back in 7 days–then you bought it for $18.

    Dan was fantastic in TinTin….I was trying to imagine how actors did going from being so visible and speaking with their bodies and actions…Dan is a natural at that!! But now he had to act with his voice. I would have loved to see him acting in these scenes. I really think the legendary actors can do animation…cuz one can be nekkid (omygash-or in tights!) and still do the scenes…but with their voice. That is one of the reasons I believe Dan can do the Simpsons–they are legendary actors. thats why I love Mr.Fox–George clooney was legendary. It has to be a blast to do such a project and to learn so much about yourself and what you can and cant do. I LOVED Dan in the movie—his voice was absolutely perfect for his role. He had fun and he learned alot and he took his talent to a whole new level–you can tell. watch it Mendel! The movie itself was already done so many times…but my girls liked it much!!! It was definitely Speilberg because it was new technology phenomenally done!!

  • Guinness-spoiler alert
  • Guinness
  • Mendel

    to Fio

    thanks for all the great links – I am catching up on everything Dan now!

    “I’m sure Daniel is in a bad mood today!!”


    Hi Guinness

    “the field organizer got my 11 yr old daughter calling women. I cried.”

    Go Mini-Guinness!!! There’s a political fighter in the making :)

    I have a good idea what you meant *grin*

    Must go to bed – the clocks go forward tonight and I have to be up early…! I surely will miss that hour in the morning!

  • Guinness

    *giggle giggle* to you Mendel. 4 letters can spell a lot of things!! (I think Fio took a weekend off again…no Dan news…boo hoo)
    Guess what I saw???? ohhhh-yea. and everyone must see it. I want the Blue Ray—let me know when u get it Fio!!!
    My full review tomorrow cuz I think my free internet is being sketchy.
    Hate the hour switcherew…good luck with that!
    mini-me’s are such a scary, powerful thing to push or guide forward…I am literally putting things into her (their) minds. but this is going to be something tremendously big in our history–wish us well across the pond–we are gonna need it for the Tory-supreme-beings.

    Dan’s speedos!
    Dan’s glasses half on his face!
    Dan’s mussy, swexy, hair!
    Dan’s back without coverup/make up!
    Dan’s position in the bathtub–like a little kid…interesting.
    Dan on bottom again.

    nighty night!!!!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “4 letters can spell a lot of things!!”

    Indeed *grin*

    “wish us well across the pond–we are gonna need it for the Tory-supreme-beings”

    Good luck, and keep up the good fight!

    Here’s something for you (sorry, nothing to do with Dan, unless he paid for dinner with Dave…):

    “Dan on bottom again”

    Dan’s bottom?Nekkid :)

  • Mendel
  • susan

    to Mendel

    thanks for the link. Do you think that Berenice is hinting that she’s going to be a villain in Skyfall?

  • to Susan

    I hope she’s Bardem’s love interest. She’s way too smug and artifical with her fake smile, shudder shudder. I don’t want her to be the good girl

  • susan

    JAVIER Bardem has been banned from smoking while making the new James Bond film because of fears it could set an expensive film set alight.

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    Thanks for all the links :)
    “yeah, what I just said!!”
    “Daniel Craig can make anything sexy, be it slinky swim trunks or drab Swedish landscapes.

    The English actor with the craggy face feels like the second coming of Richard Burton, and nowhere is his steamy thespian appeal more apparent than in One Life.

    We don’t even see his face, yet Craig’s earnest and emotionally urgent narration is the central reason why this BBC nature documentary has so much power.”
    Awwwwww Yeah, spot on!
    “your answer, FIO—”
    Oh, Dan.. I’m painfully aware of how you feel!!
    “I want the Blue Ray—let me know when u get it Fio!!!”
    BD reached me safely on Thu. Have you heard Fincher’s commentary?
    I’m glad to hear Fincher praises extravagantly Daniel, and he knows Daniel well.
    “Dan’s speedos!
    Dan’s glasses half on his face!
    Dan’s mussy, swexy, hair!
    Dan’s back without coverup/make up!
    Dan’s position in the bathtub–like a little kid…interesting.
    Dan on bottom again.”
    And Daniel in checked pajamas, sooooo cute!
    Hi, Mendel
    Thanks for the link. She mentioned Daniel, too :)

    Berenice: Bond is like a family
    New Bond girl Berenice Marlohe has revealed how she has been made to feel part of the James Bond family.

    The French actress will star opposite Daniel Craig in the highly anticipated Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes.

    Berenice said: “It’s great. Daniel is absolutely wonderful as a human being and he has a wonderful sense of humour, so it’s really good to work in these conditions as actors because you feel very relaxed and part of a family.”

    The 32-year-old actress attended the Jameson Empire Film Awards 2012 at London’s Grosvenor Hotel to present the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy award to comic book adventure Thor, looking stunning in a red, figure-hugging Donna Karan dress.

    Berenice gushed that she was delighted to be playing a “strong” and “colourful” character in the top secret film.

    She said: “I always felt connected to the James Bond movies because they are so unique and the characters are, whether bad girls or good girls, are very colourful and you don’t see that in every movie.”

    She laughed that her character saw “a bit” of action in the film.

  • Fio

    “It probably doesn’t help that everyone’s been saying how much Berenice looks like Rachel.”
    What? I don’t think Bérénice looks like Rachel! The two couldn’t be more different. I know, I know… it’s a trush tabloid.


    OH boy, things are certainly hotting up on the set of Skyfall, the latest James Bond film, where the sizzling French actress Berenice Marlohe is making Daniel Craig perspire with her energetic demands.

    On his third outing as the suave 007, Daniel is required to do his raunchiest scenes yet, particularly one with the
    bewitching Miss Marlohe, which involves a complicated manoeuvre where she is naked except for a tiny thong.

    Naturally, the two are only acting; anything more would be tricky given that there are 11 production crew standing around the emperor-sized bed.

    “Daniel has been joking that he’s keeping his missus [Rachel Weisz] informed of every intimate scene as they shoot it,” reports my man with the protruding zoom lens.

    “It probably doesn’t help that everyone’s been saying how much Berenice looks like Rachel.” Berenice, 32, who plays a sensuous flibbertigibbit called Severine in the 23rd Bond adventure, has form in the boudoir.

    French fans still talk longingly of her scenes in Équipe Médicale d’Urgence, (a television series based in a hospital, a bit like a topless Casualty) and her performance with a beefcake medic wearing nothing more than a red wig.

  • Fio
  • Guinness

    holllly shitt Fio!! My daughter just said, “ya know you are laughing out loud, right mum?”

    I WANTthis!! I will buy for my birthday!!! I would NOT want him as a student–cuz THIS IS WHAT HE DOES BEHIND THE teacher’s BACK!!!!!

    wow. he is amazing. that is soooooo funny!

    Mendel——————come look! It will make your day…your week…hell! It could convert nonDanlovers!!!

    And my critique of the movie? Dan is a totally different Mikael. He is a dirty dawg. And I cant believe Lisbeth reacted the way she did and not make a stupid-jilted-lover-scene right in front of that Taxi. Damn straight–I would have!!!

    OH–Fio–howly crap–my Dan has those jammies (pajamas)…I bought them for him last christmas…freakin wierd. same tastes i guess…wow, so would like to taste….

  • Guinness

    holy crap, mine eyes are forever imprinted…oh, hellll whtevr…this is heaven…faint*sweat*wow*damn dan* incredible*swoon*
    I have to stop following this man. damn.

  • Guinness

    thank you Fio!! the sun wouldn’t let me copy that pic of his head in his hands….oh, wait for it my cheeky-licous friend….

    I wish his head was in my hands….

    ~oh, you are welcome, I will go cry now….

  • Mendel


    “This is WHY I love Daniel! :)”

    OMG! I nearly fell off that chair laughing so hard! These clips are priceless!

    Hi Guinness


    You’re so right, LOL! What was he mouthing – can anybody lip read???
    (Guinness, your cue!)

    “Mendel——————come look! It will make your day…your week…”

    Yes, definitely made my week (together with all the Cameron dinner jokes)!

    “same tastes i guess…wow, so would like to taste….”


    “I wish his head was in my hands….”

    Only in your hands? ;)

  • Amy

    to Fio.
    Ooh la la!! Dan is naturally CUTE, he seriously has the most adorable angel lips, and funny, but broken. HAHA!

  • Madeleine

    He is such a perfect man. So masculine and yet with a sensitive soul. Well at least that is how I see him.