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Erin Heatherton: Very Sexy Tour with Candice Swanepoel!

Erin Heatherton: Very Sexy Tour with Candice Swanepoel!

Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton get close at a Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Tour stop, held at the Victoria’s Secret at Herald Square on Tuesday (March 13) in New York City.

The Victoria’s Secret Angels have been making stops across the country to show off the Very Sexy Bra. Late last month, Erin and Candice met up with Adriana Lima for a tour stop in Miami, Fla.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Erin Heatherton

10+ pictures inside of Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton making a stop on the Very Sexy Tour…

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candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 01
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 02
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 03
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 04
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 05
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 06
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 07
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 08
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 09
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 10
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 11
candice swanepoel erin heatherton very sexy 12

Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty
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  • Amanda

    Leo should’ve gone for Candice instead, but I suppose she’s too old for him.

  • FashionGal

    It’s nice they let Candice’s assistant take pics with her. Too bad she’s terribly generic looking.

  • VS

    Both very beautiful.

  • d

    i think that vs models look ridiculous when they dress the same and pose like that

  • R U MAD??

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  • http://yahoo May

    Ok, I totally support the model/ photo pose/stand. The stand where you can supposedly make yourself look skinny, but I think they are over doing it. I swear every VS show or red carpet, all the girls look like they are all trying to look the sexiest and skinniest. I don’t know, a little is okay but they are turning into Paris Hilton back bending. :(

  • marina

    Pretty but totally interchangeable…

  • Leo

    …and somewhere in New Orleans Leo’s neck enjoy have a little break at least for a few days.

  • nes

    pose 1, pose 2 and on and on. Man wat a great job to have, where do I line up to be v.s model haha

  • @9


    Easy for them because they don’t involve any brain activity.

    Even in interviews seem robots, rehearsed answers.

  • Weird

    Sorry but they look like porn stars

  • Heather

    Erin is pretty but Candice really is beautiful and out shines her

  • Love me boy

    I think I’ve seen somewhere that Candice has a boyfriend, right? So that’s why Leo had no chance. She’s indeed much prettier and sexier than Erin.

  • KissThis

    both totally gorgeous and they’re down to earth too!

  • Helen

    Only brainless will stand like that ,ever seen men stand like that

  • hm

    If it wasn`t for Leo the headline would be: `Candice Swanepoel – Very Sexy Tour` That`s it. The Dicaprio Modeling Agency is still in business even though the actual model is beyond blah.
    Candice and Adriana are the only decent VS models. The others are trying way too hard but they fail miserably.

  • jp

    A famous boyfriend can get you some attention but definitely no talent or charisma. Time to work on that, Erin.
    Daily News has an article about this event. As soon as Leo`s name came up their publicists ( why does Erin need one? ) were up and running dodging questions about him. If you wanna stay in his grace you have to be quiet. Good girl follows the rules! LOL!

  • Excuse me Your Highness

    “ERIN HEATHERTON is willing to be spotted with Leonardo DiCaprio, but she’s still not open to talking about it. At the Very Sexy Tour event Tuesday at the Victoria’s Secret store in Herald Square, we tried to get the 23-year-old Angel’s fellow model, Candice Swanepoel, to discuss Heatherton’s beau. But when we brought up Leo’s name to the chatty Swanepoel, a PR flack quickly cut us off. “Skip that one,” she told the pinup, then reprimanding us that the girls at the event weren’t “having questions about that.” Before we could get to Leo’s new lady-love, the flack had already informed Heatherton’s publicist we had brought up DiCaprio’s name, and we were instructed it was a forbidden topic. Oops”.

  • Stop Across the Country…??

    So far they’ve been to Miami, NewYork and one is going to Chicago and the other to Dallas…? You can that across the country?
    I don’t know how long a person can keep humiliated like that? I mean swinging push-up bras and blowing kisses, smiling under your bleached hair, heavy makeup and high heels… not to mention these little tight ridiculous black dresses. C’mon girls.

  • Elaine

    Thanks Jared. At least Leo’s name is not mentioned.

  • jessy

    Erin is such a plain jane! Girls like her every where in the US! VS models used to be really hot bombshells or exotic or the worlds biggest top models…She is NONE of those!…Candice is a gorgeous bombshell, at least they got it right with her.

  • Amala

    Erin is really nothing special. Candice, on the other hand, looks stunningly beautiful.

  • smryna

    Since when the news title is all about Erin? We’ve used to see Candice Swanopoel: bla bla bla….not Erin – IMO

  • @Love me boy

    It’s not just the fact that Candice has a boyfriend. She has an amazing career on her own and without a famous boyfriend. Also she has self-esteem and probably some brains not to become Leo’s cliche of a girlfriend. I heard that a while ago Leo was hitting on Candice but she turned him down. So he sticks to the ones like Erin.

  • Candace Deserves Top Billing!

    This is ridiculous. Why does being the latest Dicatchah o bimbo get trashy Erin top billing? She’s not fit to carry Candace’s knickers.

  • Candice is beauty

    Erin is nowhere near on her level.

  • hahal

    Oh Leo fangirls grow up! you bash/stalk/hate ALL his gf’s. Bar used to get 100+ mean comments on here and now she hardly gets any bc you insane girls are just nothing but trolls hating on his flavor of the year. get a life already.

  • candy

    Candice has way more twitter followers and gets tons of fashion covers,campaigns and editorials and all Erin does is VS and date Leo and she gets the main headline? not fair. MORE CANDICE please.

  • Right!

    It’s all about Leo. If that’s what makes you feel better! lol

  • @18 – Excuse your Highness

    LOL, why don’t they admit the truth? The truth is that she would be more than “open” to talk about him, but she knows the rules and needs to stick by them if she wants to qualify as his “flavour of the month” for the weeks or months to come. PRs are ordered instructions.

  • @#30

    You mean she’s the one who has been ordered instructions. Since she’s young and naive, she accepts them. When she’ll turn 25, it’s going to be another story.

  • @31

    I doubt she will last until her 25th birthday. Just my opinion.

  • TheOracle

    Candice has an amazing face and sexy body. She’s currently the best VS supermodel hands down. She makes Kerr and Heatherton look ugly.

  • Very different

    Candice has exotic looks. She is the real cover girl type. The other one is pretty but has a fake smile.

  • ?

    Am I the only one whose also not impressed w/Candice??
    everyone keeps praising about her but I don’t see it, shes pretty but not a bombshell. idk Im not praised w/any of the VS models they all look the same. Same facial features majority blonde rare brunettes always same poses,blowing ridiculous kisses scary thin.
    Erin is just plain period, I like that shes not going all posy like Candice,just smiling, comes off less obnoxious in my opinion.
    Seriously the 90s had the best in generally in terms of look and entertainment. now everyone looks the same. even actors back then were HOT now all guys in movies and tv look so girly ugh better movies,focused on scripts and acting then special effects
    music actually singing then auto-tone and techno beat

  • flamboyan

    They’re wearing Victoria Beckham Dress. Beautiful dresses!!

  • wtf

    @candy: Bar refeali has maore twitters than candace lol

  • MOdel fan

    EH was on a TV show this morning…. Of course the subject of her boyfriend came up, but as a good DiCaprio gf, she refused to discuss it. She knows the rules.
    Is it just me, or is this girl boring and slow…Usually models are a little more energetic and outspoken.

  • Sherry

    Okay, so she definetely isn’t the most beautiful or charismatic model, but IMHO I find her WAY less annoying and scheming than Blake Lively.

    They’re obviously going to break up (because DiCaprio is such a man-hoe), but keep in mind, the girl has feelings. We should be more sensitive.

  • @39


    I’m sorry but who is gonna respect a girl that the only thing she does is follow a guy sorry the man-hoe, across the continent.

    When she begins to respect herself, maybe the rest will begin to do it.. Until then she will remain like the new bimbo of Leo

  • Naomi

    Thanks for the interview, model fan. I really thought at one point she was going to fall asleep. Life seems so boring for the girl. She is everything except exciting.

  • Leo Fan

    Frankly, she is so boring and weak. COmpared to Bar and Gisele who were so lively and fun during interviews, this one is dull. The dullest so far. I remember Bar managed to have humour when asked about Leo at the time.

  • @Erin

    Her way to avoid the answers?? Really worthy of THE model with less brain in Vs… No doubt.

    …I have a dog… I love my mommy…. I have no brain… I’m really stupid… What am I doing here??? (and answering AS slowly AS possible someone can)

    My god!!! Now I know why Leonardo chose her among all Catalog.

    I hope the winter catalog bring better models otherwise it’ll be hard for him to choose the next one in his list.

  • @43


    LOL. Leo really find a keep one!! She doesn’t seem to think so is perfect for him.

  • OMG

    She should win the prize for the slowmotioned model of the year. Is she on a certain substance or something. Gee.

  • LOL

    So these are the new VS representatives? I knew Victoria Secret was declining, but not at this point. What’s that Erin girl? She’s a joke or what? We know she has been ordered to shut up, but she could at least say something interesting.

  • Erin Slow brain

    Why Erin parts in the video are in slow motion???
    or this is how she sounds??? What is wrong with this girl???

    It takes at least 5s for her brain process any information and then say it. In a normal human being only takes 0,1 seconds.

    Wow! she makes Paris Hilton sound really intellectual.

  • ????

    The interview is quite pathetic, actually. Not only is she slow and boring but her voice is one of a 75 year-old lady. Listen to her and you’ll know what I mean. The girl is in her early 20s and she sounds older than Barbara Walters for crying out loud.

  • Voice


    That is what cigarettes makes to your voice…
    Looks and sound unsexy.

    Be photographed at every moment with a cigar in her mouth?? Not sexy

  • wtf

    Her voice is actually attractive, most ‘models’ have high pitched squeally voices, the timbre is atractive. also, I like her laid back and relaxed manner, not boring at all, just natural…no?