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Madonna: New Promo Pics Released!

Madonna: New Promo Pics Released!

Madonna strikes a seductive pose in these newly released promo photos.

The 53-year-old entertainer worked with photographers Mert + Marcus on the shoot. The duo also shot Madonna for the cover of MDNA, which will be released March 26.

In case you missed it, check out a minute-long preview of “Superstar,” one of the tracks from the album – it features Madonna‘s 15-year-old daughter, Lourdes, singing back-up!

You can pre-order MDNA on iTunes before its release. Madonna‘s new single, “Girl Gone Wild,” is also now available!


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Photos: Mert + Marcus
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  • Carol

    photoshop is madonna’s best friend xx

  • Iris

    holy photoshop!

  • sarah

    she needs to grow the fk up and stop dressing like that.

  • Brandon Hilton

    my new single ‘SO READY’ came out today on iTunes worldwide! Check it out and grab a copy here:

    If you like what you hear, I’m on tour this summer! Check tour dates out here:

  • Dieter

    I just came on her ass !!! I want her to spank until I can’t cry no more because I am too exhausted !!!

  • Brandon Hilton

    my new single ‘SO READY’ came out today on iTunes worldwide! Check it out and grab a copy here:

    If you like what you hear, I’m on tour this summer! Check out my tour dates out here:

  • Nika

    thanks God for photoshop! otherwise she’d look like a mummy…

  • Mari

    Photoshop can be beautiful but when it is SOOOO obvious that most of the picture is photoshopped and only for vanitys sake and not for arts sake it gets really boring.

    It is kinda sad that Madonna does not seem to accept that she is getting older.

    The voice in her latest album sound tinny and overproduced. Though the songs in itself are not too bad. Good to sing along to and for dancing.

  • G

    She needs to act her age…

  • Nika

    @Dieter: ewwww! grandma lover…


    Great pics!

  • Kate

    Hey Granny, just buy a dress, you’re ridiculous.

  • foreverbeyonce

    every single artist has been photoshopped yes even fashion models and gagas giant nose. Madonna looks fierce and hot! will always be the Queen of Pop wether we like it or not ..good day ;)

  • leo

    Timeless beauty

  • Gossipgirl

    Ugh……she is too old for this crap. She does not look sexy, she looks sleazy and pathetic.

  • RiRi4life

    Lady Copy and Paste fans are so pressed because their “queen” is as HOT as THE QUEEN OF POP MADONNA! stay pressed little monsters the more you hate the more it makes Madonna Famous! LOng live the Queen!

  • edward


    lady gag is hideous and cant be even compared to Madonna whose music transends all generations and still making to top 40, 30+ years into her career! Madonna will forever be the queen of pop no matter which other hideous creature comes along. lady gaga wished she will be relevant 30+ years from now.

  • cindy

    she looks really pretty. I really cant wait to go to her concert. I luv Madonna

  • Francis

    All of you are jealous that Madonna looks this good at 53! Stop Hating

  • colindibiase

    I think Lady Gaga is in a rut. I just feel like she tried to hard to be Madonna from the songs, to the look, to the feaux New York upper east side accent, down to the Truth or Dare video she made. I dont feel like she can recover because she will go down in history as the girl who tried to be Madonna.

    I dont have nothing against her but if she goes back to The Fame Monster days it will be bad because everything on radio sounds like it from Dev, Natalia Kills and Kesha. I do think Madonnas Confessions and Britneys blackout made Fame Monster. So for lady gaga to go back to that would not be good.

    I dont see her being famous for more then 2 years from now. She isnt easy on the eyes, she already has two pop titans under their heel Madonna and Britney. There really is no room for her. with Rihanna, Kesha and Katy Perry competing ..lady gaga born this way really fell to death ears and no one cared.

  • Nika

    @Francis: I’d be jealous if she really looked like this! Let’s photograph her without photoshop and we’ll see how “good” she really looks…wouldn’t that be awesome to see celebrities with no photoshop???

  • jackie


    well said



  • pete


    typical lady gaga fun. girl/boy you are delusional. lady gaga isnt looking so hot right now

  • pete


    typical lady gaga fan. smh

  • machine


    anyone got a tazer?..take a pill

  • elena

    LUV Madonna :D

  • Chappy

    20 yr. old somethings. yeah, the pic is photoshopped as are al pics for everybody.
    Still, Madonna, in bra, panites, garters, is old …Madonna looking like a Vicotria’s Secret 20 something yr. old model in catalog is old.
    53, still she is 53 and not 35 or 25. She, like demi Moore, need to calss it up and accept their ages. They ahve been there and done that a vfew times over in the younger days. NO, Madonna doesn’t need to wear a burka, but grandma, put some clothes on.
    Really, who is looking at her. Her gay male fans is her audience. No women are saying Madonna’s looks great. Every article says she is 53 , stresses that she is 53 and says she looks good for 53. If this were a soemthing yr. woman, no one would keep saying, wow, she looks great for 27. She is 28. LOL!! No straight men are ohhing, ahhing over her. If they want to see a pinup girl, they’ll look towards some 20 yr. something. Young straight guys are not ohhing, ahhing over a woman who could be their mom.

  • Kiki

    Hey, kudos for Madonna maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and looking good for 53 … BUT, it’s kinda gross she’s still dressing like this, well, because she’s effin 53.

  • offtheproperty

    This has gotta stop.

  • Gio

    just amazing!!!!!! beautiful Royalty

  • http://JOSEPHG.TUMBLR.COM JosephG


  • nolan

    Im am more conviced than ever lady gaga fans are wierd, deprived, delusional people and judging by the comments above. Madonna to be in stellar tip top shape and to make fun of her success is really dumb she has been around longer than most of us and myself..topping charts! So our “photoshop” comments really doesnt matter she is laughing all the way to the bank

  • :)

    Everyone gets photoshopped and Madonna looks great w/o it .. the only problem she has is veins in her hands a lil in forearm that from working out 2 hrs a day like an athlete. I’m sure most of you need to try it or are you lil re ta rds that think you or your mother ret ard will never age.

  • eve

    Madonna = Salley O’malley…….google her.

  • foreverbeyonce

    google “lady gaga copies” lol

  • yoyo

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  • One of Jerry’s Kids

    I luvs Mudone a and the MDA

  • ellie’

    Always a beauty..

  • False Advertising

    Once you get in the door you’ll get stiff granny with arthritis hopping around and losing her balance like the SB.

  • ;)

    I have downs

  • vicky


  • Onyx

    @ADELEPHANT: You say Paws Up and i say Look it Up, Little Reductive get a life.

  • Warren

    I want Madonna and her daughter at the same time. Hot women!

  • Andamentothat

    She looks so pretty!

  • Renan


  • Peapo

    Madonna hasn’t done anything original in years now. She’s been wearing those bra, panties, fishnets and knee high boots for years now. Don’t think I’m comparing her to GaGa because I think she stole most of her repitoire herself. I just think Madonna has hit a wall and has run out of originality. And what she I’d doing isn’t good enough to carry ER for much longer. Writing nasty songs about your ex husband after being divorced for 4 years, especially after in all the interviews for her movie she pulled out his name for giving directing advice is she’d gain experience. Madonna is a one trick pont that has walked all over that trick.

  • the_boyfriend

    25 yrs in the biz and still generating the buzz.
    bow down.

  • Anthony

    Sexy! Sexy! Sexy!
    Madonna looks amazing!!!

  • Justin

    She looks great!!!!!!!!!