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Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth Divorce After 11 Years of Marriage

Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth Divorce After 11 Years of Marriage

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth have split, a rep for the actor confirms to

The 38-year-old Twilight actor and his 39-year-old sweetheart, best known for her role on Beverly Hills, 90210, were married for 11 years before deciding to divorce.

“While we have decided to end our marriage, we both share the same deep love and devotion to our children,” the couple said in a statement. “We remain dedicated to raising our beautiful daughters together. We ask for privacy and respect during this time.”

Peter and Jennie are the parents of three daughters: 14-year-old Luca, 9-year-old Lola, and 5-year-old Fiona.

Us Weekly was the first to report the split.

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42 Responses to “Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth Divorce After 11 Years of Marriage”

  1. 1
    A Says:

    Oh no :(
    Sad, but all the best to them.

  2. 2
    Asha Says:

    Oh no. How sad, they were so cute together.

  3. 3
    ace11 Says:

    There were rumblings

    wonder if 1 of them cheated?

  4. 4
    Jen Says:

    I know it sounds stupid, but this actually makes me sad:( Really thought they were one of those rare Hollywood couples that would actually make it.

  5. 5
    kel Says:

    Sorry to hear this.

  6. 6
    Ala Says:

    Nothing really does last in Hollywood

  7. 7
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

    …that’s a little surprise. low key couple, 11 years.. they had a good run.

  8. 8
    Calling it first Says:

    Brad pitt and angelina jolie are next. They’re going to have that little infamous yellow lightning bolt separating them :(

    From recent red carpet walks you can tell they don’t like each other anymore.

  9. 9
    Robsten_Fan Says:


  10. 10
    mary Says:

    Calling it first @ 03/13/2012 at 1:55 pm

    please don’t let your mind wander any more because it’s much too young to be out on its own without parental supervision. the last red carpet was the Oscars. you do remember them? that’s where Brad was nominated for best actor for Moneyball. the reason, airhead, that Angelina didn’t appear with him on the red carpet was because it was Brad’s moment in the “sun”. Angelina’s presence would have taken the focus away from him. what part of this don’t you understand?

  11. 11
    Kate Says:

    I think this was a case of forgetting priorities. He was always less famous than her until he got Twilight. Ever since he has been non-stop making or promoting Twilight and being on Nurse Jackie. There have been pictures everywhere of him out in nightclubs,etc basically seizing every opportunity to keep his name out there. Hard to have a great marriage or family life if you’re never there.

  12. 12
    Kirsten Says:

    Oh no! I Sad to see this. They were a cute and sweet couple.

  13. 13
    ck Says:

    Very sad, but at least their statement didn’t include the usual “We hope to remain friends” BS.

  14. 14
    FMB Says:

    this makes me sad. I always liked them together and thought they really had it figured out. :-(

  15. 15
    juju Says:

    i feel for the kids
    but if it wasn’t working out
    it’s the best thing to do

  16. 16
    juju Says:

    Calling it first @ 03/13/2012 at 1:55 pm
    i agree
    they obvious hate each other
    this video of a recent rc
    shows just that

    as do all the pictures
    of them kissing
    at award shows nd after parties
    they hate for one another
    it’s so extreme that
    they go everywhere together
    just to make
    each other miserable
    those poor kids

  17. 17
    carrie Says:

    sadly it’s not a surprise: he didn’t more wear his ring since several months
    i hope the best for the kids

  18. 18
    Mimi Says:

    I’m really sad about this one…

  19. 19
    Mikado Says:

    ohh this is sad. And with 3 children…. :-(

  20. 20
    maggie Says:

    kelly, kelly kelly? where is dylan? Sad for them. I liked them together..

  21. 21
    c Says:

    sad. they seemed like the perfect couple and they have such cute kids.

  22. 22
    Scott4ever23 Says:

    What ? No ! No no no ! Not them ! :’(

  23. 23
    Sam Says:

    I heard they weren’t living together about a year ago, so it’s not really a surprise they’re divorcing…

  24. 24
    Guest Says:

    Sad. It seems that 11 years in Hollywood is considered a long marriage in Hollywood. That is also sad to me.

  25. 25
    nima Says:

    nooooo!!! :( i loved them, they were a cutre couple!!!

  26. 26
    Marie Says:

    I am totally shocked over this particular breakup because they really seemed solid and devoted to the girls. Oh well. You live and learn. There is no such thing as forever and it’s best to move on when you realize it is no longer working than to hang on and hope it will be okay even for the kids. This is a perfect example of appearances not being the truth about what is really going on behind closed doors. It bodes well for us fans to remember these people are human and flawed and do not lead “perfect” lives. I wish Peter and Jeannie all the best. As they came together with love and respect it appears that is how they are going to end things. Good for them.

  27. 27
    Nice One Says:

    i knew about a year ago that this was going to happen hes off in NY filming and shes in LA looking after the kids it was bound to happen sooner or later very sad though

  28. 28
    sky Says:

    He’s got wondering eyes and hands….fame went to his head.

  29. 29
    trish Says:

    Wow I so did not see this coming from them. But I wish them the best of luck.

  30. 30
    lennie Says:

    I really liked them together. I saw Jenny Garth on Dancing with the stars, and I thought this is a true woman on her thirties, gorgeous, healthy looking, no face lifting and no plastic surgery, a mother of 3 beautiful girls and a hot husband… she got it all!

  31. 31
    yxs Says:

    not even a little surprised– with twilight being so huge (ugh) im sure women are throwing themselves at him.. plus the long hours – she even said herself that they fight constantly but do it in private.

  32. 32
    sara Says:

    cheating on his wife? how sweet.

  33. 33
    opinionated Says:

    I saw that one coming. I always wondered how the beautiful Jennie Garth settled for that dude and always thought she could do better. she should stop using botox though as she doesn’t need it and I hope she finds someone amazing- she is so beautiful

  34. 34
    Dana Says:

    i’ve seen so many interviews of her about her great home life, etc… I swear that is the kiss of death for these Hollywood couples – as soon as they start talking about how great their marriages are and how hard they work to keep the “balance,” the marriage is over.

  35. 35
    taya Says:

    @Dana: she said herself (in an interview) that he only married her when he found out she was pregnant. Then she knew he was cheating and wanted to divorce. I think this was a couple years ago.. but the ‘twilight’ idiots didn’t want him 2 ruin his rep. classy!

  36. 36
    siennagold Says:

    So sad. They looked good together.

  37. 37
    Bingo Says:

    Hard to have a great marriage or family life if you’re never there.

  38. 38
    z Says:

    Holyyyy cow! What!? These were like one of the few couples I actually thought were going to last! They always looked so in love with each other! :(

  39. 39
    harhar Says:

    I saw this coming. I always got this vibe that Jennie was unbearable to live with – not sure why.

  40. 40
    doll Says:


    How in the worl did you get them “hating eachother” out of that video? their all smiling having a wonderful time. you are weird for thinking that this video shows they hate eachother. lol. weird. in addition, if brad and angelina seem to not look so all smilies, and giggly every second of their time while papparazi is photographing them, its probably because, they have 40 kids to handle, hundreds of press to do, and contributing to the less fortunate in other countries with all their spare time. people get tired ya know. like physically. im happy everyday, but i sure dont walk in jamba juice smiling ear to ear, thats just weird. you run errons and sometimes do things with a smile in your heart. so stop judging. your video is no proof of anything but a good time with one another. jenny garth had a smile everywhere she went, every interview, every red carpet, held hands with her husband, doted about him, and now their divorced. so ones actions to show love to one another may be different than others.

  41. 41
    ejais Says:


    I actually read somewhere today that he had an affair with a Canadian twenty something while filming twilight and she found out. They tried to make it work however couldnt.

  42. 42
    Madeleine Says:

    I always wondered how the beautiful Jennie Garth settled for that dude and always thought she could do better. she should stop using botox though as she doesn’t need it and I hope she finds someone amazing- she is so beautiful.

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