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Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: Bikini 'Breakers'!

Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: Bikini 'Breakers'!

Vanessa Hudgens wears a blonde wig and a neon green bikini top while shooting more scenes for Spring Breakers on Tuesday (March 13) in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Co-stars Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson also showed off their bikini bods while riding different colored scooters.

“@postcarding from set, pretty picture of a sunset going out from last night,” Selena wrote on her Twitter page.

“Got bad anxiety after shooting.. I need to relax,” she wrote in another tweet the day before.

FYI: Selena is wearing We Love Colors boy shorts.

10+ pictures inside of bikini-clad Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson riding scooters on the Spring Breakers set…

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vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 01
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 02
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 03
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 04
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 05
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 06
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 07
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 08
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 09
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 10
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 11
vanessa hudgens bikini scooter spring breakers 12

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69 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: Bikini 'Breakers'!”

  1. 1
    IllWill Says:

    Most random pictures evaaaa

  2. 2
    Comical Says:

    lol…you can tell this film is going to be reallllllly deep!

  3. 3
    creep Says:

    Vanessa’s body is just…. to die for!

  4. 4
    Sam Says:

    This ‘movie’ is just an excuse for these girls to take their clothes off XD

  5. 5
    jenny Says:

    @Comical: well, it seems to be a fun movie…

  6. 6
    Class_Act Says:

    Yeah, real deep especially with a title like that. Selena and Ashley look hot though…

  7. 7
    kimmie Says:

    Not every damn movie is made to be deep and emotional, gee, you guys don’t even saw a teaser or anything to be trashing the film like that…

  8. 8
    mmbop Says:

    Say what you want about the movie- but you can’t deny they all look smokin’ hot. lol

    I’d say that’s reason enough for me to go see it.

  9. 9
    maria Says:

    I think this movie is looking like a blast……tacky, edgy, and dark. And the girls look great! Love the guys staring at them! Can’t blame ‘em!!

  10. 10
    ivy Says:

    bando de filhos da puta esse povo com recalque, APENAS. Todas estão LINDAS e SAMBANDO na cara desse povo que não tem vida e querem falar mal da dos outros na internet, realmente triste.

  11. 11
    creep Says:

    @maria: 100% agreed!!!

  12. 12
    xo Says:

    The girls look hot.
    @Comical: Since when has this movie been described as deep? It’s called a COMEDY. It’s meant to be light & funny. Lighten up.

  13. 13
    Qaz Says:

    @Sam: And you have a problem with that?

  14. 14
    ? Says:

    here’s what really annoys me. When girls do shots like this for movies and use some sex appeal in them they are trashed and name called. But when the men in hollywood use their sex appeal in movies and take their shirts off all of the time its ‘hot” and “amazing” nobody bothers name calling them. the double standard is totaly unfair.

  15. 15
    sdasdasd Says:

    Is the movie supposed to be set in the 80s or something? All the pictures that have been coming out are all neon and tacky.

  16. 16
    creep Says:

    @?: double standart much, huh? lol

  17. 17
    creep Says:

    @sdasdasd: nop, but i guess they don’t have money, otherwise they won’t need to robb, right? lol but i kind of link the clothes, the tackyness makes them so much fun to look at lol

  18. 18
    maria Says:

    @?: I totally agree. Thanks for making that point. These girls are filming a movie, and this is their wardrobe for the movie…….this is NOT their usual behavior or normal style.

  19. 19
    Mary H. Says:

    I think Comical was being sarcastic.

  20. 20
    yxs Says:

    im going to sound 70 here (im 20) but this movie does NOTHING to help women. I mean it’s bad enough 12 yr olds are dressing like strippers but is there reallllyyyyy a huge need for this movie?

  21. 21
    lupita Says:

    selena esta usando un brasier especial , un bikini con aumento .. no es justo jajaja …. vanessa y ashley son mas naturales… selena solo busca llamar la atencion , se esfuerza demasiado por ser mejor que las demas , no entiende que haga lo que haga .. siempre tendran un mejor cuerpo que ella .. aunque debo reconocer que si actua bien , pero no la veo preparada para una pelicula de alto presupuesto ..

  22. 22
    lupita Says:

    selena is wearing a special bra, a bikini with increased .. not fair lol …. vanessa and ashley are more natural … selena only seeks to draw attention, he tries too hard to be better than the others, does not understand that whatever you do .. will always have a better body she .. although I must admit that if it acts well, but not prepared to see a big budget movie ..

  23. 23
    lupita Says:

    sorry for my bad English, I am using a translator …. selena me angry … I like his work, but I hate that is always looking to be better, she strives to be sexy, and can not

  24. 24
    BOJI Says:

    Vanessa looks hot. I can see the quirk in this movie. Yet to see James Franco and heather Morris. I gather they haven’t robbed the bank yet.

  25. 25
    karih Says:

    No helmet? Pretty girls but idiots.

  26. 26
    shaniqua Says:

    lol this looks like a terrible movie

  27. 27
    ? Says:

    they are shooting for the movie. The director may not want them wearing helmets in the shots.

  28. 28
    Love me boy Says:

    I guess they asked Vanessa to put the blonde wig on to avoid confusion. I mean, if she had her usual black hair, she’d look like Selena and throughout the movie, people would get really confused lol. Anyway, I think Vanessa is more stunning though. Much, much, very much prettier. I guess it’s because she’s older. Nah, she actually has more sex appeal. Selena is SO just a kid for me ugh. Why’s she trying to play all grown up and sexy?!? It doesn’t suit her. A t all. I have to agree with the others though! This movie looks SO oriented towards young horny boys

  29. 29
    BOJI Says:

    This movie is made for entertainment not an intellectual deep thought provoking one. Harmony is noted for his weird vision. I can see it is not yr average hormone driven kind of movie but I must say they’re a sight for sore eyes, the girls. Dark comedy is the genre and a must go see for me anyway. Selena does look a little out of place. I think that was intended by the director.

  30. 30
    yoyo Says:

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  31. 31
    Warren Says:

    Selena is so sexy!

  32. 32
    Claire Says:

    Vanessa is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 33
    sam Says:

    just set pictures

  34. 34
    sam Says:

    lol you probably think twilight or some nicholas sparks movies are deep… bleh..

  35. 35
    Dee Says:

    Yeah they look hot but this movie looks ridiculous.

  36. 36
    sam Says:

    there plenty of actors who are always taking his shirt off, and im pretty sure all the girls are out there drooling and calling them good actors.. so NO1CURR…

  37. 37
    sam Says:


  38. 38
    sam Says:

    haha i know!

  39. 39
    sam Says:

    uggghh ik!

  40. 40
    sam Says:


  41. 41
    sam Says:


  42. 42
    sam Says:

    it’s Harmony Korine´s vision.. soo.. lol

  43. 43
    Maria Says:

    I have to disagree a bit on this. I have seen a lot of posters put guys down over taking off their shirts in their movies. They call them names and say they can’t act so that is why they take their shirts off.

  44. 44
    VanFan Says:

    Are their bikini colors coordinated to match the bike colors? LOL

  45. 45
    the end is beginning Says:

    NO not another crappy teen movie!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46
    R U MAD?? Says:

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  47. 47
    sdasdasd Says:

    @creep: But since they’re robbing others for the break, shouldn’t they then be able to afford better clothes?? lol

  48. 48
    BOJI Says:

    Just saw a video of them on the streets running redlights and honking their scooters with the camera trained on them. Must’ve been at least more than 50 extras on set wearing similar clothing. The girls were real badass. Somehow Selena didn’t quite fit the scene, she tended to ride her scooter faster than the rest seemed more self-conscious. Must be because of the attention she’s been getting from the paps and the public for her relationship with Justin Bieber. There were alot of normal bystanders caught up with the fascination of 4 girls in skimpy wear creating a raucous on scooters on the road with the film crew and police officers and minders hanging around.

  49. 49
    Hannah Says:

    All girls looks good but Selena’s body is fantastic: long legs, flat abs and boobs. The director is very edgy and a visionary, the movie will turn out great.

  50. 50
    Sean Says:

    Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuummy!!! Lick all those bodies!! every freakin inch!

  51. 51
    maria Says:

    @yxs: This is how it is in Florida on spring break. Trust me, I know. No, it does “nothing for women”, but at least it shows that women get to let loose, just like men, on break. These women, except Selena, are in their 20′s. I’d be more concerned about the 12 yr olds you say dress like this.

  52. 52
    Judy Says:

    I really need the via venue/production office address of this movie!!! Can anyone help? Mail/tweet me!

  53. 53
    lila Says:

    @Judy the productionv is Muse Production

  54. 54
    A. Says:

    Vanessa looks really hot, she has a perfect body. :]

  55. 55
    No helmets? Says:

    It’s bad enough that they’d have barely any clothes on to ride these bikes, but no helmets, either? Not a good message to send out.

  56. 56
    Karih Says:

    @?: Of course, I perfectly understand they are shooting but young people will do the same and don’t wear helmets because they want to be as cool as Vanessa, Selena & Ashley in the movie, …. until they hurt themselves and die! Fans always want to do like their favorite actresses/actors.

  57. 57
    retrobanana Says:

    i know this is going to be more forgettable than montecarlo which i was actually excited about remember the good teen flicks like bring it on, clueless, jawbreaker, 10 things, shes all that…etc…..

  58. 58
    HOHOHO Says:

    @A.: How can you tell? She is hiding her fat stomach behind Ashley.

  59. 59
    maria Says:

    @retrobanana: This is NOT a teen movie. Korine is NOT going to put out a schmaltzy teen comedy, believe me. This will be the anti-Clueless.

  60. 60
    Tina Says:

    @No helmets?:

    This will not be a film for young teens who will use these characters as roles models. That is the point they are portraying girls that do exist in this world. Shallow girls that their main goal is to party and get something for nothing. I’m sure there will be a price to pay in the film for their behavior as that also happens in life. If your a parent it up to you to do your homework as to what your children should see and not see.

  61. 61
    BOJI Says:

    Dark comedy, get it? Since when did morality come into play just because Selena is in it. She fought for the role remember? This is a movie for Marie audiences and not some teeny bopper, family or chick flick movie. I reckon. Selena knew what she was getting into. Just too bad for her young fans. Your idol is breaking away from her mould following miley’s and Vanessa’s footsteps. And she is ready so what else is new?

  62. 62
    BOJI Says:

    I meant mature audiences and not Marie, stupid dictionary.

  63. 63
    G.Sallo Says:

    What does Selena mean by “Anxiety”? She looks smokin’ hot! They all do… now I know why James Franco turned this one down, doesn’t seem like a good fit.

  64. 64
    BOJI Says:

    James Franco is in the movie, get your facts straight.

  65. 65
    yets Says:

    so excited for this..esp. to vanessa..Go Girl.

  66. 66
    Enna Says:

    Selena always wear push up tops! She’s the only one here who wears a push up bikini! Too skinny too..

  67. 67
    LoveNessa Says:

    So what rating is this film expected to have? R or PG-13? Does anyone know yet?

  68. 68
    Lindaa Says:


    I think it`S gona be a great movie
    I mean they don`t look like top models ( that made you hate your own body) they look all great and healthy

    so yeah can`t waiting for ;)

  69. 69
    Marguerite Says:

    When girls do shots like this for movies and use some sex appeal in them they are trashed and name called. But when the men in Hollywood use their sex appeal in movies and take their shirts off all of the time its ‘hot” and “amazing” nobody bothers name calling them.

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