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Charlize Theron Adopts Baby Boy

Charlize Theron Adopts Baby Boy

Charlize Theron has adopted a baby boy!

The 36-year-old Oscar winning actress “is the proud mom of a healthy baby boy named Jackson,” a rep for the actress told in a statement.

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Charlize has been laying very low lately – we haven’t seen her out since late last month! She will hit the big screen next in the upcoming films Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman.

Jackson is the first child for Charlize.

Congratulations to Charlize!!

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93 Responses to “Charlize Theron Adopts Baby Boy”

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  1. 26
    A Says:

    @A: To add: It’s hard for anyone to adopt a white baby, not just celebs.

  2. 27
    Vesper Says:

    What difference does it make if the baby is black or white, American or not. Last time I checked all babies are children of God not just white americans!!

  3. 28
    Alex and charlize Says:

    Congratulations to charlize and boyfriend Alexander skarsgard, I would love for them to have some little Vikings of there own but there giving a child love, home, stability.
    Carnt Waite to see al three of them out and about, what a beautiful family xx

  4. 29
    ugh Says:

    yeah the world needs more single moms of wealth passing over their black/ asian babies to their nanny’s, while they jet set around the world and give not a sh8it about a father figure orsense of stability and continuity for that child. why don’t they just get a dog. or collect antiques.

    cue madonna, heigl, bullock

  5. 30
    randa Says:

    @Alex and charlize:

    I was just gonna say, hello Jackson, goodbye Alexander…no way is he ready to settle down..and Im willing to bet when he does it will be with a Swedish woman and his own children

  6. 31
    heyya Says:


  7. 32
    Lois Says:


    So you’d rather those children not be adopted or wallow in poverty? Nice sentiment @sshole. Too bad you didn’t suffer the fate you’re wishing on those children. Please don’t breed and pass on your ugly.

  8. 33
    RE Says:

    For a celebrity, adopting a African-American or African child is not because its easier or cheaper. That is not a concern for them. Charlize adopted an African-American or African child because there are a much higher number of them who need to be adopted. Because uh you know, the way our nation oppresses them.

  9. 34
    XYZ Says:

    Enjoy ur future thug, idiot! White children arent good, u had to follow ur handlers agenda and buy a black pet! To hell with u both!

  10. 35
    A Says:

    @XYZ: WTF are you talking about?

  11. 36
    Domino Says:

    I’m so glad she adopted from the US. There are as many babies in need of a family there.

  12. 37
    baby Says:

    So why did she leave her BF of 10 years, to then be a single mom? They say it’s has been 2 years. But this sounds like it just happened. She has been looking sad the last couple of months, if she was adopting and knew a baby is coming soon she would look happier. She sounded like she wanted to have one herself and she was shopping for a daddy but that didn’t work.
    Anyways a baby got a home so that is good.

  13. 38
    Here's the baby Says:

    the baby looks white to me

  14. 39
    ta Says:

    Awww, I’m so happy for her!
    Maybe Jackson and Flynn will be buddies! She is very good friends with Orlando. Maybe Jack and Flynn can get acquainted while Charlize helps Orlando practise his SA accent for Zulu.

  15. 40
    isis Says:

    People talk about racism against black people. But we see white couples or white single parents adopt black or asian children. But you don’t see black couples adopt a white kid or asian kid. WHY? The black celebrities adopt black kids. You don’t see them go to russia or romenia adopt a blonde with blue eyes kids from the orphanege in bad conditions.

  16. 41
    o.m.g Says:

    What is wronge with skarsgard ????????? didn’t he want charlize , she is a stunner any man would give there right arm and leg to make babies with charlize, skarsgard said he wanted children back in 2009 …………interview??? and he aint no spring chicken at 36 if he wants kids and charlize was looking for a baby daddy ?? …………………….. Was charlize not good enough for his babies.???? :(
    yet Alexander dated skinny Kate bosworth of all people

  17. 42
    gael Says:

    There are a lot more African American children available for adoption in this country. Simple as that. Too many white couples are chasing after white children and there’s not enough to meed the demand. I don’t understand why. If adoption is seen as a positive thing as it should be and they’re not trying to hide it, or pass the child off as their biological child, then race should not matter. But unfortunately it does to many people.

  18. 43
    Gossipgirl Says:

    @gael: I like your comment, I think you have a valid factual point.

  19. 44
    Reply Says:

    Maybe she didn’t want Skaarsgard, not the other way around. IMO she has the upper hand, not him. The relationship with Bosworth lasted as long as it did probably because she clung on for much longer than necessary.
    I didn’t even know Charlize was dating anyone. When did she and Skaarsgard date?

  20. 45
    A Says:

    @Here’s the baby: That’s not her baby, that’s a friends of hers baby

  21. 46
    A Says:

    @Reply: No one knows for sure if they ever dated. What people are speculating about is the fact that they went on a date at a gay club. That’s all the so called evidence they have.

  22. 47
    getttt Says:

    @Domino: Why does it matter if the kid is from the US or not? For goodness sakes, American lives are not worth more than anyone else. Get over yourself.

  23. 48
    A Says:

    @isis: Why should the black celebrities go to Russia or any other poor white country to adopt a baby when there are so many black babies readily available for adoption in the US? It makes no sense.
    For white celebrities, yeah they could have gone to Russia or any white majority country where there are a lot of poor white babies in need of adopting but some choose a black African baby instead, I don’t know why but I suspect it’s just easier and doesn’t take as long? However, if they want to adopt an American baby I don’t think color matters to these celebs hence why we see Sandra Bullock and Charlize adopt black African American babies..

  24. 49
    getttt Says:

    @isis: Are you serious? There are a much higher rate of black children who need homes and currently live in poverty. They have much less opportunities than white children. It makes perfect sense why a Black actor would want to adopt a black child. This is not racism. You are delusional to call it so.

  25. 50
    A Says:

    @A: And another thing…Some people simply don’t care about the color of the babies skin and that’s very refreshing!

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