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George Clooney: Sudan Government Committing 'War Crimes'

George Clooney: Sudan Government Committing 'War Crimes'

George Clooney arrives at Union Station on Tuesday (March 13) in Washington, D.C.

The 50-year-old actor came from speaking in front of the Council on foreign relations in New York where he spoke about his trip to Sudan and how the Sudanese government forces are committing war crimes.

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“There’s a difference between two armies fighting and what the Geneva Convention calls war crimes,” George expressed.

“We saw that very specifically happening on two occasions: rape, starvation, lack of humanitarian aid. They’re scaring the hell out of these people and they’re killing, hoping and trying to get them just to leave.”

George will be addressing the members of Congress about the issue later today.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney arriving in Washington…

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george clooney sudan government comitting war crimes 02
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  • Luiza

    Sudan Government Committing ‘War Crimes’.

    Oh really?

  • ms. Pendleton

    George he looks very pleased with his trip to Sudan
    I fear that “WAR CRIMES” have a double -way
    Poor Stacy she Will Be Surprised but she has very large red scissors…

  • new strategy

    Oh, lo & behold!
    George the Conscientious Objector!
    The ubiquitous philanthropist.
    Juxtaposed from his dual persona of Billboard for unattractive hook*ers past their expiration date.. Lending their glorified services as deluded red-carpet escorts and catering to the needs of any John who Stan Rosenfield can hustle… for a fee.

  • Ah…Bite Me!®

    @ms. Pendleton: the scissors are a subliminal message ( as Stonehenge, if you will) to George: “I’ll pull a Lorena Bobbit on you if you sever my publicity agreement now.”

  • The Pigiste

    @Ah…Bite Me!®:
    yes that a Stonehenge
    George and Angelina are for us as world heritage, heritage of humanity (UNESCO) !
    Without them the world crumbled !

  • Gioconda

    well, he does look so much happier and better than he did on the red carpet a few weeks ago. Rejuvenated. Must be the African &/or Dubai sunshine.
    Kudos to him once again for lending his voice to another good cause.
    Prop 8 and then the crisis in Sudan. And risking his own life in the process.

  • ms. Pendleton

    @Ah…Bite Me!®:
    Dear Stan was a Sudan for treatment for baldness
    new drugs are too dangerous
    He and George find in Sudan very experienced true African remedies


    WTF would you say to the american soldiers killing innocent civilians. And then you deliberately start KONY 2012 shit to have uganda’s oil. and these hollywood airhead need to shut the f.uck up

  • Lame

    Yes Brangelina and Clooney should bring awareness , otherwise everyone will be trouble.
    Hollywood , stay in hollywood, don;t try to become the parents of the world

  • Ripping our Constitution

    Follow the Kony Obama…Oil…Soros connection and getting marching orders from global elites not Congress.

  • Karih

    Oh please, send qualified people! I’m tired of these celebrities who think they are smarter or more qualified than people who studied more than 6 years to get a Ph.D in International Relations and/or Conflict Resolutions… The fact is that generally people in these poor countries don’t know who these celebrities are (no TV).

  • true

    @Karih: I know, all these celebrities need is publicity. take a look at angelina’s new post, posing for the cameras! she’s the ultimate media manipulator.

  • adam

    what about isreal?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????aipac won’t allow it

  • asix

    @adam: exactly my thoughts he ain’t got the balls to speak on israel war crimes

  • danie

    no he cant to much jew power in hollywood

  • Total Mockery!

    this is George’s attempt to redeem himself, is it?
    The cause he chose to champion.
    Can’t back every crisis.
    Deceiving the world by taking on fake relationships with filthy hook*ers like Stacy KEIBLER, waaayyyy passed her used up date.
    A face so plain lame inbreed ugly, that only appeals to factory workers, McDorks staff, janitors and gas station attendants with IQs of dung beetles.
    And in the meantime, STACY (adept in flossing her feces on wrestling ring ropes) TWEETS that she’s in bed with Einstein his Dog!
    AMPAS certainly didn’t !!!!
    Kiss my asss!!!!

  • lou

    Check out bald basterd STan’s suit! It’s falling off him.
    He should shop in the kids section at Target.
    They have Bar Mitzbah suits even for 13 year old boys.

  • Pari

    Stan IS wearing his Bar Mitvah suit his uncle Moshe custom made for him at 13. Spurt growth bypassed him.
    Indeed, a noble visit from George to Sudan.
    Keeps the focus away from the PUBLIC DECEPTION of his private life.
    The fear of any FAMEHO: falling out of George’s limelight.. Too ugly to make it on their own accord.
    (That’s why she chose Brad. He was worthy of her.)

  • Candy

    Clooney looks rugged, unshaved and tanned. I bet he’ll be a feast for Hilary Clinton’s eyes o-O…. & all the interns.
    Too bad he fake-dates fugly scraggy old-looking chicks.
    Botoxed to the max, wrinkly and lame. Of all the women he could have fallen for, he chooses mutts.
    Lisa Snowdon was below ordinary.. I guess he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. Surely he can’t have such lousy taste in women.

  • left of center

    @PLEASE: you’re wrong. The importance of celebrities lending their support to charities and causes is because of their influence. They’re cultural leaders.
    People will stop & listen. Then so will politicians when coerced by public opinion & pressure.
    Clooney may not have a formal college or university education (he dropped out) but he’s sort of intelligent at times.
    Sure he’s no physics major nor economic historian nor political scientist, but at least, (in honor of his dad perhaps) he’s done something worthwhile in Sudan.
    China wants access to natural resources & commodities. This oil rich zone needs to be regulated. Especially where there are human rights violations.

  • annals of suffering & sorrow

    … the plight of these people… pleas for survival deeply ingrained in their eyes….
    …their pain, seeping into the psyche..
    In the womb of Mother Africa, deep in the Nuba mountains, one finds a revelation. An awakening like an epiphany…

  • annals of suffering & sorrow

    ~~ annals of suffering & sorrow ~~
    deeply grateful to Western human efforts to end atrocities.


    So now the corrupt PR team behind the phony Clooney: Stacy Kyborg publicity agreement are making her Tweet her support for the cause George is backing.
    They’re making her Tweet that she’s been babysitting Einstein his dog the whole time, that’s why she couldn’t join him.
    Clooney is backed by corruption. To lie & deceive his followers.
    SO money can be made through her appearance fees.
    The corrupt syndicate that profits of George Clooney THE BRAND has brainwashed him into doing these fake PR stunts so they make more money. Sell more stories in tabloids.
    Instead, it’s ridicule. The worst match in Hollywood.
    Stacy Kyborg only cares about the money she’s putting in the bank.
    An embarrassment famed for rubbing her Rubenesque proportioned lard ass on wrestling ring ropes.
    And insatiable ugly hoooker!

  • Yellow Journalism

    Brad Pitt & Angie = happy & in love
    Matt Damon & Luciana = happy & in love (he they couldn’t even keep their hands off each other & stop kissing at the Gn’R club show in NY last month)
    Grant Heslov & Lysa = happy & in love

    Jeff Bridges, Jean DuJardin, Rande Gerber, Ben Affleck….
    and so on & so on…. All in genuine relationships.
    All happy with their partners/ spouses.

    Why must George deceive the public because of a CORRUPT SYNDICATE WHO EXPLOIT HIM IN SUCH A WAY???

    Break free, George!

  • morse code

    from Patheon via msPendleton:


    Da*mn! They are looking ugly and rough to me. What happened?


    I mean really, what is going on? Have you guys really took a good look at these two in this pic? Stan is looking so far from himself it is not funny! Do they not see the garbage and s*h*i*t* they continue to do taking a toll on them? Guys use your f**cking brains please!

  • ms. Pendleton

    @morse code:

  • Cupkin

    Would someone remind this idiot that Americans have to make a living and if we want to know about it, frankly put, I think the CFR is embarrassing itself by having these entertainers making speeches. This organization is supposed to be about serious issues and yet, they have celebrities on their list of delegates, members.

  • Saph

    Glad George is back doing something he believes in. I just wish he had as much integrity in his private life. Stacy good enough for the Oscars but not good enough for anything else. Pretty clear he has kicked her butt to the curb. Can you imagine someone as vapid and shallow as her trying to hold a conversation with any of these people? If George did date someone of worth with brains he wouldn’t have to hide them whenever he did his causes.


    This disconnect from his personal and private life gives me pause. Is it all about control for him? He picks stupid, bimbo vile women that just are stupefying (as Anna calls it), and yet he portrays deep respect for African women. Hmmm…. A lot of his colleagues are far from open minded where race and culture is concerned. Africa deserves this spotlight on these horrific crimes, but a man who likes to control? I have mixed feelings on all of this. I also noticed that Prendergast was cut out of pics. That’s s*h*i*t*t*y*! He is the real hero. He has been going over to Africa for years! A few celebrities speak up and all cameras on them? Are we that shallow as individuals that we hold higher esteem for movie stars words on such a horrendous situation over someone who has made it his life’s vocation? I just wonder that’s all. Anna adores John. She calls him one of God’s angels. Something to think about ya know?

  • The Pigiste

    Very brave our dear George
    in the bush, he walking just hands in a pockets
    and immediately in the White House with Anna Wintour

    Mama Mia
    Risk travel…of George Clooney

  • Mr. Porter

    MR PORTER vs ms. Pendleton
    Style and style
    Ministry of fashion of White house fashion week …
    For winter blue trend british ….and much of the pearls on the nec…


    @Saph: Stacy wasn’t even good enough for the red carpet. She’s an boring looking Plain Jane from trailer trash suburbia. A Waltons tv-show inbreed afflicted by gigantism. Broken nosed & Botoxed severely.
    And Clooney made a spectacle of himself.
    Phony PR relationship. Has the man got no integrity?
    Deceiving the public like that. Polluting our eyes with yet another ugly woman. Two Academy Awards in a row.
    But what would you know, Saph? Only a few days ago you ranted he was in Cabo.

  • Savoir Faire

    @The Pigiste: Maybe fashion’s iron lady Anna Wintour can instill some good taste in George. For I’m sure she sniggers at the repulsive selection he was kept these last few years. Lacking style, grace, beauty and intelligence.

  • Timekeeper/ Kirstie Alley

    @TIMEKEEPER: what happened to Celestina?
    Have you suddenly jumped on the bandwagon & hijacked the name Anna, have you, FOOL?

  • Savoir Faire

    @The Pigiste: c’est-à-dire: repulsive selection he has kept in the WOMEN he chooses to state to the public are his “girlfriends.”
    Not in his wardrobe selection. That’s passable.
    Not bad…
    Not bad for a good ol’ boy from Kentucky….

  • Rambling Rose

    I don’t like prickly beards. Like rubbing her cheek against cactus spines.

  • Rambling Rose

    Like rubbing my cheek against cactus spines, I meant.
    It’s rugged. But grazes soft skin.

  • ^..^

    Star-studded White House state dinner also served well for Obama’s campaign. And Cameron’s publicity.
    Media coverage world wide.
    @ Saph —> what would an uneducated embarrassment like Stacy Keibler have to contribute to the dinner table conversation?? Humiliation for George just from her sordid past appealing to riff raff audiences.

  • ms. Pendleton

    Dear George you need a butler for all mobile wardrobe with him

  • Savoir Faire

    @ms. Pendleton: you mean a valet, mon chéri :-P

  • Pari

    So there ARE other “Pari”??!!… Must be… Now THE ONE above was not me: Parimala Selvaraj… Just saying… :) Peace all people… NOBODY likes war… a wasted one is even more worthless… :)
    Love n God bless…

    Pari @ 03/14/2012 at 1:19 pm 0

    Stan IS wearing his Bar Mitvah suit his uncle Moshe custom made for him at 13. Spurt growth bypassed him.
    Indeed, a noble visit from George to Sudan.
    Keeps the focus away from the PUBLIC DECEPTION of his private life.
    The fear of any FAMEHO: falling out of George’s limelight.. Too ugly to make it on their own accord.
    (That’s why she chose Brad. He was worthy of her.)
    @reply | Flag This

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    @ Pari – Nope, it’s just the wacko hijacking your name too!


    Timekeeper/Kirstie you tell me. Apparently the a*s*s* whooping that is coming to you have not arrived yet? So still hacking email accounts and sending petitions trying to goad people into supporting Obama? F*u*c*k* you and the horse you have been riding. Playing with fire will burn you know.


    Poor Obama! Isn’t that right Timekeeper/Kirstie? Here is your email dikhead!President Obama has been working hard to expand the economic recovery, create good American jobs and keep this nation moving forward, but Republicans are fighting him every step of the way.
    BONNIE,President Obama has been working hard to expand the economic recovery, create good American jobs and keep this nation moving forward, but Republicans are fighting him every step of the way. Their only goal: Destroy him in November. Democrats are standing with President Obama, and we need your help. If Republicans succeed in taking the White House and the Senate, his progressive agenda doesn’t stand a chance. Health care reform: Gone. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Reinstated. All the progress we’ve made together will be rolled back. We can’t let that happen. President Obama needs to know you’ve got his back. Sign our petition, and stand with President Obama. Now is the time for Democrats to come together! By signing this petition, you’re letting President Obama know that you’re on his side. Sign our petition, and give him the support he needs for a second term in the White House. Guy CecilExecutive Director, DSCCTo unsubscribe, Click Here

    Paid for by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee,,
    and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

  • ms. Pendleton

    @Savoir Faire:
    Oh no
    It’s just a trip… for our Curious George In WASHINGTON
    i think this little guy (crâne dégarni – love much in french ) balding is his porter !

  • ms. Pendleton
  • no disclaimer

    @Ah…Bite Me!: You hijacked my name. Because you lack creativity.
    This is the best that you can do?
    You argue George consciously chose to do the bogus PR relationship with Stacy Keibler. Maybe so. I’m sure no one forced him.
    Maybe the scum management syndicate behind him coerced him.
    You have carte blanche to write any stories you want about him in the press.
    To exploit him like a public commodity so you can profit off him.
    That’s all you corrupt imbeciles care about. Money.
    Lying to & deceiving him.
    I hope Clooney does sever ties with your destructive management. Preserve what he has of his dignity.
    .Implement changes & consequently remain at the top of his league.

    Here, in the “democratic” parameters of Just Jared, I can write honestly.
    You had hoped he warms to Stacy and falls for her. Just like you tried the same strategy with Canalis.
    He was reluctant at first, and Canalis was briefed to persist.
    While his corrupt, exploitative management pushed their own agenda.

  • no disclaimer

    @Ah…Bite Me!: You even copy my terminology and vocabulary. Often. Verbatim as seen above with “hijacked.”
    Because you lack creativity.
    The fact remains, Kirstie Alley does post as Timekeeper here.
    Pari, lou, ( my own nom de plume: Ah!..Bite Me)…..–> phony PR posters courtesy of Stan Rosenfiled the Useless.
    Who, btw, looks like he’s wearing George’s suit in the photo above…. That’s why the jacket comes up to his knees….