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Katie Holmes & Jeanne Yang Cover THR's Style Issue

Katie Holmes & Jeanne Yang Cover THR's Style Issue

Katie Holmes and her stylist, Jeanne Yang, take the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Style issue, on newsstands Wednesday (March 14).

Also featured on the four cover issue: Charlize Theron and her stylist, Leslie Fremar (C is wearing a Leslie Fremar for Fruit of the Loom top); Emma Stone and stylist Petra Flannery; and Jessica Chastain and stylist Elizabeth Stewart.

THR singled out 25 powerful stylists for this year’s style issue – topping this year’s list is Kate Young, who takes care of Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, and Rachel Weisz.

For the complete list of the 25 most powerful stylists, visit!

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Photos: The Hollywood Reporter
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  • Stop calling the paps

    Wow! The retired bimbo manages to cover her tree trunk lower body! No small deal!

  • jj

    I think she’s hot but a definite case of the crazy eyes today.

  • Stop calling the paps

    Kaka Homey’s *fashion line* only serves as a write-off for Tommygurl! Never seen any paying customer! Yang should do herself a favor to distance this useless wannabe as far as possible.

  • Carbon Copy

    The only time Katie uses her stylist is when she’s doing some publicity bc otherwise she doesn’t dress well.

  • Katie goes to Uganda

    She went across the world to stay in the Queen Elizabeth Suite and ignore Africans in their home.

    SO RUDE!

  • that explains a lot!!!

    Jeanne Yang at number 11.

    Clients: Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Andrew Garfield, Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Dustin Hoffman.

    so katie holmes is her only female client.

    say no more……

  • VIDEO of Rude Katie in Uganda
  • rainy

    I wonder how much Tom paid to have her put on the cover and the list. According to one of the sales people I talked to at Barneys, the line is very slow moving and ends up on the sale racks more often than not.

  • Alaia

    Charlize Theron ALWAYS looks great. Props to Leslie.

    It’s kind of annoying when celebrities get all the credit for great looks. But I guess if a stylist can fool the public into thinking that, they’re doing their job.

  • katie is no angelina jolie!!!!

    @Katie goes to Uganda:

    even better!
    you should go to
    there is a clip of her looking so bored as ever, she looks like she could care less in uganda.

    there were a couple of black people performing before her, but she managed to just look bored and give them a very quick applaus, she didn even take her sunglasses off to watch the performance. how rude, indeed.

    and her puplicist was there too, aka PR= tom cruise.

    and then to top it of, she posed with some black kid on the cover of a magazine. you should see how she holds that kid: like katie was afraid that kid would infect her with something and that kid on the cover gave her such ad irtly look back.
    it was so priceless!!! i laughed so hard at that cover!!!!!

    man , she cant even bothered to pretend she wants to be there.

    she even maneged to screw this one up.

    cant she do one thing good in her life?

  • Gigi
  • I swear!

    sa though Africa doesn’t have enough to deal with

  • Dana

    It’s an outrage that the word “style” is seen anywhere near the name Katie Holmes. She may be the worst dressed woman in Hollywood, and the few times that she wears her “line,” the clothes are remarkably ill-fitting and poorly made. Despite the millions that Cruise must have poured into her and her “career,” Holmes is simply an awkward, insecure woman who has no style whatsover.

  • rainy

    @VIDEO of Rude Katie in Uganda:

    LMAO–she is wearing heels when most of the people can’t afford shoes. She has her iPhone in her hand like she is expecting a call (she certainly wasn’t taking pics). And she looked horribly awkward like she didn’t want to be there! Stick with Dizzy Feet Katie–it is more your speed.

  • @rainy

    she looks toasted

  • Love me boy

    Holmes looks good here. Long hair suits her better. A good pic can actually happen. Wow.

  • Gloria

    She has some of the wierdest facial expressions! It looks like she’s on something! Like rainey said…toasted and I agree. I also wondered how much Tom had to pay to get her on the cover. Surely nobody would actually want her on there.

  • annie

    Tommy Hilfigur thought enough of her to represent his foundation, I think Katie is spokeswoman. I read she didn’t allow any pics, and only 1 interview. She’s never been look at me type regardless what you think. She always did things for childrens charities, and participated in telethons, maybe she wants to go back to doing that.

    Number 11 out of 25 is not bad at all, at least she got in the top 25.
    It’s a wonder non of you hav’nt said something silly like Tom bought her a place in Columbia university, you seem to think he bought her everything else.
    How can you buy people who have millions. Wait -I’m sure you’ll come up with something. Katie has always made an impression with everybody she comes in close contact with, whether you guys like it or not.

  • katie is no angelina jolie!!!!



  • annie

    ok , whatever makes sense to you, that’s fine .

  • Question

    Is this much airbrushing appropriate for such an occasion?

  • Mika

    i think katie looks nice. the people writing mean things have unfulfilling lives and have motives to bring people down so that they can hide their own evils.

  • eesh

    Jeanne Yang can’t even dress herself- that ill-fitting cream suit is horrible-pants too long so they bunch and touch the floor, sleeves too short, jacket too tight in the sleeves and shoulders. So how did she and her “client” get on the cover of this mag? Oh, that’s right, the power of Tommy and his millions…

  • Hmm…

    I’m surprised Katie hasn’t had a bigger career. I thought she’d go further after Dawsons Creek.

  • JO

    To those haters: Leave katie alone!!!!you hate her but you keep looking and reading news about her!!..if you don’t have to say anything good about her, then stop posting your comment!!!!!…you just envy her right?!..if you didn’t like katie style, well that’s her style and you have nothing to do with that!!.. i like the cruise family, and they are not hurting anybody. Get a life haters!!!!!!!!!may the devil bless you haters!!!

  • @J0


    Actually Scientology hurts a lot of people. And Tom is best friends with its leaders David Miscavage. He went on their honeymoon with them for God’s sake. There is no way Cruise and by default Holmes is unaware of the abuse this cult perpetuates on its members and most certainly on those that leave the cult. Google Scientology Village Voice for many exposes about its torture of members and those that leave. Tom is certainly AWARE of what goes on–he used slave labor (Scientologists forced to work for free for me) to customize his air hanger, build a boat for him and to customize his motorcycles. So he can hardly be unaware of its abuses.

    And as to Katie. She is a pampered, over-indulged Hollywood wife. Any other actress with her string of failures–BOMBS–would not be offered the parts she has been offered. And it is clear that Tom’s money and influence is behind her and Yang’s uninspired fashion line. The woman is walking fashion disaster. People in the media may kowtow to the woman and proclaim her fashion forward, but when you look at polls across the board about thumbs up or down for her fashion choices, thumbs DOWN wins big over 90 percent of the time. So the public isn’t fooled one bit by those that tout her as a fashion icon.

    And if you believe in the Devil and by extension God, then ask yourself if God would approve of Scientology. Somehow I don’t think she does.

  • JO

    Another hater huh?!

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Katie Holmes actually looks quite pretty on the cover of this magazine. But so would anyone (including me) if they had top stylists working on them for the next 80 hours.

  • annie

    @ Rainy
    Rainy lets not kid ourselves here, you are a NK fan, and a few others. Now if you were remotely honest you would look at Charlize Therons hair, and say something negative, not Katies, and if you saw the blouse the Lanvin model was wearing with the Lanvin skirt that Katie was wearing, the Holmes/Yang blouse is nicer.
    That dress that Katie (H/Y is wearing on the cover( and inside) is gorgeous.
    I’m the first to say if I don’t like something about Katie, and I don’t like all H/Y, but there is a shorts, blouse and matching jacket in their collection, that’s really nice, actually some pieces are very nice , and I think that they are doing a lot better than you people give them credit for, and do it more quietly, than some others.
    We all know that it’s the quiet ones that………… well,leave it to your imagination.
    And to be honest you all have very vivid imaginations, which you use to suit yourselves.

  • Hamlet

    What parts has she been getting, #26? And why are you dissing Holmes like this when you don’t know her and she hasn’t done anything to anyone.

    Cruise has nothing to do with how Scientology is run and all religions have their zealots.

    What’s your point, #28?

  • @hamlet

    Ah, but Cruise does have a choice as to whether to use slave labor to build his motorcycles, air hangers etc. He does have a choice whether to or not to be friends with an abuser who is using his fame to further his own.
    But you hamlet, just like Macbeth and Romeo see only what suits you.

  • Rainy


    Yes I like NK–don’t always agree with her style and have posted so. But she has talent unlike Katie. And NK has never put herself out there as a fashion icon. It may be a double standard, but if someone is going to design and push a fashion line, I EXPECT them to look the part at all times. At the very minimum this means wearing clean, unwrinkled, unblemished clothes that fits with excellent grooming–hair and nails and skin. Katie shows up frequently with chipped manicures and pedicures. Greasy, awful hair. Not wet hair, dirty hair. My granddad used to say “soap’s cheap, your reputation isn’t.” Seeing chipped nails and greasy hair, whether it is true or not, says dirty to me.
    And Katie brags about loving fashion, sewing, etc. If she is so in love with fashion why doesn’t she do or have done minimal tailoring to make the clothes she wears more attractive? She has thick legs and calves, which she can’t help, but she can dress to minimize them, but doesn’t. She might like to be comfortable in what she wears, but her lack of attention to detail ruins any credibility as a fashion forward person.
    And as for the H/Y collection doing better than most think? If that is so, why do so many and so much of it go on sale so quickly–marked down up to 75 percent, If you look at the number of pieces at each store, it is not much (as befits a pricey line), but they certainly don’t seem to “fly” off the shelves.

  • kate

    IMHO religion is not a way to base your opinion of someone because it lumps grpups of people together and judges them on the actions or beleifs of a few. In almost all religions people believe in some of the things they preach but not all,even people in charge.Like a Baptist church in Texas believes in letting a gay person become a decon and the church has been dropped from Baptist groups and has been threatened with death like a bomb (google University Baptist Church) I am Catholic and I am sure know of the problems we have and the people are in the ranks especially the cover up of events and people that worked and still work with these people did not know what was happening.
    Holmes and Yang sold out in Dallas so the people that said most of it ends on the sale rack did not work there.
    Have you watched her movies? I have and I have them because I liked them. Lots of movies bomb at the box office but are very good movies. Did you ever hear of a movie called Shotgun Diaries great movie but did not do well.

  • annie

    @ Rainy
    I didn’t say that H/Y is doing better than most, I said I think they are doing better than a lot of people think.
    You have an issue with Katie, so you will go straight for the negative, like you did with the skirt, you picked the the pic that was taken at a bad angle, instead of the rest of the pics. I thought the skirt and length was very flattering on her. You didn’t like her hair , her makeup, nothing, where as I thought both looked good.
    She didn’t put herself out there as a fashion icon, the media did.
    I scroll up and down, on JJ, and she looks so much nicer even without makeup than most on here. And half of them, have these ridiculously skinny legs, what do you think they look like in real life.
    I totally agree with you that NK is a very talented actress, and can play any role given to her, extremely well, I ‘d be lying if I said otherwise.
    Movies don’t do too well, most of the time without a leading man, but some of Katies movies have been good.
    I think that these last few years she has made some rash decisions concerning her career, she hasn’t thought her roles out too wisely.
    I ‘m glad she doesn’t seem to be going ahead with Respectable Adults, as the story line didn’t sound too good.
    Abandon was a good movie, a very under rated movie, and it was Benjamin Pratt who told her , never to give in to the Hollywood machine and to always be true to herself, no matter what.
    I think and have always thought, that Katie had and has great potential, do I think that potential is going to come to fruition- no I don’t, because she lacks that burning desire ,above average ambition, and a big ego, that you def need , and do anything and everything to get where you want to get to.
    I’ll give you a good example of an oscar winning actress-Pen Cruz.
    She’s never made a secret of the fact how badly she wanted to become an actress, and her 1st movie which I saw on World Movies the other night. She looked like a skinny little 12 yr old, with hardly any clothes on throughout the movie, her scenes with Barden left nothing to the imagination. but she needed to crack the US market, so she bedded every American actor she made a movie with. That is how it’s done!(not entirely” just joking”)

    Katie is married to a very public figure, but she herself is not a very public person. When she was with Chris Klien, they never talked about each other then and she hasn’t since.
    And as for Scie, nobody knows how involved she is in it, and just because a section of the media said that DM was with them on their honeymoon, doesn’t necessarily means that it was true. Their arrival back to the States after their honeymoon was on all the tv channels- don’t remember seeing him, seeing the paps were there taking lots of pics.

  • Christiana

    She’s never been look at me type regardless what you think. She always did things for children charities, and participated in telethons, maybe she wants to go back to doing that.