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Miranda Kerr: Turn the Lights Out for Earth Hour!

Miranda Kerr: Turn the Lights Out for Earth Hour!

Miranda Kerr carries her 14-month-old son, Flynn, back to their apartment on Wednesday (March 14) in NYC.

The 28-year-old Aussie model was recently announced as the ambassador for this year’s Earth Hour.

“Earth Hour is [all] about encouraging positive action and that is exactly why I have chosen to be involved. I believe we can all do our best to make small changes to create positive effects,” Miranda wrote on her Kora Organics blog.

“I urge us all to be involved and join in the conversation and of course don’t forget to turn the lights out at 8:30 pm March 31st 2012,” she added before signing off with “Love and light(s out).”

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  • TP

    Flynn is super adorable!

  • kami

    he’s such a cutie. and he always looks so happy.

  • drinks up

    That is seriously one cute baby

  • zoe

    Gorgeous mother and son.

  • LaLa

    Most adorable baby in Hollywood! Sooooo cute!

  • awww

    Such a beautiful child! He looks just like his daddy!

  • aimee

    when this kid grows up, he’s gonna be america’s next heartthrob. so cute!!!

  • Mindy

    he looks more handsome and handsome each time i look into his new photos! handsome baby!

  • Tracy

    Sooo sick of looking at this no talent, average looking biiiitch!

  • Brandon Hilton

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  • see…

    …she finally put that fat little tard on a diet.

  • Brandon Hilton

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  • Whatever

    Must be why she and her family fly all over the world, incurring a massive carbon footprint. Hypocritical much?

  • aww

    Look how cute Flynn is! He’s certainly all mama’s. They resemble each other very much and both are beyond adorable. Now this is serisouly a genetically-blessed pair of mother and son. Love them <3

  • @11

    You’re back!
    *waves at the delph-IDIOT*
    And as charming as always.
    You are a great example of why we laugh at the pathetic loons of delphi. You should be their poster child.

  • @13

    And as we told you in the other thread, they fly around the world because of work. And their carbon footprint is reduced because they fly commercial. And even then they take measures to offset their impact. In fact, I bet that they do a heck of a lot more than you do.

  • @14

    All mama? Not hardly. Except for his cleft chin, he is a dead ringer for his pa. Not sure what baby you are looking at.

  • @14 again

    Saying him all mama’s is a bit exaggerated, but I think Flynn does look like Miranda more except his brown eyes. No doubt he’s a beautiful baby just like his mom.

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    very beautiful!! i love the baby s eyes. soo pretty.

  • Ali

    I don’t understand you guys… a few news back all comments were about how hypocrite she was, that she couldn’t leave modelling for other things ’cause she was under the spotlight due to that career… and now “everything is lovely and cute”?

    Come on, you like her or you don’t, but don’t be so changing. OK, her kid is super cute but the news is about her (as always I guess).

  • save us in one hour

    Again earth our and celebrities are going to teach us how to save energy. I am driving small car, living in small flat, using public transportation whenever I can. Honestly, I am thinking about my costs and my money on the first place. I am practically environmental with good reason. I don’t need celebrities who are driving big cars, flying private jets, living in 20 bedroom houses to teach me how to save energy. I am living that way every day of my life, Miranda and others one hour in a year. Hypocrites.

  • @20

    Nothing has changed.
    Her fans still like her.
    her haters still don’t.
    I don’t understand your confusion.

  • @21

    You can’t lump all celebs into one pile.
    Miranda and Orlando do not take private jets. They don’t live in enourmous homes. They do drive big cars, but offset that by (among other things) using solar power for their houses in LA and England.
    Nothing hypocritical about that at all.
    It just sounds like you are a bitter because you live in a small flat and drive a small car. Not everyone with money is evil. Not even every celeb. And if they can use their celebrity to raise public awareness, why not? What is wrong with that?

  • Mimi

    Pimple face!

  • C

    Oh God! Flynn’s gonna be so handsome! Why am I even breathing?

  • LOL!

    So the delphidiots got tired of bashing an innocent baby on their PATHETIC site, so now they keep trying to bring it here?
    The only problem is that now they can see EXACTLY what NORMAL people think of them.
    Are you happy now?
    Just remember, Karma is a real b!tch, and she has very sharp teeth, so you better watch out.
    You are destined for one horrific payoff for insulting a child, and the disabled.
    I just wish that I could be there to see it.
    I’d be laughing all the way.

  • sal

    Such a gorgeous family!

  • Sandy

    I love seeing pics of Miranda, Orlando,and Flynn. They are a beautiful family. Flynn is one of the cutest babies. You can see that he is a mini Orlando and has his fathers eyes and eyelashes. Flynn is going to be a heartbreaker when he is older. He has loving and protective parents. Miranda does her part in being environmentally friendly. She and Orlando don’t fly private but fly commercial which is better for the environment. They are both environmentally conscientious people. Why would anyone insult a baby? That is sick and twisted and shows what type of people these delphites are by putting down an innocent baby. If they do not like Miranda or Orlando don’t go on these threads. It’s that simple. Flynn is a beautiful baby and has his mother and fathers good looks.

  • A

    Flynn = Baby Orlando

  • Madeleine

    He’s certainly all mama’s. They resemble each other very much and both are beyond adorable. Now this is seriously a genetically-blessed pair of mother and son.