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Angelina Jolie, Zahara, & Shiloh: Back in LA!

Angelina Jolie, Zahara, & Shiloh: Back in LA!

Angelina Jolie holds onto her two little ones, Shiloh and Zahara, as they arrive at LAX Airport on Thursday (March 15) in Los Angeles.

Shiloh, 5, led the way while mama Angie, 36, and Zahara, 7, followed close behind. Shiloh carried the newest addition to the Jolie-Pitt family…a big stuffed bear!

The three gals just arrived back from a quick trip to Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

The day before, Shiloh and Zahara got treated to a boat ride on the canal. The two made funny faces while Angelina sat close by.

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  • Sonia lalaland

    I’m first!

  • luvangie4ever

    Cuteness! Angie and the girls back in the arms of loving partner and daddy, Brad.

  • Sonia lalaland

    Angie is a great mother, beautiful woman! she has her kids carry their own things while she helped holding the white bear instead of having the nanny or bodyguard carry them!

    I love Zee’s style as always meanwhile Shi is such a handsome little girl!

  • b

    Angie wants her children to be citizens of the world. They are going to do just that. It will be amazing to see what the children grow up to do. Love this family and admire their dedication.

  • mimisworld

    Lol. Flashes are disturbing Zahara but she keeps happy

  • Tim

    Shiloh looks like such a boy.
    and where are the rest of her kids did she lose them or something?!

  • Lara

    Well I bet there’s five very happy people right now, and so happy to have them back home.
    Those bears are almost as adorable as the girls.

  • Lola

    Shiloh is so pretty, I see a lot of her dad in her.

  • DL

    Glad I check back. Angie and the girls are home. The bears are so big lol cute. shi is mini brad with Angie lips and her eyes with his colour. I am liking z’s braids for some reason the long hair giving her more cutiness.

  • I’m rude

    All 3 looked happier when they were leaving and when they were in Amsterdam. Must dred going home to daddy dearest.

  • I’m rude

    Shiloh is a clone of Jon voight. Same face structure, eyes, lips , dimpled chin. She’s a left handed Gemini just like Jolie-voight. She is basically Angelina in hackers minime.

  • Rose

    So happy they returned home safely. Presents for all including Brad. He must be so relieved to have his entire family back home. Also congratulations to Brad’s, MIR foundation which took in more than 5 million dollars over the weekend, as per Drew Breeze today on Ellen.

  • http://cellphone SUsan

    THEY’RE BACK. Who knows where they’ll go next.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Glad to see them home. I’ll bet they miss their daddy & bros and sis.

  • jim/dee

    She lookis just like her dad, which really iritates Angie, that’s probably why she treats her the way she does…I wish Angie could find another way to get publicity instead of using those poor children, I doubt Angie even knows the wants and needs of each child…but if you ask the nannys, I’m sure they would know…Too bad, So sad…JUST SAYING…..

  • angie

    holy crap angie stans, back UP

    i wonder if the kids turn out fine (though nepotistic) or complete brats!

  • Gossipgirl

    God! Will the Paps stop aiming their camera lights at these poor kids! They are blinding them! On another note, I admire her activism….she uses her money and celebrity to try to make a difference and it seems that she is a great mother

  • Richard P

    Beautiful girls

  • DL

    @Rose: good for Brad good for MRI i watched ellen monday thinking he would be there but there was no news about Brad.

  • daral

    no malicent filming, just as i thought.
    too early

  • Danny

    Angie and the girls back home safely.

  • thelookoflove1365

    Glad the Angie and the girls are home and safe. Wonder if Shiloh’s bear is for Knox and the pink one is for Viv? Bet the the kids left behind, specially the little ones are squelling with delight that their mom and sisters are home. And bet Brad is happy too. LOL.

  • A

    Aww Zahara looks a little scared. I like how Shiloh is so protective of her sister


    Brad’s holiday is over.

  • Maria

    gorgeous at all levels

  • vickifromtexas

    hello to thelookoflove.

    they are so cute i can’t stand it. zahara is rocking those great boots again.

  • A

    Z is such a girly girl, so cute and Shiloh is so cute and protective of Z. Beautiful family :)

  • Rap*

    something about this family is off…..angelina is fake

  • bizzy bee

    Papa Pitt! happy to have his girl’s back home. Shiloh’s not intimidated by the flashing bulbs not one bit but it looks like Z eyes are sensitive to the flash. It’s gonna be a fun time at the Jolie/Pitts home!Papa Pitt! happy to have his girl’s back home. Shiloh’s not intimidated by the flashing bulbs not one bit but it looks like Z eyes are sensitive to the flash. It’s gonna be a fun time at the Jolie/Pitts home!

  • bizzy bee

    Sorry guys, I don’t know why my laptop doubled the post … Maybe it’s tired time to shut it down a bit.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    Angie wears so may hats and she does them all well trying to balance work and and family time kudos.The girls looked like they really had a great time.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    Okay chralize theron is adopting?hmm very curious, I mean she has a movie coming out ,but then again adoption process takes long so maybe the timing was a coincidence.Anyways congratulations on her new role in life!

  • anustin

    lmao…the real HO ruined a 14 yr old relation is in LA 3 days ago.

  • Sara

    Buy sunglasses to your children
    and protect theirs eyes us you protect yours

  • anustin

    dont worry with these children,their fine.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    In the above picture Shiloh is Brad Pitt. Beautiful little girl.
    Welcome home beautiful Angelina and pretty girls. I know Poppa bear is glad to have you all back.
    I think the big bears are for the twins.

  • Sara

    DONT stalk on kids!
    They have nothing to do with their celebrietes parents!

  • anustin

    rubbing the original HOniston to anjie’s gorgeous face is sooo wrong on so many level.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Shi is rocking that hairstyle. It is absolutely adorable.
    Get ready to start seeing actresses and dress designers copying it all over Hollywood and on the runways. Shi is a trendsetter.

  • Dakota

    If the bears are for Viv & Knox, the bears will be bigger than them. LOL!! Love the Jolie-Pitts!

  • anustin

    i know,i know trollniston too jealous of brads babies momma lolz.

  • anustin

    lovin all the meltdown from the trollniston.

  • hopeso

    Love you much!!!

  • naturegirl

    welcome back…..welcome, welcome, welcome backkkkkkkk.

  • 2Park5

    Love the Jolie-Pitt

  • Glee

    They brought back gifts for their little brother & sister. So sweet

  • Sci

    Hey Angie brad and the rest missed you all

  • B.Bunch

    Beautiful family

  • Alison Bean

    Kinda tiring to have little school-age kids jetting around the globe for quick trips, no?

    Where is their primary home? Where do they go to school? Besides the family, who are the constants in these children’s lives? Outside the family, who are their day-to-day pals?

  • BerryBerry

    They are finally back in the US after a mini world wind trip. Angie is a great humanitarian