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Gerard Butler Joins Unicef 'Rest of the World' Team for Charity Match

Gerard Butler Joins Unicef 'Rest of the World' Team for Charity Match

Gerard Butler steps out to run errands on Wednesday (March 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old Scottish stud (in Fila) was spotted out having lunch at a cafe late last week – Gerry chatted with fans who approached him.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently announced that Gerry will be joining Mike Myers and Michael Sheen on the Rest of the World Team – they’ll take on the English team at a match benefiting Unicef at Manchester United’s Old Trafford on May 27.

Can’t wait to see Gerry hit the field!

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Credit: VLNY/Zodiac; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • kel

    Team Gerry!

  • boobcakes4all


    he is not aging well at all

  • Toronto

    Thank God for a new thread!

  • CK your charities

    Still an arm of the VERY CORRUPT United Nations also funded with our TAX DOLLARS, I quit that charity a long time ago.
    I for the most part don’t trust any Charities Celebs are attached too.
    Do your homework.

  • niknoks

    Finally, a new thread. I refused to get involved in the nonsense that was the last one.
    SoccerAid is brilliant, great entertainment for a great cause. I went to the one in 2008 at Wembley and had a blast. The calibre of celebs, professionals & retired professionals that it attracts is phenomenal.
    It was also co-founded by Robbie Williams who in his time has done stuff that makes GB look like a saint, but he’s cleaned up and come good, proving that Mr Butler can get his act together if he wants to badly enough.

  • A

    Coke bloat

  • Emma

    @ Toronto

    I couldn’t agree more… I hope the ick stuff stays behind… :-)


  • political fauxmanitarians

    In exchange for the A list roles awarded to Useful IDiots only.

  • political fauxmanitarians

    Ck out the KONY Obama Soros Oil Scam.

  • AM

    Is it my imagination or do those eyes look like they might have had a few sleepless nights over this latest scandal? The man who likes to keep his private life private has certainly not being doing that lately. It can’t be very happy over these recent developments!

  • Faker

    @CK your charities:
    Well said. ITAWY.
    That’s why I call Clooney a fake opportunist, and I am tired of people like Manny using his an an example of “good” behavior or “good” works for Butler. How ridiculous. The woman needs to STFU already and stop spreading her gloomy cheer around.

  • A

    @boobcakes4all: ITA. He’s sporting a coke bloat and has obviously had many *ahem* sleepless nights, partying like he’s 25….wearing clothes that are meant for 25 year olds not for nearly 50s…His looks are gone, not that I think he ever was that good looking to begin with, with his overbite, chubby face and bad posture.

  • A

    ….What’s even sadder are his middle aged soccer mom fans who spend their time following him online and having “Gerry” clubs lol

  • Faker

    @political fauxmanitarians:
    “Useful IDiots only”
    The only way these corrupt leaders can line their pockets is by using useful idiots.
    All the pontificators – Obama, Gore, Soros – that’s how they win elections and make billions. They preach what they themselves have no intentions of following. HW actors buy that nonsense and do their dirty bidding. I don’t listen to politics or opinions spoken by HW actors – the dummiest people on the planet. If they want to explain to me about acting theory or the inner workings of HW, something they might be well-versed in, I will listen.. But, they are NOT an authority on anything else.
    Peeps need to stop using them as a good example that shopuld be followed. .

  • xwy


    pity nobody is interested in your views…loser

  • Bazinga!

    Every thread ends up the same. That’s a fact. I will not say anything bad about GB. I don’t know him and you can’t trust photo assumption. Or everything you read and hear in the tabloids. He always looks pretty cute to me. I hope he’s a good person with a good heart, is off of drugs and not what he’s being described as lately on certain outlets. The man does have talent in the acting department.


    Always do your research on charities. Find a legitimate one and give some money if you have it to give. If not, your time is just as valuable.

  • boring

    stupid nutter fangirls. he’s an idiot and a man with no morals. he should sit home and get drunk. a$$hole

  • final thought

    I have been reading for some time now, what his doting fans and not so doting fans have to say regarding the ever mysterious and fascinating Gerard Butler. I must say that I find most of you very interesting. You have great points of view to add to the threads. It seems that the majority of you care about Mr. Butler whether you are supposedly projecting your needs on to him, whether you feel a connection to him through friendship, brotherhood,sisterhood whatever. ..

    From what I have read you are open and frank about your opinion of him/his behavior etc., unlike some of the other GB fan sites that are perhaps more in line with a ‘he can do no wrong’ theme. Most of you care enough to tell him to get his affairs in order (no pun intended!) If of course, this is what has happened.

    Yes, there are those who believe fans don’t have a right to give an opinion regarding his personal life. Theoretically, you would be right. But, human nature doesn’t always obey rules, I guess.

    Some celebrities out there seem to be living by the motto ‘do what you do so it benefits you and others’. Of course, this could just be really good PR as someone aptly pointed out.

    There are celebrities with a ‘questionable lifestyle’ still able to stay popular. Is that still a possibility though given that times have changed and there seem to be more access to celebrities private lives via twitter, mobile phones with pics/video, face book etc.?

    Mr. Butler has fame, money and good looks. This is power he has at his disposal which of course he could use to make a difference to the world. Stardom fades with time, no matter how big the name. They are eventually replaced by new faces and are forgotten by future generations; Money doesn’t last forever either, nor do good looks.

    Some seem to admire his ability to live the ‘I live by my own rules’ attitude. However, it seems he has paid a heavy price for that, judging by what’s circulating via the media, about his character and career so far, whether it be true or not.

    If none of these stories are true and they are just designed to smite him down in some way, it seems to be working. Of course I’m going by what’s been said about him just like everyone else. But, if this is the case, he needs to clean house. He has more enemies than friends and should consider a new environment.

    Most of his fans seem to believe that Mr. Butler has potential to aspire to something far greater..perhaps greater than himself? Those are the ones that follow him and his career with an eternal hope that one day he would prove them right. Then there are those that smell blood and are waiting for this man to crash and burn.

    We never know when our end will come and when it does we will not be able to take anything with us ..not money, power, prestige, looks, houses, family, friends etc. The only thing that we will be judged by is what we have done, for ourselves and others. Our deeds.

    No one is ever so far gone off the deep end that they cannot swim back to shore. Mr. Butler is in a position right now to be remembered for something great; for a career or a cause/s or both…or to be less positive, become a complete failure. Isn’t that why we are all so fascinated?

    The two questions that Mr. Butler perhaps should now consider at this point in his life/career are, ‘What do I want to be remembered for?’ What am I willing to do/sacrifice to get it?

    I hope he chooses wisely for his sake, his mama’s and all those who love him.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Hey Gerry!!
    Is that an Italian National team jacket?..Looks like it but I could be wrong..Glad he joined Socceraid!!

  • legends


    Hmmmm . . . not sure what’s sadder – the middle-age poster . . . or the person who takes the time to criticize the middle-age poster.

  • legends

    @A: Oh, and I’m pretty sure what the ‘A’ stands for.

  • Gossipgirl

    Greasy man ho, Gerald Butler. Will do anything with a vaj and a pulse, ugh!

  • Stacie

    Love Gerry . Happy to see him out and about . I hate Man U . I’m more of a Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC girl ! Thanks JJ for posting . I needed this today . : D

  • Faker

    lol, maybe you need to get laid?

  • The Noise In The walls


  • Toronto

    Ya know what’s REALLY pathetic? Posters who harass other posters for simply being Gerry fans….who sometimes like to post about him! Granted, some fans are obsessed….but a lot of us are just normal people.

    What’s NOT normal? Being a hater and wasting precious time on people or a celeb you don’t like.

    Haters are the ones who TRULY need to get a life.

  • dietcoke

    This is a diversion tactic to get off the subject of bon-king married women. Shame on you GB. You have your pick of hundreds of single women who are begging you for attention. He leaves a trail of broken hearts. So sad. Karma.

  • $$$$
  • The Noise In The Walls

    What’s NOT normal? Being a hater and wasting precious time on people or a celeb you don’t like.

    Ditto!! :)

  • so true


    I think the married woman story has been quieted down or has been buried. No new articles on it. Also, Butler or his team not saying anything.
    stop already!
    This is not a normal married woman. This is a woman looking for trouble, looking to cheat on her new husband for thrills. She did it once before, she did it a second time with Butler, and she’ll do it again in the future with subsequent lover/hubby. Please put this in the right context.

  • internetmasterbrian

    banned again, you b!tches, truth hurts

  • Info

    If you are being banned, perhaps you’re using words that JJ doesn’t like to post. Change it around a little.

  • Mady

    He looks good, but kind of blaa personality wise. The usual twinkle and joie de vivre isn’t present in these photos.

  • Eigg

    @$$$$: these people must be in such a rush to post celeb videos that they don’t think…they should have blocked out the license plate number! It may not be his car but even so… isn’t it standard procedure to blur or block out peoples’ plate numbers before posting it online or on t.v.?!

  • Astrology

    Look at the video above. I think he was frazzled a bit. There was a pap in his way that he almost hit while parking.
    Stop being so judgmental people. How would you like it if there was someone under your feet at all times? You’d hate it. Frankly, I am surprised he doesn’t lose his tempare that often. I think he really knows how to keep his emotions in check. He might be furious or irritated inside but to the world he shows a poker face.
    So when your irritated or furious inside it’s hard to have a twinkle in the eye and joie de vivre in your personality. But, honesty, it’s also hard to show a poker face.
    Good for him for being able to pull it off.

  • Info

    No because it’s public information.

  • Eigg

    @Info: well, I’ve seen many videos and clips of other peoples’ cars showing the area where the plate is… for famous people and non famous people where the numbers have been blocked….

  • Info

    You are not being banned. Stop with the drama please. If you were really being banned you would not be able to post what you are posting.
    Just post already and stop with the attention seeking.
    Would love to see what you have to say about Butler this time around.

  • Info

    Then I think these other outlets were taking extra repercussion, something they chose to do, not something that is considered standard.
    Anyway, i agree with you. They should do it out of courtesy. However, if they don’t, it means they don’t bother because it’s really not something that’s incumbent on them to do.
    BTW, I think these cars of his are all leased, or sometimes they are given to the stars for promotional purposes. They want them to be seen around town with these vehicles.

  • Info

    lol, I meant extra precautions, I don’t know how I ended up typing what I did.

  • Info

    Yes, having a pap under your feet at all times is very annoying.
    However, sometimes Butler’s cars are given to him for promotion, which leads me to believe he wants to be photographed.
    But you’re right, he certainly doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve. It’s very hard to tell what he’s really thinking or feeling. That’s why so many of us jump to conclusions.

  • SuperficialB*Butler

    @dietcoke: Hey. I love soccer! Didn’t you see me almost score last year in the Celtic vs Man U Legends game. I kept hearing my song “Wonderwall” and “One Moment in Time” and got in the zone. Those pros were impressed!

    Oh and the Unicef thing is help the wee kids. My agent said I gotta promote my soccer movie for us … uh the kids. ANd I’m a soccer coach who flirts with married mothers. Deny, deny, Deflect, deflect. It’s great to be a true humantarian and promote me.

    Hey why is that Kony 2012 video have like zillion million hits! And why did these people not see my movie MGP! And Clooney is talking with Obama! That is supposed to be me!

    Sam said that Prez. Omar Al Bashir is the bigger problem. Hear that Obama. I know the man you should catch – Bashir! I was there! I was Sam CHILDers. Hmmm? child, children, CHILDers. Love those kids!

  • niknoks


    I don’t think promotional cars have anything to do with wanting to be papped. GB will be papped regardless of whether he is driving or not. Car companies know this, therefore they offer the leased or gifted cars to celebs. If someone offered you a free Range Rover to drive, 99% of people would take it, paps or no paps.

  • Info

    I think you misunderstand. That’s not what I claimed.
    Unless, I misunderstood you. Rephrase please.

  • niknoks


    I may have misunderstood you, the way I read your post was that you thought GB wanted to be papped because he was driving a promotional car.
    I just made the point that I think the car is irrelevant because he would be papped regardless.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    My thanks to Bazinga, CGE, and Lolita. God bless you all.

  • Paisley

    @final thought:Wow…outstanding post!

  • Hoping

    @SuperficialB*Butler: Funny.So he is a token humanitarian. At least, he has intentions. It can cycle into something bigger if he sets his mind to it. Away from the parties and women. And his extreme ego. Hoping as a fan only can.

  • Oh dear 1

    I see the positive PR wheels are in back in motion. It so obvious. Too sad  for words. Guess being authentic is too real for Butty boy.

    The best PR he could do is to come out and say ” Hey I’m a right shallow git, but at least I ‘m entertaining”. People would have more respect for him then.

  • KD

    I just hope he gets back to work fulltime ASAP. I think he’s better off on many levels when he’s busy.