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Jake Gyllenhaal: Manhattan Man

Jake Gyllenhaal: Manhattan Man

Jake Gyllenhaal goes for a walk in downtown Manhattan on Wednesday (March 14).

The 31-year-old actor was spotted taking a ride on the subway later in the afternoon.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake‘s big sister, Maggie, was recently spotted out by her place in Brooklyn – Maggie and her husband, Peter Sarsgaard, are currently expecting their second child together!

Be sure to check out Jake in The Shoes‘ video for “Time to Dance” – it definitely show off a different side of him!

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Credit: Marquez; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • notafan


  • jilli

    does he live in ny now? i don’t like the scruffy beard on him. wish he would ditch it.

  • monique

    He always looks so sad. What happened to the cute guy who used to clown around? Cheer up Jake!

  • Gay Vaginahaal

    This guy sucks big elephant dicks and also takes aforementioned dicks in the ass.

  • Pattycake

    He’d have to be a giddy idiot to go around smiling all the time. @jilli: I believe he spends a lot of time in NYC. And his sister is due any day now so he may be there for the birth.

  • AmberWaves

    He doesn’t look “sad” to me. He looks like he doesn’t appreciate having cameras in his face. Who knows what kind of stuff the photographers were shouting at him! It’s not like they just take a picture. They also try to get a reaction by being rude. I’m starting to get used to his facial hair, but I don’t care for too much beard either. I think he is in New York more than he is in L.A. now. It seems like it for the past two years. I don’t blame him. New York is more interesting.

  • jd

    @AmberWaves: Hey if he doesn’t like his pic taken too bad. That goes along with being a celeb. If he didn’t want his pic taken he should have been an accountant or teacher or some other no fame job.

  • Mollie

    @amber I live in Cali and it is very interesting. I’ve been to NY, it’s ok but I would never live there. All a matter of preference I guess.

  • Open Your Eyes People

    Jake spends a lot of time in NY because he’s hiding out. He’s gay. He’s in the closet. Haven’t you noticed how he never works. He supposedly wanders around the streets of Manhattan with nothing apparently to do all day long, with a scowl on his face to make us all feel guilty that we are bothering poor Jake. Yet, we were told he didn’t have time to be in the movie Motor City because he was too busy. His PR team put up photos like this or fake tweets/FB sightings to fool the fans. Jake could care less about any of you except when it’s time to sell his movies or promote himself for some other project. He’s leading a double life.

  • AmberWaves

    @jd: Hey, jd, I understand what you’re sayin. But there’s a huge difference in just taking a photo; or getting right up in someone’s face and harrassing them and shouting all kinds of obscenities at them. It happens all the time.

    Jake, usually doesn’t seem bothered, and it seems like he mostly ignores them. But if he looks like he is maybe not into it at the moment, I don’t blame him. Not even a famous person should have to put up with that. That’s why it’s actually against the law to harrass people.

    You’re right, losing privacy is a price celebrities pay, but no one should have to put up with behavior that is actually harrassment, to see if they can make someone mad enough to get better photo. A lot of those photographers are convicted felons, and some times they will even “sue” a celebrity for money.

    Photographers don’t have to be in your face. They have lenses that can take a picture from a block away.

  • YES!

    @Open Your Eyes People: I AGREE WITH YOU 100%!

  • Awww poor Jakey

    @AmberWaves: He plays the bothered little queen so well doesn’t he? Where would he be now if not for his dad & mom who were both in the biz. He would be roaming down streets only not having his photo taken, that’s where.

  • Josie


    There’s a difference between wanting to be an actor (a real one, who works and loves it ) and wanting to be a celebrity. If Kardashians, and other reality tv “stars”, who just want to be famous no matter what or people like Leann Rimes, would start to complain about paparazzi, ok, I would say exactly the same thing as you did. But I doubt Jake or his sister Maggie started making movies just to be seen in magazines and to be gossiped about. Both are rather privet people and if they love their jobs, why should they change it? Paparazzi have plenty of willing targets, who have them on speed dial (all the Bosworths and Rimes’s of the world), so why bother stalking people like Jake (or worse, those with young children, who are stalked around their houses)? It’s not like he’s doing anything controversial or newsworthy.

  • Matt

    Why did he turn down Motor City with Gary Oldman? That would have been a really good role for him. I don’t get it.

  • Gay Vaginahaal

    @Open Your Eyes People: As I noted earlier, this guy sucks big elephant dicks and also takes aforementioned dicks in the ass.

  • Kris

    @Josie: No matter, they are movie stars and if they don’t get their photos on the net when they make maybe 1 movie a year they could be forgotten. I doubt that’s what they want unless they are ready to just stop making movies for good.

  • Open Your Eyes People


    Well, you will love this one, Matt. Jake turned down Motor City because “he had scheduling” problems. That’s right. Someone who doesn’t work for months on end has scheduling problems. Basically, I think he had his PR people publicize that he was in the running for the movie so it looked like he was still in demand, knowing he wasn’t going to take the job anyway. Another reason I think this was a set up was because he was in the running for only 24 hours. Then it was announced he just wasn’t available in May. Jake is playing everyone. First the fake girlfriends, now the fake career. And, certainly a fake personal life.

  • Delusional

    @Open Your Eyes People:

    Wow. Thanks for all that insider information. You must really know him personally which is why you post on internet gossip sites.! LOL!.

    So Jake is hiding in the closet and wandering the streets not working. Wow. Maybe you have him confused with your own miserable life.

    He turned down a movie. NBD. Does he have a quota or something? Is he supposed to report to you? I guess Jake can do what he wants whenever he wants. He doesn’t OWE you or anyone else anything.

    There could be a million reasons why he turns down a movie. So what. There’ll be other movies. How do you know he isn’t working on something? You don’t. And why do you care whether he’s in the closet?
    It’s not like you could get it. LOL!

  • Loreley

    Jaaaaake!! missed you….. <3

  • Open Your Eyes People

    I know a lot more than you do, honey. Jake is a fake. My life is hardly miserable because I live in the open and am true to myself. I don’t choose to lie about who I am or try to get a large staff to plant stories about me with this or that actress. Manhattan Man my a**.

  • GreyGayGoose

    My Sweetie Pie!

  • Nate

    I loved it when he went all butch in Time to Dance. He needs to take a movie role like that. It could get him another oscar nod.

  • sam

    @Open Your Eyes People: Actually, he finished filming a movie a while ago and he was just in a music video that was released about last week. His sister’s baby is due very soon so he is probably around to spend time with family. Actually, why am I even wasting my time replying to you? I doubt you’d listen any ways because you are too close minded.

  • sam

    @Delusional: EXACTLY! And he turned down the movie because the filming dates weren’t working out for him as well.

  • Sara

    Jake has been quietly dating the French actress Lea Seydoux. They met at Berlinale where he was an International Judge. She’s been with him in NYC and they were photographed together day before yesterday. And please do not start with the “beard” argument. There would be absolutely NO reason for an actress from France who is relatively unknown here in the States to beard for Jake. Plus, he’d be making sure she was seen a lot if it was for appearance purposes.

  • Onboard

    I’m with @Open Your Eyes People. Jake has been bearding for years, athough not explicitly for some time now. Dating Lea Seydoux? You fangurls need to get a clue. Jake is playing you all for suckers. And, you call working on a stupid music video that took him maybe a few days to film, working? You do realize that he hasn’t really worked on a film since the end of August of LAST YEAR. So he’s been waiting for Maggie to have her baby for six months. Even for their weird sibling relationship, that’s ridiculous. And, no I don’t consider going on a free trip to Berlin for nine days so you can gab about films, work either.

  • Big One

    @Sara lol you are a pearls clutcher and way fooled by gyllenfaker

  • Sara

    To the previous commenter (and who is probably the same person commenting throughout this thread in the same manner), you are very bitter for some reason . . not really sure why and I don’t care either. However, your hostility towards Jake Gyllenhaal, his career, his life, and his sexual orientation, is very much overboard for someone who isn’t connected to him in any way. Why you are concerning yourself over him so overtly isn’t logical. We’re not “fangirls” nor are we against him. Simply stating facts. You are slighted in some way by him and I suggest you get off your computer and try to have a normal life. Find some real life friends to make and start socializing in person. It really helps. Take care!

  • Onboard

    You need to shut your mouth, Ms. Sara. Don’t you dare dismiss me like you are in charge of this celebrity site. And, how dare you act like you know anything about Jake’s life because that Lea Seydoux myth tells me everything I need to know. And, that is that you know nothing. Fake Gooberballs is manipulating his fans because he’s in the closet and leading a double life. One for public consumption. The other for silly fangurls like yourself who might not buy movie tickets if you knew your beloved like guys. Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols were doing the same thing. Use your head, if you have one.

  • Robert B.

    Straight Gay or Bi, I don’t care, the guy is so easy on the eyes.

  • Delusional

    I agree with Sara. There is one person multiple posting like they are on a crusade to trash Jake. You need therapy. How dare YOU come here and attack people you don’t even know and make up lies and filth. You should be banned from posting. You are DELUSIONAL.

  • Onboard

    I don’t deny that Robert B. Jake is easy on the eyes. He is also gay.

  • My opinion

    I’m sorry, but Mr. Gyllenhaal is way gay. Haven’t you people been watching his career crash and burn dating back to Reese Witherpoo? You know, since Jake’s really been in the closet and playing the game. For some reason it doesn’t work for him like it does for other leading men who are gay. Maybe because Jake doesn’t play the game completely. If you know what I mean?

    And, stop this absurd finger pointing that just because some people agree that Jake plays for the other team that therefore the posters must be the same person. A whole bunch of people know the truth even if you don’t.

  • Saori

    Ok I’m playing devils advocate. Let’s say he is gay. Why would it hurt his career if he came out? I could see if it was like 30 or 40 years ago but this is 2012 and I would think there are a lot of liberal thinking movie goers that wouldn’t really mind. Or would they? It wouldn’t matter to me.

  • Dani

    Wow! Strange to see so many comments so fast lol, I soon saw the reason for this
    For me, no matter if he’s gay, bisexual, hermaphroditic kkkkk

  • Delusional

    “My opinion”, you have no way to know anything about him. You are stereotyping him and you have no way to know anything about his personal relationships. You insist he is gay and will never change your mind. That is your right. But you are also on a crusade to trash him and make him out to be a liar. There is something definitely wrong with you if you can’t tell the difference between a movie and real life. You have a fantasy world and no one will ever change your mind. This isn;t the first time you have posted about his sex life.

  • Stop Beating a Dead Horse

    There were rumors about Jake long before Brokeback Mountain, Delusional, take your blinders off. Stop bullying posters who see things differently from you. This isn’t your personal forum and you’re not a moderator, sorry to disturb the delusion. Please play well with others.

  • ChurchLady

    Last time Jake seemed to be smiling and happy are those pictures with Taylor. Come on Jake, she’s not 20 anymore, she’s 22 now. Give her a call. Let’s see that smile on your face again.

  • ace11

    Im going to say that Jake has slept with women

    He might even have enjoyed it

  • madmax

    Sara Lea is making a movie in NYC she has to have blue hair, if you look at the photos of her you can see the blue hair sticking out from the hat. I think she and Jake became friends. He hung out with her in Paris before flying back to NY after the Berlin FF and she was hanging out with him in So Ho

  • Delusional

    I think there are maybe two or three homophobic posters here who got lost and need to go back and find Ted Casablanca, because thats the kind of manure you’re spreading. You are also lying when you claim rumors were out there before Jake played a gay character in a movie.

    If Jake was gay I’d still be a fan. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. The way you use it you make it sound like there is something ugly about being gay. You are accusing him of being a liar. He isn’t that stupid.I know enough about him to know he said he has been around gay people all his life and has no problem with it. You apparently are judging him by your own sick standards.

    You do not know him. You know nothing about him. You invent lies and think if you say it often enough and get mean and bully people you can force it to be true. It doesn’t work that way. You have spent too much time in your own little world. When you step out here into the real world, you look really ridiculous. Go away.

  • Bryn101

    Awe Jakey!!
    Always looking sexy!
    I thnk he Maybe one of the best actors around!
    Not only is he a good actor but he doesn’t put himself out there
    As a celeb! He’s a normal guy that has an amazing career! Who doesn’t want that eh! Also I love that he uses the subway! Tres cute!

  • lll

    “Jake has been quietly dating the French actress Lea Seydoux”
    Idiot fangirl.
    Why Jake isn’t in France with his “girlfriend”?

  • duh!

    “Why did he turn down Motor City with Gary Oldman? That would have been a really good role for him. I don’t get it.”
    Fecause he’s filming another movie this Spring.

  • gay, gay, gay

    Jake Gylenhaal is gay as a goose.
    Witherspoon and Taylor were beards – anyone with a brain can see that.

  • Robert Scott

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate and argue for both sides…

    He’s gay and leading a double life:

    Jake’s personal and professional choices over the past several years have been bizarre, quite frankly. Professionally, he doesn’t work. I don’t believe it’s because he can’t get parts, I believe it’s because he’s stopped wanting them. While Ryan Reynolds is making 5 movies a year, Jake is busy walking around doing nothing. What’s REALLY keeping him so busy? Truthfully, it does seem like he’s hiding something, and it does seem to have started right around 2007, which is when people claimed that he and his boyfriend had a child together. It makes sense that Jake would take on a much lighter work load to deal with fatherhood. Plus, the constant and almost permanent scowl on his face when he’s photographed + the frequent trips to the doctor look an awful lot like a very tired dad who’s got some sick kiddies back at home and doesn’t wanna be bothered.

    As his professional choices have become more commercial and calculated over the past several years, so had his love life. The man has more chemistry with his sister than he did with either of his exes, Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift. Also, there is a suspiciously “leaked” video on YouTube of him at the after party for the premiere of Prince of Persia that shows him dancing with and flirting with many women and being portrayed as a ladies’ man. This video REEKS of a an obvious publicity stunt. Not only was Jake never portrayed as a ladies man before he was trying to market Prince of Persia, but the amount of and quality of footage the cameraman was able to get was nothing short of astonishing. It’s almost as if someone wanted the public to see that video. Hmm…

    The argument that Jake is living a double life is very convincing.

    To the people who say Lea has nothing to gain bearding for Jake since she’s from France – that’s silly. She could gain a lot by dating Jake Gyllenhaal. In fact, it could and probably will put her on the map here in America (if they date long enough).

    He’s NOT gay and leading a double life:

    However, I find it hard to believe that presidents and politicians can’t even keep their affairs and secrets to themselves, yet an actor like Jake Gyllenhaal has been able to successfully lead a double life for more than half a decade. There’s no way, in our Internet obsessed society, that Jake could hide a husband and a family for so long. In fact, I would say it’s next to impossible. Someone would talk. We’d have photographic proof beyond a couple questionable looks of flirtation between friends. People have camera phones. We’d have pictures by now. Celebrities get their phones hacked all the time. His would have been leaked a long time ago…IF there was something to leak, which I don’t think there is.

    Jake’s star power makes it next to impossible for him to hide anything. We know what the man does for fun, what he eats, who his friends are, etc. He’s not a big enough star (think Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt) to get respect and privacy from the press, but he’s also too big of a star for obscurity (think Chris Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt who can both do whatever the hell they want – nobody cares). Jake lives in the public eye. There’s no way he’s hiding such a huge secret.

    Lastly, the biggest piece of evidence for me are old pictures of him and Kirsten Dunst together. All anyone has to do is look at them to see that the man is straight or at least bisexual. Whereas it looked as if he shared nothing with Reese and Taylor but a hunger for publicity, Jake was quite obviously madly in love with Kirsten. You can’t look at photos of those two and not see the sparks that were between them. They loved each other to pieces. Jake sucks at faking it in public. He couldn’t even convincingly play boyfriend to Reese or Taylor and he can’t even be bothered to smile in these pictures that we’re all commenting on, so the look of love on his face in countless photos he took with Kirsten suggest to me that he was very much in love with and attracted to her.

    To the people who said the gay rumors have been going on since before Brokeback Mountain: EVERY actor in Hollywood has been rumored to be gay. That literally means nothing. In fact, most guys who even express an interest in acting are rumored to be gay LONG before they get to Hollywood.


    Jake’s life DOES seem weird and things do seem a bit fishy, but with the death of his godfather, the divorce of his parents, his father getting remarried, and being very unlucky in love, the dude has a right to be weird and withdrawn. That’s some heavy stuff. I truly believe that – although Jake does seem gay from time to time – I don’t think he is. I think if he was gay, he would be openly gay. He and his family are very liberal; he isn’t working and has nothing to sell, so what reason would he have to hide being gay? Someone so scared and closeted would never have done Brokeback Mountain.

  • Sounds Like

    Presidents and politicians vs. Jake, Robert Scott? I’ve recently seen that exact same comparison somewhere else. On Twitter by someone who Loves New York.

    Good thing you can use more than 140 characters here, isn’t it?

  • suzycreamcheese

    @monique: heath, reese, his parents divorce

  • suzycreamcheese

    @jd: from all teachers, thanks

  • suzycreamcheese

    @Open Your Eyes People: thanks,. honey