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Jennifer Aniston: Furniture Shopping with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston: Furniture Shopping with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston checks her cellphone as she leaves The Melrose Project furniture store on Thursday (March 15) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress was joined by her beau, Justin Theroux, who took the driver’s seat as the two drove away.

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Over the weekend, Jen and Justin took a flight back into Los Angeles after spending some time in New York City together.

The day before, Justin was spotted carrying a script for the film Three Mississippi! The flick currently stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg – no official word yet if Justin has signed on for a role!

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Credit: Brooks/Campos; Photos: INFdaily, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Jen “the Chin” Manniston

    You’re ugly Jen. Go away.

  • Bon

    why does she wear her pants so high?


    Poor Desperate Maniston, now that movie offers have dried up (except hooking midget Theroux with a proven box office Will Farrell, coz midget is not famous to carry a movie alone, Huvane has to use the same tactics for him as Maniston – attach midget to a box office success) she has resorted to calling paps to follow her funiture shopping. Sugar mummy has to keep Mr. Maniston happy so that he dosen’t damp her like the rest of the guys…..ha ha poor Maniston. She managed to keep Mr. Maniston for one year already!!!!

  • Vivian with a V

    @Bon: It’s called fashion. You should try it sometime!

  • sugarmom

    It must really suck that she has to pay for everything in that shop. Justin hit the jackpot, he doesnt need to work, maniston is one desperate sugarmama.

  • Vivian with a V

    Well hello gorgeous!

  • olivia and popeye

    Man! She has a killer butt! Hard as a rock. But Brad misses that. The chick he’s with has a flap for an a s s . Bahahahahahaa!

  • belle


  • liverwurst

    Love the sunglasses! Looking very happy and content:)

  • well

    @olivia and popeye: Her face is butt ugly for sure.

  • Poor loons

    Nesting cause they’re happy happy happy! Jen has a wonderful man.

  • kyle

    @liverwurst: Happy? which pic?

  • noa

    @olivia and popeye: seriously! why do people always have to drag Brangelina into this? move on!

  • Olivia and popeye

    @well: Haha You wish. Angie has been trying to copy her for years;) Only thing is Angie has the ugliest body in Hollywood for sure. Built just like Ichabod Crane!

  • Olivia and popeye

    @noa: Honey please. Check over on loons thread and see who’s dragging who.


    ;) Poor loons just can’t get over that Jennifer, the one and only woman Brad Pitt ever loved enough to marry, has moved on and is very happy.

  • brad’s embarrassed of AJ

    @Bon: Pant so high? In what picture? They look normal in a fantastic butt kind of way. I mean if you got it rock it baby! Go Jen!!

  • Jen and justin

    Awww… look at them shopping for their new home together. I bet it will be finished before the wedding. So cute!

  • frightening

    Cousin ITT finally parts his hair


    MR. MANISTON REWARDED @ 03/15/2012 at 10:21 pm 0

    Poor Mr. Maniston he has been rewarded for being with Miss Maniston for one year without damping her, by being given a part next to a proven box office comedian. Just like Huvane did for Miss Maniston, he is doing (attaching) it for Mr. Maniston becoz he is not able to carry a movie on his name alone, just like his money bags, Ms. Maniston. Ha ha. Now that Ms Maniston cannot get movie offers, try and get Mr. Maniston movie offers so that he does NOT JUMP SHIP BY DUMPING MS. JENIFFER MANISTON. Lol

  • Justin the Baldy

    Good thing he still has that small patch in the center. Poor baldy.


    Jen is a combo of Iggy Pop and Jay Leno. Are those cheek jowls I see?

  • Dana

    her lips look like they were filled again recently. guess she ran back to Cali to get a little more filler in the face and lips.

  • MJ

    @olivia and popeye: Brad never missed Ticky’s butt. During his marriage to that BORING/DULL one, he never caressed her a$$ like the way he did to Angie. How many times we saw Brad squeezed Angie’s a$$, must be nice and not smelly. Ticky’s butt is BIG, FAT, SWEATY, SMELLY AND STINKY, just ask Gerard Butler when he butt fingering Ticky in public that until now the stench from her butt still on Gerard B. finger that drove him to rehab just to get rid off it. Angie’s a$$ is the perfect one. Brad loves it because he only needs one hand to do all the squeezing. Brad gets horny all the time just to look on Angie’s a$$. Lucky Angie.

  • guest

    Well I guess she’s not pregnant. Maybe she’ll have a baby at 44 since we now know its not happening at 43. or perhaps hens she never wanted children and finally met the man who feels the same since he was in a 14 year relationship with no kids,

  • http://Nelliemae nelliemayfare

    I think she is pregnant this time. Jennifer gets embarrased in this video.

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    Her look isTrapped in 1998. Jen please stop puckering the lips she really does look like iggy pop in these pics
    at 47yoa her body looks good the face Not So Much

  • ANCH1977

    I love it how she acts in front of the camera knowing her movie BOMB big time. WANDERBUST was suppose to be the movie that brought Maniston and Justin to the ”A” lister, what a joke.

  • cs

    Yea, Brad loved her so much that he never looked backed . As Howard Stern said and i’m paraphasing “skidded out there so fast that he adopted another woman’s asian and african babies within months of their separation”
    Brad was quoted in the his first magazine interview after the separation” I’ll make another marriage happen”. That’s real love. A man talking about another marriage and the ink wasn’t dried on the divorce of his first..
    What don’t you hens get..This man wasn’t in love with her, he was high on pot at that time and she was just there with all of her lies. He woke up from his daze and realized I can’t stand this woman and don’t want to spend the rest of my life with her.

    I wish her the best with her new boyfriend..and hope it last.

  • The power of Jen? BULLSHIT

    The power of Jen IS A DIRTY WHO*RE.
    The power of Jen IS A REAL HOMEWRECKER.
    The power of Jen IS A SHI*T-MOUTHED BI*TCH.
    The power of Jen IS AN HYPOCRITE.



  • Haha!

    She looks like the Terminator in that pic…not a good look on any female!!


    How embarrasing for Jen that her fans and public in general are not interested in her or her relationsship with Justin anymore. Justin is a no body and at 40 trying to break into big-time movie star-dom. Jen & her minions thought these two clowns were going to be Hollywood’s next big thing. WRONG. These guy cannot even hold a candle to Brad in looks & professionalism. Brad is an Actor, producer & a smart businessman, & plse minions don’t tell me Wig boy is a writer coz studios are not falling over themselves begging him for scripts. And that is why Huvane is trying to get him crumps. Brad gets offers left, right, center so we can’t compare him to this nobody. And studio heads & financiers/investors are always knocking at his door. Im sure Jen misses all the priviledges & doors that used to open while she was with Brad, now that no studio heads care about her. Lol.

  • Haha!

    @olivia and popeye: Killer butt??? I’m sorry but did you not notice Jennifer Lopez’s Vouge pics??? SHE has a killer butt, killer body, and has had 2 kids more than aniston. Aniston doesnt look female.

  • anna

    She’s so nice! I think everyone who says mean things about her should watch this video, epecially in the end when Ellen mentions Perez Hilton and how she t him to stop being an internet bully. Famous people are people, tje have felings too!

  • Haha!

    A Classic: Howard Sterns hates Jen

  • Bon

    Quick question: If she supposedly does not look on the internet at what people think about her, how did she know PEREZ WAS SLAMMING HER? are her friends looking stuff up for her or what???

  • Bon

    @anna: What is she suppose to be, mean in front of the camera? You guys say Angelina is this and that; however, SHE APPEARS TO BE NICE TOO! People can FRONT you know.

  • Ghost

    Never get your meat where you get your bread. How many times has she done this and how many times has it failed. No need to guess I’ll tell you , every single time. This pretend showmance will be over very soon. Two months tops. It gives me no greater pleasure than to point out how gullible and stupid her fans are for buying into this garbage once again. Jen is nothing more than a self-promoting , self-absorbed , bed-hopping , T.V. sitcom hack who failed as a movie star. I’m sorry you don’t like the truth but somehow I think you’ll get through it . Love the Ghost…

  • Camila

    She can pay a pr agent to keep her image in the media and fake like she is a good girl but Jen can’t get real people into a theater to see her movie. So here we go again with another pr generated image dumped in the media. Look how they carefully picked the picture. Jen found a pathetic db that is just as desperate as she is for that star status. Man John Mayer was not as pathetic and desperate as this loser she has now. TheAnis is quiet a match.

  • hag

    i am NOT a fan of aniston.,,,but LESS than 50 posts about her and her Luve justin????

  • KissThis

    Her skin looks awful! She should really quit smoking.

  • hag

    the jenhags TRY to see manny as rachel green from Friends. but manny has aged and no longer “cute” (AS IF a middle-aged WOMAN can be categorized in that matter.)

  • Marieme

    In between raising their fabulously, happy family the Jolie-Pitts are out actually doing something for others and the world every chance they get. What does a Fug do? Shop, shop, shop and shop again. In between expensive “beauty” maintenance work, posing for paps and working with her team to create more press about her and her ex, of course. Shallow much, Fugs?

    Go away!

  • Bon

    These photos are similar to the ones she did when she was married to brad Pitt. Only difference is, Friends is off the air and she’s in her 40s.

  • Terri

    Why people are mad at her???

  • baandthe

    Why are they wearing those dumb rings with their own names on them.I mean really how douche is that. And she shows it like it is some engagement ring.

    Who wears rings like that Only a 9 year old.

  • SemorePhillips

    That would be a fun car to take on a long cross country drive.

  • dawne


    you love the sunglasses; stalker is wearing Angie’s signature glasses…………LMAO

  • Once Bitten by Angelina Jolie

    What is the matter with all of you. Jennifer is like a young 25 year old woman as opposed to Angelina Jolie who is becoming more like a gaunt
    senior citizen and very granny like. Angelina is like Lauren Hutton in that movie Once Bitten. She had to be that way to gain control over all of you disturbed jerks with no life. You gave your souls away to Angelina Jolie
    to make her become superior to you. Such a pathetic way to exist. You lose and Angelina wins.