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Nicole Kidman: 'Hemingway & Gellhorn' Teaser Trailer!

Nicole Kidman: 'Hemingway & Gellhorn' Teaser Trailer!

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter Faith as they arrive at LAX airport on Wednesday (March 14) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress was joined by her husband Keith Urban, who carried their 3-year-old daughter Sunday as they made their way through the airport.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The teaser trailer for Nicole‘s latest film, Hemingway & Gellhorn, also starring Clive Owen has just been released.

The Philip Kaufman-directed HBO movie will premiere on May 28 – check out the clip below!

Nicole Kidman: ‘Hemingway & Gellhorn’ Teaser Trailer

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and her family arriving at LAX airport…

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163 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: 'Hemingway & Gellhorn' Teaser Trailer!”

  1. 1
    Sara Says:

    she is just marvelous

  2. 2
    RainyDay Says:

    Can’t wait to see this! She is so talented and versatile.

  3. 3
    Wow Says:

    That looks like a great film ! Nicole looks great. The talent is amazing!

    HBO has put out some great specials. Better movies than the cimima here has been showing!

    The family must be returning from DC. Read about a nice honor Nicole received there.

    The babies are growing up fast! Beautiful too.

  4. 4
    Bella 1st Says:

    Great movie with talented actress and actor, Emmy for the casts and this movie, and Nicole looks graceful and beautiful. I can’t wait to watch.

  5. 5
    XYZ Says:


    Put some glasses on. Her daughters are ugly.

  6. 6
    Bella 1st Says:

    You’re right # Wow, Nicole & Keith was attend Kuwait-America Foundation gala , because Nicole received the night’s humanitarian award for her work as a goodwill ambassador of the United Nation’s UN Women. Nicole and Keith looks cute together.

  7. 7
    andres Says:

    love her movies….

  8. 8
    wow Says:

    This looks awesome! Clive and Nicole will have a sizzling chemistry

  9. 9
    kary Says:

    Can’t wait for Hemingway and Gellhorn Nicole looks amazing!

  10. 10
    helen Says:

    Looks good. Thanks I set my recorder.

  11. 11
    amy Says:

    Movie looks great. Can’t wait to see it. Love them both.

  12. 12
    Just Barb Says:

    @XYZ…Anyone who would say a child is ugly is pretty ugly themselves.

    @everyone else…Sunday sure loves her Daddy! Beautiful pictures of the family. Faith is a doll. (Not the kind with the beans in her head) I really like Nicole’s bohemian style. The casting in the movie couldn’t be better. Can’t wait for it!

  13. 13
    Barry Says:

    It will be nice to see some REAL talent on my TV.

  14. 14
    ABC Says:

    Beautiful children. Love this family .

    Life is good!

  15. 15
    ANNA Says:

    @Bella 1st:

    Very cute article. Mr. Personality Plus!

  16. 16
    kathryn Says:

    Beautiful family! I love both Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. They’re a match made in heaven. The older daughter really looks like Keith and the younger looks more like Nicole and it looks like she’s a ginger too! Very very cute!

  17. 17
    Jelly Belly Says:

    Hey Nic, the 70′s want their dress back. This is not stylish!

  18. 18
    Clover Says:

    @Jelly Belly:

    Ofcourse it is the in thing….. Nicole Kidman has it on!!

  19. 19
    Louise Says:

    I have paid for HBO for a year just waiting for this mini-series. Love Nicole Kidman’s acting. She has the guts to do unique, different roles. Love Keith Urban’s music. The man is so talented and intelligent. Their family is beautiful. Looks like a late night flight for the family. Little Faith has on her jammies. This is a family that loves being together.

  20. 20
    RainyDay Says:

    @Jelly Belly:

    It may be from the 70′s. She has a huge collection of vintage clothing. She collects it and values it.

  21. 21
    Moh123 Says:

    what a loving parents, and the movie looks soooo Epic.

  22. 22
    melissa Says:

    The most beautiful family of the world!!!!!

  23. 23
    fani Says:

    Those girls are so precious.

  24. 24
    SKY Says:

    Gorgeous kids. Gorgeous parents. Gorgeous family.

  25. 25
    Abdalla Says:

    Must have been an early flight. Cute girls.

  26. 26
    pinkie pie Says:

    Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman in a movie – Unf!

  27. 27
    w y: s m Says:

    trailer looks great! Love Clive Owen. If the VO is Nic’s then it sounds very different to her normal voice – deep timbre. This role suits her. Do HBO movies go to DVD? Don’t live in the US so I hope it does.

  28. 28
    Heny Says:

    Nicole wears Hungarian handmade traditional “Kalocsai” fancy work dress and today is national holiday in Hungary. Great tribute to Hungary. .Gorgeous family.

  29. 29
    Vanya Says:

    @w y: s m: According to director movie will be shown in theaters if you are not in US. HBO does make dvds.

  30. 30
    Vanya Says:

    Sorry link no good. Try here

  31. 31
    Serena Says:

    The skeptics/haters at E are too blinded by hatred and their own stupidity to understand that in this day and age, it’s very easy to travel between states and countries. Here’s a “timeline” for their benefit:

    Friday, Mar. 9: There are pics of Nic with Faith in LA, after dropping off Sunday. JJ did not post those photos, but they are available elsewhere. Keith performed at the Opry (in Nashville) on Friday night.

    Sat., Mar. 10: There were many tweets of Keith in Nashville, In his latest Urban Developments episode, he said he’s recording at the Blackbird studio on Saturday.

    Sun., Mar. 11: According to media reports, Nic flew to D.C. from L.A., and Keith flew from Nashville to D.C. for the dinner gala hosted by the Kuwait-America Foundation where Nic was honored with the Humanitarian Award and presented with a donation to UN Women.

    Mon., Mar. 12: There were many tweets/sightings of Nic and Keith at the D.C. airport.

    Tue., Mar. 13: Keith was sighted picking up Sunday from school.

    Wed. Mar. 14: The Urbans were photographed at LAX. Yes, haters. of course they “arrived” at LAX. They left their LA-area home to “arrive” at LAX on their way to Sydney. Some media outlets like Daily Mail made it perfectly clear that they were “jetting out of LAX”.

    So, stupid skeptic-haters: take note that because of the time zone difference, it will be Friday. Mar. 16 AUS time when they arrive in Sydney.

  32. 32
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    They know they are lying. They just want to make it look like it’s the Urbans doing the deceiving.

  33. 33
    w y: s m Says:


    thanks Vanya!

  34. 34
    w y: s m Says:


    well, SKEWER MISTRESS, why don’t you just slip over to E and tell it to them THERE!

  35. 35
    w y: s m Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid:

    well, SKEWER MISTRESS, why don’t you just slip over to E and tell it to them THERE!

  36. 36
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: What lies Skewer Mistress? They’ve said the exact same thing Serena did, but without dates and times. If you only read what is written up above and not ten jillion billion web sites looking for the Urbans, it clearly says here that they are arriving at LAX. It doesn’t say by car or by plane. Stop saying others are lying. You sound stupid. Maybe I’ll call you Stupid Mistress instead because it fits.

  37. 37
    jim Says:

    gorgeous kids

  38. 38
    Not buying it Says:

    @March Madness Queen: Nothing better to do than lie about the lying going on on your own thread? You trolls have no clue what time they flew out of LAX either, except that the sun wasn’t there.

    I don’t know it just doesn’t compute. On Mar 13 KU is suppose to be picking up Sunday from the school in LA. Yet on Mar 14th they arrive at the LAX airport from where? Oh yes…Washington??

    That awful dress was last summer!! Another cut and patch family pics

    Oh yes I love it !!! They are the only people I know that can be in two places at the sametime. So KU is picking up Sunday from day school?? and leaving the airport on the same day??

    I believe these batch photos are finished in twenty min and the kids go home with their mommy and those two go their separate ways

    So you wake up your three year old daughter in the wee hours of the morning and put a fancy dress and sandals on her?

    I can’t keep track anymore – how many different states were they in this past week? Are they leaving on a flight or arriving? Going to Sydney again?

    Don’t you think their timeline once again is way off?

    How can he be doing daddy duty if they just arrived in LA – Pitiful.
    Now if Keith was picking Sunday up from school yesterday how did they just arrive in Los Angeles? Their timeline is way off…again.


    Kunk and Co. were at LAX this morning before dawn–7 a.m.

  39. 39
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @Not buying it: Where are the lies? Re-read what you just posted. Lots of posts questioning if they are arriving or leaving. How is asking a question a lie? Tell everyone when they were at the airport since you are the only one who knows what the Urbans are doing and where the Urbans are every second of the day. Things that are said are based on the conclusion that they flew into LA. That isn’t a lie if you don’t know if they were in LA or leaving LAt. Where are the lies?

  40. 40
    Been There Says:

    Same $hit, different day. It only continues to prove they know nothing.
    Most of us saw pictures from Lax before Jared posted these. It must suck to have to rely solely on Google. What happened to all those skeptic sources? Bahaha.

  41. 41
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @Been There: You are right. Same $hit, different day. You do your early morning Google searches for the Urbans to find every known detail of them for the day. A skeptic posts one link that all are referring to & that makes the skeptics liars. It doesn’t when they are posting based on what has been written about the Urbans on that particular link. Jared said they are arriving at LAX, which in airport lingo means they flew into LAX. You people are searching too hard for anything to bash.

  42. 42
    Not buying it Says:

    @March Madness Queen: LMAO! How could they have flown into LAX when 1) the pics show them coming from outside and 2) you haters were discussing Keith picking up Sunday from her LA school yesterday! Playing dumb and innocent doesn’t hide your stupidity or your lies.

  43. 43
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @Not buying it: Really? Click on the pictures again in order, and they are inside a building and then in what appears to be a parking ramp. Again, what lies?

  44. 44
    Been There Says:

    @March Madness Queen – I don’t have to Google. It pays to be nice. You get invited to the right boards. ;) And a bahaha on your comment “You people are searching too hard for anything to bash.” That’s rich coming from a poster on the negative thread at E.

  45. 45
    Not buying it Says:

    @March Madness Queen: Shove off Sue. Not going to argue with a brainless wonder. Your lies are your cross to bear. The idiotic responses will be voted down where they belong so if you want to continue to look like the @ss that you are, go ahead.

  46. 46
    love Says:

    Cute girls!!!

  47. 47
    Because Says:

    Why would the haters on E! care or” KNOW ” when Nic and Keith & their beautiful children did anything?

    Got an answer to that?

    Thats what doesn’t compute! ROTFLMAO

  48. 48
    RainyDay Says:

    Who cares what Sue/Skewer Mistress says or does? The Kidman-Urbans are obviously deeply in love, happy, have created a solid nucelar family and both are very successful in their chosen fields. They love and support one another. Keith has incorporated his love and family in his music and videos. Nicole has said in interviews that Keith gave her a home and has proclaimed her love for him and ALL of her kids. I figure Sue and others who feel that they have to lie and spew such meaness towards them are like those that believe the Holocaust never happened, those that believe the world is flat etc. In other words DELUSIONAL.

  49. 49
    holly Says:

    Oh come on, people! Am I the only one who treasures those Twinkie-filled skeptics? What other teeny group of fantasy-busted menopausals provide so much entertainment? Plastic babies with head full of beans, Rubberbelly Nic paying off an entire hospital, half of Nashville and every famous person who gushes a nice word, Keith sedated into obedience, baby-trading, private tea parties discussing diphtheria sterlization, secret hidden girlfriends, bathtub pedophilies, Keith diggin’ boys, Nic diggin’ girls, chess playing brunettes sitting on laps, staged pictures with the kids then handing them over to their real mommies, contracts, houses in places where there weren’t any, inappropriate and dangerous airport walking shoes, death threats and wishes. Why it’s like a garage sale bad fiction novel every single day! It’s like a front row pass to the crazy farm! Add the daily insistence of not caring about this boring couple and multiply that by 7 years and you’ve got a real hoot fest of lying sons of puppies! And don’t get me started about any new family pics. Just thinking about the veins popping in their heads while sweating over the enlargements doubles me over! Who in their right mind stares at Sunday’s feet? The skeptics, God love their jelly rolls! The disappointment, the green with envy, the fantasy world, the reality denial…all in one tiny thread, stumbling over each other for attention, spit flying fist fights over who knows more about 2 people none of them have ever met outside of that dreamy meet and greet. It’s laughing till you pee at it’s finest.

  50. 50
    taco Says:

    @holly: You’re too funny. nomorebrains sure did skeedaddle outta here like a cockroach with a flashlight on it’s a$s!

  51. 51
    Louise Says:

    This clip looks like the mini-series could be one of Nicole’s finest performances.

  52. 52
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @Not buying it: No you shove off and keep guessing. Always guess the same wrong posters. Just as with this whole article & picture thing, you are wrong again. As Jack says, “You can’t handle the truth!” Everything the skeptics have discussed today is backed by what they read and saw here.

    You don’t think people are clicking to see what is written by me? As you say BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If they aren’t, how do the following posters know what I said? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Again, what lies are being said by the skeptics today?

  53. 53
    taco Says:

    @March Madness Queen: How many more times are you going to come here today before you bust a gasket and start posting under your E account name?

    For old times sake….


  54. 54
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @taco: {Sigh} That’s a really lame comeback.

  55. 55
    Dave From Canada Says:

    I have nothing against the acting in the movie – the performances look good. Ernest Hemingway was apparently a confused closet case – a gay guy in turmoil. There is one true story where one day he purposely crossed the street to viciously beat up a gay guy on the other side and then he braggred about it to his friend. He eventually commited suicide in 1961 – probably an unhappy and depressed person. The point is that Hollywood perpetuates terrible, untrue myths about famous people, including this movie, and does a great disservice to everyone. The trailer leads us to believe that both of these people were happy, raging heterosexuals and………’s sad to see this type of thing still happening in the 21st century.

  56. 56
    Liv Says:

    Sunday Rose must be the smartest celeb offspring. At an early age, she knows that the paps are enemies :) She looks exactly like Keith in these pics and Faith Margaret looks like Nicole. Lovely kids.

  57. 57
    Because Says:

    I have the perfect idea!!

    How about those haters among us go waste their time posting on the NEW E! THREAD. Its perfect for them..

    The name…….taadaa…..


  58. 58
    Because Says:

    @March Madness Queen:


    Got it??

    Put you in a bog, shake it up and out comes 4 losers who lie your life away for NO REASON!

  59. 59
    Angel Says:

    @holly: I don’t know you but I like you…you are toooo funny and witty!!! LOL. I Love this beautiful, talented and loving family! Cheers to the Kidman-Urban fam!

  60. 60
    Been There Says:

    @taco – Given how she keeps asking people to guess her identity along with the overblown ego thinking people care what she says, it’s not too hard.

    @holly – I love you, girl! You’re a hoot! Don’t forget how Keith and tattler talk about the Eboard privately before shows. I still have that piece of work post somewhere.

  61. 61
    Because Says:

    @Been There:

    Make that very large

  62. 62
    Because Says:

    @Been There:

    Make that very large overblown ego. Seems to fit all 4 of them tho.

  63. 63
    taco Says:

    @March Madness Queen: Oh good. I’m so relieved (eye roll) you aren’t offended by the words of a “dead” woman. Have you heard from mychem lately? Still think she writes Skewering The Skeptics? Still trying to find out who has told on you?

    (bahaha) and (((giggles)))

    Just know people whenever the last nuts standing tell you mychemicalromance is “dead” just send them this link from last year. The messages from “anonymous” are hilarious and pathetic!

  64. 64
    Been There Says:

    @taco – Wha??? You mean the mychemicalromance who started the thread called “Does Nicole Kidman Have a Sexual Fetish for Young Boys?” The mychemicalromance who called Nicole a lesbian and a pedophile? The mychemicalromance who said the wedding was staged and the priest was fake? They think SHE’s Skewer Mistress? Forgive me for borrowing her line but bahahahaha! First Leery, now mychem.
    Attention skeptics: stop passing your crazy-a$$ losers off on us. They’re yours and there’s about 5 years of hateful posts to prove it.

  65. 65
    kris Says:

    Oh good. Off to Oz and working on the Voice for Keith.

    Love this family.

  66. 66
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @Because: Thanks for clicking on me. If you don’t care who I am, why do you keep guessing?

  67. 67
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @taco: Thanks for clicking on me. I never heard mcr was dead.

  68. 68
    Jill Says:


    Actually, the paps are not “enemies”: they are part of the whole “business”. Do you notice on every post, there is a description of what the celebrities out and about are wearing and the designers thereof: shoes, bags, gym gear, clothes, jewellery, including the kid’s gear. Just like Kidman is the new ‘model’ for Tod, JJ mentioned the Tod bag she was carrying (a couple of threads back). It is probably part of the endorsement contract that they wear the stuff in public and at functions; much like Nicole does when she sometimes wears an Omega watch (for which she is a spokesperson). Yes, they are uneasy bedfellows, because the paps can get quite over the top, and scare the children with their shouting, taunting (for a reaction), and bright lights. But, it is all part of the deal. Kidman always smiles for the paps, – she knows the “business” and the deal, and of late, Keith seems to have softened toward the paps, whom he originally hated. They only seem uncomfortable when their children are scared, and I fully understand that. Celebrities buy into all of this, so they have to deal with the consequences. The public love the pap pics and scour the internet to find them. It is a double standard then to demonise those who are bringing everyone (the advertisers, the stars, the blogs and the public) what they want.
    Just saying.

  69. 69
    Jen Says:

    Paps are part of being a celebrity but not every celebrity has a deal with the paps. Nicole doesn’t because she doesn’t need to. It’s the ones who want attention who do and Keith and Nicole are both lowkey people. The paps set up camp at LAX. JJ adds the fashion info later.

  70. 70
    kimmy Says:

    Cute kids! Night time’s the right time to fly with kids. We use to do it when our kids were young. They sleep through the whole flight!

  71. 71
    Jill Says:


    I am not saying that the celebrity has the deal with the paps. But they are part of the chain. Advertisers and design houses give stuff to the celebrity for free, through their stylists, and the payback for the design houses etc is that the celebrity, and their children, wear their stuff in public, especially where they know the paps will be, such as at LAX airport; knowing that their stuff will be commented on (labels) for the buying public; especially those that want to emulate the celebrities; the information is probably supplied to JJ via the stylists. A lot of the time you can’t see the stuff clearly, yet JJ always knows the exact details of the product, and the pictures up top have links built in that link you straight to where you can buy the stuff. It is all very organised. It is much the same as product placement in movies; the deals are done through the producers and the actors merely interact with the product while they go about their acting. The actor doesn’t do any deal with the cinematographer.
    Where it becomes a problem with the paps, is when they invade the celebrities’ privacy; long lenses into their back gardens or whilst on holiday in secluded places; that is unfair invasion.
    Someone earlier said that it was a national holiday in Hungary and that Nicole is wearing a Hungarian dress; as a tribute to Hungary; that is probably why she wore the dress, knowing that she will be photographed at LAX, thus making a public statement; a good one! I don’t think it was a coincidence, or maybe it was. So, at the end of the day; everyone wins: the celebrity, the stylist, the designer, the manufacturer, the blogger, the public. Nothing wrong with that. As Donald Trump says: “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business”.

  72. 72
    lonnie Says:

    All that is true.
    But you can see clearly, a lot of the time paps seem to cross the line.
    Well not so much see it, but if there is sound you can sure hear it!

    And yes, it goes with the territory. Thats why artists don’t even bother to read it.

    LAX for example, you have to get from point A to point B. Same with any public outing.

    It is the unfair, Nut Cases who make lies out of the most casual photos that seem to want to spread hate.
    Everyone else understands and “gets it”…

    That is the 4 who get talked about here. 4 people out of thousands who do “get It”.

    You know like the barrel of apples get spoiled by the few rotten one.

    That seems to be the case here.

  73. 73
    lonnie Says:

    What I mean is they do it on purpose to spead lies.


  74. 74
    Sharon. Says:

    @Jill: No. I’ve seen this site add more information from readers posts telling everyone what items were than JJ always knowing.

    I seriously doubt Kidman who has no connection to Hungary was wearing a tribute dress. That same person was spamming other sites with the same post.

    Kidman is not the new model for Tod’s. She’s carried their bags for a long time. She got invited to an event. She is not their spokesperson.

  75. 75
    Bruce Says:


    I hear you lonnie, but as with a box of apples, where we simply throw the rotten few out and enjoy the good ones, we can do that here too. Chuck out the rot and focus on the good. We don’t need to hear about their nonsense, over and over again, especially the ugly stuff that is said on other sites. It merely toxifies the thread and spoils it for all. Ignore them, then you don’t give them the power they seek. :)

  76. 76
    Missy Says:

    So you think before Nicole Kidman takes a midnight flight, she checks her calendar to see what country is having a national holiday and dresses to support them? In that case, we should be seeing her covered in shamrocks and holding a bucket of potatoes any time now.
    This is why the skeptics aren’t taken seriously.

  77. 77
    Bruce Says:


    What is this cr@p about “skeptics” all the time??
    Can’t anyone express themselves without being labelled a bleeding “skeptic”? Grow up, are you teenagers, or what. It is getting really old.

  78. 78
    taco Says:

    @lonnie: Why? Because they hate their lives, jobs, and themselves. Keith was and is their midlife crisis fix. It’s been 7 years and they’ve been divorced or stayed in unhappy marriages, let their addictions ruin their relationships with their child or force them to live with their parents, lie about their jobs and friends and connections, Middle aged women who work as store clerks, paralegals, secretaries, librarians, and hr paper pushers don’t know squat. Those women don’t have sources in Nashville or LA. They live in IA, AL, PA, MN, MA , TX, CT etc etc. Even the one that had a musician/singer for an ex knows nothing. astilbe/neverland47 perpetuated the mythical brunette girlfriend story that’s how much she knows. musicgossip who lives in Nashville goes to a lot of shows which is easy for anybody with the money and used to collect tabloids for the Urban Myths blog. Now why would a Nashvillian with the inside scoop need to do that? Their “actress” with inside info on Nicole hasn’t done anything more than local theater and uncredited extra work in some movies. She bought into everything Lainey posted but she said she had Hollywood contacts.

    mychemicalromance is one big nut. She started the story of Keith getting a “special massage” while he was in Germany. She’s the nut that started the ” Does Nicole have a Sexual Fetish For Young Boys Thread”. She got banned from E in I believe 2008. She got into fights off board with a lot of posters including nuts Stephanie now MADISON (she abandoned her fam to try to be with Keith) and Cheyenne now I’m Still Leery the alcoholic in TX. When Steph and Cheyenne changed user names again they were baiting the board asking where mcr went. They knew. They had sent her plenty of messages saying they had inside information for her. They never did.

    Once the skeptic numbers on E started to dwindle the story was mcr died in an accident caused by a drunk driver. I don’t know who started that lie but it’s been around since 2008/2009. The blogs that spilled skeptics secrets pi$$ed off the trolls enough that they would post that mcr was dead. But she wasn’t. The skeptics have played so many games with each other they think mcr is the author of the Skewering blog. You would think they would be smart enough not to post messages to her when she is supposed to be dead.

    So there you go. It’s miserable women old enough to be grandmothers in desperate need of psychological and in some cases addiction intervention.

  79. 79
    Missy Says:


    It wasn’t Jill that said that about Hungary; it was some other idiot earlier in the thread.

    Sorry Jill, my bad!

  80. 80
    Missy Says:


    GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

  81. 81
    Keith & Nicole Says:


    HEAR HEAR!!!

    Stop living vicariously through us, Taco, thank-you!

  82. 82
    taco Says:

    @Keith & Nicole: Go watch the blogger on their blog. You are barking up the wrong tree, as usual wy:sm

  83. 83
    taco Says:

    Sorry, Keith & Nicole, it’s just that I love you two so much that I get so upset when people say ridiculous things about you. I know it must upset you so much, so I am just doing my best to defend you. I’ve devoted seven years of my life to defending you, I find it hard to stop now. You ARE my life.

  84. 84
    Keith Says:

    Taco, don’t worry about us, babygirl, we are doing just fine. None of that stuff bothers us, so it shouldn’t bother you. Buy my music instead and get some good vibes.

  85. 85
    taco Says:

    aaargh! my thumb is getting tired!

  86. 86
    taco Says:

    actually, I don’t know why I bother thumbing down, people always read the hidden comments anyway. Think I’ll go get a drink instead.

  87. 87
    lonnie Says:


    Way to go !

    About time the mortal blow gets delivered to a few fake names !!!

    It looks like …… you have struck the last nerve among the 4 idiots.

    It must suck to be a hater lately! I love that it forces them to desperation that makes them look so silly!

  88. 88
    say so Says:

    Stick of fork in HitNHide… She is done and all the fake names along with her!!!

  89. 89
    This is Missy Says:

    Classic skeptic. Lies and usernames. I didn’t write #79 and 80. See, you don’t have prove they’re a-holes. They do it all by themselves.

  90. 90
    taco Says:

    Missy you can’t fix stupid.

    So let’s see what we’ve learned….

    1. Don’t steal other people posting ID’s because they will come back and turn you in.
    2. Don’t try to have a conversation with yourself and make a typo that gives you away as one of the nuts: “thank-you”.
    3. Don’t post and say you aren’t a skeptic, don’t know anything about Keith Urban, but you use the word “babygirl”.
    4. Don’t tell people your thumbs are tired because only cavemen would use a mouse like that.
    5. Watching You: SM, aa, a, gg, wy:sm, and her hundred other usernames is a liar. She is a skeptic. Which one it doesn’t matter.
    6. Yes Virginia, skeptics are that stupid – nod to my fellow poster here!

  91. 91
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @taco: taco, you have everything screwed up and telling a bunch of lies. One of your own is best friends with the real brunette. Not the brunette that left her kids for Nashville & Keith as that was fabricated in her own imagination. The BF of the ex-girlfriend is a poster on the E board positive thread. I can’t quite figure out why a best friend to one of Keith’s ex’s would post on a gossip board about him. Kind of creepy – if it is true. But the “real” brunette came from one of your own.

  92. 92
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @taco: Boy taco, can I have some cheese with that whine? How old are you? Stealing names now? You don’t have ownership of the name “taco” on here.

  93. 93
    taco Says:

    @nomorefan @March MadnessQueen You are FOS.

    Came here to do cleanup did you? Too little, seven years late. Another “story’ you pull out when you think you can fool people. When’s your next memorial service for mcr?


  94. 94
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @taco: Not nomorefan and didn’t you read earlier that I never heard mcr was dead. Banned from E, but never dead.

  95. 95
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @taco: This is so true taco #83! I clicked to read your comments by the way.

  96. 96
    Been There Says:

    They hold funeral services for whoever gets permanently banned. I would betcha mychem didn’t go far. I’d also betcha tattler and cheyenne started the rumor that she is Skewer Mistress if she was badmouthing them. You can’t be a skeptic unless you screw another skeptic. It’s written in the nuts handbook.
    @March Madness Queen
    Suddenly the brunette with the kids is a fabrication to you? You better tell Leery, Madison, youneverknow and Keith Kitty.

  97. 97
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @Been There: I know the brunette with kids is fabricated, but why don’t you go there and tell them? Because you can’t have a civil conversation.

  98. 98
    taco Says:

    @March Madness Queen: Cry me a river. Your house of cards that was built on quicksand fell a long time ago. Every single person that posts on the negative thread knows it’s a lie. They’ve been knowing. Why don’t all of you except for the two ding-a-lings that started the story admit it’s a lie. Ignore Mads and Loony – permanently. We already know the answer don’t we? if you admit to one story being a fabrication you’ll have to account for everything else you idiots have made up and went along with. And if you ignore the two brunette myth makers you’ll really be left with nothing. As it is you’ve been on repeat since the wedding in 2006.

  99. 99
    Been There Says:

    @March Madness Queen
    No, because the Mod put all you nuts together and made you untouchable. It turned out to be a great idea. Why don’t you tell them?

  100. 100
    taco Says:

    @Been There: I would betcha mychem didn’t go far. I’d also betcha tattler and cheyenne started the rumor that she is Skewer Mistress if she was badmouthing them. You can’t be a skeptic unless you screw another skeptic. It’s written in the nuts handbook.


  101. 101
    Jen Says:

    Response to March Madness Queen comment #91

    We know. She’s got great pictures and a famous husband too. Sounds like you’re on the wrong side.

  102. 102
    taco Says:

    @Jen: nomorefan denies who that poster is and what her hubby does every few months. Then she twists the truth to suit her needs, like today. It’s right out of the skeptic playbook.

  103. 103
    Jen Says:


    True dat! Why would you keep posting with the group who fabricates a story when you know they fabricated the story? It doesn’t make sense to me but nothing they say makes much sense.

  104. 104
    taco Says:

    They have to keep posting because there is no one else. Urban Myths is the same nuts. The nuts here are the same nuts on E. The same nuts that made up stories to send to Ted and Lainey. It’s all the same nuts from the same bowl. They can’t let it go because they think one day something will happen to vindicate their lies. They all want to be insiders but they are anything but. If they stop posting they’ll have way too much time to fill in their boring lives they don’t want.

  105. 105
    say so Says:

    HitNDumb is about eaten alive by the green monster hate.

    She just can’t contain herself .

    It is so easy to spot. She gives herself away every time she types.

  106. 106
    duh Says:

    Bravo to the skeptics. You’ve made a new definition of dumb.

    Speaking of dumb, hitndumb is clueless. Sunday Rose is not in daycare. She goes to school. If you really had connections or lived in Nashville you would know that. Haters think daycare sounds better for their agenda. They can spin that into Nic and Keith are dumping their rented child off for the day so they don’t have to be bothered with her. Guess Keith doesn’t send you the right messages to your cornfield anymore hitndumb.

  107. 107
    we know you Says:

    @duh – She’s 3 years old and they’re “worried” she’s going to flunk out of school. Bahaha! They should have paid this kind of attention to their own dumb kids for the last 7 years instead of parking their big but ts in front of a computer.

    @say so – Also eaten alive by the green jealousy monster. They can’t that the Urbans are happy, healthy, in love and ALWAYS together. And Stephanie honey, Keith isn’t wearing any bracelet from you. Let it go and get some help.

  108. 108
    say so Says:

    Thats just that green eyed monster again!

    She cant stand it!

  109. 109
    Ben Says:


    And if YOU stop posting and stalking and managing a massive amount of copy&paste material and multiple usernames, plus running a blog, YOU’d have way too much time to fill in YOUR boring life! Right?


  110. 110
    say so Says:

    Ben: Got talk to high and mighty grandma mimsy. LOL

    Shes available. for conversation.

    The younger generation has passed her by, but she can make it up as she goes along.

  111. 111
    Jingle Bells Says:

    25 people always on standby to thumb up all SKEWER MISTRESS’S comments and to thumb down everyone else’s. Without making any comments. Right until nearly 3am. Fairyland!

    Get some sleep, girl, you must be exhausted.

  112. 112
    Jingle Bells Says:

    @say so:

    “got talk to … ”

    get some shut-eye, you’ll wear yourself out.

  113. 113
    Jingle Bells Says:

    ah, I was right … no thumbing down; SM must have finally gone to sleep.

  114. 114
    Dee Says:

    The Urban Family: PERFECTION !!!!!

  115. 115
    say so Says:

    Oh aren’t you haters so proud?

    You have leery as your spokesperson! Your buddy!

    Ha … everyone of your fake names deserves her! LMAO

  116. 116
    taco Says:

    @say so:

    Barking up the wrong tree, SM!


  117. 117
    Save Me San Francisco Says:

    It must suck to be Taralea. Has to stay up late to post on E, and post as Watching You, and get all her late night maclen musings done from California at Urban Myths. It’s 2 hours later than where she says she is. She must be going out of her mind!

  118. 118
    kate Says:

    How many smarts can it take to write the same things over and over and over since 2004 ?


    What a fool

  119. 119
    Bruce Says:

    @Save Me San Francisco:

    and you stay up late to read it all !!!
    must suck to be obsessed, huh?

    do you wake up every morning raring to go online to scour all the bottom-feeding sites to collect your material?

    all you’re succeeding in doing is making these idiots FAMOUS!
    you’re so deep in it, you don’t realise you’re defeating your own ends.
    get a grip!

  120. 120
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @Bruce: They should talk. They were on here until 2 AM this morning. They must not have anybody to go out with on a Friday night or to wake up with in the morning.

  121. 121
    case in point Says:

    Nmf and tara, tag teaming again. lol

  122. 122
    SM is SO confused!!! Says:

    @case in point:


    so funny, you are SO confused, poor SM

    because you are wrong again! hahaha

    i am having SUCH fun seeing you stabbing in the dark!

    you have NO IDEA who I am, but I know who YOU are!

    keep entertaining me; you may as well have SOME reward for your 7 years of effort!


  123. 123
    Clover Says:

    @case in point:

    Boy those were lame comebacks. The tag team has NO DEFENCE.

    Did they forget their
    lame jinglebells posts in the middle of the night ? ha ha


    Bruce, in your dreams you are famous! Who would want anyone to read you write on a open internet site ?
    Who would want any normal person knowing what comes out of your mind ??? Famous ? OMG do you really think that is what you are?

    Thats the kind of thing a flaming ego gets you.

  124. 124
    Clover Says:

    @SM is SO confused!!!:

    Another case OF THE crazies. NO ONE CARES WHO YOU ARE..

    GOT IT. NO ONE. CARES !!! And a name doesn’t matter in the least. …………….. They are all fake anyway!

    No one is guessing anything. A fake name , a real name no name.
    The names mentioned on here know very well who they are and they are shown to be idiots everyday.

    That will not change.

  125. 125
    SM is SO confused!!! Says:


    if no-one wants to read their rubbish, then why do you keep copying and pasting their cr@p here!! huh, SM?

    SO fun playing you!

    and no, I am not one of them; I know that, you don’t!


  126. 126
    Clover Says:

    Read the above post. . You can read can’t you?

  127. 127
    SM is SO confused!!! Says:


    got your knickers in a knot!

    you are so flustered your spelling and grammar has gone for a loop;

    you need to get some more sleep, all these late nights are really affecting you now, SM.

  128. 128
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    It’s classic skeptic playbook crap. Change personalities when you’ve been caught. Where did the Greta Garbo “Leave Me Alone” poster go? Now she’s the laughing “I Know Who You Are” nutcase. Absolute dummy

    BTW no one on that wacko thread is actually offended by Leery’s kidnapping comments. If they were they would have defected a long time ago. It’s all a joke to them. Nicole really was stalked by a mentally ill man. They’ve stalked Keith’s old residence. Really, security shouldn’t be an issue because Sunday is not in school according to the skeptics who know the truth. She’s not anywhere near Nicole. She’s with her real mother. Because Nicole lied in an interview last year that Sunday was enrolled at a preschool in Nashville. She lied that someone from that school thanked her for making Rabbit Hole because they lost a child. She lies about everything. Sunday isn’t her child and Faith is a robot doll.

    That’s the kind of logic you get with the skeptics.

  129. 129
    SM is SO confused!!! Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid:


    You just can’t resist, can you!

  130. 130
    say so Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid:

    Right on …

    But clover is right in saying no one cares who they are.


    A lot of it has been exposed for what it is… but the rot runs deep.

  131. 131
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Well no one cares who they are because they are nobodies. But those of us that do know the handful of real faces behind the dozens of screen names don’t need to care about that. Exposing the lies is enough. We could post pics they freely gave out but what would be the point? Hate is ugly, we already know that.

  132. 132
    say so Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid:

    Exposing the lies is enough RIGHT ON!!!

  133. 133
    SM is SO confused!!! Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid:

    Even YOU, SM, must be bored now, switching names again. If no-one cares about the lies, WHY DO YOU?
    If it’s all lies, why bother? Why repeat them? Let them die in the gutter. Find something healthy to do with your life, if you have one outside of stalking losers.

  134. 134
    SM is SO confused!!! Says:

    Anyway, I’m outta here. I’m bored now; same old same old SM cr@pola. You can keep yourself entertained talking to your other selves, SM.

  135. 135
    March Madness Queen Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: If no one cares who they are and the skeptics are nobodies, why do you keep guessing who they are on here? Why do you continue to comment on what is posted on E?

  136. 136
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @SM is SO confused!!!: So long, delusional nitwit skeptic!

  137. 137
    jackie Says:

    Quote: OhSoSlimey

    “Maybe she is looking for the kid to be kidnapped!!. Heck I guess that would get her some acting part”

  138. 138
    we know you Says:

    Too late to start disagreeing with Leery now, middlesea, Mimosa, and nomorefriends. You’ve included her in your little nutfest since 2006, even after she made a couple of death threats to Nicole. Suddenly she’s making astonishing statements? WAY too late to act “astonished” now. You hang with scum, you’re scum. AND hypocrites because ALL of you make “astonishing” remarks every single day. You think Leery saying Nicole wants her kids kidnapped is worse than you calling her kids, Suro and FU? Or saying something’s wrong with their little faces? Or saying Nicole doesn’t want anything to do with them unless a camera is around? Get real. You’re all “astonishing”. Point that finger back at yourselves.

  139. 139
    Keith Says:

    @we know you:

    Dear Skewer Mistress,

    Just to let you know that we are all quite fine! We are immune to the nonsense that people write about celebrities – skepticism is healthy, nothing wrong with that, it is part of life. It all goes with the territory and we have enough good things in our lives to not have to worry about what the “scum” think. Don’t ‘hang’ with them, because, as you say, it makes you ‘scum’ too. Leave the rot where it belongs; at their own sites; the ones that cater for such rubbish. Trying to guess who all the posters are is a futile exercise. At twelve thirty on a Saturday night, you should be in the arms of your own lover. Please don’t waste your life away worrying about us, every day! We have loads of money and good lawyers on our books, so we can take care of anything that truly threatens us. Do us a favour, lighten up and get on with your own life. THAT would make us happy. Make good memories! Life is too short!

  140. 140
    Barry Says:


    Using the words of a well know hater, ISN’T THAT SPECIAL!!!


    Go spread your rubbish with your fellow scum. Must have had a bit too much green beer as usual!

  141. 141
    Missy Says:

    @we know you : I thought the same thing when I read old Susie’s post. Give me a break. Of all the nasty things said over there and from her own mouth, THAT offended her. Yeah right.

    @Keith : How do you know it was 12:30 where she lives? You don’t. Why are you on JJ at 7:00 on a Sunday morning? Shouldn’t you be at church with your “Christian” buddies or being a great mommy and making breakfast for your family? Do US a favor, piss off. We can discuss here if we want.

  142. 142
    taco Says:

    for the uneducated:

    the timeline shown on JJ is American time:

    post #138 was done at 12.27am USA time; by Skewer Mistress who lives in the USA

    post #139 was done at 7.07am USA time, NOT Australian time, where the comment was posted from

    post #140 was done at 7.24am USA time; by Skewer Mistress who lives in the USA

    Skewer Mistress clearly spends all her waking hours, deep into the night and from daybreak, every day, on Just Jared, and all of the other sites she trawls.

    As Keith says, “get on with your own life”, SM.

  143. 143
    Watching You Says:

    @skepticmoron USA has 6 different time zones idiot!

    Go back to your hole, troll.

  144. 144
    we know you Says:

    I’m not Skewer Mistress but thanks for the complement.

    @pretend taco
    Speaking of educated, JJ posts in eastern time. There is no ‘usa time’, dumb$hit.

    Christian meaning Christ like. WWJD? Not call Nicole Kidman a pedophile, that’s for sure. Funny, they weren’t “astonished” when that thread was started.

  145. 145
    timekeeper Says:

    @we know you:

    There is no need to be rude and aggressive:

    OBVIOUSLY in the US, you would subtract from JJ’s time zone to yours, depending on where you post from in the US.

    Then, for Australia, you add on the hours to get the Aussie time.

    … Thus, the time shown on JJ does not reflect the time in Australia.

    Irrespectively, SM posts from dawn to late at night, every day, with slight variations here and there.

    It is just amazing how she can maintain such mean-spiritedness over such long periods of time over such a lengthy overall time period: i.e. 7 years. That is why she keeps changing her name; to not make this apparent to the casual observer.

  146. 146
    word watch Says:

    @we know you:

    ‘speaking of educated’:

    ‘complement’ = something which makes up a whole

    ‘compliment’ = expression or implication of praise

    given SM claims she is a ‘group’, I guess ‘complement’ is apt, because, yes, it is not a ‘compliment’ to be mistaken for SM!

  147. 147
    we know you Says:

    Well, you’ve got it all figured out, haven’t you? We all change our names “to not make this apparent to the casual observer” who is just casually observing page 6. Is that why “timekeeper” and “word watch” are new usernames? Just “casually observing” page 6, are ya? Bahahahahahaha! Stupid skeptics. You can’t accept there’s MANY people that think you’re scum just like you can’t accept Keith LOVES Nicole, they have a REAL marriage, and have REAL sex. You’re delusional and you need help. AND your stupid other username said US time. There is no US time, you idiot.
    You’ll have to excuse me, I’m off to look for Stephanie’s post about her meet up with Keith and how they talked about the E board. Bahahahahaha!

  148. 148
    sdlott666 Says:

    @we know you:

    Ha Ha the saner they try to sound the worse they come off. LOL
    Damage control in full force? Fools !

    Isn’t that special !

  149. 149
    BEN Says:

    @we know you: @we know you:

    “they … have REAL sex.”

    wow: a voyeur!!!!!


  150. 150
    BEN Says:

    @sdlott666: @sdlott666:


  151. 151
    Just Barb Says:

    Love how the haters use male names like that will make people think men hate Nicole Kidman. Not a chance, losers. At least try to think of something original.

  152. 152
    Eve Says:

    It’s nomorefan doing the posting as men, so close enough! There’s no low they won’t stoop to. I mean they’ve used their kids first names!

  153. 153








  154. 154
    duh Says:

    You would, please sex

    Like we didn’t already know the skeptics were obsessed with sex. Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful but they keep trying.

  155. 155


    filthy mind … well that comes from so much @rs=l-Ck!ing


    What a S.A.D existence!


    G.E.T. A. L.I.F.E

    before it’s too late:

    7 years lost to you already!

    Guess what; the Urbans are living a fine life without your martyrdom!

  156. 156
    we know you Says:

    @skeptic loser who keeps changing usernames:

    See the thing is, dumbo, we haven’t lost 7 years. We’re fans. We still enjoy the music and the movies. We like Nicole and Keith being a couple. We enjoy seeing new pictures. Our lives are just fine, just like the Urbans. You turds on the other hand, are rotting with hate and destruction. You’ve spent 7 years obsessed with someone you don’t even like. You’re living a big fat lie. Now THAT’s a waste. And really, sex isn’t a bad thing. Sounds like you need some. Of course if you’re married but blow a roadie anyway just to get closer to Keith…..but you’ll have to ask nomorefan about that. She’s good with details.

  157. 157
    Oh no you don't know! Says:

    @we know you:

    quote: “obsessed with sex. Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful”

    quote: “really, sex isn’t a bad thing”

    make up your mind! Oh, I forget, you don’t have one, or it is too pre-occupied with hating.

  158. 158
    Oh no you don't know! Says:

    @we know you:

    quote: “You’ve spent 7 years obsessed with someone you don’t even like.” Oh, the irony!!!


  159. 159
    Oh no you don't know! Says:

    What you don’t realise, Skewer Mistress, is that even though you may be justified in disliking, or should I say hating, these people you follow at the bottom-feeding sites, your languaging, obscenities and filthy tongue, your sick frustration at not knowing who I really am, makes you just as ugly a person at the end of the day. You are simply in too deep, and clouded by your rage, to be able to function as a regular, polite human being. THAT is what makes you ultimately a loser. I sincerely doubt that the Urbans treasure “fans” like you. FAN, FANATIC! No prize for guessing which you are.

  160. 160
    we know you Says:

    @hater #157
    I didn’t say you were obsessed with sex although nomorefan clearly is with her fetish for anal beads, fruit pictures and blow jobbing. I said you need some because you sound like you’re having a meltdown.

    I don’t google you every single day although I did once a a picture of a huge **** came up.

    You’re a hater. Nobody cares which one. You’re all losers. And I’m not Skewer Mistress. I’m mychemicalromance. Bahaha.

  161. 161
    Dee Says:

    Do they ever go to Nashville anymore ???? Nicole is always in California. ??

  162. 162
    me3 Says:

    This is impressive. Keith carrying Sunday with one arm and he doesn’t seem phased one bit. He must be super strong. I wish he would come out with a new CD soon.

  163. 163
    Dee Says:

    Do you people realize that all of these negative remarks are made by the same psycho. There may be two, but I don’t think there is more crazies than that.

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