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George Clooney Arrested in Washington, D.C.

George Clooney Arrested in Washington, D.C.

UPDATE: As of late Friday afternoon, George was released on bail.

George Clooney was arrested on Friday (March 16) in Washington, D.C.

The 50-year-old actor took part in a demonstration outside the Embassy of Sudan and was placed in plastic cuffs.

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“Before their arrest, the assembled group of congressmen, religious leaders and cultural icons spoke about the humanitarian crisis faced by hundreds of thousands of Sudanese who have been prevented from receiving international aid by president Bashir,” the Washington Post writes.

Clooney and the group of protesters stepped onto embassy grounds after giving short speeches, at which point they were instructed that they must leave or be arrested. On the third warning, officers told the group they were under arrest, and the protestors lined up to get handcuffed and were removed to a waiting van,” the Post added.

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Credit: Win McNamee; Photos: Getty
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  • Amanda

    This man is so annoying. We get it, you’re political! We also know that you’re doing all this for good publicity… for YOURSELF!

  • Rambling Rose

    Love to see him handcuffed!!!!

  • JenMN


  • sarafina56

    This is why George is the Man…because he cares,,,,,You go George…

  • Ava

    I agree, Amanda.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …so many celebrities do absolutely nothing. why trash one who does something.

  • Rambling Rose

    well… actually he ‘s not in handcuffs….
    but pretty tied up will do :-D

  • ms. Pendleton

    oh our Curious George( The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
    In his WARDROBE he planned an outfit for prison….

  • clooney

    Soooo Seeexy !!!!

  • ^..^

    where’s his dad, Nick? Apparently he was also arrested.
    Protesting for a noble cause.
    what punishment ensues?
    this is fascism.

  • Ava

    I agree, Amanda!

  • preying on him…

    wow! I’d love to spend a night in a county jail cell with george…

  • Manuela

    it s all bcs he didnt get oscar this year))))

  • XYZ

    Stooge. Just like Jolie and Penn. How about the injustice from America, Georgie boy? Why dont u protest about that?

  • Rubbish

    Serves him right! First they destroyed Middle East, now they are after Africa! USA you have plenty of oil in the country, just out of other continents!

  • Lexi

    mmmm….. he looks like a scruffy, dirty white boy.

  • April

    What Amanda said.

  • Gossipgirl

    Wow! George the Gnome finally has some liberal street cred! Pity it is not 1969. It is 2012 out there George. You are several decades too late. I feel bad for the Sudanese, but what about the people who are suffering all across this country? What about the people and towns who lost their families in the recent mid-west tornados and storms?!?

  • Carol

    @Lexi: Don’t forget “old.” ;)

  • Wolfgang Gunnerson

    @XYZ: hey, he can’t save the world. He’s not a Messiah.
    He takes on come causes.
    Important ones.
    Sudan was close to Nick’s heart.
    and… it’s rich in oil. Libya too.

  • lol


    I agree with you & Amanda

  • lucy

    to Amanda

    alt least George is living by his convictions and he does care about what’s happening in Sudan. and you???

  • Emily

    @Gossipgirl: Amen, sister!

  • Wolfgang Gunnerson

    sack your lousy b*itch PR team, George.
    Some of C.U.Next.Tuesdays posting above!! <– acronym
    Not all of them….
    These b*itches have been given the right to write whatever they like & when someone genuinely posts, they bully him out. Like stepping on their toes. Or they'll be out of work.
    They're discrediting you again.

  • wow


    AMEN! You said it all – so right. When are these “Hollywood elite” going to start caring about America & our people – which, by the way, have made them very rich and famous. So sick of the “Hollywood phonies” (n ot all are – but we all know which ones are the phonies).

  • Kirstie Alley

    I was at Woodstock too!
    One of the senior protestors there!
    Go George!!!

  • fake concerns

    fake concerns.

  • Timekeeper/ Kirstie Alley

    Greatest publicity stunt in years. who’s the genius who came up with this idea, hey, Stan????
    I see Pari has already posted it everywhere. Little man is so busy…

  • no protest any more

    in corporate fascist america

  • Lotti

    oh if only to be a female cop on patrol & frisk him

  • lucy

    to Wow

    I have a better question. what are YOU doing for America?

  • Gossipgirl

    @wow: I want to see an end to suffering, hunger, discrimination, unemployment and better care for veterans in this country, before we run around the world trying to save everyone else. People in this county are suffering and we need to unite. This condition is not a joke. I have been unemployed for almost a year and it is not for lack of looking. I am just tired of the Hollywood elites telling us what to eat, wear and who to vote for.

  • Rockabilly Rebel

    and I hope they treat Nick with courtesy, kindness & respect.
    Best supporting Actor went to an 82 year old.
    And 2 were nominated.
    We’re an aging population in the West.
    Are adoration of vampirism. Quest for longevity & eternity.
    In other words, Nick is still youthful enough to keep doing this…. and many more hopefully!

  • just a show

    All these idiot actors being used in a sophisticated and coordinated campaign to condone the invasion of the countries of Africa that have valuable resources.
    Guess what they have been talking about in congress the last couple of days?

  • Gossipgirl

    @lucy: Tell us what you are doing and we shall follow your example. I collect food for soup kitchens and collect clothing donations for veteran charities while I look for employment. So why don’t you tell us what you are doing.

  • Timekeeper/ Kirstie Alley

    @Rockabilly Rebel: amen to that! Aging all right!
    they’ll treat Nick like the gentleman he is in jail….
    But they’ll be bailed out.
    Slap on the wrist…
    Gets his media coverage.

  • Norma

    he was arrested with his father too

  • Wolfgang Gunnerson

    he’s a cultural leader, you hateful vermin!
    He is opening your eyes to these atrocities.
    Awakening you to the harsh reality.
    These Sudanese people wake up not knowing if they’ll live another day.
    You preoccupy yourselves with what the Kardashians are wearing on a day to day basis when you flick through your tabloid magazines.
    Go watch Desperate Housewives & let George do his deeds.

  • Jessy

    When I go to the spa to relax I have the same bracelet in size smallest model
    it cut with scissors

  • Wolfgang Gunnerson

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

    for all George Clooney’s PR gnomes

  • yeah

    @Gossipgirl: We have many stars who should involve helpIng here. Those people need voices. If you don’t help those the effect will come back to hunt you
    I hope george is ok. Most celebrites arrested for doing crazy stuff drug, fight etc

  • same old

    YES, you can care deeply about the plight of the hopeless and helpless people of the world AND see how these issues can be used and manipulated by greedy and evil ‘powers that be’ to gain power and make more money. It’s called Disaster Capitalism.
    These grandstanding celebs may have their hearts in the right place (or may not,?) but be unaware and misinformed.

  • Mae.

    Why are some of you so quick to jump to the conclusion that he is doing this just for publicity. Yes he is a celebrity, but my god you can’t base all of your opinions on a person because they are well off. “He’s rich and famous, therefore he must be a d*ck with no morals or care for suffering people. He’s certainly doing more than you are. Another thing, yes America has it’s hardships but who the hell are you to say we come first? The point is people are suffering, here, there, and in many other places. Yeah many American’s are going through hell because of this economy. Think what you want of our flawed government, but we definitely get more support from them here than Sudan gets from theirs. Stop being so selfish. Sudanese people need aid, some people actually care to get it too them, why ruin that.

  • signage

    Well this is a different strategy. He’s probably already back in his hotel room ordering an expensive meal and watching HBO. Stan the gnome publicist claiming this will redeem George from the failed rent-a-ho strategies of the last several years. The ugly hooker now being permitted to use George’s actual first name in a tweet despite the fact that she has only a publicity agreement with him and no personal relationship whatsoever. If George’s credibility had not been destroyed by the failed p.r. strategies of the past several years, then perhaps I and others would not be so cynical about this latest tactic, but unfortunately we know this man and his gnome of a publicist are above nothing when it comes to publicity stunts.

  • ^..^

    @Mae.: because they are targeting George.
    I admit he isn’t always the nicest person, but those attacking him above are just negative in all situations.
    Protesting against human rights violations & requesting government intervention to stop genocide is the focal point here.
    And the Clooneys are championing that cause.

  • george Clooney

    @signage: not ordering hotel meal, hon.
    Raiding the mini bar.

  • juliana mendes

    that is why i like george clooney, angelina jolie, sean penn, leonardo dicrapio.brad pitt and others who are mobilized for humanitarian causes, and that annoys me is that actors care only to appear in magazines.

  • juliana mendes

    leonardo dicaprio

    I wrote wrong

  • signage

    @george Clooney: Ah, of course.