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George Clooney: White House Visit

George Clooney: White House Visit

George Clooney leaves the White House after having a meeting with President Obama on Thursday (March 15) in Washington, DC.

“I don’t make policy…All I really can do is amplify the situation and help to bring a spotlight to it,” the 50-year-old actor said to the Washington Post about the crisis in Sudan and his reason for meeting with the President.

The night before, George attended a State Dinner in honor of British Prime Minister David Cameron at the White House.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney leaving the White House after meeting with President Obama

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Credit: Alex Wong; Photos: Getty
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  • A LA 1

    So emotional FIN “Hands in the pockets ”

  • A LA 2
  • hmm

    he looks old.. hello grandpa.. (joke)

  • A LA 2
  • ms. Pendleton

    so unfortunately How he has not brought his Einstein to say hello Bo

  • A LA 3

    George Clooney and Rande Gerber have joined forces to launch a new drink.
    They chose to call this product Casamigos, and Rande Gerber says he and his new business partner intend to make this drink is accessible to all.
    He tells “I do not think we will follow all the rules.
    We know we have a product we like and we drink, and that other people enjoy.
    First Lady Obama mama tasted the first this dring … After she danced lambada
    The product speaks for itself…

  • ms. Pendleton

    Tiens tiens comment j’a raté ça moi FASHION WEEK a la Maison Blanche -Most importantly for me
    these events let them know what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the new season

    “Very brave our dear George
    in the bush, he walking just hands in a pockets
    and immediately in the White House with Anna Wintour

    Mama Mia
    Risk travel…of George Clooney”

  • Michele

    Where is Stacy? Oh, that’s right. Award season is over and her contract must have expired.

  • Savoir Faire

    @ms. Pendleton:

    “A stranger was before him – boy a shade larger than himself… This boy was well-dressed, too well-dressed on a week-day.
    This was simply astounding. His cap was a dainty thing, his close-buttoned blue cloth roundabout was new and natty, and so were his pantaloons. He had shoes on–and it was only Friday. He even wore a necktie, a bright bit of ribbon. He had a citified air about him that ate into Tom’s vitals.”

  • living in a box

    at least this ‘grandpa’ try to save the world…and what you do? criticses people on internet..

  • borracho

    @A LA 3: already here polished off half bottle Casamigos… the rest took swig big gulp First Lady Obama.

  • borracho
  • Huck

    @A LA 1: hands in pocket fidgety nervousness.
    Much troubled sub-conscience.

  • Pari

    Message from Stan Rosenfield on (run by his PR staff):

    “Stacy can never think any further than the “big deal” she can be na Annamarie?? Greedy daughter I made!! All my fault!! Now George is almost sounding like her… Bah!!! Atleast Mr. Weinstein knows how to “deal” well with her… He most probably got it right somewhere… ”

    Harvey Weinstein was SO infuriated by the spectacle of the faux titty tape at the premiere of Ides of March last October that he yelled at Clooney. She was given a “night off” at the London premiere.
    Clooney is scum.
    He is part of this dirty game.
    An asssole who karma will keep getting back.
    A horrible person who plays innocent people to entertain his PR network. BECAUSE HE THINKS HE’S A DEITY. And tells those he abuses, to “crawl back into your little world.”

    Because in his corrupt microcosm, he thinks he’s SO haughty!
    Yes, Stan did train Stacy Kyborg (the hideous wrestling trailer trash who appealed to factory workers & gas station attendants) as the next chapter in GEORGE CLOONEY’S RECYCLED PRETTY WOMAN THEME overused spiel.

  • Can’t Standya

    Assholes annals:
    George Clooney is an elitist assshole who plays and hurts people.
    Aging so badly. But still in denial.
    So narrow-minded that his uneducated brain span limits him into thinking that a sign of affluence & success is to date ugly, flawed hooker failures.
    He can’t even act in real life. Drained of life because he lives a lie!

  • Can’t Standya

    Assshole’s annals:
    George Clooney accepts the defective used-up who*res who are served to him on a platter by the corrupt syndicate who back him.
    The one future clotheshorses of Harvey Bohemian Grover Weinstein’s fashion industry investment.
    And corrupt weasel Stan Pari Rosenfield draws the publicity agenda.
    These hoookers in the meantime, think they’re THE CHOSEN ONES.
    So the power gets to their head.
    GREEDY INSATIABLE filthy reject who*res.
    Clooney is disgusting.

  • Ah…Bite Me!®

    Boy, even Michelle Obama had to wear a Marchesa dress.
    All in the scheme of things.
    A promotional gift from Fatboy Harvey?
    And Clooney is the billboard for the fallen flawed isatiable who*res like Canalis & Keibler, selected for him by the scum who back him.
    Not the PR network monopoly Pari Stan Rosenfield is trying to excuse.
    Oh, my the midget is putting his PR expert diplomacy & tact to use to diffuse reality. With an accoutrement of religious (Christian no less) blessings.
    Pari —>lying that he is in Bangalore, India. Up all night from 2am, incessantly posting and continuing all thought the day… Another fake sockpuppet by loser team Clooney.
    To them, George is a deranged alcoholic womanizer.
    They’ll buy any woman they can, who he desires.
    They’ll fuel him with alcohol.
    Keep him as their “Tool.”
    They created an illusion to market to the public.
    And he’s not even smart enough to live his life earnestly.
    Cocky prick!

  • Ah…Bite Me!®

    *insatiable who*res like Canalis & Keibler.
    Clooney the poster-boy.
    To sell tabloids.
    To make mainstream society women fantasize about an illusion – fake George. The suave debonair corporate-looking ladykiller with tall (more like average height), dark & handsome looks.
    His corrupt PR team, instruments in the grande scheme of things.

  • Use Your Illusion

    @Ah…Bite Me!®: an in reality, they’re selling a fantasy. Profiting off him and Brand Clooney.
    And now he’s stuck between a rock & a hard place.
    Cowardly, insecure, controlling, insatiable….
    And his good-natured humor, little kindness he sometimes demonstrates are deemed weaknesses & immaturity by those who manage him and so they exploit him.
    FatBoy Harvey yelled at him about the monstrosity he chose called Stacy Keibler. Because greedy fugly Stacy was never used to wearing haute couture.
    Corrupt George selected her when Rande Gerbil & Kid Rock suggested she was next on the list.

  • Honest Iago

    poor Georgie!!
    The puppet-on-a-string.
    Harvey played him.
    It was an avalanche win for DuJardin by AMPAS voters.
    And Harvey knew….

  • no disclaimer

    but then George went to Africa to expose the Sudan crisis in Nuba.
    The genocide: Arabs killing black Africans.
    Good deeds by George. Real George. Appeases his soul.
    And gets to visit the White House to have dinner with people who matter to him.. A lot more than the red carpet circus.
    To make his elderly parents proud.
    But not honest and caring enough to respect his parents while they’re still here in this world and live his life respectfully.

  • Gioconda

    and Kirstie Alley is part of this corrupt syndicate who manage brand George Clooney.
    Who collectively decide on how to market his image. Who he “dates,” where he goes, how he lives his life…
    To control any truth leaking, they have created fake sockpuppets like Timekeeper who flood the boards with preposterous delusional far-fetched conspiracy theories.
    If Clooney shows an interest in any one who they do not approve, they set rules. They hack into emails, monitor social-networking accounts, engage CIA operatives, etc.
    A message I retweeted several hours ago, was retweeted half an hour later by Stacy Keibler. Coincidence? Maybe.
    A unique ecard sent to me at Christmas by a family member was tweeted by Stacy Keibler the next day.

    Oh, sure coincidences? No, a deranged team of corrupt controlling individuals. Keibler is obviously instructed what to Tweet. Kirstie Alley writes most of her comments anyway.
    Such is the corruption behind George Clooney the Brand.
    Then they claim I’m a character who is used as a ploy (a ruse) they created called Silverscreen.
    Because I’m revealing the truth.

  • Gioconda

    I’m not silverscreen/ signage. I’m an independent individual.
    Not even a “fan.”
    Nor Timekeeper (Kirstie Alley). Kirstie Alley works privately with Stan Rosenfield to manage George Clooney’s public image.
    She also posts as Prefertoremainanonymous on imdB.
    The range of insanity and fake stories she has posted these last few years:
    *Warner Bros disgruntled black, obese employee with handicap who got the sack.
    *a 50 year old called Debbie H who was in a secret affair with Clooney.
    *Canalis & terrorism
    *Larson & stalking
    *Keibler and black spiders
    SO DERANGED. I’m sure they’ve even made up the blog about the “Stalker” conspiracy.
    Unimaginative, ignorant people like C-lister Kirstie Alley.
    This is the insanity behind George Clooney’s PR network & management. He needs a reality check.

  • arrested development

    @Honest Iago: but he did win an oscar as best SUPPORTING actor as a fat dude…… that’ll go down in history….best back-up actor…. george doesn’t want more….maybe he shoulda won for goodnight/goodluck or michael clayton….
    now he is doing stunt today… arrest…. sudanese embassy.. much fun ..peter pan kinda fun…..

  • disclaimer

    it’s shameful: Clooney’s behavior. The corruption behind him.
    In reality, his real self exists in the shadows. He cannot even be honest to to himself.

  • blah

    He’s had more women than what you’ll have in the rest of your own lives

  • Gossipgirl

    Okay Clooney, no need to state the obvious. NO ONE thinks that you influence policy. I wish you celebrities would get over yourselves already. Damn!

  • Rambling Rose

    My, my,my have you ignorant bas*ta*rds been busy! So this is Team Clooney’s solution? You petty ignorant racist*s jerks! Like your stupid rants will actually help! Giaconda you are so transparent! All of you idiots your time is winding up and winding fast. Yeah Clooney is probably happier sitting in a jail cell than dealing with you KKK rejects! Don’t you know the only group you are fit for are the Aryan Race groups in maximum prison cell blocks? You IQ is a exact match. Keep up your ranting idiots because all of you have been pushed into one tiny corner of the cliff. Anna, I, as well as the others are very, very patient. Why? You will cut your own heads off for us. All we have to do is wait it out. You idiots are nothing but one bad anomaly and mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for bigger aspect of it all. Karma will and has continually will bite you idiots in the a*s*s*. You really should be careful who you strike up a war with. Yes George got arrested. That WAS NOT Stan’s idea. So f*u*c*k* you all!

  • no disclaimer

    @Timekeeper/ KIRSTY ALLEY
    how did George ever get in this mess?
    Allowing you to write all these LIES and perpetuate conspiracy theories.

    George should wake up to himself.
    All this insanity. Kirstie Alley still pretending to be black, disgruntled…. etc.


    No disclaimer for the last time, I AM NOT KIRSTIE ALLEY! You are pretending you actually know something. Your games are boring SIGNAGE/GIACONDA ! If you actually knew ANYTHING ONSTEAD OF POSING THEN YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHO I AM ALIGNED WITH CRAZY FOOL.


    Angry because George is supporting a cause for Africans? Angry that it is a cause that does not support Caucasians? I am not ashamed of who I am nor deny it. I don’t have to pose like I have minority status, neither does Anna and millions of others in the United States you ignorant slog! You are posing like you actually have a lick of sense. Heaven help George if like Prendergast he does get together with a woman of color. Your ignorant a*s*s* would have a problem with that. So STFU!

  • Reality Bites

    YOU are part of George’s management/ PR.
    You’re not black. This is a character you created.
    Just like you post as Prefertoremainanonymous on imdB with crazed rants and conspiracy theories.
    ANNA is the illusion of a woman he believes is his soulmate. He discovered it under regressive hypnosis. And was told that he’d know instantly the minute he saw her.
    But you, Stan, Bryan etc tell him he’s deranged or not sure yet.
    I personally think he’s a buffoon.
    But I can see exactly what you’re trying to do.
    This is a ruse of yours trying to cover up and say she’s black. Digress and state this is about blacks. Not about exploiting George into fake PR relationships so you & the syndicate behind him can profit!
    So, the truth isn’t divulged.

  • Reality Bites

    SHE POSTS AS CINDERELLA & Davida Rochelle on
    Amongst other names (possibly annemarie & Joanna).
    Clooney is guilty of accepting the corruption and manipulation of lying to the public for PROFIT!!

  • Ah…Bite Me!®

    NO DISCLAIMER: about a minute ago
    GEORGE CLOONEY is backed by a corrupt syndicate who arrange fake publicity agreements.
    He is deceiving the public.
    The “relationship” with Stacy Keibler is a LIE.
    They make profit off her appearance fees and advertisements. 50% off her revenue.
    Trying to get as many commercial/ public engagements in, while her name is linked to Clooney.
    HIS PARENTS ARE TOO POLITE TO QUESTION HIM. They have faith in their son & turn a blind eye to “his public business affairs.”
    No, he’s not gay. THIS IS SIMPLY ABOUT MONEY.
    *I have not signed a confidentiality clause, so I can post this*


    Lol! Woo hoo! This is hysterical! Good grief! Stan has had a confrontation with Anna amongst other things. Good to know he did have some sort of assistance for himself. Oh you idiots. You are trying real hard aren’t you. Why don’t you idiots get hypnosis along with therapy. Because like everything else, IT WILL BE ONE BIG FAIL. Trying to create diversion by discrediting me makes me more stronger idiots. Thank you for showing your weaknesses. Not going to help your cause. You idiots have lost already. This is the purpose of the attack and to divert from something else. People look in the opposite direction of this attack. There lies the answer of what is being camouflaged.

  • Ah…Bite Me!®

    @TIMEKEEPER: now you’re even using my arguments of deflecting from the truth, Kirstie Alley.
    You’re a ruse.
    Last year you called the elusive “love interest” who does not exist in George Clooney’s life CELESTINA. This year you hijack the name he gave her “Anna.”

  • Ah…Bite Me!®


    Here’s a source of her fee increase months ago. In reality she was only averaging $4-$5 per appearance, though there was very little demand. ppearance_fee_from_10k_to_25k/


    Yeah right I am part of the mgmt team. Lol! Lol! Woo hoo! Hee hee! Don’t you mean I am Team Clooney’s worst nightmare? Lol! Lol! Lol! Lol! Oh you idiots! You have made my day! Hee hee heeeeeeeee!

  • Observer

    I have no idea why I read through all these posts.


    I never understoond the big “whoop” of George Clooney.
    He was cute for a minute then became increasingly irrelevant.

    When I saw him in “handcuffs” (flex cuffs) I thought, “What is wrong with this man?” I don’t watch television so I can’t speak to that but the “handcuffs” photos are ubiquitous on the Internet. As to the whys of that I have no idea.

    He has a nice voice. He should stick to voice overs and enjoy the remainder of his life and not stay in the fast lane to Flipsville.

    Perhaps he should look for an abode on Sunset Boulevard.
    “I’m ready for my close up Mr. Devlile.” ala Gloria Swanson.

    Clearly he is trying to outrun his personal demons, whatever they may be. Time to dial it down George.

  • Observer


    Sorry for the mispelled words. I having been working overtime hours for the past few weeks.

    understoond – correction understood

    Mr. Devlile- correction Mr. Deville