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Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler is working both in front of and behind the camera for his next project.

The 42-year-old Scottish actor is set to star in the action film Olympus Has Fallen, a project he’ll also co-produce.

The movie centers “on an ex Secret Service agent who must foil a terrorist attack on the president’s residence,” according to THR.

Gerard most recently starred in Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher.

He’s also replacing Eric Bana in the diamond-heist thriller Brilliant.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Gerard Butler’s new role in Olympus Has Fallen?

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  • lolita

    Good for you Gerry, the story sounds like it is more in your range, action thriller.

  • Really

    Really dumping a lot of positive PR to counterbalance his bad boy behavior. I guess his peeps hope he gets to work and away from the temptations till all blows over.

  • jj sucks

    overrated. you guys kiss so much a55. jj sucks and so does this freaking poser drug loser.

  • Whatdouthink

    They should say “Secret Service agent who must foil a terrorist attack on the president’s residence and beds the first lady.”

  • legends

    Who cares about bad press and his next career-move . . . just look at that face! The man has the most interesting face I’ve ever seen on a man! And what a bonus that he has an incredible body, too. Man, Butler, you’re too much.

  • legends

    @jj sucks: How old are you? Like, 13 or 14, right?

  • RYAN

    I love his bowtie;)

  • Deb

    Hot AND Handsome!!! !

  • Whatdouthink

    @legends: Good looking people should never get penalties for lousy choices ? So according to you, Only the ugly should. Superficial and low standard fans are becoming the norm for the Butman.

  • Obvious

    Jj is trying to put up positive yet of no substance posts. So when people read the article relate him as a Hollywood hunk. Not as another celeb who has major demons to tackle.

    Positives are mostly about his looks.

  • why another action movie?

    Okay I don’t get it. He’s slated for three action movies in a row – “Thunder Run”, “Hunter Killer”, “Olympus Has fallen”. I thought he was supposed to have terrible injuries that have left him in chronic pain so horrible he abused pain killers to deal with it? Why would someone with those kinds of pain issues – injuries he received by working on action movies no less – be throwing himself head long into one action film after another? I thought he was in terrible pain?
    Isn’t now the time for him to be doing less action based films? Or perhaps his pain issues aren’t what he lead everyone to believe.

  • legends

    @why another action movie?: I agree; it’s almost like Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with him. His films only seem to make money when he’s playing the ‘bada**.’ Too bad – cuz he plays the sensitive side so well.

  • Beentheredonethat

    @why another action movie?: Maybe his “pain” was more of the neck variety then the back and he got rid of her!

  • legends

    @Whatdouthink: Welllllll, since I, nor YOU, for that matter, really know the man; why not speculate on what we all DO know, and that’s just how physically beautiful he is? Superficial? Yup! Aren’t we allowed to be superficial when it comes to Hollywood actors? As long as we are not that way in our own lives?

  • Beentheredonethat

    You know, how can you look at that face and hate the guy when it says, “Hey, baby, you know you still love me, so come to daddy and give me some sugar!”

  • Whatdouthink

    @why another action movie?: If pain killers were his issue to enter rehab, I agree that these movies are basically going to put him back to popping. Thinking the same.

    @Obvious: Good looks intensifies the level others perceive of that person’s accomplishments. They socially climb faster also. More is can be forgiven when they have the genetic upper hand. Especially in tinsel town.

  • Whatdouthink

    @legends: Do not know the man. Too entertaining on page six to be taken seriously. Confusing really. I guess at the moment the only positive is his looks.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    @Legends …Well, it seems to me alot of celebrities have won awards for playing bad*sses…Stretching their range…I don’t think you need to play a sensitive character all the time…especially to applease the audiences..I think Butler would have been a great *Laurent..from the Therese Laquin book..That character had alot of facets…

    He really played well in being a bad*ss in “Shooters” and part of the first scenes in “Machine Gun Preacher”..It showed his versatility and range…

  • FYI

    @A-town left you a message in the previous thread.

  • Stacie

    Love him . Sounds like a really good movie . Can’t wait . : )

  • Reviews
  • LOL!

    Blagica Bottigliero
    At the movie party ..Gerard Butler is dancing in the street with a pedal cabbie
    9:02 PM – 16 Mar

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Tons of sightings in TX tonight:

    Collette ‏ @theoceansallure
    Yes we’re on a pedicab, and yes we just saw Gerard Butler :D
    Blagica Bottigliero ‏ @Blagica
    ..and now im in the same party Gerard walked into ..oh this is hilarious

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Jamie Sampson ‏ @Jamie_Sampson
    Gerard Butler is sitting next to us at a restaurant. Should I tell him he was great in Ocean’s 11?
    Rebecca Byrd ‏ @beccabyrdie
    “@fancypantsATX: Just saw Gerard Butler at the Paramount. Um, yum. #SXSW” @happie2smile whawhaat??!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    VERY blurry, unfortunately:
    Nikki Nikki | Nikki_BU

  • Reviews

    It seems the same gang is back for “Olympus Has Fallen”, which is why I am inclined to believe this project. It seems Avi Lerner likes working with GB.
    “Butler and his manager Alan Siegel will produce with Millennium prexy Mark Gill, while Avi Lerner will exec produce with Trevor Short. Production is skedded to start in September.”
    IMdb says Brilliant, Thunder Run, and Hunter Killer. “Olympus Has Fallen” has not been added yet. I wonder which one he’ll do first; what city will he turn up in next???

  • Reviews
    @CGE & @LOL!
    It looks like it’s going to be a busy night lol. The guy can’t sit still. What’s wrong with sitting home some evenings just chilling, maybe inviting a couple of buddies over. Does he always have to be on the go? Well at this point, as long as he’s clean, I’ll be happy. He looks hilarious in some of the Austin pix.

  • ugh

    Alicia is in Austin????
    Just caught her response on Twitter, or it wouldv’e slipped right by me.
    What is this whole sxsw thing anyway??

    @AliciaMarieBODY How is your Austin trip going? Can’t wait to meet you @NaturallyFitLLC tomorrow! #Physique

    FUN ;) it’s crazy in Austin now! See you TMW! #SxSW RT @showoutmeg How is your Austin trip going? Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow! #Physique

  • ugh

    What is wrong with these people traveling to party? Don’t they get tired of such vapid lives?

  • ugh

    It’s no wonder Gerard can’t get it together, he’s traveling to weird places to party all into the late night. Brandi, Alicia and this p0rn star were part of what spelled the end for him. Not one of them was ‘good’ for him or he would have been able to turn his life around. The p0rn star drove the nail in the coffin that was his previously about to blow up career. Now he can’t get work unless he makes the damn movie himself :(

  • ugh

    Sorry to panic it’s just we’ve been discussing Butler here in Austin all of a sudden and I was off on my Twitter account and saw her response to someone saying shes out partying in Austin for swsx and I about passed to faint! It’s almost midnight here perhaps time for bed,

  • flossie

    This is disappointing. If he’s still partying with the same crowd he’s doomed.

  • GiGi

    Sadly agreed. No Butler NO.
    An odd pit just sank in my stomach when I read that, I have a feeling. But thanks for the post :(
    How old are the people that attend that thing? These people all need to grow up.

  • janet

    “Die Hard in the White House” sounds….meh.
    And playing an ex Secret Service agent means another movie with his terrible American accent.
    Not excited about this movie.

  • A-town


    SXSW is a festival where record labels come to view bands and decide whether or not to sign them. People come from all over the world. Other, bigger headliners come to play as well because it’s the best time ever to have their new music heard. I don’t know too much about the film side of it. Except again, it’s to have the film seen. To meet people. People that are important in the business. A lot of film and movie execs here. A lot of business dealings are made at SXSW. Age isn’t a factor for the fans, the ones that come here to enjoy the music or go to the film screenings, etc. Everyone here in Austin loves art, film and music emphatically. Every age. Now I have no idea who Alicia Marie is, so I have no input on that situation.

  • A-town

    Whoops I meant to put film and music execs here during SX.

  • cupccake

    Please don’t tell me it’s alicia the body builder with the ugly face say it ain’t so.

  • sweet

    it so, it is so……..

  • Malibu barbies

    What is it with Gerry and plastic women all of a sudden? Brandi, Jenae, Alicia all have breast implants. Brandi and Jenae even have lip implants. That’s why these women look so hard and manly. They have as much silicone in them as flesh and blood. Add to that the botox, fillers, hair extensions, heavy makeup and these women look like cartoon characters.
    He never used to go for these types. He used to date women with natural beauty. At one point he even criticized LA women for how superficial they were. What happened? He’s into fake bodies and faces all of a sudden.

  • sweet

    Look how gorgeous is Alicia (NOT) that Gerry sexed (disgusting!!!).
    How did he stand to look at her (must have been drugged out of his mind at the time)?
    Sorry, I don’t want to dump on him but seriously sleeping with Alicia?

  • twitter

    More tweets. He’s partying his off tonight:
    Matthew Odam
    Gerard Butler jokingly played bouncer for 5 minutes at club on 7th St hosting afterparty for #sxsw doc SUNSET STRIP
    Gerard butler on stage singing @pandora_radio discovery den #SXSW #PandoraATX
    Sam Houston
    Watching Gerard Butler dance to our DJ at our venue. Awesome #crazylife

  • FYI

    @Malibu barbies:
    “He never used to go for these types. He used to date women with natural beauty. ”
    No! Ne never dated women of any beauty. Most of his woman are ugly as sin. Actually I think in the looks department, Jeane is a bit of an improvement. The only other one he had that was pretty, was Martina from Serbia, albeit a sluut.
    Jeane is a sluut as well. Actually, all of his woman were sluuts, at least Martina and Jeane are pretty sluuts.
    If you’re going to hook up with a sluut, at least make sure she looks hot, otherwise what’s the use of a sluut? An ugly sluut is no fun. A hot sluut is great if you’re only looking for fun.
    In any case, he needs to find a decent girl and settle down. If he found love, at least he’d be home with his woman more often than patrolling the world. His mind needs a rest. I bet it’s constantly racing, looking for something new all the time. Unfortunately for his well-being, he is too restless.

  • FYI

    Oh God!!! Alicia takes the cake.
    Thanks for the link, I needed a reminder.

  • FYI

    Too bad there aren’t any pix of him singing and dancing. I would have wanted to see his condition.
    Didn’t someone tweeted earlier in the evening that he was at some venue but he asked her not to reveal where he is? That’s why she wouldn’t say much about it. Maybe that’s why they are not photographing him. I wonder why? Is it because he is with a girl, or is it because he is doing substances, maybe it’s both?
    Can anyone find that tweet?
    Well, since we don’t know the reason, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume that perhaps he is tried of having his every move documented. Maybe he just wants to have a good time without being judged about singing, dancing, and having a good time. I don’t know, but until we have proof of anything else, I chose to believe it’s something innocuous, although all this merrymaking seems a bit odd for a guy his age, and alone at that, unless some of his friends are there too. Didn’t someone mention Freddy is there with them?

  • Malibu barbies

    He took a picture with a fan tonight, so he’s not laying low.
    Maybe he thought he wanted to at first and then he changed his mind. If he was dancing in the street earlier, then singing and dancing and playing bouncer at this party, then I think he doesn’t care if he’s seen anymore. Earlier a woman tweeted that he looked “crazy” but I don’t know what she meant by that.

  • FYI

    @Malibu barbies:
    “Earlier a woman tweeted that he looked “crazy” but I don’t know what she meant by that.”
    Yeah, I think that woman was just being snarky. She is a local reporter.

  • bystander

    This one’s for GfW if she’s about:

    I gather you write erotic stories on a blog? Have you ever thought of going a bit more mainstream and writing a novel? It seems like there’s a great demand if you can get published.

  • view from

    In reply to the thread – NO, I am not in any way interested by yet another self produced action flick. Yawn Yawn.

    So far, In my opinion, on each and every occasion GB has produced his own movies, they have suffered badly from the inexperience of his production co. A waste of everyone’s time and some pretty undistinguished movies made.

    LAC was a real dogs breakfast of horrible scripts (re written by a whole group of people after dismissing the first much more interesting, political and less ‘biblical’ work written by Frank Darabont), and gory and un-necessary torture po*rn horror, and GB himself and Jamie Foxx both putting in awful ‘phoned in’ performances. It seems that given the gossip, GB was far more interested in the local female nightlife in Phili than giving a decent performance in the end. A total waste of a debut movie as executive.

    MGP, whilst its worthy intentions has been a total turkey and made just over $1million dollars of its 30$ budget back. Again, he doesn’t have the experience (or maybe the interest or clout) to get a fantastic script, and whilst he clearly tried harder on the acting front – what he ended up with, was RAMBO IN AFRICA! Dealing with a RL personality as strong as Sam Childers, it would be safe to say that you needed an incredibily strong, belligerant and experienced production team who could harness and edit down to the very best of the story, the very best of sam and also harness the best of a sensitive and creative director such as Mark Forster.

    All we got was GB jetting off each weekend between shooting to go to South Africa for time with the surfer girls of the beach, world cup soccer and numerous stories of Queen Pam(?) or what ever her name was, and the other girl toys that peppered the African odyssey. And all the time in Detroit and the partying with Demi Moore and company etc. Another opportunity lost.

    He aledgedly took no advice as to the release date for the movies and went for the big ego push of trying for oscar bait and awards glory and did his TIFF launch in September and paid the price of disappearing off the map in the face of a deluge of extraordinary product from far better production houses and distributors.

    I understand from colleagues, that the advice from distributors was to do a March/April 2012 debut (think how amazing that would have been, linked to the current world focus on Sudan, its president, and the worldwide 2012 Joseph Kony campaign, which since its launch has a masive viral internet presence).

    He would have had his own sudan project out at a point when it actually mattered.

    Again, IMO, another waste of his time. To be honest George Clooney made more impact in one day, with his recent arrest in connection with the people of Sudan that all the the PR band wagon made for his ill timed effort.

    SO, for the future, we have Playing the Field and the Surfer Movie.
    And rumours of four possible ventures – Eric Bana’s sloppy seconds in ‘Brilliant’ (which apparently started shooting in May), ‘Thunder Run’ (which apparently starts shooting principal scenes in May?), ‘Olympus’ shooting in September, and ‘Hunter Killer’ shooting in ‘?’.
    So far the only confirmed thing he is actually doing in May, is playing in a pro/celebrity soccer match.

    If we have to have another action movie where he has input, preserve us from the nonsense of the past.

    Just on the note about Coriolanus, worldwide (to date), it has barely made $1million dollars from a $20 production budget. GB certainly placed in the movie for his HW star power and the likelihood that he would be the cash cow for the audiences. I accept that it was not as widely distributed as it could have been, but it was still a financial disaster.

    Less partying and f*king and more application to actually working.

    Bored already.

    OK, thumb away!

  • twitter

    Chris Jackson ‏
    #SXSW the only place you can see Gerald Butler and a rickshaw head on collision. One Crazy crazy night. I miss Louisville. #rocknroll

  • IRMA

    @view from
    It’s very sad, but I must agree!