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Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler is working both in front of and behind the camera for his next project.

The 42-year-old Scottish actor is set to star in the action film Olympus Has Fallen, a project he’ll also co-produce.

The movie centers “on an ex Secret Service agent who must foil a terrorist attack on the president’s residence,” according to THR.

Gerard most recently starred in Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher.

He’s also replacing Eric Bana in the diamond-heist thriller Brilliant.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Gerard Butler’s new role in Olympus Has Fallen?

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# 1

Good for you Gerry, the story sounds like it is more in your range, action thriller.

# 2

Really dumping a lot of positive PR to counterbalance his bad boy behavior. I guess his peeps hope he gets to work and away from the temptations till all blows over.

# 3

overrated. you guys kiss so much a55. jj sucks and so does this freaking poser drug loser.

# 4
Whatdouthink @ 03/16/2012 at 10:30 pm

They should say “Secret Service agent who must foil a terrorist attack on the president’s residence and beds the first lady.”

# 5

Who cares about bad press and his next career-move . . . just look at that face! The man has the most interesting face I’ve ever seen on a man! And what a bonus that he has an incredible body, too. Man, Butler, you’re too much.

# 6

@jj sucks: How old are you? Like, 13 or 14, right?

# 7

I love his bowtie;)

# 8

Hot AND Handsome!!! !

# 9
Whatdouthink @ 03/16/2012 at 10:40 pm

@legends: Good looking people should never get penalties for lousy choices ? So according to you, Only the ugly should. Superficial and low standard fans are becoming the norm for the Butman.

Jj is trying to put up positive yet of no substance posts. So when people read the article relate him as a Hollywood hunk. Not as another celeb who has major demons to tackle.

Positives are mostly about his looks.

why another action movie? @ 03/16/2012 at 10:50 pm

Okay I don’t get it. He’s slated for three action movies in a row – “Thunder Run”, “Hunter Killer”, “Olympus Has fallen”. I thought he was supposed to have terrible injuries that have left him in chronic pain so horrible he abused pain killers to deal with it? Why would someone with those kinds of pain issues – injuries he received by working on action movies no less – be throwing himself head long into one action film after another? I thought he was in terrible pain?
Isn’t now the time for him to be doing less action based films? Or perhaps his pain issues aren’t what he lead everyone to believe.

@why another action movie?: I agree; it’s almost like Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with him. His films only seem to make money when he’s playing the ‘bada**.’ Too bad – cuz he plays the sensitive side so well.

Beentheredonethat @ 03/16/2012 at 10:59 pm

@why another action movie?: Maybe his “pain” was more of the neck variety then the back and he got rid of her!

@Whatdouthink: Welllllll, since I, nor YOU, for that matter, really know the man; why not speculate on what we all DO know, and that’s just how physically beautiful he is? Superficial? Yup! Aren’t we allowed to be superficial when it comes to Hollywood actors? As long as we are not that way in our own lives?

Beentheredonethat @ 03/16/2012 at 11:02 pm

You know, how can you look at that face and hate the guy when it says, “Hey, baby, you know you still love me, so come to daddy and give me some sugar!”

Whatdouthink @ 03/16/2012 at 11:06 pm

@why another action movie?: If pain killers were his issue to enter rehab, I agree that these movies are basically going to put him back to popping. Thinking the same.

@Obvious: Good looks intensifies the level others perceive of that person’s accomplishments. They socially climb faster also. More is can be forgiven when they have the genetic upper hand. Especially in tinsel town.

Whatdouthink @ 03/16/2012 at 11:12 pm

@legends: Do not know the man. Too entertaining on page six to be taken seriously. Confusing really. I guess at the moment the only positive is his looks.

The Noise In The Walls @ 03/16/2012 at 11:20 pm

@Legends …Well, it seems to me alot of celebrities have won awards for playing bad*sses…Stretching their range…I don’t think you need to play a sensitive character all the time…especially to applease the audiences..I think Butler would have been a great *Laurent..from the Therese Laquin book..That character had alot of facets…

He really played well in being a bad*ss in “Shooters” and part of the first scenes in “Machine Gun Preacher”..It showed his versatility and range…

@A-town left you a message in the previous thread.

Love him . Sounds like a really good movie . Can’t wait . : )

Blagica Bottigliero
At the movie party ..Gerard Butler is dancing in the street with a pedal cabbie
9:02 PM – 16 Mar

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/17/2012 at 12:17 am

Tons of sightings in TX tonight:

Collette ‏ @theoceansallure
Yes we’re on a pedicab, and yes we just saw Gerard Butler :D
Blagica Bottigliero ‏ @Blagica
..and now im in the same party Gerard walked into ..oh this is hilarious

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/17/2012 at 12:19 am

Jamie Sampson ‏ @Jamie_Sampson
Gerard Butler is sitting next to us at a restaurant. Should I tell him he was great in Ocean’s 11?
Rebecca Byrd ‏ @beccabyrdie
“@fancypantsATX: Just saw Gerard Butler at the Paramount. Um, yum. #SXSW” @happie2smile whawhaat??!

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/17/2012 at 12:20 am

VERY blurry, unfortunately:
Nikki Nikki | Nikki_BU

It seems the same gang is back for “Olympus Has Fallen”, which is why I am inclined to believe this project. It seems Avi Lerner likes working with GB.
“Butler and his manager Alan Siegel will produce with Millennium prexy Mark Gill, while Avi Lerner will exec produce with Trevor Short. Production is skedded to start in September.”
IMdb says Brilliant, Thunder Run, and Hunter Killer. “Olympus Has Fallen” has not been added yet. I wonder which one he’ll do first; what city will he turn up in next???
@CGE & @LOL!
It looks like it’s going to be a busy night lol. The guy can’t sit still. What’s wrong with sitting home some evenings just chilling, maybe inviting a couple of buddies over. Does he always have to be on the go? Well at this point, as long as he’s clean, I’ll be happy. He looks hilarious in some of the Austin pix.

Alicia is in Austin????
Just caught her response on Twitter, or it wouldv’e slipped right by me.
What is this whole sxsw thing anyway??

@AliciaMarieBODY How is your Austin trip going? Can’t wait to meet you @NaturallyFitLLC tomorrow! #Physique

FUN ;) it’s crazy in Austin now! See you TMW! #SxSW RT @showoutmeg How is your Austin trip going? Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow! #Physique

What is wrong with these people traveling to party? Don’t they get tired of such vapid lives?

It’s no wonder Gerard can’t get it together, he’s traveling to weird places to party all into the late night. Brandi, Alicia and this p0rn star were part of what spelled the end for him. Not one of them was ‘good’ for him or he would have been able to turn his life around. The p0rn star drove the nail in the coffin that was his previously about to blow up career. Now he can’t get work unless he makes the damn movie himself :(

Sorry to panic it’s just we’ve been discussing Butler here in Austin all of a sudden and I was off on my Twitter account and saw her response to someone saying shes out partying in Austin for swsx and I about passed to faint! It’s almost midnight here perhaps time for bed,

This is disappointing. If he’s still partying with the same crowd he’s doomed.

Sadly agreed. No Butler NO.
An odd pit just sank in my stomach when I read that, I have a feeling. But thanks for the post :(
How old are the people that attend that thing? These people all need to grow up.

“Die Hard in the White House” sounds….meh.
And playing an ex Secret Service agent means another movie with his terrible American accent.
Not excited about this movie.


SXSW is a festival where record labels come to view bands and decide whether or not to sign them. People come from all over the world. Other, bigger headliners come to play as well because it’s the best time ever to have their new music heard. I don’t know too much about the film side of it. Except again, it’s to have the film seen. To meet people. People that are important in the business. A lot of film and movie execs here. A lot of business dealings are made at SXSW. Age isn’t a factor for the fans, the ones that come here to enjoy the music or go to the film screenings, etc. Everyone here in Austin loves art, film and music emphatically. Every age. Now I have no idea who Alicia Marie is, so I have no input on that situation.

Whoops I meant to put film and music execs here during SX.

Please don’t tell me it’s alicia the body builder with the ugly face say it ain’t so.

it so, it is so……..

Malibu barbies @ 03/17/2012 at 2:47 am

What is it with Gerry and plastic women all of a sudden? Brandi, Jenae, Alicia all have breast implants. Brandi and Jenae even have lip implants. That’s why these women look so hard and manly. They have as much silicone in them as flesh and blood. Add to that the botox, fillers, hair extensions, heavy makeup and these women look like cartoon characters.
He never used to go for these types. He used to date women with natural beauty. At one point he even criticized LA women for how superficial they were. What happened? He’s into fake bodies and faces all of a sudden.

Look how gorgeous is Alicia (NOT) that Gerry sexed (disgusting!!!).
How did he stand to look at her (must have been drugged out of his mind at the time)?
Sorry, I don’t want to dump on him but seriously sleeping with Alicia?

More tweets. He’s partying his off tonight:
Matthew Odam
Gerard Butler jokingly played bouncer for 5 minutes at club on 7th St hosting afterparty for #sxsw doc SUNSET STRIP
Gerard butler on stage singing @pandora_radio discovery den #SXSW #PandoraATX
Sam Houston
Watching Gerard Butler dance to our DJ at our venue. Awesome #crazylife

@Malibu barbies:
“He never used to go for these types. He used to date women with natural beauty. ”
No! Ne never dated women of any beauty. Most of his woman are ugly as sin. Actually I think in the looks department, Jeane is a bit of an improvement. The only other one he had that was pretty, was Martina from Serbia, albeit a sluut.
Jeane is a sluut as well. Actually, all of his woman were sluuts, at least Martina and Jeane are pretty sluuts.
If you’re going to hook up with a sluut, at least make sure she looks hot, otherwise what’s the use of a sluut? An ugly sluut is no fun. A hot sluut is great if you’re only looking for fun.
In any case, he needs to find a decent girl and settle down. If he found love, at least he’d be home with his woman more often than patrolling the world. His mind needs a rest. I bet it’s constantly racing, looking for something new all the time. Unfortunately for his well-being, he is too restless.

Oh God!!! Alicia takes the cake.
Thanks for the link, I needed a reminder.

Too bad there aren’t any pix of him singing and dancing. I would have wanted to see his condition.
Didn’t someone tweeted earlier in the evening that he was at some venue but he asked her not to reveal where he is? That’s why she wouldn’t say much about it. Maybe that’s why they are not photographing him. I wonder why? Is it because he is with a girl, or is it because he is doing substances, maybe it’s both?
Can anyone find that tweet?
Well, since we don’t know the reason, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume that perhaps he is tried of having his every move documented. Maybe he just wants to have a good time without being judged about singing, dancing, and having a good time. I don’t know, but until we have proof of anything else, I chose to believe it’s something innocuous, although all this merrymaking seems a bit odd for a guy his age, and alone at that, unless some of his friends are there too. Didn’t someone mention Freddy is there with them?

Malibu barbies @ 03/17/2012 at 3:47 am

He took a picture with a fan tonight, so he’s not laying low.
Maybe he thought he wanted to at first and then he changed his mind. If he was dancing in the street earlier, then singing and dancing and playing bouncer at this party, then I think he doesn’t care if he’s seen anymore. Earlier a woman tweeted that he looked “crazy” but I don’t know what she meant by that.

@Malibu barbies:
“Earlier a woman tweeted that he looked “crazy” but I don’t know what she meant by that.”
Yeah, I think that woman was just being snarky. She is a local reporter.

bystander @ 03/17/2012 at 5:32 am

This one’s for GfW if she’s about:

I gather you write erotic stories on a blog? Have you ever thought of going a bit more mainstream and writing a novel? It seems like there’s a great demand if you can get published.

view from @ 03/17/2012 at 6:38 am

In reply to the thread – NO, I am not in any way interested by yet another self produced action flick. Yawn Yawn.

So far, In my opinion, on each and every occasion GB has produced his own movies, they have suffered badly from the inexperience of his production co. A waste of everyone’s time and some pretty undistinguished movies made.

LAC was a real dogs breakfast of horrible scripts (re written by a whole group of people after dismissing the first much more interesting, political and less ‘biblical’ work written by Frank Darabont), and gory and un-necessary torture po*rn horror, and GB himself and Jamie Foxx both putting in awful ‘phoned in’ performances. It seems that given the gossip, GB was far more interested in the local female nightlife in Phili than giving a decent performance in the end. A total waste of a debut movie as executive.

MGP, whilst its worthy intentions has been a total turkey and made just over $1million dollars of its 30$ budget back. Again, he doesn’t have the experience (or maybe the interest or clout) to get a fantastic script, and whilst he clearly tried harder on the acting front – what he ended up with, was RAMBO IN AFRICA! Dealing with a RL personality as strong as Sam Childers, it would be safe to say that you needed an incredibily strong, belligerant and experienced production team who could harness and edit down to the very best of the story, the very best of sam and also harness the best of a sensitive and creative director such as Mark Forster.

All we got was GB jetting off each weekend between shooting to go to South Africa for time with the surfer girls of the beach, world cup soccer and numerous stories of Queen Pam(?) or what ever her name was, and the other girl toys that peppered the African odyssey. And all the time in Detroit and the partying with Demi Moore and company etc. Another opportunity lost.

He aledgedly took no advice as to the release date for the movies and went for the big ego push of trying for oscar bait and awards glory and did his TIFF launch in September and paid the price of disappearing off the map in the face of a deluge of extraordinary product from far better production houses and distributors.

I understand from colleagues, that the advice from distributors was to do a March/April 2012 debut (think how amazing that would have been, linked to the current world focus on Sudan, its president, and the worldwide 2012 Joseph Kony campaign, which since its launch has a masive viral internet presence).

He would have had his own sudan project out at a point when it actually mattered.

Again, IMO, another waste of his time. To be honest George Clooney made more impact in one day, with his recent arrest in connection with the people of Sudan that all the the PR band wagon made for his ill timed effort.

SO, for the future, we have Playing the Field and the Surfer Movie.
And rumours of four possible ventures – Eric Bana’s sloppy seconds in ‘Brilliant’ (which apparently started shooting in May), ‘Thunder Run’ (which apparently starts shooting principal scenes in May?), ‘Olympus’ shooting in September, and ‘Hunter Killer’ shooting in ‘?’.
So far the only confirmed thing he is actually doing in May, is playing in a pro/celebrity soccer match.

If we have to have another action movie where he has input, preserve us from the nonsense of the past.

Just on the note about Coriolanus, worldwide (to date), it has barely made $1million dollars from a $20 production budget. GB certainly placed in the movie for his HW star power and the likelihood that he would be the cash cow for the audiences. I accept that it was not as widely distributed as it could have been, but it was still a financial disaster.

Less partying and f*king and more application to actually working.

Bored already.

OK, thumb away!

Chris Jackson ‏
#SXSW the only place you can see Gerald Butler and a rickshaw head on collision. One Crazy crazy night. I miss Louisville. #rocknroll

@view from
It’s very sad, but I must agree!

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/17/2012 at 7:27 am

GB certainly partied the night away! I don’t think he was trying to keep his location a secret at all and this definitely wasn’t the place to “hide a GF”, that’s for sure! Curious about the above tweet though, GB and a rickshaw collision? Geez, was he out rolling in the street? Let’s hope Alicia didn’t have to carry him back to his hotel! *eye roll*
Maybe we’ll get more tweets today along with a few more details.
Have a great day JJer’s!
Sterling Ventura
2 hours ago
Partied with Gerard Butler, Matt Sorum, and Olivia Wilde!!!

First, I want to wish everyone a Great St. Patrick’s Day.
Gerry is learning the hard way that some people that come into your life are a BLESSING while others are a LESSON. We all have had people like that in our lives,
As far as him singing and dancing, what is the harm in that. If I am in a store or driving and the song Layla comes on I will sing and move to the music. Not all the fun he has is going to be some drugged out fiasco. I would worry more if all of a sudden I saw him really depressed and down. As A-town said it is also a place to do business along with the festivities.
As far as action movies with him having pain issues, that is what stunt doubles are for. I think he will use them more often now.

bystander @ 03/17/2012 at 8:11 am

@Can’tGetEnough: there’s nothing wrong with anyone partying, now and again. Fun is good. So is working hard. But shear volume of thrill seeking and social flitting is unhealthy
A work hard/play hard only lifestyle seems so very studenty, like something you progress from when you build quality partnerships, responsibilities, maybe family. Balance is everything.

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/17/2012 at 8:12 am

Many thanks for the article! No, wasn’t here last night! I have a manuscript int he works but it isn’t erotic. It leads up to the meet. What would be nice is creating a sequel where it leads to that. Yes, I write erotica.
My blogs (written in parts), especially the first story was very hot. Most every post was erotic, but all part of the same… how you say… session? (blushes) It drove his fans nuts. They were able to experience being with him in very intimate ways. Plus it was romantic, which is important. The emotional connection must be established early on. The how: He met a woman (who is very vague in description allowing any woman to be her) on his way to a wake in Scotland (remember his friend from the band died) at a Starbucks cyber cafe. He stopped in Dublin for to buy his mother a linen tea towel and “fuel up” with coffee. He’d rented a car choosing to drive himself. CDs by his GEG (sent with her letters).
Who he met was a woman of a certain age who knew who he was when he bounced in paying little attention to him. Indirectly watched him flirt with two other girls, but he noticed her hard at work on one of her erotic stories.
She was a masseuse, yoga instructor and erotic writer in to town for to help some pharmaceutical company destress! And she was always in Sandalwood essential oil!
That was his opening line, “What are you wearing?” “Sandalwood.” “What kind, Arabian, Indian or Australian.” That was it. She lightened up the darker recesses… eventually. I would love for you to read it… and join us but this is your habit. And my new story is a springboard from that which takes place in Old Town. Gerry is (blushing) still my muse.
Anyway… THIS is music to my ears, “Gerard Butler is working both in front of and behind the camera for his next project.” The behind the camera part is what I enjoy reading so much!
wishing everyone a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day who thinks Gerry’s live is so very, very loud… so loud he can’t hear himself think… or maybe that’s whole idea???

bystander @ 03/17/2012 at 8:20 am

@GerrysGreenEyedWoman: for once we agree! So loud he can’t hear is a good way of putting it!

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/17/2012 at 8:30 am

So loud he can’t think either! But, it is St. Patrick’s Day weekend and by the announcement he’s a lot to celebrate!
And that was just last night! I dare to wonder what’ll tonight will be like? Sheeze where does he find the energy? Really feel the answer to that is not what many want to think but that he’s ‘high’ on sobriety and a good life and all the excellent awesome news (like this thread) and friends who stuck by him through the hard times! And, yes he does have hard times.
who wonders what happens next!

Good morning…..realmente Camila me encanta ,encontre otra bonita melodia para los enamorados y se llama BESAME…….ayyyy…….que lindo……………amorcito mio,te envio un gran beso……..Kiss me … untimely and quiet without being
slows the time you kiss me … that is how I feel


Kiss me as if the world were to end after
kiss kiss and kisses to the sky the other way around
kiss me for no reason because he wants the heart
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I feel in the wind
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kiss me so mercilessly
Stay in my unconditional
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and I’m staying (and I’m me)
and I’m staying (and I’m staying)…….adios.

angelsrock @ 03/17/2012 at 9:00 am

When I’m bored, I just walk away and find a new toy. You wrote a 500 word essay on how GB disappoints you!!!! Very impressive. Gerry can’t win some of you here; it’s so obvious. If he would have pulled that Clooney stunt, he would have been crucified here. He’s pulling in lots of work in a tough business. So he’s supposed to create top notch projects as a new producer? LAC did pretty well in the theaters for a first time production I would say. Has he got a lot to learn? Absolutely!! Am I throwing him under the bus? Of course not. I just don’t know what some of you want from him? If he is not your cup of tea and has totally crashed your party, then move on to your George Clooneys. Guess what? He is more than likely never going to meet your expectations. Some of you are holding that bar way too high for Gerard Butler. He’s probably never going to achieve what you are hoping for. Bummer for you. Thumb me too!! I think he’s a pretty nice guy, making a very good living and working hard.

bystander @ 03/17/2012 at 9:03 am

@GerrysGreenEyedWoman: he’s a fun loving guy, so I’m not going to jump to that conclusion, either. It is one of the most lively celebrations on the calendar.

Real life beckons but I’m sure I will pop back to see what the next tweets bring.
Have a good weekend everyone.

@angelsrock: Right there with you Angel, I believe he is a hard worker also. We all stumble and fall from time to time but it shows our strength when we get back up and start over again. He knows the dangers of drugs or he wouldn’t have gone into rehab. I like him too and wish him success in whatever he does.

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/17/2012 at 9:44 am

@bystander: He has a lot of projects coming up, which is a good thing and he definitely needs to have some balance in his life. I know this is a heavy party weekend. We can only hope he’s doing the right thing for himself.

angelsrock @ 03/17/2012 at 10:00 am


Amen to that, CGE!!!

angelsrock @ 03/17/2012 at 10:09 am


lolita, it just makes so much sense to realize this. Not everyone can be at the top of their profession no matter how hard they try or what roads they take. We all make mistakes and Gerry is no exception to that rule. He has always appeared to be very professional when working by all reports. He does like to party hard and I hope he knows now when to pull in the reins. It just riles me a bit when people expect others to be near perfect. What pressure that imposes on others. All we can do is to be the best WE can be and to treat others as we wish to be treated. How trite to throw out our expectations and disappoints onto others so they have to bear the pressure.


Well it sounds like he had a pretty crazy night here. I will admit with just completing rehab that he probably should have went home after the screening and/or making a few connections. Ok I believe I’m am out of here now. Have a great weekend. ;)

Well, I wish him the best of luck with this new project! May it bring him the kind of professional satisfaction he is looking for!

And to everyone, a very nice day!


Variety says Olympus production is set to start in September. So he’s got spring and summer to work on the other films.

angelsrock @ 03/17/2012 at 11:07 am


Busy guy!! I know he likes to work and he seems to have a hard time with unstructured time so he’s probably anxious to get going on these projects!

@angelsrock: I agree Angel and I think Gerry gets in trouble when he tries to make everyone happy. God knows I am far from perfect. Well it’s good to know that he has some people in his corner wishing him success and happiness.

@view from:
Thumbs up all the way girlie. Very concise and thorough take. Well done.
I just hate to see talent wasted. But then again I really am starting to believe Butler doesn’t care about his craft as much as for the perks that being famous brings. Acting is just the means to the lifestyle he seems to crave.
Started watching The Jury again a few days ago. Raw, honest, good. What happened to that actor? So promising. Such a shame…

@Manny: what happened was hollywood and 300

@view from:
“To be honest George Clooney made more impact in one day, with his recent arrest in connection with the people of Sudan that all the the PR band wagon made for his ill timed effort.”
You’re a fu/ck!ng idiot. You don’t understand HW at all. You think HW should be involved with politics. NO!
HW is about making movies that are good, as well as make a profit. What the fuuck does loony Clooney have to do with Gerry doing better projects?
Gerry is trying to get as many projects as possible. He has people in the business that love working with him. They are reaching out to him despite his recent flops, which means they know he can deliver. They are not seeing him as the loser you see. He’s far from being a loser. In fact, I believe you’re a bigger loser, sitting by your computer spitting your mumbo jumbo nonsense. Get a life!
FYI, loony Clooney has a whole list of flops, longer than GB’s.
It’s just that to the untrained mind he looks great because he gets “arrested”. .
Here in the US he is not held in such great regard, except by his HW cohorts and a few ideological idiots who think he genuine cares about what he preaches. He is a fake.
You in the UK are such dupes. I hate your mentality. Your thought process is totally screwed up.

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/17/2012 at 1:11 pm

@why another action movie?: Something has to give with the current slate of movies. If Butler were smart he’d never work with Relativity again. And you are right for a man with supposed pain mediciation issues and fresh out of rehab he is putting a lot on his plate and mostly action movies so confusing. I agree that action/thrillers are the way to go because PTF and OMAM will be different types of movies but 4 back to back?

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/17/2012 at 1:20 pm

@lolita:It isn’t a lesson if you keep making the same mistakes. Remains to be seen.

I can’t agree more.
Making a hit is more a numbers game. You have to make many flops or mediocre ones until one day you get something that strikes gold. That’s how business is made. Ii fear the people here don’t know the first thing about business. They haven’t made a penny. They think pulling one of loony clooney’s stunts is how you make it. How childish and immature?

These women probably work for some governmental or academic institution, maybe social services. Not trying to put it down, but it’s hardly a way to understand business or pass judgment on the business GB is in.
What I like about you is how you bring common sense and point out the idiocy of some of the posters here. They don’t know jack sh!t about the first thing of his business, yet feel qualified to talk about his failures as if they have the answers, or use Clooney as an example of what he should do. How out of touch. Are they out of their minds?

@dummy: and I dislike the arrogance of the USA who thinks it deserves to consume more than its fair share of the earths resources and inflict its trash culture round the globe. But hey let’s not get personal.

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/17/2012 at 1:26 pm

@Karen: The problem is we have two movies scheduled for the same time in May and no indication of which film is going to give way yet. He was still filming OMAM [actually let's face it they've been doing reshoots for OMAM but because they haven't officially closed off the filming they don't have to call it that] and doing PTF reshoots. I would have thought that if Butler is firmly signed on to do Hunter Killer that they would have started in September because that is essentially when winter starts in Alaska, assuming that is the location, that wasn’t firm either, but you get your snow but not as cold as in December January so something’s gotta get dropped or pushed back.

@just me:
Listening to some of your radical left there?
Let’s be realistic, without the us you’d end up in the 17th century with the kind of people you let overrun your country.
People in the the UK are the most out of touch with reality. But don’t worry, reality has a way smacking you right in the face when the time comes to pay the piper.

@just me:
BTW, the UK is the first purveyor of trash culture. How many young women do you have getting pregnant out of wedlock?
How many young woman do you have getting trashed every weekend?
First clean your own den before you point out about America’s consumption of resources lol.
What…. some loon there told you guys the earth resources are limited and the US is stealing all of it? LOL!
Dummies!!! Those British academics, there is no one worse.
They even trump the idiotic American academics, and I didn’t think anyone could be worse.

Clooney has made his share of bombs true. On the Actors Studio he made it clear how much he relishes his career now. “I’m lucky to work in a business I love” was the theme of his interview. He openly admitted he gets to make any movie he wants because he willing takes scale not superstar salaries to make HIS projects. He also unashamedly admitted he maintains his lifestyle by making foreign commercials.
So say what you want about “looney” Clooney, but he has made HW work for him not the other way around. But then again Clooney’s passion is his craft. Butler’s passion is celebrity. It’s like comparing apples and oranges IMO.

God Bless yoou all! @ 03/17/2012 at 2:03 pm

“You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God.” 2 Timothy 3:1-4

@ Manny #79

I agree with you. (you make sense in most of the things you say, which is really cool)

I don’t know if there is an actor who hasn’t had a less successful film, so you are right – it’s all in the approach one takes towards their roles.

Same goes for each trade, in my opinion.

Passion, tenacity, continuous learning and integrity is what makes a person good at what they do, regardless of their flops and failures. I speak for myself, but every time I made a compromise in my work, I was unhappy.

It is my opinion that something worth doing should be tried over and over again, until you get it right. In some cases, you can fail as many times as you want, in others, failing a lot of times is not an option. I’m talking brain surgery and acting, among others…

All the best to everyone!


@dummy: As I said, American arrogance.
I didn’t make any comment about what I think of my country and I’m not going to because unlike you I’m not unjustifyably
proud of it.

@Hollywood Gossiper: I know he has met a lot of lessons, I can only hope he meets the blessing.

@dummy: see below for my local neighbourhood and ‘trash culture’. What do you have to compare, ignoramus?

@Manny: Manny, Gerry has taken on roles for less money than he could have gotten doing something else. MGP and Coriolanus is just two of them. Clooney enjoys the celebrity as much as Gerry does. He woudn’t show up to award shows or premieres, he does interivews, you named the actors studio interview. The difference in Clooney and Gerry is that Clooney likes to flaunt his woman and Gerry doesn’t. Both have had some questionable relationships. Clooney said he wouldn’t run for public office because he has done to many drugs and woman. Gerry has done commercials also. Similar anf yet very different.

From a movie-making perspective Clooney is HW royalty. Butler did take scale IIRC for Coriiolanus, but not LAC. He also took home $$$ for LAC as a producer. Clooney on the other hand could have bagged 3 paychecks for Goodnight & Good Luck but took home scale as director only. Biggest difference is Clooney can make any kind of passion project he wants because he knows how to work the system and studios. As he said he only makes the films he wants for whatever reason not for a paycheck.
Butler has lined up three projects in the action genre to try and “pay the bills” because traditionally action & horror tend to make money. And he is producing not because this is a project that he couldn’t live without making but because his prod co needs to keep afloat & in the mix IMO.
Butler’s last two projects between them haven’t made $3M so his box office draw power is low currently IMO. I don’t think HW is pounding down his door currently so he has to take projects others are passing on or make his own work.
BTW, how are you doing Lolly?

@Manny: Doing better, thanks for asking. Gerry learns more by each project he takes on. I know Clooney has a golden key to HW but to be honest I can’t remember any of his movies I watched on TV or went to the theater to see. He is not my cup of tea. I can’t explain it. he just is kinda boring to me as an actor, but I do agree he does know how to work the HW networking business. I also think his work in the sudan is commendable because of it it has brought attention to the horrors going on there.

I’m glad you are doing well.
I loved Clooney’s The Descedents.
Fassie seems to be building steam. He seems to be in the same position Butler was 9 years ago. It will be fun to watch his career.

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/17/2012 at 3:21 pm

No one said Clooney didn’t enjoy his celebrity but he has just conducted himself in a way that SEEMS to merit him more respect in the industry, all flaunting of his women aside and I don’t doubt Clooney has just as much of his private life hidden as Gerry seems to. Now maybe we know why Gerry does. Well many of us had figured out long ago why he is so secretive. Gerry seems to crave the kind of respect accorded to Clooney but it seems to allude him. Maybe it just isn’t his time yet and his time will come.

He may meet a lot of LESSONS but does he really learn from his failures, personal and professional? Time will tell.

There are some people who keep making the same mistakes because they don’t see themselves as the problem, it’s always everybody’s else’s fault. It is a conspiracy against me etc.

@Manny: Fassie in 300 was so good. He also has that bad boy good looks to him.

@Hollywood Gossiper: I don’t think Gerry blames anybody but himself for his actions. He has said so in interviews. Will he repeat his mistakes, possibly, will it keep keeping him in the butt, more than likely, but I like him with all his faults and flaws and since I walk on clay feet I won’t condemn him when he falls from grace.

You know Manny the movie Decendents is actually one Clooney movie I would like to see.

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/17/2012 at 3:41 pm

Well yes Clooney has also made some bombs and EVERY ACTOR has, even the best, even Meryl Streep, I think.

I tend to find Clooney a one note actor but he plays that note very very well, many American lead actors [Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner] play themselves essentially. What I have liked Gerry is his willingness to try different types of roles. However doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy Clooney in many of his roles.

I have not seen any of Clooney’s recent movies, the Descendants appeals to me, but I absolutely love “Up in the Air”. I wish they made more movies with that kind of intelligence. “Dear Frankie” was that kind of movie.

But these are movies that have limited commercial appeal. Such is the world.

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/17/2012 at 3:43 pm

PS. Oops Up in the Air made good money thanks to the Oscar buzz.
My bad.

@Hollywood Gossiper: I really liked Dear Frankie also. Not much dialogue from Gerry but his eyes told you how he felt, The dance in RnR stills cracks me up. Then you get his sexy dance in TUT and oh well no words for that.
Thanks ladies for the chat, got to go and let my Irish side take over.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

@just me:
LOL, that’s the point. You should be proud of your country. I am not a Brit, yet I love Great Britain for it’s wonderful history, culture, and all the great gits it gave the world.
It’s sad you Brits don’t realize it. You consider yourselves a curse instead of a blessing. Somehow, you have been brainwashed by wayward self-hating people in academia and elsewhere in the UK that Great Britain has been bad for the world, that it plundered other nations, and you apply the same unwise logic to all Western Democracies, especially the US. Wise up! If it weren’t for British values, India would still be burning widows at the funerals of husbands, etc, etc, etc…. I have countless of examples of the good and positive force Great Britain has been in the world. It didn’t plunder anyone. It brought its values and developments to other nations who were living in the dark ages before.
My only contentions is with your “new thinkers”, the ones who are not thinkers at all, they are imbecilic ignoramuses. They are destroying your country from within, one step at a time, with every new law that passes. Taking away free speech, instituting overzealous hate laws that curtail individual rights, protecting communities that shouldn’t be protected at the expense of communities that should, teaching the public self-loathing, re-writing history to make GB look like an evil empire while glorifying rouge countries like Iran, Cuba, and Syria….., invading personal space, dictating how one should think, or use money, dictating how one should live otherwise forgo getting health care, etc. It’s a nanny state, and until you let go of this faulty mentality, you won’t see the UK getting prosperous again.
I was hoping Cameron would do the right thing, but he is a weakling; pandering too much to the left. He hasn’t made much of a change from the previous regime. He should keep the promises he made to the people that voted for him. He ran on a conservative platform, but he has been as leftist as they come. However, every time he sticks to his platform, his approval numbers soar. This means the public in the UK is thirsting for leadership. He should be the leader he promised them to be. He was voted in for a reason. The public wanted a change. Either he’ll give it to them, or he’ll go down in leftist flames, as his predecessors.
Of course, you don’t understand a word I am saying. Nevertheless, I wish you luck. I hope you guys will be able to get out of the mind set that has been thrust upon you by evil ideologs and go back to what made GB so great to begin with. You have been brainwashed, as most people in your country, and sound like you’re at the point of no return, especially when you say nonsensical things like the US is consuming all the (limited) natural resources, lol. Who says so? The anti-American UN? First, it’s not even remotely true. Try countries like India, China, Brazil, Russia – the BRIC countries as they are called – they are the number one consumers. Second, who says natural resources are limited? A couple of idiotic professors? In the 1950s they said we only have enough oil for 20 more years. In the 1970′s they scared everyone again with exactly the same thing. Here we are 40 years later since the 70s, and we haven’t even tapped 10% of the earth’s oil supplies, and there is a new theory floating around that maybe oil is a limitless commodity on earth. Bottom line, these are all theories and no one is sure either way. But what’s sure is that by scaring everyone and claiming limited resources, the people in power get to control it. This is all about control. Especially controlling America because the rest of the world is just jealous of her success. It’s also, to a lesser degree, about controlling the free world and countries like the UK. After all, the people you listen to told you that you shouldn’t be proud of your country. Your country plundered other nations, now it needs to be curtailed. What nonsense! Everyone that believes everything claimed by these leftists is a useful idiot. They count on useful idiots. They need lots of useful idiots in order to control the world. Wise up!!!

@dummy: just as the Roman and British empires had their day, so the tide is turning for the USA. Eastern economies are rising, so I’d be careful with that national pride. I simply don’t recognise the UK you describe as the one I live in. But we are good at quirky gits.
What do you have against academics? A big chip on your shoulder?

@just me:
If I were you, I wouldn’t rejoice just yet at the notion of the destruction of America. America has a knack of bouncing back, so don’t be too quick to dance on her blood sweat and tears just yet. And, if I were you, I’d really be concerned that such a prospect will come to pass . If America goes, every freedom-loving country goes with it. Unless, of course, you wouldn’t mind living in a world where rouge regimes control the world? Can you be as unwise as the statements you just spoke???
Yeah, I hate academics because they don’t preach the truth, or any common sense. They have been, for a long time, the mouthpiece of the people that would like to control the natural resources, as well as our thinking and emotional responses to logic and critical thinking, in order to dumb us down enough to control us.
The type of thinking you espouse comes directly from academia, and the mainstream media. They are filled with venom towards freedom-loving nations, and build up haters and murderous regimes. Didn’t academia try to push the notation that America was responsible for bringing down the twin towers? Thank God, common sense prevailed and that notion has been axes like it should be.
lol, you are the useful idiot that thinks your country has been so bad and now it’s going to get its just deserts. You don’t recognize the UK as I described? Well of course you don’t. You have been taught every step of the way how evil it is. I wonder how many times in your country they call the Iranian regime evil? Yet…. they consider the US evil and rejoice at the notion it will be replaced by “freedom loving” China. If this weren’t so pathetic and sad, I’d would have laugh at the notion of evil America and viva La Iran. Wise up!

Joie de Vivre @ 03/17/2012 at 5:17 pm

“To conquer oneself is the best and noblest victory; to be vanquished by one’s own nature is the worst and most ignoble defeat.” — Plato


Hope everyone is well and happy and enjoying the day! Big hello to all my friends here. Singing and dancing in Austin over St. Patrick’s Day weekend sounds really good to me. Lucky him! Hope Butler is taking care and indulging in fun and the arts and in nothing unhealthy Looks like he’s filling his calendar with projects. He’s persistent, you have to give him that. Take care everybody. XXO

@dummy: yes, America is so freedom loving they let a small island face the wrath of the venomous third Reich on behalf of Europe for two whole years , and wilhelm for over three. So freedom loving you had apartheid in the south until the 60s. And the shame of guantanomo bay riding rough over international human rights. I think you may find arrogance comes before the fall.

I am not now nor never have been a Clooney fan on a personal level nor as an actor. And, I agree with those who think Clooney adores and wallows in his celeb status. He relishes spending big bucks on homes etc. in places the filthy rich congregate.
Also, if Gerry dated some of the losers Clooney has publicly paraded around, some peeps here would never shut up about it.

justsayin'too @ 03/17/2012 at 6:46 pm

I think the big difference between Clooney and Gerard is that Clooney appears to be a serial monogamist. He does have bad taste in women, but he appears to be faithful during their relationship and is not into partying etc…Gerard will stick his tongue in anything on any given day so the yuck factor for him is huge. Clooney also gets involved in causes he believes in and will go to great lenghts for them. Even if you don’t like him, you have to admire his commitment to giving back.However, Gerard only seems to give to a cause when he is trying to deflect some kind of personal indiscretion or bad PR. Big difference to me. He is totally missing the chance to be on the level of Clooney and it’s his own self sabotage!

@justsayin’too: I’m glad GB is not on “the level of Clooney.” I view Clooney as an unctuous, overly smooth yucky person.

@kristi: Agree. Sort of like a shady evangelist, used car salesman, insurance salesman, combined. Someone the term “oily” is used for.

@just me:
“So freedom loving you had apartheid in the south until the 60s. And the shame of guantanomo bay riding rough over international human rights. ”
LMAO at how out of touch with reality you are!!! Separation in the south that ended over 5 decades ago??? Killers in Guantanamo that want to kill me, you, and everyone else not of their religion, are the people your so sympathetic to??? Europe is falling apart and those has-been issues concern you? Is it possible to argue with idiots???

Go back to listening to your self-lathing professors and your self-loathing propaganda operatives you call British journalists. Those people are well-versed in yellow journalism. Wait a minute, didn’t they invent the concept in Great Britain?
And if our arrogance bothers you so much, look at yourselves first because no one is more arrogant than the British Intelligentsia. They believe they figured it all and know ALL the answers. Thank God we don’t listen to them, save a few radicals on the left, lest our fate be with the UK – devoid of any reason or hope. You really are dummies in the UK.

“Clooney also gets involved in causes he believes in and will go to great lenghts for them. ‘
His interest in those causes is fake. Don’t let the image he sells to you color your perception. There is nothing to admire in Cloony. Everything he does is to further his career, and to project the image of the caring and aware HW star, all for public consumption.
And how is switching women every few months or every year, make him any better than Gerard? Besides, we don’t know for sure how much Gerard cheats. At this point, it’s all hearsay and propaganda making some of the women feel less than hos about themselves. I doubt he tells any girl ‘I want to be exclusive with you until I tire of you and send you away’, as you’re implying cloony does. Truth is we don’t know what happens behind closed doors in either Clooney’s love life or Gerard’s. All we do here is speculate. Let’s make sure we understand that.

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/17/2012 at 7:41 pm

“His interest in those causes is fake. Don’t let the image he sells to you color your perception.”
And that includes George and his father?
You might be best served if you take your spiteful word to HIS board! He has one you know?

angelsrock @ 03/17/2012 at 7:54 pm

Clooney and Butler really are like comparing apples to oranges. Leave it alone. I don’t want Butler to “aspire” to be just like Clooney. I don’t really like Clooney all that much. I’m not going to smear him all over this page, but he does nothing for me. His acting is downright “vanilla”. BORING.

For me Butler is a better actor than Clooney; much more versatile and really commands the screen. Clooney is well…..Clooney. Kind of cute, but kind of boring too. Men Who Stare at Goats and The American were horrid.

just me again @ 03/17/2012 at 8:15 pm

@dummy: We are all dummies because we are not in right wing agreement with you? I should be proud of British history but you dismiss your country’s? It takes a dummy to know one.

Like father like son.
“Just me” is an idiot, but you’re a bigger one.

radarlove @ 03/17/2012 at 8:30 pm

@Karen:And Gerry doesn’t, wake up darling.

radarlove @ 03/17/2012 at 8:37 pm

If you are calling Clooney a fake regarding his political and charitable causes what do you consider Butler – a crusader? a dabbler or just as phoney as Clooney maybe more so. You can’t call him out without calling out pretty much all of Hollywood then except maybe Sean Penn. You may not like Clooney and he may not impress you, which is cool, but if you are tearing him apart then you should be tearing Butler the same strip if not a wider one.

@Karen: If you think Gerry does not wallow in his celebrity and loves to hang out with the rich and infamous you are deluding yourself. Did you forget this past glorious summer in Malibu?

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/17/2012 at 8:39 pm

I’m an idiot? You’ve wasted hours, nearly an entire day, here today.
Have a nice night.

@just me again:
I don’t dismiss my county’s history; I just put into the right perspective. No matter how bad the US might have been, it pales in comparison to the dark regimes which the intelligentsia in your country defends on regular basis. Iran, Cuba, Syria, Pakistan, China, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, palestinian murders, can’t be better on human rights than the US, yet the left is silent on them. All they see is how bad America is. Wise up! America is the land of freedom and opportunity for anyone who wants to partake.
BTW, If we’re going to talk about England, and how evil of an empire it was, how come no one from your side ever mentions what the English did to the Irish? They treated them like sub-human. All you guys talk about is how England plundered the third world, which is totally uncalled for. These dark places would still be living in the stone age if it weren’t for GB. In fact, some of them were still there not many decades ago.
It’s obvious why. People with your mind set whole quarrel is with the white race. You stick up for anyone who is not white. The Irish are white, so they don’t deserve the same amount of outrage as black or brown deserve. Talk about discrimination!
You people are so back ward. You’ll defend murders, polygamist, terrorists, women-hating, gay-bashing throwbacks just because they are not white, while you loath your own race. This agenda of yours has been established a long time ago. Thank God some of us can differentiate between good and evil; who deserves defending and who deserves contempt. To people like you all none-whites deserve defending and all whites deserve hate. Look at yourself in the mirror dear and be honest with yourself. You are a self-loathing English girl.

Idiot, I come and go. I don’t sit by the computer to post.
It’s funny how you call others exactly what you are. How many times did you spend 14 hours per day posting one comment after another and spamming the board? Look at yourself first.

@radarlove: I never said Gerry doesn’t enjoy being a celeb and its perks. I will just comment that St. George is as big or bigger a fameho only he tries to hide it under layers of bs. Gerry is what he is, and I like him a whole lot more just ’cause he’s Gerry.

Crazy Wench @ 03/17/2012 at 9:10 pm

GFW is a hypocrite. She points out derogatory things about herself and tries to stick them on someone else. Such a lowlife.

I only brought up Clooney as an example of someone who knows the mechanics of HW and quite successfully exploits them.
Butler could learn a few lessons from Clooney when it comes to the business end of HW. There aren’t many that can make whatever movie they want, Clooney just happens to be one of them.
I wasn’t comparing their talent just the difference of what motivates the two. Clooney seems to be for the love of acting, whether anyone thinks he is good at it or not, where Butler’s motives seem more geared to the celebrity IMO.
Clooney’s vanity projects are interesting choices and definitely not mainstream which I find refreshing.

Whatshedonenow @ 03/17/2012 at 10:19 pm

Clooney is one of HW’s royalty and Butler is at best one of HW’s many  court jesters. It’s  ridiculous to compare the two. 

Anyone who considers Clooney quality is out of his kind. Such an none captivating presence.

Whatshedonenow @ 03/17/2012 at 11:40 pm

@ Hollywood gossiper

I totally agree with you, Butler really wants the credibility of Clooney but from what we have seen in recent years he lacks the talent and the HW political know how to do it.
Right now Butler comes across as a bit of an emotional wreck. You get the sense that he’s fleying  professionally and personally.
What with all those dodgy action flicks in the pipeline and continuous reshoots of PTF and OMAM, as well all those questionable PR  moves, you get the feeling he’s desperately trying to hang on to some semblance of a viable career in HW, but as you say only time will tell if he can really get himself together.

just wondering @ 03/17/2012 at 11:55 pm

Is it possible Gerard is having financial difficulties? Maybe there was an investment or two that went sour and Gerard is in some financial trouble. It would explain his recent meltdown, as well as why he’s signing on to so much mainstream fare all of a sudden.

Favorite #sxsw moment last night: girl in wonder woman costume claiming she gave Gerard Butler a ride in her pedicab and then kissed him.
Last night’s SXSW siting: Butler Squared! Win + Gerard at the same Mexican restaurant in Austin. Maybe they’re long lost cousins…
Agnes Nowakowski
gerard butler and jesse james were at the club last night. mr. butler is super hot in person. #sxswcelebritysightings
Agnes Nowakowski
saw him @club606ATX my bf owns the club. got a hug and a picture!

just wondering, I think you might have something there. He’s going for the possible bigger box office and more mainstream projects it seems. The general public tend to go to movies strictly for the entertainment value. A means of escape for a couple of hours. Finding anything unique and thought provoking is harder to come by especially If it’s boring and the critics love it. It’s more fun to go to a movie where there’s either comedy, romance or something exploding and a lot of action and if it’s got all of it, then it’s even better. He might just be going for what he’s good at and that’s the action oriented films. And like you said money may be catalyst to it as well.

@Whatshedonenow: George Clooney is HW royalty because he had an aunt who was in a few movies in the 60s and his father used to be a news anchorman in Kentucky? Your definition of HW royalty is plain wrong.

Gerard has questionable taste in picking scripts. He could take a page from Leo Dicaprio’s book in choosing potential hit projects. I bet Leo has professional help in deciding which project to take on and seldom waste time and energy in something that doesn’t pan out.

I don’t know Clooney doesn’t do it for me – not looks wise nor personality wise.
Nice collection of GB photos. Even when chubby, he was cute.

lol from Radar Online:

“Attention ladies of Austin, Texas: The alpha male is headed your way! Scruffy looking Gerard Butler makes his way into LAX on March 15, 2012.”
Radar is sure singing a new tune….what happened, no more reports on married women?

In a sea of gritty/realistic/gimmicky action movies, an over-the-top story fronted by a hardened lead is actually kind of refreshing.
“Spec action script Olympus Has Fallen is generating plenty of heat at the moment. A few days ago, Millennium Films grabbed up the rights to Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt’s work, launching the hunt for a potential star. Call off the hounds! Gerard Butler is now signed on to take the lead.

Olympus sounds like it could be right up Butler’s alley (at least his action side, which often yields more rewarding results than his dabbles in romantic comedy) and also a fun throwback to the days of Die Hard and Air Force One.”

Sorry, I have no respect for those who engage in adultery. Just because he wasn’t the married one doesn’t mean he was an innocent bystander. I would never participate in an affair. He may be attractive on the outside, but his interior is just plain ugly.

“Gill, who closed down his own company The Film Department last month, was named Millennium’s president on Tuesday.

The company said it plans to produce and finance five to eight star-driven, wide-release movies per year with budgets between $20 and $80 million.
…………………the 2009 thriller Law Abiding Citizen, starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, which earned $133 million at the worldwide box office…………… ”

apples and oranges @ 03/18/2012 at 1:42 am

Rosemary Clooney’s hey day as a singer was in the 1950′s. She had been off the charts for decades before nephew, George started working as an actor and producer. She had nothing to do with George’s success in acting. If Rosemary could create an A-list career through her magic wand then explain why her own children (who are actors) never made the A-list? They didn’t have anything close to George’s career. George was on his own. Rosemary couldn’t make George a star in the 90′s anymore than Whitney Houston could wave a magic wand make a family member of hers an award-winning film actor and director. I’m not even going to get into the absurdity of attributing George’s success to the fact his Dad was a newsman in Ohio. George has been working in HW for three decades making very smart choices along the way. That’s why he’s the top of the doggy pile. Hard work, talent, and smart choices. Gerard Butler has two out of the three. He’s talented and a hard worker. But Gerard has made some very bad choices. He has chosen an inexperienced and ineffective team, and his script choices are god-awful.

“He’s going for the possible bigger box office and more mainstream projects it seems……… He might just be going for what he’s good at and that’s the action oriented films. And like you said money may be catalyst to it as well.”
I totally agree with your assessment. He has to face the music, as every business person has. No matter how creative he might want to be, at the end of the day it’s all about making projects the public want to see. Good business is not about projects that make the critics happy. Just making the critics happy doesn’t pay the bills, or ensure you’ll continue to get work.
It’s like Detroit building cars that no one wants to buy; the public is not interested in driving them. Could Detroit stay in business long? No. Therefore, Detroit must build cars people want to drive. Same with making movies. Actors can’t survive on what critics call quality, but they can survive on commercial success that critics might not necessarily like. Of course, the most desirable situation is to find a project that’s both critically acclaimed and a financial jackpot. Such projects don’t come everyday, so what is he to do, wait until something with such potential falls into his lap every 5-6 years? Please, the people that criticize him need to be more realistic.
It’s easy to sit there in the safety of your own life while you judge someone else by peering into his life as displayed through the media. We don’t know all the consideration behind his decisions, because we are not living his life with his pressures.
I for one am very happy he has all these projects coming out. I couldn’t care less if these projects look like they would be critically acclaimed. If they do, that’s the icing on the cake. What I care about is that the public will be interested in seeing them. Lucky for Gerard, he is a big draw for audiences. I think MGP and Coriolanus lack of success was an anomaly for him, and was really more the result of poor distribution rather than lack of star power. These 4 projects, if he ends up doing all of them, seem pretty good for what they are – fun movies that can draw in the public.

He’s at a party tonight.
Savanna VanAusdale ‏
9:49 PM – 17 Mar 12

@sxsw: These two girls are from NOLA…

They’re from NOLA but if you read their tweets, it looks like they went to SXSW.

Weren’t there tweets a couple of weeks ago that a woman’s sister was being set up in advance as a date for him in NOLA (@ashSlay). He does make sure of his ‘comforts’ and seems to send out scouts for willing volunteers. The rehab was a scam and he is partying away. Superficially an engaging and attractive personality – I’m sorry I ever looked closer. It has been dispiriting.

Megan Parra
Gerard butler and Owen Wilson definitely came to the wrong party because im a creepy f.uck
10:54 PM – 17 Mar 12

He ends up with terrible movies because that’s what he’s offered. He was really lucky to get Coriolanus and everybody was surprised to see him in such a film. He should have taken full advantage of that change in direction in his career. He needs to get back out there and start auditioning for roles again. The chances of that are probably slim but he needs to get himself considered for more decent roles. I’ve said it before if he can’t see what he needs to do to turn his career around he needs a manager who can. DUMP him Gerry like you do all your women! Isn’t it ironic how loyal and committed Gerry is to that relationship.

bystander @ 03/18/2012 at 7:00 am

@Scout: perhaps because Alan is the only one who can handle his extra curriculars and PR gaffes?

I agree he needs to change direction professionally, perhaps after s couple of cash cow action flicks. Audition, or stage work, to consolidate and show some of that potential again, then maybe better roles will cross his desk. I’d imagine last years acting chops flops stung him so maybe he will just settle for making a living as a b rate action star, like statham or stallone. Or make more cgi rubbish, although I expect that bubble will burst soon enough. The artist showed that acting is more admired than stunts or effects.

Occam's Razor @ 03/18/2012 at 7:01 am

I think the three back to back action movies are just to recoup the losses of Machine Gun Preacher. Action movies are practically guaranteed money in the box office – and providing that they can keep the operation costs down and retain some of the profits for future works, Gerard and Alan should be able to choose another “vanity” piece following them. Plus having a potential three back to back successes in the theatres will make it easier for them to find financial backers in the future. It’s a calculated move – not silly at all, really. That is, unless he follows it with three romantic-comedies…

No I disagree. He needs movies that make money. He had a good track record until MGP, just because he got twp that didn’t do well in the box office doesn’t mean he needs to audition again. LOL! Some of you are totally over reacting.
I am with Reviews. it’s not about the serious roles that the critics might consider great; it’s about bringing the good in the box office. It’s about making movies people would pay to see. People like action movies, period. All 4 of these stories are action dramas. I think he is great in action films.

beeny girl @ 03/18/2012 at 7:11 am

looking at boxofficemojo for the years release schedule, it seems that OMAM is booked for mid october (sport drama), and PTF (RomCom) is apparently scheduled for Christmas Day 2012! Even more optimistically, Hunter Killer (Submarine drama) is scheduled for early December release! (LOL)

beeny girl @ 03/18/2012 at 7:13 am

further to the release news; The leprachaun thing seems to have disappeared altogether (it was called movie 43) but, unless it has been renamed, I cannot find it on anyone’s release schedule.

these are the women but i don’t think it’s one of the girls above


@Occam’s Razor:
“Action movies are practically guaranteed money in the box office”
Unless, of course, that film is “Gamer”.
I don’t think anything is guaranteed to make money.
LAC was a modest success, and Bounty Hunter made him a laughing stock. Didn’t he get his first Razzie nom for that? I think Gerry’s career is on shaky ground and there are no guarantees for him anymore.
He would be better off being associated with more substantive projects and try to re-build his career from there.

Occam's Razor @ 03/18/2012 at 8:02 am

@well …:
Agreed about Bounty Hunter, but that was hardly an action movie. It was a lot of fluff with a little running around and a lot of hair flicking (sorry, acting) from Jennifer Aniston. That’s all. Definitely not action.

Even though Gamer wasn’t that great, it still covered its budget plus some $5 million in the theatres, not including DVD sales and rentals. If a movie makes money, you can call it a success – even if the movie wasn’t generally considered a good movie. Action movies, historically, have always drawn good numbers in the theatres. If the budget of the film can be made back via ticket sales only, and then some, then there’s likely to be some money left to, 1: cover the losses of MGP, and 2: potentially fund a new “vanity” or free-choice film. I think that there are enough men (sorry, and women) in the world who enjoy his action movies to make this possible. I agree that this isn’t going to challenge him and make him grow as an actor, but it does make financial sense. That’s all I was trying to point out.

no rewrites please @ 03/18/2012 at 9:39 am

The writers are being highly praised for this script (read the comment section). Let’s fervently hope Butler keeps his ego in check and keeps his paws off the script.

Some of you need to quit comparing George Clooney’s career to Gerry’s! Clooney’s career exploded because he was a heartthrob on that medical TV show and he was a pretty good actor. He’s royalty because he’s very handsome, etc. – HW loves him, just like Brad Pitt. So, Clooney and Pitt get all the great scripts – anything they want. I truly believe Gerry has to fight for scripts and attention. I still think he is absolutely gorgeous and a terrific actor. Could you see Pitt or Clooney being in POTO?? No – and Gerry was great in it. Many of you go on and on about his choice of scripts, but you have no idea what goes on behind the closed doors of HW wheeling and dealing. Face it, there just aren’t that many good scripts out there and Pitt and Clooney get the cream of the crop. I also think Gerry has had bad luck with certain movies. Dear Frankie – should have gotten better distribution, etc. His last two got horrible distribution and he got great reviews for his acting. POTO (movie) should have been recognized critically because it was fabulous but the critics have never loved or appreciated the stage play of it.

@Rebecca: I agree. POTO was beautiful. When Gerry cried, I cried, not many movies move me that way. Ghost ant Steel Manolia’s has me blubbering like a baby.
I cannot picture Clooney as soldier, like Gerry was in Gamer or Coriolanus. He doesn’t have that rugged manliness Gerry has. We also saw the tender side to him in Dear Frankie.

You need to stroll over to and educate yourself. Butler’s career has more financial mishaps than hits. Only three of his projects have broken the $100M mark (HTTYD, 300, James Bond TND) out of 22 films listed. Of 19 left only 6 made between $50-$100M ($50M is usually a good benchmark of breaking even for production costs and marketing). That leaves 13 that lost money. That translates to more than half of his box office credited movies bombed and some of those included Oscar winner costars.
PTF if done sexy like TUT might, I’m not convinced, make money but could wallow at box office because of a glut of romcom nausea. OMAM I would be shocked if it made back it’s money. Soul Surfer only made $43M and that even had a shark attack to spice it up.
Auditioning would be a choice for him if he wants better acting roles. Stattham has made a good living kicking ass but no one is foolish enough to say the guy can act. It will be interesting to see what Butler will pick… money or acting in the future.
@no rewrites please:
From your lips to the screenwriting gods ears. They really screwed the pooch with their rewrites on LAC.

@Occam’s Razor:
You forgot marketing budgets in your calculations. They sometimes can match or exceed production budgets.
Pitt an Clooney get the cream of the crop because 1) box office track record, 2) studios demand them, and 3) they make the movies themselves. Pitt’s Plan B is a very success production house.
BTW Butler’s reviews for Coriolanus across the board were fantastic. MGP reviews were all over the place, form great to he was what was wrong with the movie. Sheeeeeesh…
You are speaking from emotion not facts.

Did you see Clooney in Three Kings? He played a soldier and did a great job and had the opportunity to play more of an emotional range than Gamer afforded Butler.
I couldn’t picture Butler in Oh Brother Where Art Thou. Clooney was funny and that movie still makes me laugh. So see the both have sung for their supper in movies too.
Funny thing is I only brought up Clooney as a person who has mastered the HW business landscape. Like I said before, comparing their talent and resumes is like comparing apples to oranges…

@lolita: I absolutely loved the movie POTO. I had not previously seen the stage version, so I had no comparison, and the movie was my benchmark.
This past week I saw the 25th anniversary performance from the Royal Albert Hall on PBS, and was I disappointed. Sorry, purists, I just could not like it. The film sets were so gorgeous they were almost stars in themselves. That was missing from the stage performance … and of course, when you compare anyone to Gerry’s phantom, it’s a fail except in the technical voice department, but the heart and soul are missing for me. I even prefer Emmie and Patrick. Gerry, Emmie and PW willl always be the characters in my mind.

I loved the movie more than the play too.
ITAWY that the sets were beyond fantastic. It was the sharing of emotions in close ups that evoked emotion in the movie that made it so much better than the play IMO. Having just finished reading the book by Gaston Theroux this week, the phantom in the book had a voice that made angels weep. Butler’s phantom was definitely what Andrew Lloyd Webber envisioned not Theroux. BTW it was fun to read the book again after all these years.

@Manny: No Manny, I did not see Three Kings. I know we are not really comparing the two men. I could not picture Gerry doing some of the movies Clooney made and the same goes for Clooney about Gerry’s movies. They both have different styles but to me their personnalities are similar, Clooney is a goof when he wants to be. I agree when you said that Clooney knows the HW machine better. He has been in it a lot longer than Gerry. In my heart I know Gerry can do a good performance when given the right format to show it. My big Scottish brute just needs to keep that powerful personality in check sometimes. Her does need to align himself with better movie distributors and it looks like he is moving in that direction. He learned a lessons how a movie like TBH can kill a career. JA only wanted to showcase herself and you see by her flops since TBH that she does not have what it takes to be a great actress. Manny have a great day, I am off to spend some of my tax return. Have to stimulant the economy.

ITAWY. Have a great day darling.

@Manny: Karen, saw the play, loved it. Watched the old phantom movies but none compared to Gerry. I was sitting and crying saying I’ll live in the catacombs with you. I know what a nut. Gotta go have agood day.

@GerrysGreenEyedWoman: He met a woman (who is very vague in description allowing any woman to be her) on his way to a wake in Scotland (remember his friend from the band died) at a Starbucks cyber cafe. He stopped in Dublin for to buy his mother a linen tea towel and “fuel up” with coffee. He’d rented a car choosing to drive himself. CDs by his GEG (sent with her letters).
Since when can you drive from Dublin, Ireland to Scotland? Was the 007 aqua car available for rent?


Sheeeesh – I was only stating my opinion. There’s no need to be a ****** about it! As far as MGP goes – most of the bad reviews had to do with the script and also the subject matter. Sheeeesh……


Have you read any of her “erotica”? She writes the same way she comments here only inserts the names of body parts and positions. Watching two houseflies mate is more erotic.

colormeskeptical @ 03/18/2012 at 12:55 pm

If Gerry is partying with Jesse James and Owen Wilson, shudder. Did they compare the overlap on their conquest lists?

colormeskeptical @ 03/18/2012 at 1:00 pm

@lolita: True enough Clooney could have never pulled off Beowulf or Leonidas.

bystander @ 03/18/2012 at 1:04 pm

@M: no I haven’t, I just thought the article would be of interest to her.

traveller @ 03/18/2012 at 1:04 pm

@M: You take the car ferry from Belfast over to Scotland, it’s about a three hour ride. Maybe Dublin has a car ferry too now.

Wasn’t being anything but sharing my opinion and some facts. You seem to be a little touchy… Or should I reiterate… Emotional???


When you share your opinion and your facts, you could be nice about it. I wasn’t being emotional. But sometimes, not every time, you come off on this site like the board bully. Just like the ones over on IMDB. Just saying…..


Manny, I don’t disagree with you about Clooney and his career at all (I’d rather watch The American than Transformers any day, heck I know I’d even take Men Who Stare at Goats over Butler’s POTO-go ahead everyone thumb me down). But I do disagree with your take on the profitability of Butler’s career. You are looking at US Box office only, which is the one piece of the puzzle. If you look at worldwide grosses, he’s had 10 films over $100m. Clooney’s had 12, Pitt kills them both with over 25. PS I Love You may not have been a hit here, but $150m take on that budget, even with marketing costs I’m sure it was a “hit” for the studio. It’s not that US Box office doesn’t count per se anymore, but it’s becoming a smaller part of the overall business equation.

Did I call you a name? Did I say you were stupid? No I didn’t. All I said is your post was lacking somewhat in fact and sounded like an emotional not factual take. You really need to buck up little camper… You won’t last too long here if you don’t. :)

You are right. I only looked at the American box office. My bad. I admit I was lazy and didn’t dig further. Cheers!

Wow shopping today was a waste of time. Have you seen some of the prints they have on clothes, must be the circus clown effect, even Helen Keller could see those prints coming.
@ colorme, Gerry sure can pull off the viking look, wearing that mesh metal and animal skins, oh yeah!!! Not a good look for Clooney. Liked Pitt in Troy, must have been the body and the outfit.
Gerry, Pitt and Clooney are good in their own roles but out of the three Gerry is still the manliest to me.

….just saying hello….

manny and lolita ….saw Descendents last night….balled like a baby….thought george was very good in that film….

waiting for mgp and cor…..if it ever comes here……..

i also wanted to say…hands down gerry is the manliest of men for me….even in a mask and frilly shirt….ha ha..ha (loved poto)

i liked what someone said here… i think gerry and i are going to keep our relationship very superficial….i don’t think i want to know all the inner workings of his private life….i don’t want too judge anyone too harshly…gracious me i don’t want anyone digging into my privacy either….there would be more than a little shock and awe….yikes

i am looking forward to gerry the action star movie guy cause that’s what me and the boys enjoy the most from him….i know i am in the minority here but Thunders Run will put 4 cheeks in the seats….

have a super sunday y’all

God Bless yoou all! @ 03/18/2012 at 3:50 pm

sa 53:4-5
New International Version
Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed

@wtf?: WTF, Hello, I agree he is at his best when he is strutting the manliness. Glad you and the boys are well. I will go to see the Decendents, both you and Manny have given it thumbs up, sounds good. What your saying is bring lots of tissues and don’t wear a lot of eye make-up so I won’t come out of the show looking like Alice Cooper. Got Ya!!

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/18/2012 at 4:21 pm

Yeah, Leo’s pick (in scripts) tanked this year along with Clint’s pick in actors. J. Edgar got totally snubbed. Why? You name it because very little was right with that film and I adore Clint.

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/18/2012 at 4:24 pm

PS, And (J. Edgar) tanked at the box office. See, it happens… even to the best (not that Leo is but Clint sure is).

Hi all my JJ friends. RL has had me in it’s grips lately. I agree with you, Lolita and wtf, POTO sold me on Mr. Butler. I remember after the credits were rolling and listening to all the sniffling going on around me. I had to swipe at a tear or two also. My husband had taken me to see it for our anniversary 2005 and I had to have the sound track for that movie after I had seen it. Then I saw Dear Frankie and my fate was sealed. I know many fans have come and gone since then, but I keep hoping for that amazing emotional roller coaster that he took me on since then. He has had his moments in some of his films so I know he has the goods. He needs a better picker for scripts. His personal life is not particularly admirable, but I keep hope the amazing actor will come back to us soon. Have a great week ahead JJers.

@Tonto: You have a wonderful week too, good to hear from you and I agree with your post. I have no doubt he will bounce back and show us what he really is made of.

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/18/2012 at 4:51 pm

“You take the car ferry from Belfast over to Scotland, it’s about a three hour ride. Maybe Dublin has a car ferry too now.”
Thank you.
But what’s important is once he got there, handed over the lovely fine linen tea-towel, got hugs and kisses, had a meal, sleep, shower and breakfast, attended the wake, chatted up with friends he was antsy and out of focus wanting with urgent need to return to Dublin because she had let him stay the night in the tumbler pull-out after they had dinner at a restaurant near the cliffs that had a fountain with air bubbles where the water hit, well, the water.
That eventing they talked over dinner about everything but what he did and what she did.
Remember in the morning when she wakes him he took hold of her hand gently telling her to linger because he was up already. ;o)

The Noise In The Walls @ 03/18/2012 at 4:55 pm

Tonto..I agree…He’s alot got talent..but with the bad scripts and stories..You really can’t see it especially after The Bounty Hunter…Don’t get me wrong..I do love a good rom com…but please..Not sure of late, whether it be the writers etc..but Hollywood is only churning up comic heros and remakes?..

Machine Gun Preacher was good..I thought Gerry did an excellent job with that..and also…Coriolanus…It just didn’t scope a wider audience..Maybe it’s true..people only want shoot’em up, bang it up movies with alot of plot in depth characters….Smart phones…stupid people…I’m like you Tonto..keep hoping he’ll hit something again…

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so sad you beetches arew so stupid

“You need to stroll over to and educate yourself. Butler’s career has more financial mishaps than hits.”
I am very educated on Butler, probably more than you. It’s a shame you always like to tear him and his career to shreds, not to mention sticking it to his fans. Get Real.

Crazy Wench @ 03/18/2012 at 5:22 pm

“Have you read any of her “erotica”? She writes the same way she comments here only inserts the names of body parts and positions. Watching two houseflies mate is more erotic.”
That’s exactly what i was thinking when i read her erotica. Pity, I didn’t find it erotic at all.

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/18/2012 at 5:35 pm

The only way it could be found to be not erotic is if you are incomplete. As in your human parts are missing. You’re a device, wheels, gears. Have a nice night. And, ah, I doubt you read any of that first story. None. Have fun here! Byeeee

still in TX @ 03/18/2012 at 5:52 pm

There were several of sightings of Gerry at brunch in Austin today.

still in TX @ 03/18/2012 at 6:03 pm

He was seen at a restaurant called “Trace”. The brunch menu looks incredible.

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angelsrock @ 03/18/2012 at 8:13 pm

Just finished watching Timeline. It had been awhile. Movie is pretty suckey, but hawt dammm, Gerry plays the romantic hero quite well, thank you very much. That’s some kiss he plants on Lady Claire!!

Agree, The Noise In The Walls. He has the potential if he’s linked with a good director and script. He did well under Ray Finne’s direction despite being a short part. TBH with Anistan is like a death knell for anyone’s career. She’d be better suited to stick with ensemble pieces where she isn’t expected to carry the whole movie. It’s a tough racket to be in these days. There’s little choice with original scripts and the economy is affecting the film business like everything else. We can just hope his nibs wakes up and realizes he’s pizzing away his career if he continues to make films that aren’t bringing in the green, let alone critical acclaim.

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/18/2012 at 9:02 pm

“he’s pizzing away his career if he continues to make films that aren’t bringing in the green, let alone critical acclaim.”
Both did both bought in critical acclaim. Is he to blame for distribution? No. He’s an actor paid to show up, read lines, and give his best. He did. Both in Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus. I will assume you’ve see them both, no? I’m proud to say I have and he is excellent in both.

Joie de Vivre @ 03/18/2012 at 9:26 pm

@lolita: Hi Lolita! Hope you are well. The Descendants is on DVD now, I believe, available for rent as I also rented it last night and it IS a great story. One of those that deserves the acclaim it has received. Excellent acting, especially the young lady who plays his teenage daughter. She definitely has a future in acting. Take care!


@Tonto: Hi Tonto! Nice to see you here. Hope things are better for you. I agree with what you’re saying about Butler. Most of his fans just want to see him get that one golden script and then play the role and leave the rest alone. He can act and he can probably produce better than he has, but he is not a writer, in my opinion. He should leave that part to the professionals. Take care of yourself!

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/18/2012 at 9:28 pm

Good Evening JJer’s! Hope you all had a fun St. Patty’s Day yesterday! GB is on the move again:

Dani Dudek ATXgossip ‏ @fancypantsATX
Seen at ABIA on way out of town: Gerard Butler, Damien Fahey, Cisco Adler and a chick from Love Actually – the one Colin Firth falls for.
Where will he show up next? Shreveport??

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/18/2012 at 9:33 pm

And just a few tweets from Austin, TX:

Mai Huynh ‏ @maisquared
Spotted at edward sharpe/mumford show: gerard butler, olvia wilde, jason trawick
Caitlin McWeeney ‏ @cameracait
Apparently Tony Bourdain and Gerard Butler were at La Condesa/Jo’s Coffee a couple hours before I was?! Ahh no!!
Amanda Mckeehan ‏ @amanda_nicole77
Gerard butler is at same brunch as us . And he is looking sexy!!
Daniel Ramirez
6 hours ago near Austin, TX via Facebook for iPhone
Gerard Butler just walked past me. No big.
He’s still here at trace. Chilling. Like me and audrina.

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/18/2012 at 9:36 pm

More from Austin:

Hexsas (Andrew) ‏ @Hexsas
I just saw Gerard Butler!
Hexsas (Andrew) ‏ @Hexsas
@dargray On 2nd by Taverna. Tall, fit, beard and long curly hair, like a lumberjack.
Joel Destruction ‏ @JoelDestruction
Just saw Gerard Butler while eating @Cru with @ZeeBis @KenoMarco @Hexsas @urrekah Woowoo!! Sexxxy! thanks @ZeeBis for spotting him!

A-town/Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/18/2012 at 9:40 pm

So I saw Gerard Butler, he changed a flat tire for me, things progressed from there and we are now headed down the aisle. I kid, I kid. For those who don’t get that, it’s from GFW’s story on the last thread. Sorry girls, never saw him. I did however see a young teenager play guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughn, which completely blew my mind. So what was with all the George Clooney talk and UK bashing?? The UK rocks! And so does the USA. We are allies people! :-D

A-town/Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/18/2012 at 9:43 pm

Dammit Anthony Bourdain was here?! I love No Reservations! :(

justsayin @ 03/18/2012 at 9:49 pm

I personaly am a fan… I believe he is in fact a pretty great guy as per so so very many accounts of people meeting him & not just die hard fans, also he’s yes very attractive but also he is a good actor & you can’t really dispute that…. I personaly liked p.s. I love you & The Bounty Hunter etc… he does most genres pretty well…… thing is I watch movies to be entertained I don’t put a whole lot of expectation on movies because everybody is different & have varying opinions of a film…many times people will say don’t see such & such film it sucked I do anyway & may love it … these actors are here to entertain people it’s not rocket science…people expect far too much. As far as his sex life… none of my business why when & who… he’s a man & he’s acting like one. I think most often his life is speculation and that’s it…he himself has said about 3 percent of what is written or said about him is truth…not mych…. also someone said geeze how old is he partying like that he’s too old…honestly who says… he is a very social verybeuropian man and he knows how to have fun without alcohol and drugs too.He had also trouble with pain killers he knew that and did what he thought best to head off a very bad problem before it escalated out of control,good for him. I’m sure this man realizes he’s not perfect so perhaps some of you should stop expecting him to be, he’s not Jesus nor claims to be. Maybe you shouldn’t crucify him daily. Remember for a moment you or your loved ones are….oh your not? I realize this is a gossip site…who did what, etc…but geeze it’s a little much.You go as far as crucifying eachother & you’re mean…. be nice people…not enough kindness out there as it is.

Just love when you do state your opinion here you get an automatic thumbs down….unless your agreeable with people who judge & hate you don’t matter…shame shame… I will be waiting for my thumbs down…oh wait I don’t sit on here here all time waiting to judge & insult others… Justme sayin I myself am imperfect & like to respect others so I will go now as not to upset the crowd

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/18/2012 at 10:44 pm

So GB is hot—but he’s old! LOL

Alora Arceneaux ‏ @aloraarceneaux
Alora Arceneaux ‏ @aloraarceneaux
@j0sephineee he came into my work!!!! He is so hot! But so old haha

A-town/Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/18/2012 at 10:51 pm


You can’t listen to the person who said that about GB being old. If it came from a college kid here in Austin. I’m in my mid 30′s and even though I was told I look in my mid 20′s last night, I felt old as h/ell at certain places with all those college kids around. It was worth it for us because of the new music we were introduced to. And of course we were not the only people in our 30′s. Some were even beyond. But it just depended on which place you were at. You’re also as young as you feel right?

Hey, Joie! Glad to see you and CGE and a shout to angelrock, Niknoks, Lolita and Manny too. I know there’s some that I forgot, it’s been a while since I was here last. I’ve spent two days back reading here and wished I hadn’t. Some of the dialog is sad. But, all and anyone can come and put their two cents here even when it’s not so nice. Such is the world we live in. I hope you all are doing okay. I saw that you, Joie were making a special quilt for hubby. Those are the gifts that are priceless. Please let us know how he likes it. I hope Mr. Butler can get his act together and start making movies we can all go see. Hurry up GB, I aging here and I’d like to see you on the big screen and not the little screen so much. ;) But, hey, we’ll take what we can get, just not any more questionable revelations from your love life.

Blackwell @ 03/19/2012 at 1:17 am

I like the earlier discussions about Gerard ‘s careers hits and misses. Some suggested him getting involved in subtantial projects but the question is: will he play second banana? Ryan Reynolds did with Denzel Washington in Safe House will Gerard do it? Talking about careers, where this Channing Tatum come from? He just had two hits one being The Vow and the other 21 Jump Street. Audience seem to respond to him positively.

Blackwell @ 03/19/2012 at 1:25 am

And I hope his taste in scripts are much better than that in women.

I agree he is prob. in such kind of financial stress. Lost loads of investment in MGP. Actioners are no guarantee money makers either especially if they are stinkers from inception. He also poured in loads of money into PTF and OMAM and these two being money makers or not we have to wait and see. All in all one has to give props to a man who is gutsy enough to try.

Occam's Razor @ 03/19/2012 at 4:56 am

Manny – I completely forgot about marketing. Thanks for pointing that out. The point remains the same though. It just means that the movies will have to do much better than Gamer (not too hard, in theory) to recoup the losses MGP brought them. They’d better be three super-dooper action movies then! I think he’s capable of that so long as the scripts are good. Here’s hoping.

angelsrock @ 03/19/2012 at 5:04 am


Hi Tonto! There have been some rough reads here lately. Many down on Butler that’s for sure. Looks like he’s going to be very busy starting in May and running through Christmas with at least 3 projects. Looking forward to seeing him on the big screen again, but I guess we have to wait until October with OMAM. He still gets excited when talking about his movies. Let’s hope the critics and movie goers pick up on these next few movies. He deserves it after the crash and burn of MGP. It was such a good movie that no one saw. Coriolanus was excellent as was he as Aufidius.
Have a great week!!!!!

good grief! @ 03/19/2012 at 6:30 am

Anabella Jack ‏
Rowing mate texts me she totally saw that mtv nutter @Aliciamariebody at LAX tonight with Gerard Butler the 300 actor ?! #hateyoubitch

good grief! @ 03/19/2012 at 6:35 am

So I guess Gerry doesn’t mind that Alicia sold their sex life to the tabs? He’s okay with the fact that she told the world he used painkillers to have sex with her?
I’m confused. He was angry at Brandi for outing their hook-up, but he doesn’t mind when Alicia does it. WTF?

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/19/2012 at 7:16 am

@good grief!: Just saw this tweet at WO and said the same thing–GOOD GRIEF!! LOL Let’s hope they went their separate ways afterwards! =)
So he’s back in LA. Thought for sure I had seen comments that he had to do PTF re-shoots this week!
Have a great day JJer’s!!

Good morning everyone, so nice to see that the posts were upbeat and interesting.
@Joie, I am doing better but they are changing my meds, maybe something not as strong.
@Just saying, enjoyed your post, never let the thumbs get to you. A respectful post is always a pleasure to read. Kindness in this world has become a rare commodity.
Have a great day everyone, off to work.

Ugh, he flew to Texas to go to a music festival? With a woman who obviously was an enabler in his past. Enablers are frustrating but I think when they are enablers of a celebrity its obvious their motives are self absorbed. Boy this woman is a piece of work. But Gerry if he is not ready to do what he needs to do will find anyone who will allow him to carry on with business as usual. Whats next, Coachella with strippers that he calls godesses.

Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/19/2012 at 9:03 am


Ok again, SXSW is a music and FILM festival. It’s where a lot of bands get signed and screenings are held and connections are made. But if that Alicia person is an enabler, then it’s definitely not smart for Gerard to hang with her. Something mean to ask as well, he seems to like manly women, what’s up with that?

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/19/2012 at 9:08 am

@Can’tGetEnough: The reshoots are scheduled for March 25 and 26, that’s next weekend.

I am sure his outpatient team, if in fact he ever got outpatient treatment, are eager to have him check in, cough cough.

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/19/2012 at 9:13 am

Did anyone read this article posted from yesterday, if this woman is the married woman Radar Online is reporting about seems she has a history of going to the tabloids. Someone is really slipping in their judgment.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 9:34 am

“Ugh, he flew to Texas to go to a music festival? With a woman who obviously was an enabler in his past.”
She’s right music and film festival headlined by big acts and new cool films.
Sorry, I’ve been off the grid, but he did (go with someone)? He traveled (left) with her but not one photo, just “tweets”? Maybe he says please no? Dunno. Sounds fishy. Think from the looks of her she’s blend in with the tile, but not if she was with him.


Gerry will grab the hand of someone who starts rudely talking to him while he’s talking to someone else. I’ve seen him do it. It’s a “please be quiet, I’ll get to you in a minute” thing.

@Blackwell: OMAM was not produced by Gerry. Actually, Sean Penn was to play Frosty but it conflicted with another project.

just a thought @ 03/19/2012 at 10:35 am

@PsychoB: It will be interesting to see what happens this year. It is not a good sign if he is hanging around with someone who sold him out, and outed his drug use. This broad (if that’s indeed what she is lol) is all about self-promo. If he can keep it together, great. But if the endless merrymaking continues, I predict he will be dropped from one or more of these films. He is a long way from admitting he needs intensive rehab, IMO.

@good grief!: That’s a fake sighting and fake twitter account. You people are too easy.

@just a thought:

Both of you will believe anything you see, won’t you? Dummies! You live in your own little brains and create drama to spice up your dull lives!

okay lets pretend G man was there for work reasons. Where is Alan? you know his business partner. What business exactly did he need to conduct at the endless showcases he went to.

@Insider: Ah yes the insider, how many times do you claim to know Gerry? If you were a true insider than congratulations on being an enabler. We can personally thank you when Gerry hits rock bottom, but then again you will find some other fish to suck yourself to when that happens.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 10:56 am

I agree some very impressionable. Contagion theory alive and well! And need to say that is “she’d” for she’s. LOL Me and my (trademark) typos.
Really hope Of Men and Miracles (yes, my name for it) earns him a lot of respect for pulling off a surfer by learning to surf at 41, which is a big deal. And that it has a lot of juice (depth) to it script-wise because while a story about Jay, the star is Gerry as Frosty.
Was hoping Coriolanus would have gotten him and Ralph, along with Vanessa and Brian on The Charlie Rose show at least! Not too sure why it didn’t either.
Just know Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus were both fine and respectable efforts by Gerry. I don’t recall any bad reviews of his performances for either. So while they may not have been box office successes, they were personal ones. Especially with Obama (et al) going in for Joseph. What an impact! Everything matters.

J.Aniston Is A Wh@re Too @ 03/19/2012 at 10:59 am

@Insider: Hi, Moira.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 11:04 am

Dunno. Three projects on the stove doesn’t exactly sound like hitting rock bottom, but then I’m not projecting or pretending I know what he’s doing with his down time with his “friends”. I guess thinking the worst befits you well?
That he’s back in LA can only mean the most fatal of outcomes? What? He’s given up being an outpatient? And you know this how? Last I checked he had a home and works from there… oh, and that’s where Alan was. This this past weekend was for R&R.
The fatalist approach and view is very prevalent here. It’s a depressing place for the most part. No wonder I don’t bother too much any longer… nor many others. To most of you he’s a washed up has been who has failed you miserably. I can’t allow myself to catch it. Cheers!

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/19/2012 at 11:10 am

@Insider: Actually Gerard and Alan are listed as executive producers of Of Men and Mavericks, for an insider, you should have known that. Fully aware that executive producer is often a title given to people who fork out financing and/or to stars as more honorary positions but he clearly has an investment in this film.

@GerrysFascinatingWoman: Spend 5 minutes of your time GFW and look up addiction. NO ONE who has just gotten out of rehab(especially those who just go in long enough to detox) should be spending their R & R time at bars or parties. Use your brain woman. Your last post is stupidity. Your lack of any knowledge except for G’s pe/en is showing.

realitycheck @ 03/19/2012 at 11:15 am

GFW Promise to Leave JJ #1,696,969

“To most of you he’s a washed up has been who has failed you miserably. I can’t allow myself to catch it. Cheers!”

Yes just skip JJ if it offends you, but YOU’LL BE BACK, like a herpes sore.

Wait I’m alittle confused. Are we talking about the blonde hair women who initially traveled with him at the airport? How did alicia get into the mix I hope it’s not true. She only is trouble. I hope gerry can see that.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 11:46 am

I understand what is called a reflective recovery. It’s an over-confidence upon feeling better. Had it with my mom. And yes, going from rehab to red carpet is not what you would do, but it is very much what Gerry would do. As well as finding his way to a cool weekend function! Now, with who… that’s his business and that (I think) is at the heart of the matter. You disapprove.
Some have him so deceitful he couldn’t ask for water if thirsty!
Problem is (I think) is you have no power over him. That’s what bothers you… you’re ineffective. You, and what you say, mean nothing. No one wants to catch your disease. You and the shave your neck crowd are completely frustrated by him… and he knows it. He gulls the hell out of you! All anyone hears is “change” from you. Change for you. Do this and I’ll like you again. No, you’re simply scared, and angry, which I can identify with. I say let him do this his way because it’s his life.
Nothing in life has any business being perfect.

@GerrysFascinatingWoman: In reality GFW I see Gerry as exactly what he is an addict. not because of what I want him to be, but because that is what he is. And knowing a few things about addiction, I know that he is not ready to deal with it. There is nothing unique about Gerry Butler when it comes to fighting addiction. I have seen people who do not follow AA or other recovery plans to the letter and make it. But the one thing they have in common with all other recovering addicts is they know that their life doesn’t go on as business as usual. Their life changes completely. both inwardly and outwardly. So unlike you, I hope gerry does what ever he needs to do to get better. That includes, if need be, leaving the business.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 12:13 pm

Well, I’ve got news for you. He, and I’ve said it here and elsewhere, needs to pull a Bruce. He knows it but isn’t willing… why? He’s addicted.
So there. Deal with it. You apparently cannot. You’re in so deep with this (and him) I think you and many others are WHY he’s acting like he is. ooOOps. Yep.
Do you know what I hear? Go find a man. I think this is why Gerry is acting so questionable. I do. I think he wants to turn so many off to get them off his back as their go to man. Know what I mean? He doesn’t want all the fan glory, he wants to be his own man… warts and all. Very, very few people accept him “as is” and this might be his way of shaking off all the ticks and leaches that he knows won’t be there for him in the long run. Chew on that.
who knows a whole lot more about addiction than you have any idea but how you are going about it is not working because it is not inspiring… got news for you… Gerry does not respond to scolding, emotional manipulation, threats, or finger pointing… he’s the opposite guy… it all has to be his idea… even love

Oh yippee… Now WE’RE all responsible for hoe Butler acts… Heaven forbid the man is responsible for his own choices. GFW is a nitwit.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 12:35 pm

Dear PsychoB, if Gerry left the business whatever would you do? And all of these hangers on here? You’d lose your go to scold, chastise, criticize, condemn, whip for all the things he does not live up to for you. I wish he would walk. Walk, and I’ve written it here many times, and take (at least) a year off. Three words: Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. No entourage. Nothing. Him, his laptop, bike, and VISA cards. :o)

@GerrysFascinatingWoman: Oh GFW, are you headed for a melt down?

If G wanted to be his own man and wasn’t playing up to the celebrity portion of the business he would have…

a/ lived outside of the 10 square miles of HW. Lived in an area of So Cal that could care less if he likes sugar in his coffee(believe me there are more areas than not) or just leave HW period for the majority of the year. get a ranch in Montana or Scotland.

b/ find other ways of passing his time than the party scene. (by the way, there are plenty of surfers who don’t do drugs) –infact most of the surfers I have ever met were pot heads not perscription poppers or coke heads. I doubt completely that the surfing scene is where he picked up any habits. But nonetheless there are plenty of other things to do. Take his Harley and drive outside of LA (not just to where the paps can get pics) do Joshua Tree again. Get a beach house on the other hundreds of miles of beach that does not have the Malibu zip code.

c/ if he needs people to accept him how he is why would he seek out attention junkies?

The guy has issues, but they are all self made. I wish him well but making excuses for him is about as helpful for him as giving him pain killers.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 12:39 pm

Yeah, he wants to get rid of lot of you naysayers with little other to do than use him as dartboard, whipping post or Voodoo doll for all that ails you. For all he’s failed to live up to! He, much like me, is fed up with the lot of you! ha-ha-ha NAILED!

@GerrysFascinatingWoman: Your right he probably couldn’t handle being around us. most people in denial of their addiction look for people who enable them. GFW you are set. You’ re in like flynn. You are the grandaddy of Gerry’s enablers. he’s probably leaving you coded messages as we speak. in fact, I am Gerry. I have just been testing you GFW. YOU PASSED!!!!!

If you are fed up… Leave…. Please… There is the door…

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 12:52 pm

No, not heading for a meltdown but think YOU are.
YOU can’t control him. YOU mean nothing. YOU can’t get through. YOU think YOU know what’s right for him. He won’t listen to YOU. YOU are the woman of reason of sense of experience. YOU who knows so much!
YOU are secretly scared shitmiss (and angry) he’ll do something like so many think (that I won’t give voice to) so are pleading for him to listen to YOU. That is what this is all about: YOU. YOU are frightened. YOU are angry. YOU are disappointed. YOU know what’s best for him. YOU want him to do what YOU want him to do. So YOU scold. Point fingers, debase, flame what he chooses to do. Nothing is good enough for YOU.
Wrong. Not all his “issues” are self-made Ms. Freud. Got news for YOU he is dealing with his addictions far better than you are YOURS.

Joie de Vivre @ 03/19/2012 at 12:53 pm

OFF TOPIC: Just returned to my office from a morning of work in Washington DC. As I made my way through three quadrants to my final appt at Georgetown University, I was treated to a ride through the cherry blossom extravaganza around the Tidal Basin. What an amazing phenomenon! So beautiful! Year after year. Thick with tourists and activities of every sort, the city is just bursting with energy and good vibes. Spring has sprung. But the icing for the cake was during the 5-minute peak of the ride, Ralph McTell’s “Streets of London”, a song that always moves me, came on my ipod and I have to say that those 5 minutes found me in complete and total, unadulterated bliss. ♥ I will never hear that song again without thinking of that moment among the cherry blossoms, and vice versa. Happy accident, but a real perk of my career choice. Anyway, GFW, you should take yourself down there on your lunch hour instead of posting here and getting angry. It would be good for your spirit. It would be good for anyone’s spirit. Hope everyone stays safe and well.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 12:56 pm

Oh there you go passing judgement on me by calling me an enabler. Like you know. Mean bad GFW! I don’t know nuthin’ right? Wrong. I know this: What you’re trying to do does NOT work. That’s what I know.

@GerrysFascinatingWoman: Yes, its all about me GFW. Me me ME! That is why I post all the time day after day hour after hour. You should read your post GFW, your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

The Kremlin @ 03/19/2012 at 1:13 pm

@GerrysFascinatingWoman: We cannot make out your last coded messages, GFW. What are you smoking, Agent 013?

Gerard can’t and won’t rid of Alan who knows where all the bodies were buried!

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 1:22 pm

No, it’s about you not getting what you want.
What you want is something he obviously does not. You want his attention to do what you want him to do. You know it all. You know what Gerry should do and he is not complying. He is bad. He rents a home in the wrong place for God’s sake! He does not take the bike rides you think he should. So you are fuming. Your ears are bleeding you’re so furious! You are mad at anyone who says he’s doing the best he can and how he wants to do it is an enabler.
who suspects this’ll get tossed into moderation as it is always me that gets tossed under the bus for truth… but think we don’t know what Gerry’s doing… for all we know he could be using again… like you say… it’s the company one chooses to be with… I’m not knocking that, I’m just cutting him the benefit of the doubt he isn’t

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 1:30 pm

Alan accepts Gerry as is. They have a long history and are soul mates and extremely good friends. Gerry is loyal to those who are loyal to him. That and Alan is somewhat a father figure to him. And could have a lot of control over him too, which could be another reason he (could be) acting how he has. Maybe Gerry wants a different life and feels the debt too high to payback to Alan? Or even Hollywood?
Might Gerry simply need to get his respect back and is trying? What I don’t understand is what he’s done so awful to get the treatment he does here and on IMDb? I really do think he’s snapped as far as caring what his fans think of him. But some have seen him through eyes of truth and for the foggy, smelly, rough around the edges LUG that he is. That’s the truth. And he knows it… and they, that one, they don’t take the crap and nonsense act he’s dancin’ recently as the real him. No, not at all.
making this my last post… so carry on!

Get off the victim train GFW. You posted yourself into a corner. You are so overwrought you aren’t even making sense, more so than you normally do.
I think you should talk Joie’s advice, get out and take a walk. Butler doesn’t need you to be his protector. As his choices show, he does give a flying f*ck what you or anyone else thinks…

Again GFW is saying Butler is swinging on the other side and Alan is his soulmate… what a surprise. I guess if GFW can’t have him Alan should….

@GerrysFascinatingWoman: GFW, your posts should be used in a Psych 101 class.

My post was in response to your monologue stating Gerry is tired of the attention. I could care less what Gerry does with his time. But what he does do, directly contradicts your image of him. Heck, your posts directly contradict each other so why I am bothering with you is a mystery to me right now. I should just let you talk

Joie de Vivre @ 03/19/2012 at 1:52 pm

Butler is one of my favorite actors and because of his JJ threads, for me he is a guilty pleasure, as well. He is endearing and a hot mess yet sometimes he seems to miss the glaring truth that when one chooses the life of celebrity, especially in socially high-tech times, one must accept the immense responsibility that goes with that way of life. We are commoners and our private lives are not plastered all over for the world, our families, friends, clients, business associates to read about our every move. But he has to deal with that every day. IF he makes choices that are immoral, illegal and/or unhealthy, he must realize that there are twice as many disloyal people than there are loyal ones and it will more than likely get out there. I can’t speak for anyone but me but I do not let business and personal mix. His off-screen endeavors do not decide if I like him as an actor or not. If some of my straight-laced customers knew that I saw the Grateful Dead 110 times from 1975 to 1995, they would probably drop me like a hot rock; even though I am the most qualified professional to handle the business they give me with the greatest expertise around for my industry. Many people will drop Butler because he is turning out to be a disappointment for them as a real man. If he really is the man he’s been painted to be by the media these last few weeks, then he loses my respect (which is paramount for me, both ways), but not my money at the box office, if I want to see one of his films. I’ll bet he’s a really nice guy in most circumstances and I hope he takes care of himself and “conquers himself” as Plato described so long ago. I’d love to see him respected and loved until a ripe old age.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 1:52 pm

“My post was in response to your monologue stating Gerry is tired of the attention.”
Okay. Peace. Common ground. (if this’ll post) I agree. I feel he’s angry and it starts with him. He could be weak and brittle and frail from trying to live up to expectations from most directions. What you call enabling I call stepping back. Giving space. Letting him get up and make his way again. Yes, he fell off the wagon. He knows that! Why do you have to pour salt in his wounds?

GFW is so annoying

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 2:13 pm

Skip GFW. GFW makes valid points too!

I really like your post from Page 8. Lots of realizing of truth.

God Bless yoou all! @ 03/19/2012 at 2:36 pm

“Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another and working together with one mind and purpose.” Philippians 2:2

not sure. someone called it out on friday?? when they saw alicia was tweeting from austin, forgot who first found it but good catch.
i am beginning to think that alicia saying anything was a full hollywood orchestration by her people and his people to take the heat off the coming janea news.
anything is better than being an adulterer.
for some reason i am not surprised. disppointed but not surprised.

Hot Under the Collar @ 03/19/2012 at 3:42 pm

The only poster I read here is @GerrysFascinatingWoman. She is obviously the only person who has her head on straight! Manny is a jealous lunatic with a chip on her shoulder and the rest of the posters here are neurotic weirdos with gerard doll fetishes!

@Hot Under the Collar:
LMAO… Gee I wonder who you are…

HotUndertheCollarNOT @ 03/19/2012 at 3:48 pm

@Hot Under the Collar: Not too bright. If you are going to sock and support yourself don’t give away your telltale. Talking to yourself is that a sign of schizophrenia? United States of GFW. You should be as entertaining as Toni Collette.

@Hot Under the Collar: TOO OBVIOUS…..LMFAO!

@Hot Under the Collar: Hey, I’ll have you know there is much more to the Gerard doll then meets the eye! He has many uses! Now if they’d invent one that vibrates!

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 4:28 pm

Eh? Who is Toni Collette?
What’s going on here? (blink-blink) Hey, I’m just me here. I am not HotUnderTheCollar. I’m not. Really.

Just wany to point something out. Charlize theron went out on a date with alexander skargaard according to us magazine. Now why couldn’t gerry set his sites on charlize. Tall, gorgeous has her act together. That would have been a hot couple.

Just Sayin' @ 03/19/2012 at 4:55 pm


Are you socking under a ridiculous handle like that??

I believe this theory. From what I’ve seen on her facebook Alicia is engaged or almost and has nerve cavorting with single men (hmmm, gerard and all of his friends seem to have loose morals sadly),
and esp a former se/x partner, but I do see that blurb came out conveniently “just in time” to pre-empt or ‘water down’ the terrible hit his rep will take if this abandoning a married woman wit kids thing grows legs and the husband subpeonas Gerard in the divorce.
Can happen, right??

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 4:57 pm

I notice you always show up cupccake during these unique moments with this kind of stuff. Wonder why? Hummm.
Anyways, don’t ask me how I know this, but don’t think Gerry is interested in being with a high profile actress whose career is hotter than his… who in many respects is a better actor than he is? He’s got a fragile enough ego! But dueling careers? Really? He’s said himself in interviews he doesn’t know how some two-actor couples manage? But this isn’t about that is it? ;o)

19 Going on 30! @ 03/19/2012 at 4:58 pm

Probably because Charlize is admittedly mentally insane and unstable. Stories of her craziness abound. Self-centered and 40.
You hags need to Stop paring gerard with OLD used up Hollywood actress wh/ores!

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 4:59 pm

Oh, I just need to say the photo they’re using for this thread is one of this best. He looks dreamy. Like he’s stoned in love or something? He looks simply sweet as a, well, cupcake! ;o)

angelsrock @ 03/19/2012 at 4:59 pm

cupcake is a sock and a troll. ignore when you see her/its posts. i have a feeling that she is behind all the stupidity on this site.

angelssock @ 03/19/2012 at 5:01 pm

Disagree. Charlize looks like she will not age well. She looks ‘matronly.’ without makeup and extensions and gloss. :(

Hot Under the Collar @ 03/19/2012 at 5:09 pm

@19 Going on 30!:
Why, would you prefer that Gerard dates a kid like you?
Gerard doesn’t need an actress or a model/enabler. He needs a woman his own age or older who has a foot outside of Hollywood glitz and glamour. That is what will keep him sane and his career prospering.
Why would I be GFW? She has her own moniker!

Gerard Butler is producing OMAM and the sighting of Alicia did not come from a fake account. The young woman’s twitter account is legit. You’re not much of an insider, are you? I’m sure any minute now another “insider” will be telling us the tweeter was paid off by Brandi. *shaking head* I’m not happy about his latest choices either, but putting fan girl blinders on and wishing it all away isn’t going help. If I had a nickel for every ardent fan who pretended to be an insider on this site, I’d be able to finance Gerry’s films myself.

Hi JJrs! Just back last night and taking a minute to scan the threads. I go away for 15 days and whoa – GB’s been a busy boy! Hope he enjoys SXSW in Austin – great city – the festival sounds like loads of fun! Another movie project “Brilliant” and IMO a viable co-star would be Kate Beckinsale or Emily Blunt. Cited in a divorce case – ok whatever – it takes 2 to tango. Soccer match for charity – good move with a cast of comedians – I would love to be a fly on the locker room wall for the banter.

Perhaps our “hot mess” has a few more addictions to address – he has said he’s a highly addictive personality. Let’s hope he begins to make choices that he can live with and be happy about. It’s us, the fans, to decide how much is enough before the lustre starts to dull from all of the antics.

He is a truly nice person with the best humor. I have said previously I’ve met him a few times at some events in NY & CA, and in SBUX in NYC – he was so gracious and kind. Plus he is a gorgeous man up close – those green eyes and that smile are a double whammy. Even my husband said ” what a nice chap.” We all make mistakes; we’ve done things we aren’t proud of – not sure how being under a microscope surrounded by people who never say “No” to you can be healthy and where every misstep is news. People are human and therefore, fallible.

I won’t stop seeing his films, but I will call “crap” when I see a bad film no matter who the male or female lead may be. Some of GB’s films were crap scripts and no amount of fluff could save them – this can be said for many of the current top box office draws. For those who are admirers of him, let’s hope that something better happens. For those who aren’t, you are entitled to your opinion and not everyone will always agree. It’s what makes the world an interesting place just like here at JJ.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Stay happy, healthy and sane.

I agree with you. I like Gerard and think he’s got issues and do not think he makes the right decisions – esp with regards to women and friends, but im not going to close my eyes and act like he’s not doing things he obviously has problems, hello he was in rehab.
Has Janea stopped posting on here about herself yet? Was getting kinda sad. Everytime someone said she looked like a transsexual, ‘jim’ or some other person would start posting about how ‘great’ she looked making me want to throw up.

HIGH FIVE thank god someone said it.
I refuse to subscribe to the ‘Phannie Insider Denial Fan-Fic’ on this board. We can’t control Gerard. We can only hope he makes better decisions moving forward. As fans that’s all we can hope for.

Just Sayin' @ 03/19/2012 at 5:24 pm

Me, I ignore all posters who claim to be ‘Insiders’
Real insiders aren’t posting here.
Try again.

To gerry’s facinating woman you dont’t sound so facinating when you call me a sock and a troll. I only post here once. Or on ocassion. You can agree to disagree with me but don’t be insulting I am not responsible for anyones threads but my own.

Just Sayin' @ 03/19/2012 at 5:48 pm

Take a hike. You bring nothing but negativity the past few threads – that and stupid suggestions of Gerard dating drug-user actresses.

@Just Sayin’:
The wording of your post was confusing. Are you implying that I’m an insider? I’m not. I’m a fan like everyone else. I corrected the insider’s phony information. Anyone with a computer can do it. If some fans want to stay in denial and rely on false information to do it than so be it. There is a difference between staying optimistic about his future and fabricating information. I respect people like Lolita and angelsrock that choose to see the glass half full. What I don’t respect are people who can only stay optimistic by making things up. There’s a difference.

Just Sayin' @ 03/19/2012 at 6:42 pm

No I was supporting your original post that I also ignore people coming on this board claiming to be ‘insiders.’ all phonies. All GALS or doll-huggers from WO etc.
I actually deplore his phanbelt here and regularly hit the ignore when I see that the phannie-blinders have been employed with all the fake ‘insiders’, like we are stupid.
I also doubt Gerard, Brandi, Alicia – any of these people act without reason, everything is planned.
I also honestly think it’s sport for them and that they really don’t care.
I am happily married, over 50 (and still tickin!) and yes, a Gerard fan, but I know he is human and not without fault.

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 6:42 pm

@Hot Under the Collar:
Right. I do. And I don’t know who you are but if anyone “likes” me here they must think it is me talking about me. Goal here is to make me go “hidden”. So I’m not read.
In agreement. cupccake seems to pop up when things turn how they do. So she darts in tossing in dating exits to derail the conversation. Hard to explain.
19 going on 30 sounds like Hags Central. Encoded emotion is how most people lie.
I simply don’t think Gerry’s accelerated his career in reverse. Don’t wear denial glasses either. I will say that his private life eats up a lot of his professional energy.
His lifestyle can be a good reflection of his life. If things are neglected in one area, they are usually neglecting something else in their lives.
And like this last thing, the rehab not the gossip, it takes shaming or shocking people out of their unhealthy slumps. This could be what PsychoB was attempting?
The only quick fix I can suggest is that he remove 30% of the clutter (people) in his life who are sucking his life-heart energy that should be placed into his career. That, and he stay in therapy (if he is). No shame there!
As for his choices? I find little wrong with them especially these last (two which were great but badly dealt with but his acting was super) and next three which fit him well and are not romantic comedies. I do hope there is some bit of humor in them though. Also I’m holding out for HTTYD2 and a sequel to RockNRolla.

Smart post. Thanks. Proves that not all of us here are crazy Gerard Moira types. Save that for GALS.

Just Sayin' @ 03/19/2012 at 6:54 pm

Agreed though you usually are a loon too. Gerard needs to kick the ‘girls and boys’ out and stay in therapy and with handlers who have his interest in mind. Why are these grown adults who claim to be so busy, off partying in some festival in texas? I don’t understand. Why do they want that anymore.
We know Brandi is but I’d venture to say that Alicia is probably also really immature. Gerry needs a woman. Maybe he can’t handle that yet in his life. That’s all I can say.

what ever happened to the leprechaun movie? that someone was bringing up? why would he be in some movie playing a leprechaun??? thats ridiculous?

I’m back not going away anytime soon and I have never been negative.

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 7:15 pm

@Just Sayin’:
I’m like how do you not know it was some sort of weekend pass or something? A reward for being sober (on all levels) and a trust test?
Also, sometimes when someone is real good at their job (as Gerry did for Of Men and Miracles — yes my title), when you’re dedicated you start to disappear. Bear with me.
Your values, your judgment and your character go right out the window. And then the next thing you know, you’ve lost everything and everyone.
Being Gerry, who he is and where he comes or hails from, fights this. But this would work in a certain way, he doesn’t have the power, the brute force to fight it. He’s surrounded by these… people, that 30%. He doesn’t come at things like most men would. I mean men. Not Gerry.
Just bare with me. (and all this is at my blog… I copy everything there). Not going to say he’s a sissy or anything (not my point) but there is a lot of woman in Gerry. And anyone reading my 1st story and this new one, knows I’ve said this before. It isn’t a put down at all! It’s why so many (males and females) are attracted to him. He can’t come straight on. So he seduces. It works. And when it doesn’t. It’s the other way around. Things jam him up, prevent him from not doing his job. Now tell me I’m not fascinating… no wait, a loon. Have a nice night.

bystander @ 03/19/2012 at 7:36 pm

Just watched my mgp dvd. Still a bit meh, superb bits and unconvincing bits, bits that move on too quickly, bits that drag, bits that are sensitively acted, bits that are amateurly over egged, and bits where Gerry can’t pronounce a ‘T’ to save his life! A great story for making you think. ‘Charity begins at home’ is only valid if you think the world is our home, irrespective of any cultural, national, politcal or religious boundaries.
Does anyone else’s copy judder when he’s preaching after the kids he left behind are slaughtered? Don’t remem ber that from the cinema.

@ Just Sayin’
Ah, thank you for clarifying. Much appreciated. :)
@Amen, Wynter, Just Sayin’, Gabriel
It’s like we’re the silent majority in Butlerdom. The Gerard threads are dominated by the phannies and the haters — people who think he can do no wrong and people who think he can do no right. There isn’t much room for those of us who are fans and who also think he’s capable of making mistakes. Sometimes he does great things and sometimes he sc.rews up royally. To me, I think it’s more respectful as a fan to treat him as a human being, than to treat him as a god or a monster. There is a difference between being supportive and enabling. There is a difference between being critical and hating. Enabling and hating are equally destructive and unfair.

GerrysGreenEyedWoman @ 03/19/2012 at 7:55 pm

Hay thanks for the verbal thumbs up they can’t over run. My guess is everything said today will be hidden by tomorrow? It is what is.
~K, loon be me… but with the tiniest flash of something… that scares the Tsim Yung out of many here

angelsrock @ 03/19/2012 at 8:02 pm


I do remember a “judder” at some point in the movie. I saw it twice in the theater. When is the DVD release here in the U.S.?

I liked most of the movie. I thought it really tried to show that hectic lifestyle of Sam’s back and forth to Africa, trying to juggle his family and ministry and missionary work. I really don’t know how else it could have been done except as 2 different movies. You have to admit the effort was there by all involved.

Thank you.
Not all of us are crazy. I’m not a ‘hag’ either so I also take offense when whomever is here using that to describe his fans.
I think the Gerard stalkers (Gals and WO, and even pantry) are more ‘vocal’ than we are is all.
We just read to read about him as fans – I have been since Attila. I’m not 50 but I havent seen 40 in years ;) I go gaga over him and his sexiness but no i do not ever fool myself into believing he is dateable by a normal human being.
He’s a guy afterall. Boobs and lips and face render them daft.
May not like his taste. But At least he’s not gay :(
What’s funny is that I often compare the GALS and JJ and WO ‘women’ to the Justin Bieber female fans tearing apart that Selena girl. Sending her death threats and the like.
Only difference is, those girls are 14 years old.

Did I read that right? Some idiot poster said Charlize Theron is too much of an old hag for Gerry? Um….she’s 36. Six years younger than him. Okay then.

BTW, by definition, an old “hag” is an very ugly (and usually mean) old woman. A gorgeous, middle-aged woman is NOT an “old hag”….

36 is NOT middle-aged. Try mid-late-40s dear :) where I am!
36, still kids in my opinion.

Someone said charlize was an ‘idiot?’
oh forget it. you people are stupid.

i dont care what he does, just happy hes not tom hardy lol no guys please that would ruin it for me, apologies to gay gerard fans but i cant go there

@Scooter: Oh, I know 36 isn’t middle-aged, lol. But, there are a couple of posters who like to come on here (trolls!) and call middle-aged women “old hags”…. it’s like they get some sort of perverse pleasure from it…..sad.

@Jan NO. Nobody called Charlize an “idiot”. I called a poster who insulted Charlize an idiot…..

Alicia Marie ‏ @AliciaMarieBODY
I really liked the atmosphere in Austin. It was crazy with sxsw and I was with friends so it was just a good time. Recommend :)
3:01 PM – 19 Mar 12

Food for thought @ 03/19/2012 at 9:47 pm

@19 Going on 30!:
“Probably because Charlize is admittedly mentally insane and unstable. Stories of her craziness abound. Self-centered and 40.
You hags need to Stop paring gerard with OLD used up Hollywood actress wh/ores!”
Well said. ITAWY.
They keep paring him with old hags in their age bracket. How dare they?
And to top it all off, she is a nut case lunatic. They keep paring him with Halle too. An old has been that will taer his life apart. I hope the woman rots in a mental; institution for what she has done her man.

Food for thought @ 03/19/2012 at 10:02 pm

@no boys:
“i dont care what he does, just happy hes not tom hardy lol no guys please that would ruin it for me, apologies to gay gerard fans but i cant go there”
Me too. I couldn’t stand it if he were gay. It’s not my cup of tea so I understand your feelings completely.
Anyway, Charlize is not a good choice for him. She might be 36 but she looks like 10 years older. And without any makeup she looks horrible. On top of it, she has a nasty personality, So I just can’t see good-natured Gerry with a woman like her. She is better off alone, just like Halle.

@twitter: The interesting thing about this is in the tweet about the LAX sighting of Gerry and Alicia, the poster put @Aliciamariebody in her tweet, which means Alicia saw the post. Alicia seems to be confirming the sighting with her latest tweet.

This woman is in Los Angeles.

maureen browne
Great star sighting! Gerard Butler is sitting across from me at dinner. Hot!
7:13 PM – 19 Mar 12

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/20/2012 at 12:47 am

Apparently MGP was shown at a film festival in Michigan recently and there had been some major tweaks to the film compared to the original shown in theatres on the initial release and that it was in fact an improvement. Not sure if that is the version that made it to DVD or to the UK theatres or Director’s Cut etc but it was different.

@Hollywood Gossiper: Diane at WO said she went to the Michigan festival and saw MGP again. She blogged that this time there were many places that were different from the one released back last year but then she couldn’t really be sure they were. She said the “new” version was an improvement. I think the biggest problem (if I could use the word “problem”) with the movie is poor editing so any improved editing is a welcome thing to happen.

If in rehab
For prescription pain killers then why do so many action movies
If in rehab
For illegal drugs then why hit late night party circuit
If in rehab
For excuse to deflect from the Janea Alt situation then ???

He seems $$&@&$) whatever way you compute it.

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/20/2012 at 1:36 am

I would agree. Forster and Keller tried to cover too much in one film. That said it was still an emotionaly draining film in a good way IMHO. So if they had a tighter script to start and tighter editing, who knows what could have resulted.

Wasn’t it someone here who posted they overheard something in a LA restaurant that Forster was being asked to chop 20 minutes from the film before MGP was released and he refused. Sometimes it is hard to be objective when you are too enmeshed with a project. Sincere intent on Forster’s part I believe but the execution was not quite there. But films are unwieldy things by nature.

I’ve always said all those movie critics should try writing a script or making a movie and really all of us, because it is not easy at all.

I personally don’t know how a director does it without going mad and the reality there are some directors who are mad and out of control and you wonder why anyone would give them any money esp after a number of failures. Others are just mad geniuses. For all his flaws, Mel Gibson managed to direct some big epic movies. Especially rare for an actor turned director. Hmmm maybe that explains it, delayed madness.

The poor director of Beowulf and Grendel, everything that could go wrong did and yet I think he put out a good film in spite of it all IMO. One of the best opening scenes of a movie ever.

Hollywood Gossiper @ 03/20/2012 at 1:50 am


This was a good line from this article
“But this stockpiling of action roles suggests he realizes he’ll be a bit old soon, and it’s better to wield a gun now than in the inevitable “Expendables IV.” ”

bystander @ 03/20/2012 at 3:35 am

@angelsrock: thanks Angel, UK release was yesterday, don’t know about the us. I think I must have missed the judder about 3/4 through way the flicks-that was about the time i started yawning. Have to say I immediately rewound to check for a dvd fault. The judder didn’t work imo.

angelsrock @ 03/20/2012 at 6:28 am


I agree, It was awkward and came out of the blue. I hope the DVD is released here soon. I really liked the movie a lot.

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/20/2012 at 7:14 am

Good Morning JJer’s! Continuation on the tweet from post #302. Someone asked where she had seen him. Could his parents be in CA with him?? Maybe Mama came to smack him around a bit and keep him in line? =)

maureen browne ‏ @maureenabrowne
“@c_peterman: @maureenabrowne Where are you enjoying that sexy Gerry at?” Piccolo Paradiso in BH. Looks like he was dining with his parents.

Hot Under the Collar @ 03/20/2012 at 7:41 am

Thank you to whoever socked and posted that tweet from alicia, she told the person that she was in Austin for swxs with ‘friends’.
Because I am not daft, I can gather from this that she and Gerard were part of a larger group of friends.
Everyone jumped to conclusions that it was something more tawdry. I think not.

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/20/2012 at 8:02 am

@Hot Under the Collar: Alicia also tweeted on 3/17 that she was attending a charity fashion fitness show there in Austin that evening. According to the tweets and sightings, GB was at a club with Jesse James. I get the feeling there were a lot of “celebs” on that plane back to LAX and that’s all it was. Regardless, we’ll never know the “truth”, so it shouldn’t be a big deal really.

radarlove @ 03/20/2012 at 9:13 am

Not that hanging out with the usual gang or Jesse James is an improvement.. Did Jesse and Gerry exchange notes on man ho dom? Is there like a secret society of man ho dom like the Illuminiati or Freemasons?

Wow.. I didn’t know that it was so important for some of you if Gerry was spotted with this Alicia woman or any other woman ….. Who cares ?….Isn’t it getting boring for some of you just trying to figure out where Gerry is and what he’s doing and who he’s with , day in and day out?…… It was kinda fun a long time ago but C’mon people,thread after thread, after thread(shaking head)!!…Gotta get back to “Real Life” now, bye.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 9:28 am

@Hollywood Gossiper:
That’s an awful line from the article!
Old, really? Gerry is not old. Age matters little for men, for the most part, in Hollwyood, even in action films. Wasn’t Sean Penn to play “Frosty? How old is he?
I mean Bruce Willis is still making action films in his 50′s. Not my best example but the first one that springs to mind seeing him in a trailer this weekend.
Feel these new “action” films are more of the thriller suspense genre than blowout action!
He’s not daft you know. Give him some credit. He realizes he has to work within his physical limitations going forward. Such auto contagion negativity here is really so………..
boring and hurtful and lacks faith. Has everyone caught the disease?
That said I’m happy to see him touch base with his family. It all ends and begins with family.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 10:11 am

You know being at a club with someone is entirely different than actually hanging out with him. Frankly I don’t thin Gerry would step within 2 feet of Jesse James. Think, like a lot of us, he feels the same way we do about him doing what he did to Sandra. Just my hunch though.
That said I saw Act of Valor this past weekend. I hope Gerry finds a way to see it for ‘research’ for his next military projects. I’ve never left a theater more proud of my freedom to sit in a dark theater free from fear, and feeling a bit guilty about it, knowing that luxury I, and most of us, take for granted is served and protected daily by US Navy SEALS and all our armed forces.
What’s the point? I commend Gerry for selecting these kinds of roles like the taking of Baghdad to show how hard and miserable they are so we are free to live so comfortable and with a sense of security few other countries these days are allowed. Take nothing for granted.

” I get the feeling there were a lot of “celebs” on that plane back to LAX and that’s all it was.”
Just curious. Since when is Alicia a celeb? Is she in the movies, on TV, or doing modeling? I am confused about her prominence.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 10:41 am


Perspective @ 03/20/2012 at 11:16 am

What I have learned from reading this thread:
Gerard Butler has several new movie projects announced.
Gerard Butler traveled to Austin.
Gerard Butler went to movie premiers and after parties in Austin.
Gerard Butler has sex.
Gerard Butler probably has sex often and goes to a lot of parties.
Gerard Butler travels a lot.
You people spend your free time typing about Gerard Butler on the internet with people you don’t know.
Yeah. Gerard Butler is the uncool one with issues. LOL.
Yes yes, I know. You have husbands and boyfriends, good jobs, and lead active social lives with a bevy of friends. And I’m dating Prince William. Well look at that! I’m now the Duchess of Cambridge!

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/20/2012 at 11:32 am

@Dawn: I tend to use quotes around words and phrases I’m being sarcastic about. Get it now???

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 12:45 pm

Perhaps Gerry met up with his co-star Matthew McConaughy to chat about Thunder Run when in Austin? Kind of hope so. Matthew has turned his life around. Hope they work well together. He was incredible and perfectly cast in Lincoln Lawyer!
Happy first day of Spring!
hoping he does another Lincoln Lawyer tale

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 12:57 pm

Your perspective is dismal toward anyone and everyone who posts here. How come? Why is anyone who posts here lacking in anything?
Last I checked it is a gossip site so people are going to toss about gossip! My thing is the auto default believing all things nasty and ugly about him spread through viral rumors by disgruntled ex’s or malcontents.
He doesn’t owe anyone anything. And least of all his fans. He’s a contract employee who hustles to stay working and keeps getting roles! So that’s all that should matter. He was saved for a reason… to keep keepin’ on! (enter Peace sign here) ;o)
All he should focus on is his career and maintaining his sobriety (on all levels). And if being with his parents indicates this, which is something he does when he feels that need and I hope he goes home for a spell to for Easter and reclaims a part of him he’s let others snatch from him.

I wasn’t criticizing you. I am genuinely curious about why she is considered anybody?
Another thing that’s a bit baffling is how this person tweeted about seeing GB in the airport with Alicia. How did she even know who Alicia is?

Maybe someone can explain to me how come a supposed random sighting of GB in the airport had anything to do with the people speaking about seeing Alicia with him? How do they know who Alecia is?
Anabella Jack ‏ @CelebriFOOL
“Rowing mate texts me she totally saw that mtv nutter @Aliciamariebody at LAX tonight with Gerard Butler the 300 actor ?! #hateyoubitch”
Anabella Jack ‏ @CelebriFOOL
Day is officially ruined and I have class this morning. That girl (and any fitness person) annoys me. Gerard Butler is hot for an old guy.

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/20/2012 at 1:09 pm

@Dawn: I guess the person who saw them recognized Alicia? I certainly wouldn’t have recognized her. I had no idea who she was until she was mentioned a few weeks ago, that’s why I was being sarcastic when I referred to her as a celeb. Could be that article about Alicia commenting on her love life with GB prompted this sighting and tweet.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 1:13 pm

The idea, as it appears to me, is simply to talk about who he may or may not be boinking. Real or not does not matter.
Just about all female sightings lead to the possibility of his having sexual relations he could be with said female. So it excites them? Turns them on? Or at least that’s my take on it.
Any post about work and appearances (other than to speak to how he looks) are really skipped over, ignored, thumbed down and a big turn off here! It’s all about sex. And who he may be having it with. Actually most positive perspectives send people running!

Can'tGetEnough @ 03/20/2012 at 1:15 pm

@Dawn: BTW, I’m sorry if I came across as being short with you. I didn’t mean for it to sound that way. It’s just one of those days today!!

radarlove @ 03/20/2012 at 1:22 pm

@Perspective: I am crushed by your disapproval, ROFLMAO.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 1:44 pm

“Soul is one thing that The Cult have an abundance of. It’s the passion within their lyrics that offsets the power of the music. It’s the innocence found in their mystique… Soul is a rarity nowadays and The Cult are a throwback to the days when music was textured instead of processed.”
– Del James, Sonic Temple Off the Record
I had envisioned him listening to Nora Jones! LOL
who knows who Sonic Temple are but not a follower of The Cult or any cults as a matter of fact thanking you for the photo thinking things were definitely loud and him and Matt, if met up at all, did not talk work!

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 2:08 pm

That’s the best I’ve seen him look in ages! He looks darling there!

Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/20/2012 at 2:23 pm

Wanted to come on and apologize for insulting that Alicia person and insulting Gerard’s taste in women. Aesthetically wise. I don’t like bashing other women. We are all beautiful in our own way. Was just in a foul mood yesterday. If she is an enabler however, that’s not good.

Not sure why Gerard was at SX for sure. I just know why I went. To be introduced to new musical acts. And to dance a little. ;-)

God Bless yoou all! @ 03/20/2012 at 2:32 pm

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. Psalm 62:5-6 NIV

Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/20/2012 at 2:32 pm

Oy they saw The Cult. Jealous again. We missed that show. We missed that one and Keane. Missed both. :((

Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/20/2012 at 2:37 pm

Just realised I typed “missed” three times on that last post. Can you tell I’m perturbed that we MISSED those shows?? lol

@GFW…… thank you for your post #316…..your thoughtful words is kindly appreciated……. especially from flotsam

have a beautiful spring day y’all

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 3:20 pm

“Olympus Has Fallen, a project he’ll also co-produce.” Good news!
Is this a book? I might check it out. If so, I’d like to read it.
“The movie centers on an ex Secret Service agent who must foil a terrorist attack on the president’s residence,”
This would be the White House obviously. And terrorist threats in that are is really scary–and taken seriously. Might he be filming on the east coast soon enough, or eventually?
The Bricklayer, a film I really wished had gotten the green light, was to (for the most part) take place in and around DC and west coast offices) of the FBI. I that he was to play an ex (or fired) FBI agent turned mason dude. Think, from the sounds of it, he wants to get inside the minds of our government elite!
who thinks he’d have liked Keane if he saw them

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 3:25 pm

Hey thanks. It’s a good movie. Started out as a recruiting film I heard then got made longer. They’re real soldiers and the story is based on real events. They hired actors to play the bad guys but it is very fascinating in how they speak, act and truly move as one body, all of them! Even those who come in later. Every person plays a part.
What was so interesting is how they say they must, to operated distraction free, leave home in good standing. All of it. Relationships, finances, family, friends, etc for to be able to commit 100%. So the ending, which I won’t spoil, is made more profound because of this.
who highly recommends it and really hopes he gets it suggested to him somehow as it is a fast REAL action, action film

curious cat @ 03/20/2012 at 4:09 pm

I havn’t even read anything here. Apologies to old favorites on this site.I am increasingly disappointed to see Mr. Butler morph into just another Hollywood actor producing schlock. MGP and Coriolanus didn’t even show where I live.
it seems he can’t bring a really good important movie with an important message to an audience.

curious cat @ 03/20/2012 at 4:13 pm

Let’s see how long his career lasts doing schlock. Thumb me down and color me drab but he tried with two movies that didn;t sell and now is sell out time. Act in whatever he can get.

curious cat @ 03/20/2012 at 4:17 pm

Whatever he can get and what he will put his own money into. Is the handwriting on the wall clear enough? I believed in this man at one time. I didn’t buy all the rumors, just on principle. But he is not delivering. Period.

curious cat @ 03/20/2012 at 4:20 pm

I admit still that he is gorgeous.

caementarius @ 03/20/2012 at 4:21 pm

@GFW: I completely agree about “The Bricklayer” being a perfect movie for him. It was an enjoyable book and I’d love to see it on the big screen. It’s one of those stories that seems to have something for everyone (male/female, young/old) and after reading it I can really only picture him in the role of Steve Vail but if he’s not going to do it someone else really should – it could be a great film.

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 4:29 pm

Hey! I do too. Fingers crossed on this one!
I think he is still troubled, but he probably put up a good front at rehab in order to get out sooner? I really wish he would hang out with different people. Get involved with more meaningful work (besides films). I know he has done some charity work, but maybe volunteering would get his mind off of ‘stuff’ and he could sleep better at night.
I mean let’s face it he WAS so much happier when he was volunteering for Haiti and doing telethons and stuff! He’s too caught up in some weird unhealthy stuff. That if he were not so healthy would have more adverse effects and affects. So thank God he’s not unhealthy. Make sense?
And look what all it did hanging with low-life for authenticity? Not that he isn’t or didn’t exist in the culture when he was way younger? Not judging. But he had come so very far and will get back there fast too! But all that Bad Company got him hooked on drugs again and doing dastardly deeds (if true). But feel even (true) he knows he has to seek forgiveness starting with himself and begin again… and what better time than Easter season!!
Every single act over the last year of his is calculated to be the opposite of what needs to happen (and -I think- he knows it).
I have no idea how people deal with the kind of fame Gerry lives with every day. It cannot be easy. What we take for granted, freedom to come and go, say anything anytime, he can’t. Kind of sad.

I can answer your question. Alicia Marie used to host a show on MTV called “Made”. It was a self-improvement reality TV series that followed teens who wanted to be “made” into celebrities. Alicia was the fitness coach on the show. So, yes, young people would definitely recognize her. Annabella (the tweeter) even says so in her post:
“Rowing mate texts me she totally saw that mtv nutter @Aliciamariebody with Gerard Butler”

GerrysFascinatingWoman @ 03/20/2012 at 4:34 pm

“Hugh Jackman gets into character as Jean Valjean on the set of Les Miserables on Tuesday (March 20) in London, England. Joining Hugh on set was Colm Wilkinson, who originated the role of Jean Valjean on Broadway and has a cameo role in the film!”
I posted at that page I wished that was Gerard Butler as Jean Valjean. I do. He’d be perfect for it. Big, lunky, desperate for food, the discipline to make his fortune, the theft, the woman he saves, the daughter he raises. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Beancounter @ 03/20/2012 at 5:01 pm

There are an average of 24.7 posts/comments per page thus far. Approximately each page one half dozen of them are GFW’s. That means that she approximately is responsible for one quarter of all the posts on any given thread or roughly 84 posts total so far on just this thread.

Blackwell @ 03/20/2012 at 5:36 pm

It seems that big HW studios (Warner Bro, Fox, Sony etc.) have sort of abandoned Gerard as a leading man in a tent pole flix. For the last couple of years he has been focused on his own projects starring and co-producing them with smaller outfits like Relativity and now Millinium. He enjoys the creative freedom with these firms but they being often on shaky financial grounds, don’t usually have the financial backing like the big studios when it comes to marketing his movies. Shelving, direct to DVD or limited release is not viable way of survival for any movie maker. A series of losses will put anyone out of commission. PTF and OMAM will be make it or break it for Gerard.

Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/20/2012 at 5:44 pm


I saw your post on Hugh Jackman’s thread. :) Gerard would have been great too, but it is what it is. Hugh Jackman will do wonderfully. And we will get past the way Hugh looks right now……eventually… will be worth it. Let’s not make things tougher than they already are. :D

RedRidingHood @ 03/20/2012 at 7:39 pm


I don’t think it’s ever been all about the money and fame with Gerry. I think it’s been more about his freedom to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it.

RedRidingHood @ 03/20/2012 at 7:43 pm

@curious cat:

I think all actors do “schlock” once in a while. Gerry’s done some really good stuff too.

RedRidingHood @ 03/20/2012 at 8:17 pm

Poor Gerry! I think since the body image of 300, they’re not going to let him just be a regular guy now! He’ll be held to that standard forever!

RedRidingHood @ 03/20/2012 at 8:56 pm

I think PTF will do well. I’m anxious to see it.

Seriously @ 03/20/2012 at 9:30 pm

LMAO! So. Much. Word.

You seem to have a very thorough knowledge of everything posted on this thread for someone who has no interest in it. I guess the difference between someone with no life and someone with a life, is the difference between posting comments and posting comments to complain about everyone’s comments. You phannies are such hypocrites.

Seriously @ 03/20/2012 at 9:58 pm

Defensive much? LOL.

Gee, you answered my comment awfully fast. You’re still lurking away on JJ, I see. I thought the posts here were for people with no lives? You have no business complaining about the lives of people who post on JJ when you phannies lurk here every day hungrily reading every post. Don’t pretend to be above the gossip and then lurk on gossip sites.

And look at all the thumbs! More constant lurkers who claim they’re above the posts on JJ. For every thumbs up you give “perspective” and “seriously”, and for every thumbs down you give me, you’re proving me right. You guys are here day and night, so I guess you have no lives either.

@yawn: You bonehead! I posted right before you, LOL! Yeah, I had been lurking for a whopping 3 minutes. I admit that I did wait to see if you’d respond this time, which you did so awesomely …. not once but twice! :>) You can call me a lifeless gosshiphound though. That’s cool. I don’t give a sh!t. I’m not so sure Perspective isn’t a fan or “phannies” (lol, what?) though. I’d think fans would be pretty pissed about what she posted too since they live on the internet for him too. Whatevs. Take a pill, or go on and post a few more times to try and convince people you’re all good. It’s no thing. What a gas.

Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/20/2012 at 10:37 pm


Girl don’t sweat it. A lot of us here have plentiful lives. I just went back and read perspectives post for the 1st time. I hear what their saying. But like I’ve said before, I don’t read ALL of the posts here and this is just entertainment. And some interesting discussions. I check out of boredom sometimes too! I have a great life however, and there’s no one on Just Jated that can convince me differently. I travel and fill fulfilled and have loving s/ex and all of that. Gerard travels and has anonymous s/ex it seems, which is great for him. He’s successful and that’s awesome. I do hope he is fulfilled however. Doesn’t seem so at times. But don’t know that man and he is here to bring us good films right? Let’s concentrate on that.

Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/20/2012 at 10:39 pm


Wow chill. No one expects him to get back to that shape. He looks great.

@yawn -
“Gee, you answered my comment awfully fast. You’re still lurking away on JJ, I see. I thought the posts here were for people with no lives? You have no business complaining about the lives of people who post on JJ when you phannies lurk here every day hungrily reading every post. Don’t pretend to be above the gossip and then lurk on gossip sites.”
“And look at all the thumbs! More constant lurkers who claim they’re above the posts on JJ. For every thumbs up you give “perspective” and “seriously”, and for every thumbs down you give me, you’re proving me right. You guys are here day and night, so I guess you have no lives either.”
Way to be Neurosis Exhibit A dude.

The thumbs on perspective’s post #319 have been going up all day long and into the evening – 26 thumbs up and counting. Bravo phannies! Nice work! But you’ve just given away your hypocrisy. At least 26 people claiming their lives are too important for gossip, have been checking in on the thread today and reading the posts.

Yes, I know, um “Sam” (nice) the truth hurts when I point out your hypocrisy. Now scurry on back to your fan sites and complain about how much you hate JJ.

@yawn: “The thumbs on perspective’s post #319 have been going up all day long and into the evening – 26 thumbs up and counting. Bravo phannies! Nice work! But you’ve just given away your hypocrisy. At least 26 people claiming their lives are too important for gossip, have been checking in on the thread today and reading the posts.”
Wow. You really need to calm down. If you’re this defensive about the posts, it means they’ve struck a nerve. The more you post, the more you make that clear. Chill out. It’s really not that important, and if you’re getting this upset about it, maybe it is time that you took a break from this for a while.

I’m not getting upset. Classic phannie tactic. Accuse people of being “upset” when you don’t have an argument. I’m pointing out your hypocrisy. Your veil of denial is so thick, it’s takes multiple posts for you to grasp the obvious.

Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/20/2012 at 11:29 pm

@New Thread:

Ya nothing else to be said. Looks like their at The Grove. It’s a fun place. :) Must be a little annoying to not be able to have a day out with parents without intruders. They could have been called though. Sorry don’t know the game. Have a fantastic rest of the week y’all! (in my Texas talk). :D

@yawn: No, you’re not getting upset. You are upset.
“Classic phannie tactic.”
Do you believe that the phannies out to get you? Do you think there’s a phanny epidemic? Is there a phanny insurgency threatening national security? Your posts about the evils and perils of the phanny read like you’re more than a little paranoid.
Seriously. He’s just an actor, this is just a gossip site, Perspective, Seriously, and whoever else you think is out to get you here are just screen names used by people who don’t know you and who you don’t know. There’s no reason to be this disturbed.
I’m going to leave it at that, as it sounds like you’re going to spiral no matter what. Best of luck to you.

Anastasia Beaverhausen @ 03/21/2012 at 12:10 am

I believe that I worry more about my grammatical errors than anything else on these threads. Did I really type I “fill” fulfilled. Oy. Edit button pls Jared. Or Jated. :D My spellcheck (yep, blaming it on that) is not the greatest. Great posts LOL. Ok gone now. Zzzzz

I see our brave phannies have been on the prowl tonight…

gabby from wo @ 03/21/2012 at 5:30 am

The younger kind of mtv generation would recognize Gerard’s friend Alicia. my niece is 19 and knew her when i emailed her twitter and said show was on all last week? maybe some older women would know alicia as well, she is kind of distinctive looking, she’s been all over the fitness indiustry for a long time i see now,
for the record im on alicias twitter for diet advice only not stalking so dont condemn me, my weight has never gone down after having my second,
im on brandis because i like the housewives shows.
I am not in the mtv demographic at all, try a good 26 years out of that demo and i am happpy to not be in it.

“BTW, I’m sorry if I came across as being short with you. I didn’t mean for it to sound that way. It’s just one of those days today!!”
No problem at all. I hope you’re having a better day today.

thanks for the info on Aliecia.
“I don’t think it’s ever been all about the money and fame with Gerry. I think it’s been more about his freedom to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it.”
ITAWY. It’s obviously so. He always values his freedom to do as he pleases. Otherwise, he’d be married by now. The guy likes not to be tied down or commited to anyhting/anyone.

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