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Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler is working both in front of and behind the camera for his next project.

The 42-year-old Scottish actor is set to star in the action film Olympus Has Fallen, a project he’ll also co-produce.

The movie centers “on an ex Secret Service agent who must foil a terrorist attack on the president’s residence,” according to THR.

Gerard most recently starred in Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher.

He’s also replacing Eric Bana in the diamond-heist thriller Brilliant.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Gerard Butler’s new role in Olympus Has Fallen?

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375 Responses to “Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'”

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  1. 101
    Karen Says:

    I am not now nor never have been a Clooney fan on a personal level nor as an actor. And, I agree with those who think Clooney adores and wallows in his celeb status. He relishes spending big bucks on homes etc. in places the filthy rich congregate.
    Also, if Gerry dated some of the losers Clooney has publicly paraded around, some peeps here would never shut up about it.

  2. 102
    justsayin'too Says:

    I think the big difference between Clooney and Gerard is that Clooney appears to be a serial monogamist. He does have bad taste in women, but he appears to be faithful during their relationship and is not into partying etc…Gerard will stick his tongue in anything on any given day so the yuck factor for him is huge. Clooney also gets involved in causes he believes in and will go to great lenghts for them. Even if you don’t like him, you have to admire his commitment to giving back.However, Gerard only seems to give to a cause when he is trying to deflect some kind of personal indiscretion or bad PR. Big difference to me. He is totally missing the chance to be on the level of Clooney and it’s his own self sabotage!

  3. 103
    kristi Says:

    @justsayin’too: I’m glad GB is not on “the level of Clooney.” I view Clooney as an unctuous, overly smooth yucky person.

  4. 104
    LOL Says:

    @kristi: Agree. Sort of like a shady evangelist, used car salesman, insurance salesman, combined. Someone the term “oily” is used for.

  5. 105
    dummy Says:

    @just me:
    “So freedom loving you had apartheid in the south until the 60s. And the shame of guantanomo bay riding rough over international human rights. ”
    LMAO at how out of touch with reality you are!!! Separation in the south that ended over 5 decades ago??? Killers in Guantanamo that want to kill me, you, and everyone else not of their religion, are the people your so sympathetic to??? Europe is falling apart and those has-been issues concern you? Is it possible to argue with idiots???

    Go back to listening to your self-lathing professors and your self-loathing propaganda operatives you call British journalists. Those people are well-versed in yellow journalism. Wait a minute, didn’t they invent the concept in Great Britain?
    And if our arrogance bothers you so much, look at yourselves first because no one is more arrogant than the British Intelligentsia. They believe they figured it all and know ALL the answers. Thank God we don’t listen to them, save a few radicals on the left, lest our fate be with the UK – devoid of any reason or hope. You really are dummies in the UK.

  6. 106
    dummy Says:

    “Clooney also gets involved in causes he believes in and will go to great lenghts for them. ‘
    His interest in those causes is fake. Don’t let the image he sells to you color your perception. There is nothing to admire in Cloony. Everything he does is to further his career, and to project the image of the caring and aware HW star, all for public consumption.
    And how is switching women every few months or every year, make him any better than Gerard? Besides, we don’t know for sure how much Gerard cheats. At this point, it’s all hearsay and propaganda making some of the women feel less than hos about themselves. I doubt he tells any girl ‘I want to be exclusive with you until I tire of you and send you away’, as you’re implying cloony does. Truth is we don’t know what happens behind closed doors in either Clooney’s love life or Gerard’s. All we do here is speculate. Let’s make sure we understand that.

  7. 107
    GerrysGreenEyedWoman Says:

    “His interest in those causes is fake. Don’t let the image he sells to you color your perception.”
    And that includes George and his father?
    You might be best served if you take your spiteful word to HIS board! He has one you know?

  8. 108
    angelsrock Says:

    Clooney and Butler really are like comparing apples to oranges. Leave it alone. I don’t want Butler to “aspire” to be just like Clooney. I don’t really like Clooney all that much. I’m not going to smear him all over this page, but he does nothing for me. His acting is downright “vanilla”. BORING.

    For me Butler is a better actor than Clooney; much more versatile and really commands the screen. Clooney is well…..Clooney. Kind of cute, but kind of boring too. Men Who Stare at Goats and The American were horrid.

  9. 109
    just me again Says:

    @dummy: We are all dummies because we are not in right wing agreement with you? I should be proud of British history but you dismiss your country’s? It takes a dummy to know one.

  10. 110
    dummy Says:

    Like father like son.
    “Just me” is an idiot, but you’re a bigger one.

  11. 111
    radarlove Says:

    @Karen:And Gerry doesn’t, wake up darling.

  12. 112
    radarlove Says:

    If you are calling Clooney a fake regarding his political and charitable causes what do you consider Butler – a crusader? a dabbler or just as phoney as Clooney maybe more so. You can’t call him out without calling out pretty much all of Hollywood then except maybe Sean Penn. You may not like Clooney and he may not impress you, which is cool, but if you are tearing him apart then you should be tearing Butler the same strip if not a wider one.

    @Karen: If you think Gerry does not wallow in his celebrity and loves to hang out with the rich and infamous you are deluding yourself. Did you forget this past glorious summer in Malibu?

  13. 113
    GerrysGreenEyedWoman Says:

    I’m an idiot? You’ve wasted hours, nearly an entire day, here today.
    Have a nice night.

  14. 114
    dummy Says:

    @just me again:
    I don’t dismiss my county’s history; I just put into the right perspective. No matter how bad the US might have been, it pales in comparison to the dark regimes which the intelligentsia in your country defends on regular basis. Iran, Cuba, Syria, Pakistan, China, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, palestinian murders, can’t be better on human rights than the US, yet the left is silent on them. All they see is how bad America is. Wise up! America is the land of freedom and opportunity for anyone who wants to partake.
    BTW, If we’re going to talk about England, and how evil of an empire it was, how come no one from your side ever mentions what the English did to the Irish? They treated them like sub-human. All you guys talk about is how England plundered the third world, which is totally uncalled for. These dark places would still be living in the stone age if it weren’t for GB. In fact, some of them were still there not many decades ago.
    It’s obvious why. People with your mind set whole quarrel is with the white race. You stick up for anyone who is not white. The Irish are white, so they don’t deserve the same amount of outrage as black or brown deserve. Talk about discrimination!
    You people are so back ward. You’ll defend murders, polygamist, terrorists, women-hating, gay-bashing throwbacks just because they are not white, while you loath your own race. This agenda of yours has been established a long time ago. Thank God some of us can differentiate between good and evil; who deserves defending and who deserves contempt. To people like you all none-whites deserve defending and all whites deserve hate. Look at yourself in the mirror dear and be honest with yourself. You are a self-loathing English girl.

  15. 115
    dummy Says:

    Idiot, I come and go. I don’t sit by the computer to post.
    It’s funny how you call others exactly what you are. How many times did you spend 14 hours per day posting one comment after another and spamming the board? Look at yourself first.

  16. 116
    Karen Says:

    @radarlove: I never said Gerry doesn’t enjoy being a celeb and its perks. I will just comment that St. George is as big or bigger a fameho only he tries to hide it under layers of bs. Gerry is what he is, and I like him a whole lot more just ’cause he’s Gerry.

  17. 117
    Crazy Wench Says:

    GFW is a hypocrite. She points out derogatory things about herself and tries to stick them on someone else. Such a lowlife.

  18. 118
    Manny Says:

    I only brought up Clooney as an example of someone who knows the mechanics of HW and quite successfully exploits them.
    Butler could learn a few lessons from Clooney when it comes to the business end of HW. There aren’t many that can make whatever movie they want, Clooney just happens to be one of them.
    I wasn’t comparing their talent just the difference of what motivates the two. Clooney seems to be for the love of acting, whether anyone thinks he is good at it or not, where Butler’s motives seem more geared to the celebrity IMO.
    Clooney’s vanity projects are interesting choices and definitely not mainstream which I find refreshing.

  19. 119
    Whatshedonenow Says:

    Clooney is one of HW’s royalty and Butler is at best one of HW’s many  court jesters. It’s  ridiculous to compare the two. 

  20. 120
    Kelly Says:

    Anyone who considers Clooney quality is out of his kind. Such an none captivating presence.

  21. 121
    Whatshedonenow Says:

    @ Hollywood gossiper

    I totally agree with you, Butler really wants the credibility of Clooney but from what we have seen in recent years he lacks the talent and the HW political know how to do it.
    Right now Butler comes across as a bit of an emotional wreck. You get the sense that he’s fleying  professionally and personally.
    What with all those dodgy action flicks in the pipeline and continuous reshoots of PTF and OMAM, as well all those questionable PR  moves, you get the feeling he’s desperately trying to hang on to some semblance of a viable career in HW, but as you say only time will tell if he can really get himself together.

  22. 122
    just wondering Says:

    Is it possible Gerard is having financial difficulties? Maybe there was an investment or two that went sour and Gerard is in some financial trouble. It would explain his recent meltdown, as well as why he’s signing on to so much mainstream fare all of a sudden.

  23. 123
    twitter Says:

    Favorite #sxsw moment last night: girl in wonder woman costume claiming she gave Gerard Butler a ride in her pedicab and then kissed him.
    Last night’s SXSW siting: Butler Squared! Win + Gerard at the same Mexican restaurant in Austin. Maybe they’re long lost cousins…
    Agnes Nowakowski
    gerard butler and jesse james were at the club last night. mr. butler is super hot in person. #sxswcelebritysightings
    Agnes Nowakowski
    saw him @club606ATX my bf owns the club. got a hug and a picture!

  24. 124
    Char Says:

    just wondering, I think you might have something there. He’s going for the possible bigger box office and more mainstream projects it seems. The general public tend to go to movies strictly for the entertainment value. A means of escape for a couple of hours. Finding anything unique and thought provoking is harder to come by especially If it’s boring and the critics love it. It’s more fun to go to a movie where there’s either comedy, romance or something exploding and a lot of action and if it’s got all of it, then it’s even better. He might just be going for what he’s good at and that’s the action oriented films. And like you said money may be catalyst to it as well.

  25. 125
    Hehham Says:

    @Whatshedonenow: George Clooney is HW royalty because he had an aunt who was in a few movies in the 60s and his father used to be a news anchorman in Kentucky? Your definition of HW royalty is plain wrong.

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