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Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler is working both in front of and behind the camera for his next project.

The 42-year-old Scottish actor is set to star in the action film Olympus Has Fallen, a project he’ll also co-produce.

The movie centers “on an ex Secret Service agent who must foil a terrorist attack on the president’s residence,” according to THR.

Gerard most recently starred in Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher.

He’s also replacing Eric Bana in the diamond-heist thriller Brilliant.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Gerard Butler’s new role in Olympus Has Fallen?

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@Rebecca: I agree. POTO was beautiful. When Gerry cried, I cried, not many movies move me that way. Ghost ant Steel Manolia’s has me blubbering like a baby.
I cannot picture Clooney as soldier, like Gerry was in Gamer or Coriolanus. He doesn’t have that rugged manliness Gerry has. We also saw the tender side to him in Dear Frankie.

You need to stroll over to and educate yourself. Butler’s career has more financial mishaps than hits. Only three of his projects have broken the $100M mark (HTTYD, 300, James Bond TND) out of 22 films listed. Of 19 left only 6 made between $50-$100M ($50M is usually a good benchmark of breaking even for production costs and marketing). That leaves 13 that lost money. That translates to more than half of his box office credited movies bombed and some of those included Oscar winner costars.
PTF if done sexy like TUT might, I’m not convinced, make money but could wallow at box office because of a glut of romcom nausea. OMAM I would be shocked if it made back it’s money. Soul Surfer only made $43M and that even had a shark attack to spice it up.
Auditioning would be a choice for him if he wants better acting roles. Stattham has made a good living kicking ass but no one is foolish enough to say the guy can act. It will be interesting to see what Butler will pick… money or acting in the future.
@no rewrites please:
From your lips to the screenwriting gods ears. They really screwed the pooch with their rewrites on LAC.

@Occam’s Razor:
You forgot marketing budgets in your calculations. They sometimes can match or exceed production budgets.
Pitt an Clooney get the cream of the crop because 1) box office track record, 2) studios demand them, and 3) they make the movies themselves. Pitt’s Plan B is a very success production house.
BTW Butler’s reviews for Coriolanus across the board were fantastic. MGP reviews were all over the place, form great to he was what was wrong with the movie. Sheeeeeesh…
You are speaking from emotion not facts.

Did you see Clooney in Three Kings? He played a soldier and did a great job and had the opportunity to play more of an emotional range than Gamer afforded Butler.
I couldn’t picture Butler in Oh Brother Where Art Thou. Clooney was funny and that movie still makes me laugh. So see the both have sung for their supper in movies too.
Funny thing is I only brought up Clooney as a person who has mastered the HW business landscape. Like I said before, comparing their talent and resumes is like comparing apples to oranges…

@lolita: I absolutely loved the movie POTO. I had not previously seen the stage version, so I had no comparison, and the movie was my benchmark.
This past week I saw the 25th anniversary performance from the Royal Albert Hall on PBS, and was I disappointed. Sorry, purists, I just could not like it. The film sets were so gorgeous they were almost stars in themselves. That was missing from the stage performance … and of course, when you compare anyone to Gerry’s phantom, it’s a fail except in the technical voice department, but the heart and soul are missing for me. I even prefer Emmie and Patrick. Gerry, Emmie and PW willl always be the characters in my mind.

I loved the movie more than the play too.
ITAWY that the sets were beyond fantastic. It was the sharing of emotions in close ups that evoked emotion in the movie that made it so much better than the play IMO. Having just finished reading the book by Gaston Theroux this week, the phantom in the book had a voice that made angels weep. Butler’s phantom was definitely what Andrew Lloyd Webber envisioned not Theroux. BTW it was fun to read the book again after all these years.

@Manny: No Manny, I did not see Three Kings. I know we are not really comparing the two men. I could not picture Gerry doing some of the movies Clooney made and the same goes for Clooney about Gerry’s movies. They both have different styles but to me their personnalities are similar, Clooney is a goof when he wants to be. I agree when you said that Clooney knows the HW machine better. He has been in it a lot longer than Gerry. In my heart I know Gerry can do a good performance when given the right format to show it. My big Scottish brute just needs to keep that powerful personality in check sometimes. Her does need to align himself with better movie distributors and it looks like he is moving in that direction. He learned a lessons how a movie like TBH can kill a career. JA only wanted to showcase herself and you see by her flops since TBH that she does not have what it takes to be a great actress. Manny have a great day, I am off to spend some of my tax return. Have to stimulant the economy.

ITAWY. Have a great day darling.

@Manny: Karen, saw the play, loved it. Watched the old phantom movies but none compared to Gerry. I was sitting and crying saying I’ll live in the catacombs with you. I know what a nut. Gotta go have agood day.

@GerrysGreenEyedWoman: He met a woman (who is very vague in description allowing any woman to be her) on his way to a wake in Scotland (remember his friend from the band died) at a Starbucks cyber cafe. He stopped in Dublin for to buy his mother a linen tea towel and “fuel up” with coffee. He’d rented a car choosing to drive himself. CDs by his GEG (sent with her letters).
Since when can you drive from Dublin, Ireland to Scotland? Was the 007 aqua car available for rent?


Sheeeesh – I was only stating my opinion. There’s no need to be a ****** about it! As far as MGP goes – most of the bad reviews had to do with the script and also the subject matter. Sheeeesh……


Have you read any of her “erotica”? She writes the same way she comments here only inserts the names of body parts and positions. Watching two houseflies mate is more erotic.

colormeskeptical @ 03/18/2012 at 12:55 pm

If Gerry is partying with Jesse James and Owen Wilson, shudder. Did they compare the overlap on their conquest lists?

colormeskeptical @ 03/18/2012 at 1:00 pm

@lolita: True enough Clooney could have never pulled off Beowulf or Leonidas.

bystander @ 03/18/2012 at 1:04 pm

@M: no I haven’t, I just thought the article would be of interest to her.

traveller @ 03/18/2012 at 1:04 pm

@M: You take the car ferry from Belfast over to Scotland, it’s about a three hour ride. Maybe Dublin has a car ferry too now.

Wasn’t being anything but sharing my opinion and some facts. You seem to be a little touchy… Or should I reiterate… Emotional???


When you share your opinion and your facts, you could be nice about it. I wasn’t being emotional. But sometimes, not every time, you come off on this site like the board bully. Just like the ones over on IMDB. Just saying…..


Manny, I don’t disagree with you about Clooney and his career at all (I’d rather watch The American than Transformers any day, heck I know I’d even take Men Who Stare at Goats over Butler’s POTO-go ahead everyone thumb me down). But I do disagree with your take on the profitability of Butler’s career. You are looking at US Box office only, which is the one piece of the puzzle. If you look at worldwide grosses, he’s had 10 films over $100m. Clooney’s had 12, Pitt kills them both with over 25. PS I Love You may not have been a hit here, but $150m take on that budget, even with marketing costs I’m sure it was a “hit” for the studio. It’s not that US Box office doesn’t count per se anymore, but it’s becoming a smaller part of the overall business equation.

Did I call you a name? Did I say you were stupid? No I didn’t. All I said is your post was lacking somewhat in fact and sounded like an emotional not factual take. You really need to buck up little camper… You won’t last too long here if you don’t. :)

You are right. I only looked at the American box office. My bad. I admit I was lazy and didn’t dig further. Cheers!

Wow shopping today was a waste of time. Have you seen some of the prints they have on clothes, must be the circus clown effect, even Helen Keller could see those prints coming.
@ colorme, Gerry sure can pull off the viking look, wearing that mesh metal and animal skins, oh yeah!!! Not a good look for Clooney. Liked Pitt in Troy, must have been the body and the outfit.
Gerry, Pitt and Clooney are good in their own roles but out of the three Gerry is still the manliest to me.

….just saying hello….

manny and lolita ….saw Descendents last night….balled like a baby….thought george was very good in that film….

waiting for mgp and cor…..if it ever comes here……..

i also wanted to say…hands down gerry is the manliest of men for me….even in a mask and frilly shirt….ha ha..ha (loved poto)

i liked what someone said here… i think gerry and i are going to keep our relationship very superficial….i don’t think i want to know all the inner workings of his private life….i don’t want too judge anyone too harshly…gracious me i don’t want anyone digging into my privacy either….there would be more than a little shock and awe….yikes

i am looking forward to gerry the action star movie guy cause that’s what me and the boys enjoy the most from him….i know i am in the minority here but Thunders Run will put 4 cheeks in the seats….

have a super sunday y’all

God Bless yoou all! @ 03/18/2012 at 3:50 pm

sa 53:4-5
New International Version
Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed

@wtf?: WTF, Hello, I agree he is at his best when he is strutting the manliness. Glad you and the boys are well. I will go to see the Decendents, both you and Manny have given it thumbs up, sounds good. What your saying is bring lots of tissues and don’t wear a lot of eye make-up so I won’t come out of the show looking like Alice Cooper. Got Ya!!

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