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Michael Fassbender Starring in 'The Mountain Between Us'?

Michael Fassbender Starring in 'The Mountain Between Us'?

Michael Fassbender is in early talks to star in the new romantic drama, The Mountain Between Us, according to Variety.

The 34-year-old actor would play Ben Trace, “a doctor and avid climber who uses his skills to transport an injured writer named Ashley down a mountain in harsh weather.”

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The Gerardo Naranjo-directed film is based on the novel by Charles Martin which “follows two strangers who survive a plane crash in the Colorado woods and are forced to rely on one another for survival, eventually falling in love.”

Pictured inside are Michael and his girlfriend out on Thursday (March 15) in NYC’s Soho neighborhood.

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Credit: Gareth Cattermole, Jose Perez; Photos: Getty, Splash News Online
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  • Emma

    So I guess it’s safe to say that he has a type… lol

  • Tom

    Thought that was his daughter at first. Awkward

  • Regina

    His girlfriend is so ugly

  • Cheryl

    So excited to see this film…. then I hear he has a girlfriend. Maybe not then!

  • Darren

    Looks like he settled for less

  • Zac

    She is dog rough

  • ladybug

    She’s got a name, Nicole Beharie, on of his Shame co-stars.

  • Orby

    I really really want to see you Regina if you think this girl is ugly you must be a model…!

    That being said, i’m so happy for Fassy! 2 movies, one directed by Ridley Scott !

  • GerrysGreenEyedWoman

    I swear to God I cannot believe he’s only 34? Love him though. Wish him well. His career is certainly on its way!

  • Regina

    @Orby: I am so much better looking than her!

  • nililah

    He certainly likes black women. I am so jelaous of that girl :))

  • Stacie

    I just love him so much . I hope he and Nicole are together. I would be totally happy for both of them if they were dating , over the moon . Fassy makes me smile , Love him . : D Thanks JJ for uploading this story !!

  • oskar

    He has a strange, disproportionately built, slim body. He is too short, he has too short legs, too big head, too long neck, too narrow shoulders. He isn’t handsome (maybe “this thing” in “Shame” seems to be a big, because he is very slim and small;)) but he is a good actor :)

  • Ben

    His girlfriend lookes very nice.
    All the jealous haters should shut up.
    They look like a happy couple.
    Wish them all the luck in the world

  • A

    @Emma: Just because he likes darker women doesn’t mean he has a type. All of his girlfriends in the past and now look different.
    They have all been different shades of brown.
    That said, she is really pretty and i’m sure Michael likes her for HER, not because of her skin color.

  • A

    @Tom: Because they look so much alike? Come on.

  • Brittany

    .Her name is Nicole Beharie, also an actor and not just his “girlfriend”.

  • s

    A little but of digging and you’ll know his girlfriend is his co-star from the movie, Shame. Her name is Nicole Beharie.

  • james

    All of you jealous white girls are always jealous of black beauties.

  • Manuela

    come on guy Nicole is great. natural and beautiful. maybe it s his type (black white blue yellow red violet))) or she is just interesting and great. anyway if i like them together im pretty sure they r so busy so it s more friendly way with benefit with something more

  • NIkole

    I like him have a huge crush and now i see i may be his type…but this chick he has with him, she’s definitely a downgrade…ummm he can do much better that this

  • butch

    he sure do like ‘em young don’t he? This guy is seriously NOT 34 yrs old. I call liar….tisk tisk. Creepy closet pedo who managed a few good roles – but really? The sex addict movie? Not much of a stretch. Sry . This guy gives me the willies. Its not his looks that turn me off, but his penchant for flaunting very young woman and some of the weird shit he’s said since he stepped full on into the fame game.

  • vish

    I think it’s adorable he’s fallen for someone who looks so ordinary yeat beautiful. It makes him real, which is great!

  • vish


  • Nora

    Oh Sh*t. does that mean that I have to be black ?
    Sad, and i thought i might meet him and it’d be love at first sight.
    Michael what are you doing to us ?
    Ok just kidding. Have a blast Michael.

  • Stephanie

    @Darren: And wtf is that supposed to mean?

  • Tom

    @A: Obviously not you idiot. I was merely making a height difference joke. Don’t take it out of context. And if I was suggesting she was his actual daughter – she could have been adopted. Please, if you have nothing better to say then leave.

  • Darren

    @Stephanie: Cause she is fugly!

  • Jennifer

    He’s so hot …. she’s so NOT

  • Really


    Racist pig

  • Mush!!!

    Maybe they are just friends and he is trying to push her name out there.. A picture shares a1000 words:)

  • Darren

    @Really: Funny cause I didn’t use any racial words. Get an education

  • Zooey

    @Really: LMFAO. Sooooo stupid!

  • Jennifer

    No one says a racist word and people get called racist pigs? Hmmmm…..

  • Karen

    I’m sorry I just think she’s not as pretty as he is handsome.

  • Melly

    I think this is great! They look happy, I hope they’re having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

    @James- Can I just how much I like your comment?! It actually made me smile.

  • Regina

    @Melly: LMAO Your English is shit

  • Gigi

    Awww cute, he obviously has a type. Happy for them though <3

  • DaphneButler

    @Cheryl: I did it too!!! LoL And she s also ugly and close to 5’0″ !!! MICHAEL HEAR MEEE! I am 5’7″ BUT 14, that’s not a problem!!! We can wait for 10 years lets say…Hahahahaha…But anyway, I totaly agree with you, NOW I don’t like any of his movies…Blahhh… >&

  • DaphneFromFassyAGAINButler

    Well, I see no racist words here. I am not a racist also, and I don’t think that if you are balckor white or yellow or whatever, then you’r meant to be ‘fugly’ or not. There are so many black women who are total BEAUTIES , like Vanessa Williams, Tyra Banks and Oluchi Owneagba, but Mrs.Beharie (She will NEVER be Mrs. Fassbender for me!!!) is ugly and short. And Michael has to change his standards. I think that even a brilliant actor HE is a racist and not us. I don’t think that we have ever seen him with WHITE and TALL girl, except for Leasi who is 5’7″. He has a type and that’s so not romantic. THese girls, Zoe and “Nicole” ruin him for other MORE BEAUTIFUL women. And WTF, if you show him a Victoria’s Secret Angel like Laetitia Casta and from the other side he has Nicole, will he choose Nicole?!?!?!? If ‘yes’, then I will stop being a Michael fan, I am sorry. He loses his sexappeal… :/

  • DaphneFromFassyAGAINButler

    @Regina: Don’t hear them Regina, I am also intrested in modeling and I am much TALLER and PRETTIER than her. LOW STANDARDS you see…

  • DaphneFromFassyAGAINButler

    * DaphneButler and DaphneFromFassyAGAINButler is me the same person , OK? Just don’t be confused…

  • Carla Carvalho

    O gosto dele para mulheres é terrível! Um homem lindo, pena que é tão bagaceiro.

  • Kris Jenner


    Well, as long as he thinks otherwise, then its okay. But while we’re at it she can’t be but so bad because she got him and you…………..DON’T.

  • Joe Manganiello


    Yes, he has a type like most men, like most people. He has a preference and I’m sorry that its not a big busted blonde. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter its not like any fan would have a snowball’s chance in hell with him anyway. Deal.

  • Peppermint Pattie


    Are you an aspiring model? Really?! Cause most aspiring models and just pretty girls in general are too busy dealing with hot guys (guys that put Fassbender to shame…no pun intended) in their ACTUAL LIVES and are not so vested in fantasy land.

  • Peppermint Pattie


    Oh and here’s another newsflash for ya’ frau….Gerard Butler is gay.

  • DaphneFromFassyAGAINButler

    @Peppermint Pattie: I am a teen model. I am 14 and a half and I want NO comment for my age if you don’t mind. I work on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays but today we don’t work. And surfing in the Internet for some of my favorite celebs is one of the things that I do in my free time. And HELLO I don’t live in the ‘dream world’, cause you know that models, at least if you are over 18 unfortunately has MANY MANY chances with hot men and I don’t think that these ‘hot guys’ put Michael in shame.

  • DaphneFromFassyAGAINButler

    @Peppermint Pattie: Aw, and a question. How did you get at the illogical result that Gerard Butler is gay. Give an example of what you were thinking of when you were typing the phrase ‘Gerard Butler is gay’…?

  • Gigi

    Wow people, why should it matter if he loves black girls? Or if Nicole is short? What difference does it make to us? It’s his life and he obviously loves it. Guess what? The same characteristics that you hate on Nicole are the ones which made him fall for her. Leo only dates blonde, blue eyed VS models because that’s what he likes, Johnny Depp dates petite, doe eyed girls and that’s what he likes. And this is what Michael likes, so who are we to judge? They are both adults and age appropriate and are minding their business, can’t we just get along? Just because we are bombarded with photos of VS models everyday it doesn’t mean every man wants to date that type. Some people have different taste, accept it and move on. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.