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Willow Smith: Heelless Booties In NYC!

Willow Smith: Heelless Booties In NYC!

Willow Smith wears a pair of funky heelless boots as she leaves a clothing store on Thursday (March 15) in New York City.

The 11-year-old “Whip My Hair” singer rocked her green hair-do, which she debuted earlier in the month.

Last week, Willow was spotted out and about grabbing a hot drink at a bakery.

Willow recently tweeted her support of the 2012 Kony campaign to her followers.

“Go to to and watch the video for KONY 2012….and help to #stopkony” she wrote on her Twitter account.

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  • silly

    Shame on Will and Jada seriously!!!!!

  • Asha

    There is no way in hell I would let my 11 year old child wear heels let alone stripper heels. She is growing up too fast. She needs to be at home playing with her barbies.

  • Cassandra

    My God that ugly child.Allien

  • friscosangel

    Poor girl!

  • Dee

    For God’s sake she’s 11! 11!!!

  • leah

    this girl is beyond weird

  • susan

    to Asha

    I agree with you every inch of the way. but her parents have decided to let the genie out of the bottle. once that’s done it’s really hard to put it back in.

  • UGH

    Clearly she needs guidance…Her parents shouldn’t leave her to her handlers alone smh….When I was 11 I experimented in trying on my moms heels and stuff but this little girl takes everything to an extreme also they need to put hair oil around her hair line cause what ever she used to color her hair is drying it out.

  • Kevin

    Rehab by 19…sad but likely. Why do people insist on putting their children in the spotlight after seeing the affects of child stardom a la Lohan, Barrymore, Feldman, Haim, etc etc etc!

  • Where are her parents!?

    She is only 11 years old and they allow her to travel without one of them like she’s 20 years old. I hate to say this but if this was Maddox Jolie-Pitt his parents , especially his mother, would get crucified by the media and naysayers.

  • Ylg

    This poor child is screaming for help. This is a symptom of mental issues.

  • Where is your brain!?

    @Where are her parents!?:

    Nobody is exactly applauding Will and Jada, either. The majority has something negative to say about what they are doing with their daughter. However, for no apparent reason, you had to go make this about Angelina Jolie even though it has nothing to do with her. This might be shocking, so please sit down before you read my next sentence: the world does not revolve around Angelina or her children! Once you realize that, you will be a much happier person. Until then, have fun bringing Angie up on threads that are not about her. And remember this: you are not only making yourself look stupid, but you are also making Angelina look pretty stupid for attracting such psycho fans. You don’t want that, do you?! It could lead to, God forbid, people saying bad things about her!

  • emmaa

    Oh lawd…

  • To #12

    You made yourself look stupid by replying to my comment with your long assinine post. I made the assessment because both are around the same age and whether you can comprehend it or not I was not speaking about the board in general. I made the comment based on the fact that Willow has been seen/photographed several times without her parents and doing more young adult activities for an 11 year old child. Yet, not one mention of her thru media circuits or criticism of her parents. it has nothing to do with someone being a fan of any of them. I just notice and see how other kids parents are criticized and yet Will & Jada are not. just my observation on an entertainment board. Nothing serious or complex.

  • Looselipz

    What an unattractive kid. Too bad her narcacisstic parents can’t be bothered to raise her right.

  • kris

    11 years old!!!! OMG

  • Nika

    how can you call a child ugly?! I think that’s the lowest you can go…I definitely don’t agree with high heels at this age but she’s still a child so don’t call her names.

  • CMC

    KONY2012 is just propoganda garbage, if you look even 5 minutes under the surface of that pathetic 30 minute video you will see it is just propoganda crap.

  • Terri

    Well, to tell the truth the only thing that comes in mind is “Hope she wont end up like Nicki Minaj”. I just adore Will Smith, too bad he couldnt keep her daughter out from this

  • LadyB

    @Where is your brain!?:

    Seriously shush!!!! What she was saying that if she were AJ’s kid, AJ would be crucified in the press, but Will and Jada get a free pass. I 100000 percent agree with her. Your ranting about her even mentioning AJ’s name is sick. Get your nose out of AJ’s behind.

  • Mann

    She is so cute making faces a the paps Not ugly at all and I see 10 year olds wearing heels these days, no big deal.

  • Shelly


  • Tami

    Her mother is actually in New York with her I saw pictures of Jada. Jada doesn’t need to be attached to her hip all the time . I’m pretty sure Willow is with handlers there ? Anyway she’s not ugly in fact you can tell when she grows up she is going to be really pretty. She just needs to stop with her outfits! When she looks normal she looks very pretty and her age. I don’t mind the hair. Kids will experiment just the outfits . And I don’t think it’s fair to compare Willow to Lohan or whatever. Why do you only bring the negative people? Why not Raven Symone or Mowry Sisters?

  • Tami

    @Cassandra: You must look like a monkey then if you critize a child’s looks umm what is wrong with you people ? What do you look like

  • Comical

    I wish people would read more into KONY2012 before jumping on the bandwagon and tweeting about it. Educate yourself on something before following the crowd.

    Willow Smith makes me roll my eyes so hard. It’s actually unreal.

  • smaakie

    Why is that black boy wearing high heels?

  • Oh Yeah

    Hmmm a lot of Jealous Adults hating on this child. Why?

  • Lola

    She is just not aware of her age

  • cal

    her parents are idiots. she’s too young for the spotlight.

  • monique

    jesus she is creeepyyyy and ugly

  • pam

    this child is beyond looking stupid, poor kid…

  • csa

    That ugly kid is stupid as well.Dislike her parents!

  • Jaime

    Holy Cow…my daughter is 11………NO WAY SISTER!!!

  • ElaineMarley

    Looks like the “kid” from “Splice”….

  • TinaT

    Watch out! Alien is coming to town.

  • holly

    Pretty girl.

  • danielik

    Why is she here? Go to JJ junior!

  • Sofia

    When I was eleven I didn’t even know what heels were…

  • Mary H.

    I feel bad for her. She has no idea what she’s doing or how much of a fool she looks right now. But it’s not her fault, it’s her parents.

  • SeeFSee

    Too young for everything she’s being pushed into.
    I would think her parents should know better.

  • CDS

    Why not Raven Symone or the Mowry Sisters? Because at 11 years old not one of these young ladies was doing the type of inappropriate things we are seeing lil Ms. Willow doing. Which is why am sure today and throughout they’re careers you where not reading about Raven and/or the Mowry Sisters being in and out of rehab, being arrested, or there mug shots being flashed acrossed late night tv etcetera. Their parents while allowing for self expression continued to raise to them. My prayer for this beautiful and talented young lady (or any child headed in the wrong direction) is that someone will redirect her before it is to late. It’s great Will and Jada have the means to allow their childern to express them selfs. But she is still just CHILD! and as such, she still needs guidance. Everything she wants to do and/or wear (just because they can afford it) should not be agreed to. Althrough I can and do admirer their there desire to keep her in the spotlight as they build her brand. They as her parents need to be more concern about developing a strong person capable of hearing No and still being able to move forward in life. She has plenty of time to be “A Trend Setter” or whatever. Right now she needs to be able to just be a kid who has the luxury of doing a little more than the average kid. Unfortunately she should be compared to Lohan and all the others that where left at very young ages to do whatever they wanted. Yes, compare her, Will and Jada should be looking at those mistakes so they don’t make the same ones. Am sure those kids had loving parents too. They thought they were doing what was best. History has shown time and time again. Money or no Money it’s NEVER okay for kids to be left to make grown decisions. They need to be told no sometimes. You are not old enough to do this or that yet. It’s not to late for her. I pray Will and Jada wake up and do something before it is to late!

  • ali

    this is what happens when a kid never hears the word NO .

    her parents obviously let her run the show but they will pay
    big time in the future .

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    This poor kid must be having a contest to see how bad she can look.

  • Jess

    Guys… remember… she’s 11. she’s a child. go easy on the criticisms please.

  • mia


    If she was on just jared JUNIOR then the adults would have no need to write all these comments. She is countinously pushed not only into the limelight but on adult shows including this particular site and late night TV…JJ lost folks when he switched to the celebrity kiss your behind model of a blog…

  • zurichgirl

    green haired alien.

  • plami

    i just cannot say if this is a boy or a girl…..dear lord..

  • Mia

    Ofcourse this KONY thing is all propagenda. Obvious
    And also obvious that these stars get paid for it, to talk about it or advertise it.
    They all never cared about this issue and all of the sudden they do now? Strange isn’t it.
    Another thing. She should NOT be walking around like the second Rihanna in progress. Rihanna is already looking like a garbage can using stuff to numb her.
    And Rihanna started doing this very much in another phase of her teenage years. Willow is too young.
    Watching Will Smith’s shows and movies growing up, I always loved him!
    Recently since he has been into the Scientology and selling his kids for programs, movies and music. I don’t anymore.
    I never liked his wive either, she doesn’t seem very nice in real life and I bet he isn’t either.
    He was a normal guy buy Hollywood changes almost all of them.
    I wonder what he is thinking doing this to his only daughter. Wearing high heels, dancing with a stripper pole, wearing proacvitive clothes, dying her hair.
    It is not a good standard he is setting for the public. They ARE rolemodels how you put it.
    Little children ADORE these child celebs and they want to be just like them.
    I am so glad I would never ever let my child ( I don’t have any) wear this type of clothes or do these things at 11. Not with my permission

  • GoodGod

    okay. she officially looks like an alien now.

  • rosadimaggio63

    Ma mandate questa negra di 11 anni a raccogliere il cotone, invece di mandarla in giro a fare l’imbecille !!!