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Alexander Skarsgard & Brooklyn Decker: WonderCon Panel!

Alexander Skarsgard & Brooklyn Decker: WonderCon Panel!

Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, and director Peter Berg appear on a panel for their film Battleship during WonderCon 2012 on Saturday (March 17) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor is featured in a new behind-the-scenes look at the making of the soccer scenes from the film along with co-star Rihanna.

“It’s been a lot of fun, but I’m pretty sore. Chris, this guy from the Marine Corps, is a goalie. He’s been helping me a lot,” Alex said of learning the role of a soccer goalie. “It’s madness. I have no idea how it’s going to end up on screen, but I’m really enjoying it.”

“He’s actually doing really good for his first time ever learning to be a keep,” Chris said about Alex‘s abilities.

Battleship hits theaters in the U.S. on April 11!

Alexander Skarsgard & Rihanna: ‘Battleship’ Soccer Stars
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  • Love him

    Love him and he looks a little tired but still oh so very hot.

  • Lilla

    For working late last night & not getting much sleep, he looks damn good!

  • Sabrina

    Aleeeex !!!!! Miss him a lot on JJ those past weeks… Glad to see him back !

    But that movie sounds a little bit like Transformers, and god how I hate Transformers ! I’ll stick on True Blood and other movies with Alex I think !

  • BLAH

    im going to watch but leave when his character dies.

    as everyones speculating that he does.

    i just want to see him on the big screen as i refused to watch SD but then it didnt even come out in australia it just went to DVD

  • Peanut Gallery

    I will see this, out here next month!

  • Carona

    OMG Alexander looks so f**king hot . looking sexy as ever i just love the pictures can`t wait for everything with him in it very, very talented man I wish he had the uniform on and dirty just like the poster he looked so yummy

  • ladybug

    @Sabrina: I can’t believe I’ m about to write this, but I actually didn’t mind the first Transformers. There’s always a place for a good dumb popcorn movie and for Transformers did alright with that. Now the second Transformers, that was bad dumb movie.
    I’m hoping Battleship falls into the good dumb movie category.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    Heehee. I know you tPF Ho(es) are reading JJ. For Beowtches who think JJ is so beneath you, it’s sure nice to know that you like reading his blogs. Glad to know you think it’s okay that Five-head dates Fishsticks. She is as clingy as they come, so enjoy the fireworks for now and regret them later when she decides to burn down his house. Mwahaaahaa.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    I think I’m going to wait till the DVD comes out to rewind it back and forth to see Skarsgard get blown up over and over again. It’s going to be a blast … I can’t wait. It will be just like Straw Dogs when James Marsden kills him by putting the Bear trap over his head nearly decapitating him. Skarsgard must have had so much fun that he almost laughed his head off. LOL

  • sky-blue

    @ladybug I didn’t mind the first Transformers either. It was what it was…big summer blockbuster mindless entertainment. From the trailers I’ve seen, I think I’ll probably like Battleship even more. For obvious reasons. ;)

  • chelle

    His facial expressions are a riot! I want to see this but I will still probably wait for DVD just because of my time restrictions… that just stinks! I too liked first transformers so hopefully this won’t bust like so many think.

  • Prof. Nelly Fang


  • Camille

    I’m glad we got some new photos. It looks like he did get to sign a few things even though SN said that he probably wouldn’t due to working late and having to sleep. I’m glad he was able to go and do some promotion.

  • mforman

    You know what makes me laugh about US Weekly, they have fallen down alot in their reporting.
    Let us not forget how they stated that KB was hanging out with Stellan at the Kings Speech party, when it was reported by everyone else that AS and KB stayed pretty much away from each other after going their together, to me it was already over with them.
    Then US prints a ridiculous article that KB was telling Stellan how much she loved AS and got such a great deal with him because of his family. We all knew by this time none of his family or friends wanted to be near her and she was probably already stalking AS and cheating with MP.
    So now US gives us this silly nonesense from a source, I am surprised they just didn’t quote the NE, what perfect timing for CT, since that Snow White movie is already being given horrible write ups.
    As much as I think she is a beautiful woman with amazing talent, from what I have read and heard her say in interviews she isn’t the nicest person and she doesn’t care what we all think, if this gets her the publicity she wants, she will go with it.
    Maybe she should concentrate on being a mom for awhile like Sandra Bullock did, and by the way I never read she broke up with Eric Thal.
    I am so happy to see AS at Joans, looking just as yummy as always.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is Balding

    You may be right about the gossip about Charlize Theron about not being a nice person. Maybe Lainey should fill you in on her experiences of how Ms. Theron treated her in past interviews?
    Anyhow, if Five-heads like his kind of woman being crazy beowtches then that’s his preference. He can end up like one of her boyfriends for all we care.

  • SydneyGirl


    You’re an idiot. paying money to watch then walking out because boohoo Alex gets killed. Why not wait till its out on DVD. You’re an extreme stan.

  • Nutso


    Actually its the Julia Roberts version of the Snow White tale that is being given bad reviews. You really hate to think of anyone going out with Alex don’t you? Snow White and the Huntsman looks great.

  • submarine

    He looks amazing good, despite this, that he worked almost all night on the set of TB. Perfect genes :)

  • frisbee

    Opting out of promoting Battleship at a nerd fest with Kitsch and Rhianna? Smart. That would not have gone down smoothly. The movie may be dumb (I mean, wow, I don’t have enough brains to wrap it round how silly the very idea is) but the marketing team are not dropping the ball on this one.
    And I bet learning to be a goalie must’ve been a lot of fun for Alex, a football fanboy that he is. Looking good, Askars!

  • celia_luv

    is brooklyn wearin a brooklyn t-shirt?! LOL no need for name badges! :P

  • @Mr Paquin is using toupee

    @Alexander Skarsgard is Balding:

    You even read tPF for him? Obsessed much?!!! Jealousy is so very unbecoming, dear Steven ;)

  • @Mr Paquin is using toupee

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding:

    WAIT! You’re stalk…erm watching all his movies too? That’s a devotion! It might be interesting to learn why u’re so obsessed with him when you obviously don’t like him? I mean for shrinks and therapists and even for criminal profilers. That would be an useful asset for them in preventing and handling stalkerish behaviour and hate crimes. Don’t you agree ;)

  • Mina

    He looks so good. I always love it when new pics come out and I think his hair looks great. I’ll be watching this movie, even if he dies in it. I just wanna see him on the big screen.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is Balding

    @@Mr Paquin is using toupee:
    It’s Stephen, not Steven. You moron.
    I do not give a flying f*** what old Five-head does on his spare time.
    In response to your comment about being a stalker, it’s nice to see the kettle calling the pot black. Have you looked in the mirror lately or have you cracked too many with the look of your face to even bother? : p

  • @Obsessive Moron

    @Alexander Skarsgard is Balding:

    Alex looks incredibly hot all tanned and built in SD old five head or not and that’s why mr paquin (and some joe m fans, i’ve noticed) are so upset:

    And what comes to the pots and kettles, I don’t stalk mr paquin. As you noticed I even mispelled her errrm his name lol. I get all the info about mr paquin from TB sites and FB pages which cover ALL the characters and actors of True Blood, and I also have read a lot of derogatory and mean comments about Alex by mr paquin (and JoeM) fans on those sites, or maybe those nasty commentators are their publicists? You claim you don’t care what AS does on his free time right? Still you keep stalking and trolling all the Skarsthreads on internet and even name calling his fans, very mature? I don’t like mr paquin or the guy who’s playing alcide in TB but I’m not reading their forums or even less commenting their threads. And this was like your umpteenth comment in this thread, u obsessive much, moron for sure lol or are u mr paquin’s publicist? That would explain a lot ;)

  • ladybug

    @chelle: I’ll probably wait until DVD, simply because of transportation issues, it was actually much easier for me to see Melancholia than it would be for me to see Battleship.

    @frisbee, Rihanna and promoting this movie might get interesting.

    The idea for Battleship isn’t any dumber than Independence Day. I think some of the initial negativity (w/o having seen the movie) was very much the idea of how devoid HW is of any new ideas that they’re doing a movie sort of based on a board game, and it looks Transformers and has Rihanna?!
    The marketing does appear to better than for John Carter.
    As for how it’ll do? I have no idea. It opens next month in Europe, so we might get an idea after mid-April.

  • Carona

    Okay I read everyone comments i have been paying attention and noticed that the AS/CT connections have been dying down so what happen no sightings of them still no outings etc . I guess us weekly and all the other tabloids still don`t have their breakout story huh I guess it was all for nothing unless pictures will come up soon what a bunch of bull when they report a story i hope they get it write next time . Also this is bull with Stephen Moyer directing and not Alexander didn`t he do directing in Sweden on a film /films why wasn`t he asked he is the star to me of TrueBlood wouldn`t everyone here like to see Alex direct too

  • frisbee

    @ladybug: Oh, for sure, Rhianna will provide us with some interesting promotion – what I meant was that it’s a good thing it wasn’t done at WonderCon.
    And, lol, the very fact that Battleship is based on a board game is what makes it more stupid than Independence Day, imo. Sure it’s just initial negativity, but it might stick. Honestly though, I don’t think this film’s failure (either commercial or critical) would have any negative effect on Alex. He seems to be impressively immune to the “cr*p-movie actor” label, just like his father. They can do the cr*ppiest cr*p and yet always come out smelling like solid roses.
    And before anyone jumps to any conclusions, team Askars over here. I’m a huge fan of his marvelous hind parts. …not that the front ones are any worse, har! ;-)

  • ladybug

    @frisbee: If it doesn’t do well I think any blame would probably end up on TK’s shoulders, since he’s the lead. Though some of the articles the from the last week seem to think that even if Battleship tanks TK should still be alright, since he’s seems to be well liked.
    As for the based on the boardgame stuff-my friend said the same thing: They’re making a movie out Battleship? How stupid! He didn’t like it when I pointed out that his favorite movie from last year was Battlefield: Los Angeles. Which is the same concept and was not the world’s smartest movie.
    And Battleship isn’t the worst board game to make a movie out of, I’ve read that Adam Sandler is set to star in adaptation of Candy Land.

  • Canuck

    Just wanted to make a comment about how “Pirates of the Caribbean” was based on a Disney ride. Doing a film based on a board game is hardly any more stupid than that.

    @ladybug: next up: Tiddlywinks: Alien Invasion…

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: Oh, I remember the “They’re making a movie out of a Disney ride?!” articles and comments. And then the movie came out and actually got good reviews. It was a good stupid movie. They probably should have stopped at that one, though.

    Tiddlywinks. Operation. Twister. Chutes and Ladders. They already did one of Clue. Mousetrap.

  • POGO

    Even tired from working late the night before. He looks good.

  • frisbee

    Oh, there have been worse ideas for movies, for sure. PotC and Transformers spring to mind, and people have been quoting them as proof Battleship will do just fine. But really? It would take a miracle for Battleship to go that route. Every single thing shown in the trailers screams ‘FLOP’, there’s nothing that stands out, like Depp did in PotC and then well, the transforming cars did in Transformers.
    And I agree – if it does flop, Kitsch will take that fall. That in itself should be comedy gold (‘Kitsch’? in ‘Battleship’? really?!?) but I somehow just can’t, not after the disaster of John Carter. And no, I don’t think he will be alright after that and Battleship, not unless Battleship is somehow miraculously critically praised. That’s just wishful thinking, on both counts.
    But I’m actually planning to go see – and piss myself laughing at – Battleship. It combines two of things that I adore: kitsch (actual kitsch, not person) and Askars (person… and his assets though, sadly not pictured). Speaking of which – do you lovely fans have any info on Alex’s future projects? He seems to have nothing lined up for 2012 :S
    And let me add one from Deadline: Scrabble: The Movie – this time the letters spell DOOM!

  • smiles19

    Always nice to see askars out of ninja mode. He looks tired but still ridiculously hot. :)

  • ladybug

    @frisbee: Oh, Scrabble the movie! I like it!

    The trailers haven’t been well received, but that doesn’t mean people won’t go see it-GI Joe got bad reviews and people still went and saw it. In large numbers. So I never rule out that it’ll be fine, even if it’s not a huge blockbuster-though to break even it probably needs to be.

    He doesn’t have anything lined up to film this year, as of yet. I think they’re still trying to get The Vanguard ready to go by this summer.

  • Camille

    @ladybug: LOL, I love Clue! I know it’s campy and cheesy but it’s hilarious and still one of my favourite movies for pure fluff entertainment. The cast is great!

  • frisbee

    @ladybug: True, people flock to see crap all the time, but still… I’m getting bad vibes from this. Maybe it is because of the trailers, but… eh. Either way, it’s good for Alex, no? It’s his first mega-budget. Sink or float as it may, it may set him on track to follow in his father’s footsteps, a good thing, imo.
    Vanguard? Is that his brother’s project? I’m not that attentive of a fan *cough*
    Also, what’s up with the Charlize hate? In her current JJ thread people are going to town on her. She seemed like a good hook-up for him for me :S

  • Camille
  • Camille

    There are more at Meatballs Tumblr site but for some reason JJ isn’t allowing them to go through, so I guess if anyone wants to see they’ll have to go there.

  • Shocking

    Omg this is awful poor Alexander, better security is much needed, you horrible fan spoil it for the rest, I hope Alex is not freaked out to much

    Eevy Cervantes FB “He didn’t sign long, some crazy lady jumped over to his side of the table and snapped a pic with him. Security took her badge she caused a scene so they shut it down :’( she ruined it for all of us!”

  • Camille

    @Shocking: What are you talking about? I’m not following.

  • Camille

    @Shocking: Sorry I didn’t read the second part very well. I see what you’re referring to now. That is sort of scary for him. Yikes!

  • Lilla

    @Shocking: he’s usually the one who stays the longest for autographs. That really sucks.

  • danielik25

    The third photo- simply beautiful…

  • mforman

    @Nutso—Seriously come on. I have been a fan of AS’s before he came to America and never said anything about his other gf’s, before he got caught up with the disgusting famewhore. His fans were so thrilled when he finally put his foot down and got rid of that cancer, who used him for all she could, KB just showed what a pariah she truly is. Like they tried to use him for Straw Dogs publicity (anybody heard from Rod Lurie lately), they are now doing it for the release of CT’s new film, after they did it for EO’s film.
    Nutso, both CT’s and JR’s movies had major reshoots, changes in release dates and very unhappy producers. All because you saw one small trailer and liked it doesn’t mean it will be a great film. I think it will do very poorly at the box office, no matter what they are trying to pull, with these ridiculous plants of these stories, from “sources”. Yes, they were both at the Gym Bar but at different ends and with their own group of friends.
    CT wasn’t even suppossed to be at Wonder Con, it was to be the director and Kristen Stewart, but then all of a sudden she appears, this way those ridiculous bloggers and who knows who else, can plant stories that his true fans will know are not true.
    Please do not tell me that I don’t want to see him with anybody, I would love to see him with someone who gives him that smile and spark in his eyes we love to see, you know someone who doesn’t use him for their own agenda.
    Everyone should have realized what was going on when Lainey started all the EO stuff, because as she said herself there was no spark, no flirting, just talking, but she decided to spread a false rumor because they talked for a long time; but EO got more publicity for her new film and for herself than ever before. Who knows maybe CT saw that and her and her people got an idea.
    He is so laid back, he probably just laughs it off, because like he has said he doesn’t read anything about him and he knows the truth.
    I will go and see Battleship, like I said before if he is in it, I go to the movie or as with the Swedish films, I have a friend who gets them for me. Each part that he acts is different and he makes sure of that, you never see the same type of character with him and that is why I have been a fan for so long.
    So Nutso, please don’t tell me I do not want to see him happy, he is one actor that truly deserves it.

  • fee

    The man looks fiiiine. Love that look for him.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: They’ve probably done one of Twister too, only it’s porn. Hahaha!

    @frisbee: LOL for “The Scrabble of DOOM”. I suppose that if the first Battleship does well, they can have a sequel called “Minesweeper”.

  • ladybug

    @frisbee: The Vanguard is the movie idea he pitched last year and was bought by Warner Bros. Still in development:

    @Canuck, I wasn’t going to mention the Twister porn, but yes my mind did go there. There are Twister bed sheets.

    Minesweeper, there are sorts of military themed board games, no end to the sequel possibilities

    And crazy lady at WonderCon, if you’d just hung at Joan’s you’d probably get a photo, instead of jumping over a table, probably scaring the bejeebus out of people and ruining it for everyone else.

  • frisbee

    @mforman: So basically the whole Charlize thing was a hoax? Huh, odd, but I can see that happening. Both versions seem strange.
    @Canuck: Lol, Mineswepper! Sounds like an Emmerich movie, haha.
    On the joke note, here are some further Deadline comment section jokes:
    “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a Battleship.”
    “We’ll always have Battleship.”
    “Yippee kai yay, Battleship!”
    “You make me want to be a better Battleship.”
    “I gave her my heart and she gave me a Battleship.”
    “May the Battleship be with you.”
    “I see Battleships.”
    “Battleship, we have a problem.”
    Oh, who am I kidding. I’m totally going to buy the DVD. “Askars gave me Battleship.”

  • frisbee

    @ladybug: Ah, I see, thanks. Hard to tell how it will turn out to be (if at all) at this point, but I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed.