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Jessica Simpson: No, I'm Not Having Twins!

Jessica Simpson: No, I'm Not Having Twins!

Jessica Simpson shows off her huge baby bump in a form-fitting black dress at Mr. Chow on Friday (March 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 31-year-old Fashion Star mentor enjoyed a date night with fiance Eric Johnson.

“No, it’s not twins,” Jessica recently said on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, adding that she’s “not quite” due just yet. “I know it looks like it.”

“Labor is really going to hurt. I have so much respect for my mom and all the women across the world,” she said.

As for the couple’s nuptials, “I want him to be my husband so bad,” Jess said of Eric. “I do still want to wear the pretty gown, so I have to wait. Now she’ll [the baby] just be in the wedding.”

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  • Ina

    Is she wearing a huge wedding band?

  • wren

    I feel bad for Jessica – people are posting most unfortunate photos of her pregnant self. She will probably never fit back in to those daisy dukes againg though…..

  • Dana

    I don’t feel bad for her – she put herself in this position, and she had every resource in the world to insure a healthier pregnancy. She is also more than happy to use this pregnancy for publicity, so she can’t complain when folks snap pictures. Rest assured, her “dramatic weight loss” will be featured in multiple magazines so she’s going to get a lot of mileage out of being grossly overweight, and she’s even selling herself out already for endorsements. There really is no limit to this family’s greed and they will sell any moment, any personal experience, to the highest bidder.

  • Courtney

    @Dana shut up she’s not grossly overweight first time pregnant women often gain more than they are supposed to and usually because of medical reasons like severe morning sickness or gestational diabetes. she’s probably gained 55lbs at 32 weeks and will gian roughly 70 by delivery at 37 weeks on April 20th she’s also a short girl 5ft 3 1/2″ so she looks alot bigger and her daughter is predicted to be between 8-10lbs at birth and will probably be a long baby too as in like 22 inches long well considering her fiance is 6’4″ and 240lbs the weight and Length of the baby aren’t a Surprise my parents are simillar in that I was nearly 8lbs at birth and 21 1/2 inches long my mom was 5’3″ and dad was 5’11.75″ hopefully baby Maxwell doesn’t end up with birth injuries like I did. when it comes to the weight loss after pregnancy magazine issues those have gone on for decades it’s nothing new

  • Huge

    OMFG she is so freaking HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WOW

  • :)

    She’s ready to pop lol… During pregnancy your blood volume increases about 40% the heart enlarges and shifts up because of the growing fetus. Organs are basically squished. This why she has that look of exhaustion . in the end you basically spend it feeling like you had enough.

  • ridiculousJess

    Now, is she going to hate the baby because she made her gain a lot of weight??

  • Courtney

    @huge shut up maybe she can’t help it due to complications she doesn’t want to talk about before her daughter Maxwell is born and like I said before she’s short so she can’t help it. look at Mariah Carey while she was pregnant with her twins due to complications that nearly took all three of their lives she gain more than 80lbs and though born at 35 weeks the twins weighed over 6lbs each. granted Mariah is 5’9″ and muscular so she carried the pregnancy weight differently than Jessica who is less than 5’4″ and a slight frame

  • Lola

    @Courtney: oh, please! For years she’s being so overweight. In her case the fatness has absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy.

  • ian

    OMFg shes gonna birth a baby elephant ..

  • Jenny Craig

    Jessica is just using her preganancy as an excuse to turn herself into a human gargabe disposal by eating everything she sees. It’s going to be really difficult to lose all that lard once that kid is born. Look at Jessica Alba’s second pregnancy where she only gained 30 lousy pounds so it was easier to whip herself back into shape quickly.

  • Piggy

    She is as big as Mariah who had twins since she is having only one what is her excuse for this massive weight gain?

  • Leenah

    She owns a fashion line?Her style is horrible..who buys hers clothes?

  • eve

    ok. I cannot stand her and she is definitely huge. But in her defense some of these photos have been tampered with. Look at the size of there hands!

  • jaded

    I think if left to her own devices, Jessica would be plump, straight up Paula Deen style. She does like her southern fried food and loves to indulge in alcohol. But because she lives in Hollywood she can’t really indulge to her likeing. I think she is taking advantage of the pregnancy to eat everything in site. Her Weight Watchers contract will ensure that she used everything at her disposal to ride herself of the weight including tummy tucks, lipo and other surgical procedures. So basically she’s going to get paid for eating the GDP of a western country. She says that her goal is to look like Jessica Alba post-pregnancy but you have to remember that Alba is always slim and exercises and watches her weight religiously pregnant or not. She also has a completely different body type. Mayb Jessica isn’t so brainless after all: she’s figured out a way to profit from her vices and sells her fashion line although she isn’t exactly a fashion plate. So cheers to Jessica!

  • SS


    I agree. I put on a ton of weight during my pregnancy. It is a bit difficult on the delivery though, but I am glad that she is not one of those prego-rexic moms.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    The worst picture of Jessica I’ve ever seen. It’s unintentionally humourous. And that caption: No, I’m not expecting twins! It looks like she’s expecting a dinosaur.

  • Rainy


    And you don’t consider 70 lbs excessive on a short girl? Puh-leeze. Although she has already lined up a weight loss endorsement, the only way she is going to get back into shape is through plastic surgery. Most likely she has humongous stretch marks, her skin isn’t going to bounce back to firm and flat. And if she gets back to her pre-pregnancy weight within two or three months then you know she probably had plastic and lap-band surgery.

    The woman is a publicity hungry ho’ and is milking this pregnancy to the max–after all it brought her fading star back to the limelight.

  • Plum

    She will require a C-Section for that big baby.

  • csa


  • haha

    women usually gain about 30-35lbs during their pregnancy. Jessica was never a thin girl, but I think she really let herself go this time.

  • Me

    Being a mother of a small basketball team myself, I understand that pregnant women come in all shapes and sizes. It is no healthier for Jessica to be this huge than a pregnant woman to be too small. I do agree that Jessica is the type that seems like she would take the pregnancy advantage and eat whatever she wants. Labor will be difficult and losing the weight will be even that much more difficult. Hope she has a healthy baby and enjoys motherhood.

  • Ana

    She said that her hubby is ‘READY” for action all the time, but I can’t imagine the look on his face when he’s banging this fat cow…ugggh!!! I’ve been pregnant and only gained 22 pounds. I can’t imagine banging a girl that gained at least 60 pounds…When I see her, the word IDIOT always comes to mind. Her billion dollar empire is not due to her “magnificent” mind, but is run by brilliant business people.

  • me II

    oh, ana..u r soooo right….chestica is no designer! it’s all done by others….and she slaps her name on there! jessica dresses awful herself….and doesn’t even wear her own shoes….who buys her crap?? and her 1980′s hair style with the fake hair has got to gooooo!!!
    she is a big, fat cow…….and should stay home and cook healthy, and go for a walk!!! jess…look @ these pics…….u don’t look good….u will still be gigantic after this baby is born…then what?? stop eating!!! fix your real hair…stop using those wigs….ugh!!! lucky for nick he is not stuck with u!!
    and has a lovely, loving wife that takes care of herself!!!

  • just sayin

    @Ana: That is so mean…and so close minded. Jennifer Garner had a huge stomach and was very fat but no one said anything about her!!!!

  • “You Mad?”

    Uuugh!!! She is huge!!! I gained 30 pounds with pregnancy and felt exhausted by the end. How in the world can someone gain 70 pounds with just one baby? I can see twins possibly or triplets but, one baby!! She will require a c-section. She is naturally smaller girl and smaller boned. No way that baby is coming naturally. Yes..She has money she will have lap band and a tummy tuck to lose all the weight she gained. She looks like she is having an elephant! Ughh!!

  • “You Mad?”

    Jennifer Garner could at least get in jeans and was seen active walking around with the kids! Jessica looks like she can hardly walk and is waddling around b/c of her huuuuuge stomach! I would not go out looking like that. Just sayin’….

  • Ina

    I’ve seen worse and all of u Americans, fattest people in the world, must have seen worse in your lifetimes.

  • me II

    jennifer garner looked good…did not gain tooo much weight…it was only on the belly….jennifer garner stayed active…did not gain weight all over…like chestica!! jennifer garner is healthy…did not pig out!!!

  • Ina

    @me II: Jesus Christ are you insane? Jennifer Garner is taller, it was her third child & she did gain a lot of weight in her hips, arms and all around body. Are you blind or just retarded?

  • opinionated

    jeez you guys- no pregnant woman needs an excuse to be huge- she is carrying another person in there- her body is allowed to get huge to support it- she is a big breasted short woman so it makes her look huger

  • Ana

    @me II:

    How am I mean? All the Jessica S. posts lately were not too positive. Let’s face it, she is huge and can barely walk. Then she had the nerve to talk about her “orgasms”? Really?? No one cares to hear about her sex life. This woman has no class whatsoever. Was she trying to make Nick jealous? At least Nick’s wife won’t be an elephant while pregnant. She has more common sense than this woman who’s been passed on by so many guys after her divorce.

  • Pout

    May God help you people. Every time I come here people are saying mean things about Jessica Simpson. I would have a rule for people to respect the celebs that I post about. I wouldn’t hide in a house either. If you don’t like it then look away. You just want something to gabble about.
    I bet some of you look worse than her and you are not pregnant. Pregnant women shouldn’t have to hide. Pregnancy, I don’t care how big or little you are is BEAUTIFUL. GO JESS!!!

  • Pout


    Anna what you are saying is very mean, childish, hating, and cold- hearted. NO pregnant woman whether big or little should have to hide. Nor should they be compared with anyone else. If you don’t like what you see then look away. Pregnancy is beautiful. GO JESS!!!

  • Jan

    It has nothing to do with Pregnancy Jessica has said more than once that all she dose is sit around eating junk food, what part of that is healthy pregnant or not. before she was pregnant she had gaind a lot of weight not saying shw was fat becasue she wasent but once again she was eating unhealthy all of this came from her not some BS tabloid story.

  • Pout

    Just Jared ALL of your titles with Jessica Simpson make hate on this site. Your titles should be a little softer. DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST HER TOO JUST LIKE THE HATERS HERE? MY question is – What has she done to any of you? This is including Just Jared.

  • Pout


    You don’t have anything to do with what anybody eats. My doctor told me to go with my cravings because the body needs those cravings. When you crave salty foods when pregnant, it’s because the body needs the salt to produce water or the fluid needed to have a smooth birth. She will need a lot of fluid to have that baby because the baby will be large. Read up on it. YOU DON’T HAVE CRAVINGS ALL THE TIME. Everybody that I know was swollen including myself. Sure, she talks a little too much, but she isn’t hurting anyone. What I don’t understand is that if you people don’t like her and some of you seem to “hate” her, then why do you even bother to post or even look at her pics? i hope it’s not because you love to “hate”.

  • Ana

    She’s one of those women that Gisele Bundchen call “human garbage disposal”. Come on people, pregnancy is not an excuse to become the size of an elephant.

  • Pout


    I bet you look like s+++ Look away. Why are you here. She can’t help the way God made her, nor can you hater.

  • Pout

    @Ana: @Ana:

    Pregnancy is not an excuse for you to hate either. You are that MEAN person that goes around hating on Jess whether she is big or little. Trying to find the place and the person to let out your hate on because of your unhappiness. Now you have done your days hate and I hope you feel better. I hope you don’t die over it because it is not healthy. Are you from the Ghetto? Besides, I have seen Jess in person and she looks big like i did, but very cute. The cutest pregnant person I have seen yet.

  • Ellgy

    She is a short woman and not only does she look huge side-on but also front-on she is very wide. She looks like she would find walking, sitting and laying down so uncomfortable. I am not surprised people think she is having twins. I wonder if she has gestational diabetes. It will be interesting to see how much her baby weighs.

  • Ana


    Jessica Simpson is that you?

    stop living in the early 2000s…jessica is so OVER

  • me II

    i think j. simps is on here reading everything and posting about herself also………..

  • Pout


  • Jess

    Ouch! She seems about to explode!!

  • Kylie

    If she had gestational diabetes, the world would know about it, and Joe would have tried to make money off of it. And if she did, I sincerely hope that she would not be eating the food that she herself claims to have eaten through this pregnancy. She may be short, but she has gained twice the weight that is considered healthy, especially for a woman who had enough weight on her to begin with.

    So stop with the excuses. While certainly not the worst thing in the world, she has placed her inability to control herself above the health of that child. Pregnant women should be given leeway, but there is something distasteful about a woman who has no responsibility in life and every advantage and still doesn’t bother to have a healthier pregnancy.

  • Chappy

    Good for her. Best to her.
    She carries big and that is ok if she is all ok. She must feel so ready READY NOW!!
    Just one, goodness ,she should NOT under NO Circumstances marry that loser.

  • james

    She’s the typcial pregnant women, not the “hollywood pregnant lady”. She gained lots of weight, no problem, healthy mom = healthy baby

  • Oh Yeah

    It SURE LOOKS like you are Carrying Twins Jessica!!!!
    And you are not even due yet???? Have Mercy!!!!!

  • me II

    @Ina: u r just plain nasty…