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Charlize Theron: HRC Los Angeles Gala!

Charlize Theron: HRC Los Angeles Gala!

Charlize Theron looks gorgeous as she arrives at the Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Gala on Saturday (March 17) at the Ritz Carlton/JW Marriott at LA Live in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actress and new mother was awarded with the Ally for Equality Award at the gala, which was hosted by Chelsea Handler.

Earlier in the day, Charlize attended the WonderCon 2012 event, where she participated on panels for her two upcoming flicks Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman.

FYI: Charlize is wearing an Acne black dress and carrying a Tom Ford clutch.

10+ pictures inside of Charlize Theron at the HRC Gala…

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charlize theron hrc los angeles gala 01
charlize theron hrc los angeles gala 02
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Credit: Valerie Macon; Photos: Getty
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66 Responses to “Charlize Theron: HRC Los Angeles Gala!”

  1. 1


  2. 2
    lohan#1 Says:

    yummy…i would :)

  3. 3
    James Says:

    she already has the nanny on overdrive

  4. 4
    R Says:

    She’s THE BEAUTY, simple.

  5. 5
    Olivia Says:

    Simply stunning and class! well done girl congratulations for your charity award!

  6. 6
    sunny Says:

    Thank you for your activism in the Humain Right , such a class United Messenger of Peace.

  7. 7
    Mimi Says:

    Beautiful inside and out. Want to thank her for standing up for so long for the equality right i remember she is the first who said: i won’t marry till gay lesb can have the same right, she is not afraid to speak to stand and support minorities.

  8. 8
    Purple Poet Says:

    @James: Who are you to judge her parenting skills? Just because she just adopted? She says she takes her baby everywhere with her. Ofcourse she’s got help just like any working mother with a small infant. That’s what helped her adoption along. Her mother is said to care for the baby too. That doesn’t mean she’s not mothering her child when not around the cameras. She’s not around them 24/7

  9. 9
    nahj Says:

    I think she looks best in simple clothes like this. Her beauty shines and doesn’t have a fancy, ruffly gown to compete with for your attention.

  10. 10
    great actress and woman Says:

    Congrats, well deserved ! she has done such a wonderful work in Congo, SA through her Africa Out Reach Project she builts mobile clinics in the poor rural areas of SA bringed the money to help the kids and the families affected by HIV, an education health system for the thousands and thousands kids , a computer program, different infectious diseases, the cleaning water, she builts many football fields for the kids….she has done so much without creating a big fuss about herself doing it..keep up the good work Charlize !

  11. 11
    Mary Says:

    Love this humble women, she knows the real value of the life after all what she had been through, she knows what is loosing people she knows what is violence towards womens, she’s not like one of those hollywood spoiled actors born in LA who discovred pauvrety and violences lately…whene she started her campaigns to fight violences against women she was 22 years old, she knows the subject very well her mother too, and the way she is now giving back to people who’ve been through similar dramas as her is very good.

  12. 12
    sofia Says:

    Wow stunningly beautiful from head to toe !!!!

  13. 13
    Helen Says:

    Thought new mothers stay more at home

  14. 14
    josie Says:

    Here is pictures during her acceptance speech inside, love this pic lovely smile she was glowing !

  15. 15
    You Says:

    @Purple Poet: And did she hire you as her lawyer .. Her mother is a killer. Who needs a killer to take care of a baby. Idiot LOL

  16. 16
    kate Says:


    She is very rare as an actress, we see her mostly when it comes to promote her films (like yesterday 2 of her films presented the same day) and at the honoring awards, her charity award happend to be the same day as the panels, she didn’t choose the shedule for god sake, get over yourself some ppl just love to be picky about every stupid non sense thing, i guess just to find something to say, since there is nothing to say.

    Congrats to Charlize whom she did something beautiful for giving a loving home to her littel angel jackson !

  17. 17
    adrianna Says:

    This is the most disgusting thing i’ve ever heard, shame on you awful hater, her mother protected herself and her little daughter from an alchoolic abusive ( killer) man who was about to kill both of them, in self defense, you did not live the nightmare of this woman you have no idea what it is to be in her place with someone in a front of you ready to kill you , of course you don’t know stitting in your comfortable chair spearding hateful sh*t like a shameful piece of crap wish you will live the same stituation as her.

  18. 18
    Anne Says:

    You go Charlize generous talented down to earth and the most beautiful actress in the world !!

  19. 19
    Charlotte Says:

    I love you Charlize! Je t’adooooooooooooooooooooore tu es l’une des plus belle class talentueuse actrice de cette gènèration, je suis contente pour toi et Jackson!

  20. 20
    goldy Says:

    Golden beauty with a golden heart

  21. 21
    ellen Says:

    Effortlessly beautiful…………

  22. 22
    samantha Says:

    Statuesque beauty, she personifies the elegance and class.

  23. 23
    love her Says:

    My favorite actress, humble class act, out of the tabloids scandals and dirt, talented versatile Oscar Winner, United Messenger Of Peace, Dior face, her name known worldwide and is marked on the walk of fame along with the legends for her talented work, and now will be one hot mom so excited for her !

  24. 24
    Tom Says:

    didn’t know she was gay… guess that’s why she adopted,

  25. 25
    lola Says:

    Love this pic

  26. 26
    lola Says:

    And this one perfect !

  27. 27
    wth Says:


    What does adoption has to do with being gay or not? what’s the connection, you narow minded homophobic, sometimes i wonder if we are living in 2012…..

    Also i notice that there is one frustrated hater who is trying so hard to bash with different names with her stupid crap, a fan of a certain actor who read too much rumors, and who probably things she will marry him someday , or whatver f-ck this teenage creeps things, as a fan of charlize and as a poster in this board i’ve notice this kind of behaviour since 3 days ago, it almost calm polite and nice here.

  28. 28
    jojo Says:

    Lovely charlize you look radiant, congrats!

  29. 29
    Bob Says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful.

  30. 30
    stacie Says:

    Thank you jared you rock! she is so lovely!

    *Girl crush* at

  31. 31
    Freddy Says:

    All Hail the Queen !!

  32. 32
    AL Says:


  33. 33
    gigi Says:

    @ Tom
    You seriously need to grow up.

  34. 34
    lily Says:

    Congrats! Thanks for all the good work Charlize you’ve helped so many can’t thank you enough .

    Please check out we can all make a difference a step just not forget them, they are living just in the same planet as us but they are not benificing the same life.

  35. 35
    frisbee Says:

    What’s with the hate? Most of the comments are positive (sans some few douches) and yet they keep getting thumbs down. How has Charlize offended the JJ populace?

  36. 36
    doris Says:

    Looooove her

  37. 37
    Strange Says:

    Where is her man Alexander Skarsgard he should be here with her celebrating with her . Any sightings of them anywhere they were attending the wonder-con at different times are they really dating no pictures surface yet of them together 3 weeks now still nothing . Shout it to the world you with Alex or was that only sex

  38. 38
    Carona Says:

    she looks stunning beautiful

  39. 39
    they are a crazy sad loosers Says:

    @frisbee This comes from some creepy fanatic of that actor of series who play
    vampire you know alexander something…i personally didn’t heard much about they get all hysterical, they think they have all the right on him that it is their husband you know the scary teenage creep pathetic fanatic thing… like jealous b!tches they beleive the crappy rumours, it’s not even true, i hope charlize will get with someone like her .

  40. 40
    RB Says:

    What a f@cking freaks!!! get lost you and your f@cking actor Charlize is much better than all of you along with him go make love to his poster till get lost f@cking pathetic b*tches, charlize is no way with this guy !!

  41. 41
    maria Says:

    @RB: Hahahaah amen you make my day, yeah some of these horny pathetic girls are pretty sad ,especially the one who keeps thumbs down poor thing, she is living in a fantasy world diconnected from reality no life no should get life and get real boyfriend my god it’s crazy. Wake up AS doesn’t know you he will never marry you lol! Wait wait no don’t shoot yourself he just called he’s coming he says he’s going to take you out today get prepared LOL.

  42. 42
    Chloe Says:

    Thanks jared for this beautiful pix , Charlize so elegant so class as always, what a class act lady she is so inspiring some media h*es should take some notes.

    PS just ignore that hater jealous kid, but who the f*cki is AS? can someone write the entire name!

  43. 43
    Carona Says:

    @Chloe:His name is Alexander Skarsgard you know Eric Northman on True Blood

  44. 44
    frisbee Says:

    @they are a crazy sad loosers: Seriously? That’s what this is about? Being an Askars fan myself, I’ve always thought his fandom to be more well, mature. Plus, it would seem like hooking up with Charlize would be a good thing for him, she’s in the big league, after all.
    So was Charlize liked on JJ before this? I never really paid attention to her press, but somehow assumed no.

  45. 45
    Just saying.. Says:

    Am i missing something here? So what if Ms Theron and M Skarsgard are hanging out, i don’t know if it’s true or if it’s just something made up, i doubt they are an item it comes from NE( garbage source), but what if it’s true what’s the problem here, is that a crime ? they are both free single adults, it’s their lifes who are we to say, neither Theron or Skarsgard are our proprieties, calm down it’s nothing of our business grow up.

  46. 46
    yep Says:


    Yeah it’s been quite calm nice and polite here, it’s mostly a good atmosphere in her threads you can check some of her older threads in Jared, i mean there is no reason to be not calm too , she is no attention h* who is involved/ or in covers of tabloids and stuff, she is quite down to earth do her work live her simple life with her family and friends, but since that rumor of her dating AS it’ has changed a bit it’s like what’s up with down thumbs thing what’s the reason? it was obvious i also read some of their comments on Charlize.. but then you see 1 or 2 fanatic nothing important…

  47. 47
    Chloe Says:


    Ah ok, thanks.

  48. 48
    Bf? Says:

    Where is her bf? Alex skarsgard

  49. 49
    doll Says:

    Congrats angelic beauty!

  50. 50
    no Says:


    Charlize is single, it’s not her boyfriend, where did you came with this?

  51. 51
    amy Says:

    Beautiful recognition she looks so gorgeous! Can’t wait for Prometheus i just saw the trailer it’s terrific!!! Can’t wait for SWATH too!!

  52. 52
    frisbee Says:

    @yep: Ah, I see, thanks. And true, it’s not like there’s some crazy crowds of crazy Askars fans. Enough to notice but not worringly so.

  53. 53
    6jj posts Says:

    thats 6 charlize posts since march 14 th?? Her last jj post was feb 27th
    Alexander does wonders for publicity and there are no pics of there rumoured romance just gossip?
    look at lizzie Olsen she had a fair few JJ posts after some rumoured romance gossip there was also no pics of them either?
    These ladies sure get free advertising just for chatting or having a drink with Alexander ………. your instantly his girlfriend .


  54. 54
    Thumbs down why? Says:

    What’s with all the thumbs down on Charlize?

    And what’s your prob that Charlize has had six JJ posts since 14th her adoption news has been big of course JJ is going to post and she has x2 new films she is promoting.

    and how has that got anything to do with Alexander? Are you saying all of a sudden she has got publicity because of that bullshit dating NE article ?
    Charlize is an established Oscar actress she does very well on her own ….unlike Alexander’s EXGF cough Kate cough bosworthless

  55. 55
    gaby Says:

    It’s Michael Fassbender who gave her the award with a presentation! love both of them, would be nice to see them working again in an other movie they have such great chemistry!

  56. 56
    plz Says:

    @6jj posts: umm excuse me ?? Charlize Theron is much more famous known than this serie actor, are you seriously comparing an International A list oscar winner Messenger of Peace Dior face…with umm a cast of true blood? you mean she is doing wonder to him, adopting her baby was a worldwide buzz not just Jared who posted but all around the world we are not talking about a d list sitcom actress here my dear, nothing to do with that actor whom we barely heard of, no offence but i’ve never heard alot about this actor before im not into vampire series… i’ll ask my cousin of 15 yo to tell me about it, now if you google his name you see the much news that he is having is for having his name linked to Charlize Theron, google Charlize Theron name in the other hand and see even in different languages and see the incomparable.

  57. 57
    Marco Says:

    My favourite actress. With beauty and brains.

  58. 58
    Helen Says:

    Gorgeous as always.

  59. 59
    patty Says:

    Pure elegance.

  60. 60
    JT Says:

    I agree with what she said on stage : ‘Marriage equality is about more than just marriage.It’s about something greater. It’s about acceptance…I will always be your cheerleader and I will always be your friend.’ well said.

  61. 61
    natalia Says:

    Belissima Charlize !

  62. 62
    ellie' Says:


  63. 63
    l Says:

    Congrats to her. But I see she released the adoption story just in time to promote her movie.

  64. 64
    SS Says:


    Wow, a mother can’t step out and have time to herself every day? He is four months old, you know, not three days old. I am a mom too and trust me, we need our breaks too.

  65. 65
    @SS Says:

    How do you know he’s four months old? I thought the adoption was finalized and she just got him last week.

  66. 66
    Ugonna Wosu Says:


    and you know this because? What movie is being promoted at this event here?

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