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Charlize Theron: 'Snow White' Extended Trailer!

Charlize Theron: 'Snow White' Extended Trailer!

Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart land separately at LAX Airport on Monday (March 19) in Los Angeles.

The Snow White and the Huntsman co-stars flew in from New York City, where they promoted their action flick in the morning on Today.

A five-minute extended sneak peek of the film was recently released and can be seen on Xfinity. You can also check out the movie’s official theatrical trailer below!

Snow White and the Huntsman, also starring Chris Hemsworth, will be released June 1.

‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Official Trailer

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  • tina

    It looks fantastic epic! Thanks, i wish the paparazis will leave them alone! They follow them everywhere geez

  • roll

    Movie looks awesome! Kristen’s accent slips back to American though. Can’t wait for this movie!

  • woot

    Charlize is seriously gorgeous. She’s KILLING it in the trailer. So fierce.

  • blue

    Charlize demands screen presence. Her evil queen gives me chills!

  • sophie

    I agree about the first post, it must be annoying to be followed like that even at the airoport, especially after a long travel they must be tired i won’t be in their place, but they look great.

  • Awesome

    The movie looks incredible. Wow, I can’t wait to see it.

  • hillary

    Charlize’s as queen is much more charismatic and convincing than the other in mirror mirror her voice is sensual too lol.

  • parker35

    looks so much better than the Lily Collins Snow White

  • Greta

    Girls power!

  • Alexander

    charlize I(WE) LOVE YOU!

  • Angelina

    She’s sooooo beautiful!
    should hail her as people’s most b’ful girl!
    simple yet soooooooo classy
    she’s the best

  • joe

    I won’t mind being captivated by the queen, take me with you im yours !!!

  • kami

    looks like a good movie. i’ll definitely see it.

  • FX

    WOW amazing, Theron is f-king good seriously she is terrific actress.

  • curious

    is she dating skarsgard?

  • leslie

    So weird that Kristen always has like an army with her and Charlize seems to be on her own. I mean, I get why it is — she is tiny and paps hound her because of Twilight. But still looks so odd, haha.

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    The film looks fantastic, although why are people comparing it to the other Snow White film? They tell completely different stories, the other one just happens to be lighter, whimsical, a family movie, and this clearly is more dramatic. I still think Kristen is a bad choice. No amount of acting will convince me she’s “fairer” than Charlize, who btw I agree is a KICK AS$ evil queen! But I’ll watch it, mostly for Charlize, also because Chris looks yummy :D

  • lily

    this scene with the black dress and fire rising, her eyes wow

  • Stuart little


  • emmy

    effortlessly sexy

  • love it

    * Let them come *

  • Carla

    Hottest queen ever!!!

  • JoseFerrari

    They dont get on very well, do they?

  • GO

    Kristen’s accent is perfect. It only has to sound foreign, not a perfect British accent as this movie takes place in Make-Believe, not necessarily modern day Britain.

  • e

    @futuremrsdicaprio: With the exception of someone like Aishwarya Rai, what woman on the planet is as beautiful as Charlize? There’s not one young actress today, including Lily Collins in the other Snow White movie, that comes to close to Charlize in looks. I think the movie is showing that being evil on the inside makes one less beautiful.

  • becca

    it looks amazing but where is prince charming sam claflin???

  • excited

    Kristen is speaking in an English accent? Couldn’t tell. All I have to say is that Charlize steals the show with her fierceness.

  • tam

    This movie looks very promising.
    Still wish that Viggo’s ego hadn’t got in the way of him playing The Huntsman.

  • 2happy

    Can I be amazed? Lol

  • Emma

    I don’t get it, why are they doing a massive publicity tour for this movie if it doesn’t open until June 1st?

  • pan

    The director, Rupert Sanders said that he wanted Snow White to have a Royal English accent. Nothing from ‘special lands’ just simple as that…she was a royal and she became a prisoner. I think Kristen does a great English accent.

    This movie looks amazing. Kristen, Charlize and the rest of the amazing cast will do this movie justice! :) Can’t wait. Looks epic.

  • yr

    I like that her tone doesn’t completely drop or increase when she put on an accent, typical of most actors (Rpattz, Andrew Garfield, Dakota Fanning). The fact people say they couldn’t tell make it so much better.

  • leslie

    @yr…i kinda disagree – yes, it shouldn’t be blatantly obvious but I can tell that she reverts to american when she shouts. But it’s totally not a big deal since so many actors change their accents for roles (including the other leads in SW and the ones you mentioned)….i find it funny that people are making such a big deal about Kristen’s…

  • Ehh

    When she shouts I still hear a British accent.

  • t

    @futuremrsdicaprio: If you pay attention to the trailer, they indicate that beauty comes from the heart. The Queen’s searching for external beauty, but Snow White has both inner and outer which trumps just one! it’s all in the math

  • mforman

    @Emma—I agree with you, why this crazy push. To me when they do this ridiculous nonesense, it means the movie is going to stink, just like the other one they made with Lilly Collins and Julia Roberts. This movie had unhappy producers, major reshoots, script touch ups, many different release dates and the worse unhappy stars.
    I just found it so crazy how all of a sudden CT is best friends with Kristen Stewart and hanging around AS, not at the same bars or the same locations, but her people made sure their names were linked together; and they used the NE, my favorite was that CT was not supppossed to be at Wonder Con, it was just going to be the director and Kristen Stewart, once AS was confirmed, guess what CT decides to go, I find it funny, because it is just like what happened with EO, she never had so much publicity until they put her name with AS’s, it is too funny.
    Poor AS of all the actors in HW, he really does deserve to find happiness with someone that doesn’t have their own agenda.

  • @36

    I know that you’ve worked yourself up a bit, but you must remember that Charlize is a highly respected, very famous, Oscar winning actress. Her presence in the film, and in promotions brings a huge anount of clout to this movie. People who see Kristen as the latest ‘flash in the pan’ are more likely to believe that it is a quality film due to her presence. This film needs HER, not the other way around.
    Oh, and Charlize does not need to be associated with a minor actor like Alex to get attention. She is Hollywood royalty. Saying that she has an agenda concerning Alex is ridiculous. Him trying to use her to raise his status is more likely.

  • Love

    I hate the remake versions of fairy tales. As an example I can bring Alice in Wonderland. They screwed that movie. But Snow white and the huntsman blewed me away since it’s first trailer. And this one looks even more fantastic! My most anticipated movie in summer! Charlize scares me to death. And Kristen looks very beautiful and badass here. This movie screams all high quality. I liked the visual effects, colors too. Can’t wait to see it.

    P.S to judge this movie based your hatred toward Kristen Stewart is very immature and childish. Everyone deserves another chance. If you all watched Twilight movies (as you all know how she acts in these movies), then watch this one and then judge her.

  • hilarious


    You seriously need some help what a delsuional sad freak, are you seriously talking/ or comparing the accomplished international A list star oscar winner Charlize Theron with your No Body d list actor lol you are so hilarious seriously, i started to hear about him just lately, because of charlize, since YOU are sucking her name badly in every thread of her news sticking badly his name, since the much news he is having is for being linked to charlize , sucking charlize’s fame and sticking his name in every charlize’ s threads says a lot about who need who i will say poor Charlize she has to deal with this kind of d list actors of teenage series…his team must be the one using her , and not the other way around just as some are bringing his name constantly here, it’s a down grade for someone of the stature of Theron she doesn’t need an actor of teenage series.

    As for the interviews shedules everything was mentioned from a while for SWATH and Prometheus with Fassbender you stupid delusional freak just as the first presentation of SWATH cast last year at the Comi Con what will you say then poor pathetic freak, Charlize probably ignore the existence of that person just like most of us who don’t know much about him.

  • Meg

    I won’t miss it! Looks incredible. I have to say Theron’s acting skills blew me away.

  • mforman

    @hilarious—You are truly nuts. I didn’t once compare CT’s Oscar winning talent to AS’s working skill once.
    What I said is, if you know how to read is how ridiculous, they are trying so hard to somehow hook these two up.
    Yes it is her people, because EO’s people did the same thing.
    Since you have never seen any of AS’s films, especially from Sweden, you do not have the right to be so harsh against his talent. First he is not a D list actor, not even close and second TB is not a teenage show. AS has 4 films coming out and then is also starring and producing another, So before you make harsh, negative comments, please do research.
    Calling fellow posters stupid and delusional is just wrong and it does go against JJ’s rules. There is absolutely no reason for how hot you got with the name calling, it just shows how childish you are.
    Michael Fassbender was up for an Oscar this year, but I guess you didn’t know that.
    I say it is her people that are doing this, because if you had looked into AS, you would have seen how absolutely private he is. He has the same circle of friends since childhood and he is extremely close to his family; what is great is how loyal they all are to each other, because you will never read of one of his friends talking to a reporter or a tabloid.
    So please @hilarious do some research before you attack.

  • @ curious

    Now she is back in LA ,@curious:

    Yes she is dating Alex skarsgard from TB…………..
    . They have been spotted 3 times together.
    Now she is back in LA there will be some sightings of them together with her new son yay.
    Def an upgrade from Bozwhore

  • Alex is not innocent

    Why is it fans try to make alexander look so innocent like he is some mamas boy he knows how to play the HW GAME after all he once dated one of the biggest FAMEWHORES and master PR girlfriend KB so he learned a few things from her?
    and it says a lot about him for dating KB he has some low standard ,and desperate to date that whore. Look at his name being linked to
    OSCAR TALENTED A LIST ACTRESS CHARLIZE look at the press over rumour dating and his name being mentioned .



  • plz delusional
  • Rita

    Why is it the girl in a high profile celeb couple is always the one accused of famewhoring or creating a PR scam? Celeb couples sell. They’ll always be hounded by paps, there will always be stories written about them on gossip sites or tabloid magazines. Unfortunately for them, it’s the price they pay. They’re not famewhoring, calling paps, or engaging in some PR stunt. That goes for KB, CT, EO or any of the other women who have been linked to AS. I have no idea if AS is dating CT but if he is, I’m sure it’s not a HW game. His relationship with KB wasn’t a HW game either. Nobody struck some cynical deal. Jeez.

  • Carona

    @@ curious: really i hope you are right are you still talking about the same three outings together

  • @41

    Charlize doesn’t need Alex. period.

  • shi

    i think i’m a little afraid of charlize theron now… how chilling! She’s absolutely believable and has lost herself in the role. Top notch actress!

  • 123


  • ry

    Seriously, based on looking at the pics of them without makeup above. I think Kristen Stewart is much more natural and beautiful than Charlize. So, I don’t understand this whole “Charlize is fairer” bla bla bla. yeah, she’s beautiful too with the right makeup and such. Alright, maybe it’s age-differences factor too, but come on Stewart is gorgeous. She suits Snow White perfectly for this version. Be open-minded people. duh