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Charlize Theron Talks 'Snow White' on 'Today'

Charlize Theron Talks 'Snow White' on 'Today'

Charlize Theron rocks a LBD as she leaves her hotel in Tribeca and heads to NBC studios on Monday (March 19) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actress and new mama joined co-star Kristen Stewart to chat about their new movie, Snow White and the Huntsman, on Today.

“It was taking something iconic that everyone has an opinion of…and how do you turn that upside down? That’s how I felt about the character,” Charlize said.

“I think these stories, thematically, bleed into a lot of stuff that’s very relevant,” Charlize added when Matt Lauer asked why the story of Snow White was so popular again all of a sudden.

Charlize Theron & Kristen Stewart on ‘Today’
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  • Angelina Charlize

    she’s the best looking actress!
    so classy and so beautiful

  • Carona

    Totally flawless beautiful

  • Alexander

    simple yet elegant


  • milla

    @Angelina Charlize : She is not just beautiful and realy classy, but she has also personality and character and- she is one of the most talented actresses i think and btw. she seems to be very intelligent.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    The movie is not coming out for another 2 and a half months. Why are they promoting this just when Mirror Mirror is actually heading to theatres? Just seems weird to me.

  • Gossipgirl

    Ooh…Ms. Chalize is fierce! Work it girl!

  • Dana

    Charlize would be a great role model for Kristen Stewart on how to deal with celebrity. Hopefully they made a connection.

  • nicole

    she is sooo statuesque it is NOT fair! i know, i know, i’m supa jelly

  • speaktruth

    Not knocking Kristen, but Charlize is such a great public speaker and interviewee and could teach Kristen a lot.
    Also, all I thought in terms of “different audiences” between the two Snow Whites films was that the other one is for younger people and this is the much better one that’s gonna blow the other one away lol

  • sarah

    OMG what a beautiful woman now that is beauty ! she is stunning from head to toe !!

  • Daniella

    Beauty, brain ,sex appeal, strong independent she rocks!


    wow–she she looks so hot and classy at the same time.

    not a lot of women can look that way.
    they are hot,but trashy(like megan fox)
    or classy but not really hot

    great woman..and happy for her..she finally is a mother.

  • sally

    I told my boyfriend once she is the only women i would turn leb for, and im straight girl lol, damn girl is pure hotness.

  • plez

    @Jennica Panettiere:
    Given that Steward nor Theron can open a movie they need to be promoting this every day. When was the last time Theron was in a hit movie?

  • florence

    She looks like a Femme Fatale aboslutely stunning.

  • Fake

    Her boobs are not that big, says a lot about her confidence. She is not flawless. She is like every other actress there is always something extra to make them look that way.

  • nat

    @plez: Charlize Theron has chosen in purpose small indie films, instead of many blockbuster that she has turned down from James Bond casion royal, pearl harbor, Legally Blonde, The Tourist….

    She has prefered challeging risky unpopular roles, that not many will have the courage to pick, with a difficult subjects rather than the easy ones that everyone can do, it was not a popular themes, she takes a lot of risks not many actresses would have done something Like Monster, the movie budget was 2 million dollar and bringed 60 millon world wide with no special effect or big hollywood studios behind just her pure talent, one of the best performances of cinema played by a woman, her performance has marked this decade and many actresses took her work in Monster as an example to follow, and talked about it, not many actresses can bringed that with an indie small movie, and the last blockbuster she has picked was Hancock the movie bringed near a billion dollar WW .

  • #12 IS A IDIOT!

    This is about Charlize take your hate name tag elsewhere!

  • haha


    Aww * Jealousy is an ugly trait*

  • linda

    She is insanely gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ellie’

    Charlize is so beautiful and such a classy women…

  • Carla

    What a stunning woman a real movie star!

  • christy

    Beautiful, talented , class and generous.

  • patricia


  • rita

    One of the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen hands down.

  • Tom

    these 2 couldn’t sell a movie if their life depended on it, rambling nonsensical. and Stewart is just so awkward in interviews, it makes people watching uncomfortable.

  • Goldy

    She is rocking it !!!!!!!!!!!

  • sofia

    Sooo classy soooo sexy………….

  • SWATH will rock


    Theron is one of the few if not the only actress who managed to sell a very small indie film with a very low budget difficult subject with no big studio, raised 60 to 66 $ ww, not many has done that.

  • Kimberly

    My girl Charlize is rocking it !!

    Can’t wait for SWATH !

  • Fashionista

    I love her style chic class and sexy. She looks terrific.

  • Linda

    I adore both Charlize and Kristen! I love how they have bonded and have nothing but high praise and respect for each other! Great strong role models!

  • sunshine

    What a statuesque stunner!

  • Janet

    I am so excited to see this movie! Looks great!

  • Helena

    I am so happy that Kristen and Charlize are in this movie together! I think they are both so beautiful and talented. I think Charlize really likes Kristen and they built up a real friendship which is fantastic to see.

  • Georgia

    Awh they are so cute!

  • Flara

    I love all the cast in this movie and it looks really interesting! Can not wait to see it in June!!

  • Jem

    Those two beautiful ladies are going to rock in this movie!

  • jojo

    Would love to see Charlize and Kirsten working together again, their chemistry is genuine great and cool.

  • Katie

    Oh my god Charlize looks so beautiful !

    Counting the days for SWATH !

  • emma

    A true star

  • leelee

    I love her she has a such nice chemistry with everyone of her co stars she worked with, no wonder why she has such a nice reputation from all of her co workers from assistant to camerman to actors, describing her as the coolest funniest girl, so im not suprised seeing her getting well with her latest co stars Stewart, Fassbender….

  • Martha

    What a beautiful lady, and what talented good actress and activist. I admire both her acting skills and humanitarian work.

  • narnia

    She is the hotness ! Can’t wait for SWATH and Prometheus !

  • deea

    totally in love with her style.beautiful charlize.

  • Gorgeous

    My Dior Queen i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • adrien

    The trailer rocks i will see it, love the end ” let them come” lol she is damn good! The cast is awesome the visual the song much more better than the other mirror mirror..

  • Dee

    @nat Then why did Charlize sign on to do such a blockbuster film as SWATH? Her star was fading and as soon as she dumped the BF of 12 years, her PR team pushed her back into stardom. She has been everywhere lately. Too much so. And, I agree, why are they pushing this movie so far ahead of premier night? Afraid of Mirror Mirror??? And, hopefully we won’t have to see nervewracking Kristen again on a talk show. Bella comes out again!

  • nat


    Umm let’s see skargarssxxcs whatever fanatic…first the bf that she was with, wasn’t as famous as her with all the respect that i have for him she spend 10 years with him , he was actually famous for “being Charlize Theron boyfriend” so there where no weight for whatever star thing of that stupid first point you are talking, we btw didn’t heard about hi since the break up…) after the breakup she took a break it was heartbreaking it’s not easy she is human she spend with him 10 years, she signed on a Miller’s flick but the movie at that time kept pushing away due to storms in Australia, she took a break of 3 years and then came back with 3 movies in 1 year that just shows her ‘star power’, of someone who can take a break and then came back whatever she wants and work with whatever she wants, she is a versatile actress who mix different genres and types of roles, she first picked Young Adult a small dark indie film who’ve been acclaimed critically, then she changed into this fantasy adventure role which is something funny and different for her to do, she didn’t built all her career on blockbusters she has picked like 4 in all her career, she doesn’t stick in only one genre, she is the kind of actress/producer who is free artistically who can jump from small drama to comedy to action to fantasy to science fiction…

    As for the promtion of SWATH , i think that both Charlize and Kirsten have another movies coming up in the same month, so it would be difficult to promote 2 at the same time, i don’t know a lot about Kristen but i know that Charlize’s movie Prometheus is coming out a week after SWATH so it would be tiring and intense to do a double press junkets and interviews… also Charlize is going to Namibia to Shoot Fury Road this up coming months so she may be absent in April and May.

  • Is CT & AS dating?

    Is she dating trueblood Alex skarsgard, it’s going around the fandom and there going crazy and it’s on whos dating who website in a relationship since 2012 since when did they confirm.
    Where are the couple pics s?? Or is this just gossip from no where.