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Jessica Simpson Celebrates Baby Shower!

Jessica Simpson Celebrates Baby Shower!

Jessica Simpson shows off her huge baby bump as she steps outside to greet her family during her baby shower on Sunday (March 18) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old Fashion Star was joined by her fiance Eric Johnson, mother Tina, sister Ashlee with her son Bronx, and more family and friends to help celebrate.

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“It was a kid friendly shower with many of her friends bringing babies,” a source told Us Weekly. “She received tons of gifts mostly wrapped in pink gift wrap and boxes.”

Also in attendance at the bash was Jessica Alba with her daughter Haven, Odette Annable, and Ashlee‘s ex-husband Pete Wentz.

20+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson and guests at her baby shower…

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  • Bobjustbob

    Jessica looks like she is giving birth to a baby elephant. She looks very unhealthy, way too big and that is likely from overeating. She overindulged all her cravings it seems. No wonder she only wears those awful tent dresses. Poor thing is the most unnattractive prego celeb out there or that ever was.

  • Courtney

    @Bobjustbob be quiet it’s her first pregnancy and she may have health issues that she isn’t speaking about + gaining over 60lbs for a first pregnancy is normal. it looks so big on her because she’s a petite girl 5ft 3.5in normally 110lbs not pregnant and that’s rough of you. her daugher is going to be between 8-10lbs at birth and could be in a breech or tranverse position rather than head down so those show bigger. look at Mariah Carey when she had her twins last April due to life threatening complications she gained more than 80lbs for babies that were about 7lbs each at birth 5 weeks early. Jessica on the other hand because her daughter is measuring large had her due date pushed up 3 weeks to April 20th from May 11th. delivering at 37 weeks is pefectly healthy if a tad early while anything 35 or earlier can be dangerously early. if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

  • naixa

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  • Rainy


    And don’t forget she is signed up to make a couple of million with a weight losing company as soon as she gives birth. You can defend her all you want, but she has gained way too much weight for a 5’3″ woman. It should be her business, but she is going to pimp Weight Watchers to us all for $3 million dollars. She’ll look great within three to six months–not because she followed the program, but because she had plastic surgery, lipo etc.

  • G

    I don’t quite understand why some people need to criticize her… so what if she’s not the everyday anorexic model you guys are used to see?? It’s not by bringing other people down that you’re going to feel better about yourself.

  • Lola

    @Courtney: OMG! you post always the same. You talk nonsense. She has one health problem rather obvious for those with the sense of sight: fatness. She is fat and sloppy but not since she became pregnant but for years.

  • white trash tacky queen

    I don’t get why people say she’s huge like it’s surprising, as if she was thin before. Well she was not !! She was already fat before she got pregnant (hence some people saying it feels like she’s been pregnant for a year). It’s not like she went from daisy dukes thin to pregnant huge, so obviously she looks like an already overweight pregnant girl.

  • Bella

    No pillow pregnancy that’s for sure.
    She is glowing.

  • ellie’

    So looking forward for Jessica to have her baby..

  • ds

    Everyone who’s saying that it’s normal because she’s pregnant are just making excuses because it’s really not. The whole “eating for two” mentality isn’t good and nutritionists say you should just eat healthy and normally as you would if you weren’t pregnant but just add a few hundred more calories later into your pregnancy. Eating your way across a buffet and blaming it on your pregnancy isn’t healthy or smart. And i’ve seen plenty of people in their first pregnancies and they don’t look like they’re expecting triplets. Don’t make excuses for an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • ewwwwww

    @Courtney: No it is not normal to gain 60lbs during 1st or 10th pregnancy. Doctors advise to not gain more than 30 lbs. Stop writing lies to make yourself feel better. You must be one those fat women who made pregnancy as an excuse to eat junk, only to become fatter and never be able to lose the weight.

  • bambie

    The fat topic is getting boring. We all know Jessica can’t be a better person but I think this topic makes some stupid girls better.

  • bambie

    *feel better

  • healthyGirl

    @Rainy: True that. She will need lots of plastic surgery help to try and hide those stretch marks. Her skin will be disgusting after this. She just isn’t smart enough to take that into consideration.

  • Enough


  • annab

    I thought I was big with my pregnancy…but she is rather large. I am sure she will have a celebrity trainer to get her back into shape. Unlike us out here…we have to do these things ourselves.

  • sdasdasd

    @Courtney: You’re kind of creepy.

  • sdasdasd

    She actually looks very pretty here. Very laid back and I love the hair.

  • anita

    @annab: Nevermind. I know it’s sad but there are personal training videos that can help.

  • Dana

    Maybe she really is having twins after all and is playing around by saying that she is not?? Her weight really does not look normal, even if she were set to give birth tomorrow. It’s painful to see her like this, and the weird orange glow and super fake, super blonde hair are just making things worse. She looks like a caricature.

  • anonymous

    Good job Jessica has mega-money and is with a guy who lives off her and needs her money to fuel his lifestyle now, because she is one of the most unattractive, overly-large pregnant women, she let herself go completely. There is no way he doesn’t think ginormous each time he looks at her. But like someone else said, she was super-chubby, borderline fat before she got pregnant, so no wonder she looks like she’s giving birth to a baby elephant. It will be so funny if her baby comes out a normal 7 pounder, will mean she was all fat.

  • Justme

    Like Jessica’s hair here, but hate her entire pregnancy style. She really is way too big and that’s from eating junk too much (it’s like the weight even went to her neck/chest). But even when she loses the weight (and she has an endorsement deal lined up, so she will this time), think JS is destined to be chubby or fat eventually. She has no self-control, she loves her booze nights, plus she is short. Wait when she its her mid-30s and her metabolism slows down more, she will likely be battling the budge forever after that. Plus Jessica will likely have another kid and women often get bigger the 2nd time around. Her skin will be stttttttttttretched!! Bummer for her because she is short so every pound shows.

  • Lola

    @sdasdasd: I am one of those who think she is fat. But I have to admit that it is very refreshing to find people like you who see the best in people and emphasize on that.

  • anonymous

    She looks like Miss Piggy pregnant.

  • alien

    What turns me off about fatties like Jessica is their lack of self control, and the fact that they always look messy and they smell bad to boot. Nick really dodged the bullet with this one, lucky guy :)

  • alien

    @Courtney: This weirdo sounds like Jessica’s stalker. Doesn’t she? Get a life Courtney clown.

  • Shannon

    I know she says she isn’t pregnant with twins….but jeez she’s just huge. Thank God she’s not having twins then I guess because if she gets this big with just 1 she’d explode having 2 in there I think

  • cari

    I’m sorry all you JS fans, but Michael K from DListed had me howling with his opening line–so true, so true–

    “If you took Beth Chapman’s two tons of tit-ties and Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Goodyear gut, you’d basically have Jessica Simpson in her current 6th trimester state.”

  • Gilda

    Jessica S. said that her fiance is always ready for “sex” , but my question is: how can he find her vagina underneath all that blob? Gross, if you ask me.

  • Isa

    A lot of women look beautiful pregnant but Jessica your not one of those…sorry.

  • kate

    Nick and Vanessa are expecting a baby, but at least they are MARRIED!

    Unlike unmarried shameless Jessica.

  • ex nihilo

    for the love of God, is her due date anytime this YEAR?! seems like she’s been knocked out FOREVER…

  • jessims

    she looked like a boa constrictor that swallowed an elephant.