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Jessica Simpson: St. Patrick's Day Stroll

Jessica Simpson: St. Patrick's Day Stroll

Jessica Simpson shares a laugh with her fiance Eric Johnson as they step out on a drizzly Saturday (March 17) in Venice, Calif.

The 31-year-old pregnant Fashion Star mentor went out to lunch with the whole family to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.

Eric got into the spirit of the holiday with a fun novelty t-shirt — it says “Kiss me, I’m Irish”!

Jess recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and confirmed that she is not having twins — “I know it looks like it,” she joked.

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  • jet

    She looks like a BIG WHITE WHALE!

  • denise

    Is that Sally Struthers?

  • jenn

    Moby Dick.

  • jenn

    That word should be Moby D ick.

  • lynn

    Shameless unwed and pregnant.

  • Bluebell

    I’m pregnant at the moment an being pregnant is NOT AN EXCUSE for getting fat!

  • dobbi

    Hope she signed up for Jenny Craig after giving birth.

  • olivia and popeye

    Jess gained 70 pounds with 8 week till full term. WTF has she been doing? That takes some serious eating to get that fat at the most important time of your life. This makes me sick at her selfishness : /

  • Cookie

    She’s massive.

  • Terri

    LOL guys I can imagine how she feels now. during my 2nd pregnancy I managed to go from 58 kg to 82 though I never overeat. The last 2 months of the pregnancy I was crying almost all day as my bones weren’t used to carry that much weight. But managed to lose all the fat in less then 4 months. She will be ok after pregnancy I am sure.

  • Liverwurst

    Been pregnant 3 times and never out of the recommended range of 25-30. And that was so easy to do. I had to really step up my eating to even get to 25. When you eat a nutritionally balanced diet while pregnant, there’s no high sodium,fat or empty sugar carbs. It’s impossible to gain more regardless of how short or what body style you have. unless you’re eating poorly. Jessica has admitted in interviews that she is eating fast food daily and whatever else she wants and that’s just plain old selfish ;(

  • Sally

    I don’t know. It’s really not healthy to overeat when pregnant but every pregnancy is different. My mum gained over 60 pounds when pregnant with me but gained very little when she was expecting my brother and she was eating the same way. So please don’t judge, it’s very rude to call someone a whale, especially a pregnant woman.

  • N

    Poor women, she’s huge.

  • N


  • Leenah

    What is she wearing?That fur makes her look even bigger..I’m not going to criticise a pregnant girl but at least dress aproapriate,you’re pregnant honey.

  • Liverwurst

    @Terri: She was fat BEFORE the pregnancy. She won’t loose the weight afterwards unless she completely changes her out look on nutrition. And I hate to burst you bubble darling but as a medical professional, I assure you this: If you gained 53 pounds during your pregnancy, you were overeating, probably too much sodium too.

  • Courtney

    @Olivia & Popeye She gained 60 to be 170 and full term is anytime after 37 weeks which is when her daughter is scheduled to arrive because she’s measuring large. ever occured to your narrow mind she might have medical reasons for her weight gain and it’s quite common to gain more than the recomended 35lbs during a first pregnancy. my mom who is the same bodytype and simillar height gained 65lbs when she was pregnant with me and besides 110lbs is underweight for a 5ft 3.5in woman so she was recomended to gain 42. half of her wight gain is probably water weight which is quite common for short women and she’s signed up for weight watchers not Jenny Craig they’ve got Mariah Carey as their spokesperson after her twins for probably 4 years

  • some say tomato..

    @Sally: Your mom was not eating the same way during both pregnancies for sure. She may have eaten the same food but not as much of them. More than likely she was very busy with you and had less time to over eat.

  • huh?

    Jessica, are you going to blame the baby for making you even more hungry???

  • Alia san

    i don’t care bout the fat
    but man
    she pregnant for all most a year now

  • Terri

    @Sally: Agree with you Sally. during first pragnancy I gained only 6kg

  • charles

    poor animal

  • eleanor

    OMG what’s all that hating about…
    I really dont like her pregnant or not, but all of that comments are really mean.. a whale? really? that’s not nice.. she actually seems happy… :)

  • Mimi

    She’s not aging well at all ever since she divorced Nick, but being pregnant has REALLY made her hideous!

  • Sheila

    JS likely did use pregnancy to overeat because she is huge in an unhealthy way and you don’t get that away by not eating. She looks awful, think she is the MOST unattractive of any celeb who has been pregnant, seriously, she looks like a cavewoman (the unkept hair doesn’t help) and her muu-muu fashion sense, ugh.

    She’ll likely lose the weight after with her endorsement deal, but i think this is a glimpse of what Jessica will look like in middle-age (like Sally Struthers, who was also small, blond and cute at one time), she will be a rolly-polly woman eventually, it’s in her DNA.

  • Frozoid

    My God! She looks like Mama Cass!

  • hotflash

    I’m short, gained 35 lbs with first baby, and felt like she looks. It took forever to lose the weight, but I did. Second baby, gained 22 lbs and didn’t even look pregnant from the rear.

    BUT, in either case, I never looked like a slob. She looks awful.

  • ewwwwww

    Nick is lucky he dumped her when he did. He really dodged the bullet with this obese ugly cow.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …she’s huge, and cant dress to save her life. cant believe she has the nerve to be on a show abouw fashion. LOL

  • Double AA

    She can afford to stuff her face all she wants the minute she pops out that kid, she’ll be off to the plastic surgeon. She’s a celebrity. We normal ppl do not have that luxury. However, her pregnancy style is awful! Fine she was never really much of a dresser but can she at least pass a brush thru that rat’s nest she calls hair?? Ponytail? anything??

  • Double AA

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]:

    I agree with you! She can’t dress & has no business being on a fashion show!

  • jaded

    When she became pregnant she took it as license to overindulge. She’s tipping the scales at 200 pounds not because of pregnancy but because of massive amounts of buttered pop tarts, sugary cereals, slutty brownies, chicken fried steak, onion rings, tex mex and heaven only knows what else. Stretch marks cannot be erased by plastic surgery.

  • jaded

    slu tty brownies. That was censored???

  • UI

    No Fake pregnancy charades here.

  • Sally

    @some say tomato..: Well, it could be that she was more busy with me but my mom has diabetes type II first diagnosed during her teenage years, she must eat right and watch her portions ever since, that’s how I know she could not eat much more when pregnant with me.

  • James

    @lynn: #5
    Well Lynn, I see these heifers on this blog, approve of unwed and pregnant.
    And just think Jessica’s father is a pastor. I guess it did not rub off on Jessica.

  • Denise L

    Vanessa is pregnant. But at least Nick and Vanessa are married.

  • kate

    @Sheila: #25

    Yeah, you can tell, it is in her DNA to be fat@ss.

  • kate

    hahahahaha..Maybe this is why her sister Ashlee stayed out of sight during her whole pregnancy, maybe she looked like a WHALE, too.

  • shoes4life

    She’s big, no doubt. However, that lions cloth and hideous boots she is wearing definitely accentuates her weight. She looks so uncomfortable and she still have what a month or two to go!!?? She will be on bed rest soon because by the time her 9th month hits, they will have to roll her ass into the ER.

  • Anonymous

    Yowza, she is a blond whale or whatever you want to call her, but no doubt she is HUGE, bigger than 90% of pregnant women and it’s not natural, it’s likely because she pigged out, she over-indulged, she porked out, she had no restraint, she ate not only gummie but the entire GUMMY bear, end of story. She looks horrible. Worst celeb pregnancy EVER!!

  • Mimi

    She has no neck!

  • Annie

    I will laugh when baby Trailer Park Baloo (geddit?) comes out weighing about 5.5lb and Jessica is 270lb. Big baby my ass, more like big fat greedy Jessica. Look at her sister, she gained a sensible amount of weight and lost it safely, and now she looks great!

  • Annie

    She really should not be wearing black and white, people might think she’s a poor stranded orca and try to haul her back into the sea!


    my god…

    i always thought only her belly is huge..

    but now i see SHE IS HUGE!!

    there is no excuse..being pregnant(i have two kids myself) is no excuse ion eating whatever you want…
    that is not healthy for mother and child!

    of course you will gain weight…and it´s ok to do so..but that is extreme weight gain.

    that is not healthy.
    someone should have told her..

  • opinionated

    ah, a stunningly beautiful woman- so dainty- so elegant- and her uber fit babe of a fiancee. sigh- such grace and beauty. (sarcasm intended)

  • okidoki

    Two losers – she’s a big, fat cow and he does no work except escort her around town!!

  • :-)

    Lay off her. She is pregnant at 9 mnths. She is carrying heavy being short, big boobed. Reporst from her say she has gained 40 lbs. add the baby stuff (baby,amnio) of say 30.
    Jessica is not a bad person. She is likeable. Nice. Real.
    She made a mistake in dumping Nick Lachey ,per her fathers’ directions, because it was bad pr and it badfired. Her Oscar winning movies never took place cos’ she cannot realy act. her singing career dived because she jumped to CM as if she wasa gift to CM. Hmmm, all that talk about CM, Nashville living, was long ago ditched. Say no sincereity.
    JEssica is worth hundreds of millions on her brand whoch , at this point has nothing to do with her. It is her name. The brand has so many things from jewelry, luggage, shoes, clothes, etc. Jessica and her mother don’t design a thing. they have no ideas and cannot stecth a stick figure. She is not Donna Karan or Katge Spade.
    There are teams of designers who present things to JEssica and her mom and the money people. hte fashion team decides what is in, out of style. It is a huge group effort.

    Everybody g ets a good carer and a nice payday. EVERYBDOY involved in JSC.
    JS is worth , easy net of $300 million .
    Her collection will stand for decades . It is like many other brands that live on with, without the person. You know what I am saying.

    Her baby is worth tens of millions in that this is the amt of the prenup and sprem fee she ahs to pay that creep no job ugly, bottom of barrel Eric Johnson she got hooked up with.