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Leonardo DiCaprio: Miami With Mom Irmelin

Leonardo DiCaprio: Miami With Mom Irmelin

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps it low key in a hat and sunglasses at a hotel’s poolside lounge on Monday (March 19) in Miami, Fla.

The 37-year-old actor, with his mom Irmelin and a few pals, dined al fresco, enjoying drinks and chips with guacamole.

Last week, Leo was in Texas for the Mobli 2.0 launch, where he met up with his Great Gatsby co-star Tobey Maguire.

Leo also recently signed on to work with director Martin Scorsese for the fifth time on The Wolf of Wall Street.

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leonardo dicaprio miami with mom 04
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  • http://justjared kem

    Always on vacation! I´m jealous.

  • Naomi

    He’s been in Miami since Saturday…. . Thanks JARED.

  • lola_uk

    Why is this man ALWAYS looking so bitter?! Problems of the rich and famous…

  • Jane

    I wouldnt even notice him in the streets.

  • Audrey

    seriously his relationship with his mother is freakin weird now. he is 37 for god sake! doesn’t she realize that she invades his life? he is a grown up, and a grown up doesn’t live with his mother! I mean, so odd…

  • Susan

    Jared, are you sure they’re not heading to a funeral? They all look so depressed.

  • http://justjared kem

    who is the old lady in pic 6? Is a relative? I saw her before with Leo

  • smryna

    it’s interesting that the same Jared who shared a post about Erin before didn’t mention this time!

  • ellie’

    How sweet …

  • ace11

    Shouldn’t this guy be married with kids by now??

    After Giselle…quite honestly his female choices have been a disaster

    Approaching 40…time to stop acting 20

  • another boring Leo flick?

    not a fan of Leo ince he is a man.

  • MHM

    Maybe he look bitter because he is trying to have a good vacation with his mother and the paps keep taking non stop pictures. Seriously give this guy a break, people arent always going to have a smile on 24 freaking 7. Geezz!!

  • FashionGal

    So weird seeing Leo with a beard, that’s not in the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

  • But why?

    Is it better he get married and lead a double life a la Tiger Woods and hundreds of others in HW?
    I think his pussy posse schtick is old, but at least he’s not a hypocrite.

  • Sayuri

    He´s is AMAZING!!!

  • @MHM

    What other paps pictures have you seen of him in Miami? To my knowledge, these are the first ones since he arrived Saturday. So there’s no need to look so annoyed. Frankly.

  • Sly

    The reason why he looks so calm and almost depressed on these pictures taken Monday is because he partied quite hard on Sunday night…con muchas chiquitas.

  • Break up!

    Leo in Miami with his mom and friends and Erin some other place… I’m waiting for the break up statement.

  • Blah

    His love for his mother is making him get in shape. But Leo, you can’t marry your mom

  • mumford

    Mom is his cover. He can skank his way through Miami and no one be the wiser.

  • @Sly

    Sly knows what’s going on

  • Blah

    His mother absorbs Leo. That’s why he is never in a serious relationship with a more serious girl.

  • Leo Fan

    No? Leo by himself with his friends and mom in Miami? What is going on? How come his ” pot of glue/full-time puppy” is letting him breathe without her? There must be something going on, for sure.
    I like the idea of him working again with Scorsese. Cool!

  • Cristina

    Doesn’t his hat look like those little baby hats parents put on their children? Quite fitting

  • ??

    So you mean these pics are staged for a narrative?

  • @Leo Fan

    She’s busy in Mexico (well yesterday at least) and she tweeted that she had the best day with “her” Ryan.

  • Miss Ellie

    He’s got the same looks as when he was filming Body of Lies.

  • Break up!!

    @@Leo Fan: why didnt Leo stay with his “lady love in Mexico”?? Busy sun tanning!?!?!!! Break Up!!!!!

  • i dont get it

    must be tired. Texas, Mexico, now this. Thats a lot of traveling for one week and hes lacking sleep

  • @Break up!!

    Actually in Mexico, they did not stay together. He partied in Riviera Maya for three days while she was in NY and Chicago. When she flew to Merida, he had already left Mexico to be in Miami. But I really doubt there might be a definitive breakup. He probably only needed some air…

  • @30

    @@Break up!!:

    Yes he probably needed some air, away from her and with all types models.

  • me

    @30: He left Mexico to party in Miami, not like anything important.
    Anyway I also think it`s too early to talk about break up. They spent a lot of time together recently so it`s strange to see them separated especially while both in Mexico but that doesn`t necessarily mean break up. Even if he could have stayed instead of going to party ( with models ) in Florida. Also what IF they broke up? Do you think the next one is going to be any better?

  • Break up!!

    @@Break up!!: and why didnt he stay in Mexico with her instead went clubbing w/ black, white,asian. every kind of model under the sun was at his table and know he’s with Mommy. SOMETHING AINT RIGHT!!

  • @@Break up

    I still find it weird that he didn’t go with her in Chicago but chose instead to party in Mexico. And funny how she hasn’t followed him in Miami. Could it be that she realized she was acting like a lapdog, a puppy or a groupie? Good for her.

  • Too late

    @@@Break up:

    She should have made him wait instead of running down to Sydney. I think they got together because she’s friends with the wife of one of his friends and he needed a woman to spend the holidays with.

  • Too late


    There shouldn’t be a next one until he’s ready to be a boyfriend.

  • http://justjared kem

    who is the old lady in pic 6? Is a relative? I saw her before with Leo
    I don t talk about Irmelin. The lady with the hat. is his aunt?

  • Gaga

    Thats not cool either. I mean a man being with many many girls. He should take several showers and clear his mind.

  • @35 – too late

    Totally agree. She made herself so available and so fast. I don’t think any other models he had before agreed to become his “escort” so quickly.

  • Foxy Mama

    Irmelin looks great and trim. She’s a really attractive woman, especially in her cute outfit.

    As for Leo, seriously people back the f–k off. He’s on vacation and enjoying his time with his mom and friends. He looks good, the beard is hot, the hat is fine, the frown is acceptable since there are probably a dozen cameras clicking away and Erin seems nice, so quite hating.

  • raven

    LOL at his tongue in the 4th pic. Kinda endearing. His mom looks good.

  • @40

    Yes, Captain! &?%$/” Sorry, but who do you think you are ordering posters not to give their own opinions. Hello?

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    More and more I’m picking up a gay vibe from Leo. It’s all kind of there. I know men like him in real life(bisexual at the least, don’t really want to get married.) But it’s all okay.

  • Anon

    I Love him!

  • Cellphone

    No one else find very rude that he’s there with several people there including his mother and yet not drop his blakberry???

    Geez! He even has put the headphones…

    Must be very entertaining to have a conversation with him.

  • i dont get it


    That is weird haha. Well wait he took it off when he ate. Strange. Maybe he was in a phone meeting

  • sdasdasd

    @Audrey: they’re eating on vacation you absolute MORON. calm your as$ down.

  • sdasdasd

    On another note, that hat is just tragic.

  • MrsKutcher

    i thought alwys his relationship with his mother is adorible….but now it gets freaky he will get 40 soon and he still dating 20 old models and take his mother to vacations….i am sorry but this guy never grow up!!!

  • Jane

    Why doesn’t his mother leave him live his life. She is control freak,,he will never have a serious relationship if she controls his life all the time