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Leonardo DiCaprio: Miami With Mom Irmelin

Leonardo DiCaprio: Miami With Mom Irmelin

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps it low key in a hat and sunglasses at a hotel’s poolside lounge on Monday (March 19) in Miami, Fla.

The 37-year-old actor, with his mom Irmelin and a few pals, dined al fresco, enjoying drinks and chips with guacamole.

Last week, Leo was in Texas for the Mobli 2.0 launch, where he met up with his Great Gatsby co-star Tobey Maguire.

Leo also recently signed on to work with director Martin Scorsese for the fifth time on The Wolf of Wall Street.

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  • Tigerseye

    i must admit he does seem to have bad cell phone ettiquette. I cant stand it when im at a restaurant with friends and the divert our conversation with facebook status’ i feel like swiping their phones from their hands, like ‘dude! We’re out let sh#t happen before you tweet, post it!’

  • Madeleine

    Us Weekly now reports that Erin was at the mexico party with Leo! I dont know what to believe. They only posted a photo of Gwyneth and Kate so no photo proof that Erin was there. Did they just assume she was with him cos of her twitter post about going to mexico or do they have inside info?

  • erm

    @MrsKutcher: What does him taking his mother on vacation having anything to do with growing up? i never knew there was an age limit on when you can take your mother on vacation….I don’t see why people have a problem with him spending time with his mother he loves her and it’s his mother seriously people/

  • @52

    Us Weekly is not that reliable. I guess it`s wishful thinking on their part. Just last week they had an article about her online ( that VS promo ) and they wrote something about her and Leo rock climbing referring to her tweet photo at the Grand Canyon.
    By the way on his bz thread someone said she is back in NYC working that`s why she is not in Miami with him. Probably they were at separate locations in Mexico that`s why they didn`t meet.
    It`s not that I think they will last long but those break up comments just seem to be pretty premature.

  • #54

    True its possible US Weekly is wishful thinking. But how is that different from all the wishful thinking that a weekend apart signals its over on here! Its probably an on-off thing like all Leo’s relationships. He does what he wants and the girl agrees to it. Same old, same old.

  • @52(Madeleine)

    I guess US Weekly wrote she was at the celebration because everyone in the gossip business is used to know that since December she’s been on his heels wherever Leo goes and has become his full-time puppet. So they wrote it automatically without verifying as they were sure she was on hand also in Mexico.

  • @52(Madeleine)

    And yes she was in Mexico. But not in the same city, not at the same time as she was there to work.

  • @55

    Ok, it`s not like I like this couple but Leo went to Mexico to party. Erin went there to work and from there back to NYC to work. Maybe that`s why they were not together over the weekend?
    All I`m saying is that just because they spend time separately it doesn`t mean it`s over. You are just used to them being together since she follows him all the time. How many times did this happen in his previous relationship? And the comments were immediately out there about a breakup meanwhile they were still together. Just wait before you assume something like this.
    Earlier someone commented that she made herself very available very quickly. I agree with that 100%. Leo knows he can play her and she will play along. He will hold on to that for a while whether you like it or not. But that`s what makes me believe that he has no respect for her and this is just another miserable relationship for him.

  • Erin Fan

    @55`: She is not back in NY to work. She is back in NY because this is wheer she lives. I don’t see anything planned for her to work today. She is done with the fashion show in Merida. Now she is getting back to her life. Because, she does have one….

  • @59

    Really? That`s where she lives? It didn`t seem like it in the past couple of months when she didn`t do anything other than running after Leo. Didn`t she live in NYC then? Didn`t she have a life while shadowing Leo 24/7 all over the place except for NYC? The girls spent the holidays and her birthday away from NYC where she lives and where she has a life not with her family or friends. How about that, Erin fan? All of a sudden she is an independent woman with a life in NYC? Where was all that in the past couple of weeks? Give me a break!

  • Erin Fan

    Her permanent address is in New York.

  • @Erin Fan

    @Erin Fan:
    Don’t worry it. As someone said in an earlier thread the Leo fans are as rabid Justin Bieber fans. Woe and curses will betide any girl that dallies with their hero. Roll with the hysterics from the 2 of them and laugh I say.

  • @62

    Yeah, let`s laugh at your wisdom and the one and only Erin fan who doesn`t recognize sarcasm.

  • @Erin Fan

    @Erin Fan: you seem to be in the know…tell us more….

  • Ka

    They look great. What’s wrong with having vacation with mom! But that hat…is just too cute.

  • Helen

    She is young and starting her life and that’s what makes her clingy,it’s not like she is mature woman with her life and career . But they always say that older woman are clingy.don’t know why?

  • ???

    @@59: You’re an idiot lol!

  • me

    @Helen: How can she be clingy? this is a fairly new relationship, they are spending as much time together as is know most of these posts are exactly the same as much older ones, only the girl has changed… overly obsessed Leo fans much!! He’s not married, she’s not married , let them be already!

  • Madeleine

    Ok. Thanx for the info. So they were not at the party together. Erin lives in New York. Maybe he will meet her there after Miami with his dear mother. I dont even know why I care about all this! But cant help it :)

  • Livica 2.0

    She is a familiar presence in ALL Leo threads in EVERY blog. Hysterically ranting, raving in the same fashion on all of his relationships, like she is a personal friend that knows the man and how he works . He has a restraining order against her like her other pal Livica pt1 that sadly does not reach the blogosphere. She is sick and twisted freak and as much of a no lifer as she accuses Erin of being.

  • @70

    Oh, you again. The thread police obsessing over comments. How unexpected! Still boring and full of lies. Yeah, that`s right. Lies and made up things without proof. lol Waste of time reading your comments as usual.

  • ???

    @Livica 2.0: Obsessed freak? I thought as much, I have an idea who it may be too!

  • ???

    @@70: talking about yourself again huh?…any way, I watched Shutter Island again recently, has Leo ever made a fim where he doesn’t cry?

  • @73

    Talking about myself? No, I was talking about #70 since my comment was addressed as @70. I thought it was pretty self explanatory but apparently I was wrong.

  • Becky DD

    Everyone knows Leda. She is a pyshcopath that had actually been banned from other forums, terrorises posts with her rants as you can see, and unleads conspiracy theories. Tinkerbell/Alanis/quid pro quo who she’s obsessed with, does not appear to have posted a while but I guess she actually has family/ friends. LMAO/Showmance has nothing to live for but Leo, he has a restraining order against her, so she attacks his girlfriends in that deranged fashion as an outlet. The only way the crazy bee yo tch can vent her frustration is here and other blogs which she does rampantly trust me. Leo can never be free of the schizo loon who co-opts Bellazon user names until she meets her *****.

  • @75

    LOL, thanks for the made up story again. Again without proof. It`s all your opinion or conspiracy theory nothing more. `trust me` Why would anyone trust you? You are full of lies and accusations without proof. It`s the same story over and over again. You show up with comments like these full of things that are completely untrue but you present them as facts. Whenever you are asked to actually prove any of it you stop posting.
    I told you before. Keep listing names and stuff you think are correct but without proof it`s nothing but your opinion or rather a conspiracy theory.

  • just future shows

    @Madeleine: he was in mexico since thur then cameto miami these 2 last days but erin obvi. was in ny all the time just sun went to mexico for her work there then came back to ny! whenever she was with leo she tweeted something to show it as whenever she’s working! i didn’t see any tweet of her to say she was working when leo was at his party in mexico or saying she’s working now while leo is in miami!u know at least there’s something smelly! just because he was with her a few days before it dosn’t mean nothing cause he was with gis righr before brek up/he was with bar in paris just a few days before the show in ny which they were seperated in there then showed they broke up/ blake went oz to see him then one week later he move on to the casino+ lots of models around then 2 weeks later the official brek up was anounced,now there’s no wonder if he did broke up with erin by these treads he’s doing! just got to see in the future! just for me there’s really something smelly!even if there’s not break up it’s obvi. how much he care about her by that bunch of all kind of models in miami the night before this day with his mom! but if he did broke up with her i’ll be happy ‘cuse it shows maybe just maybe he’s really changing ang this ugly old habit(this kind of relationships) don’t make him happy anymore that’s why he is gonna be over just after a few months!but as i said just future shows everything!

  • Madeleine

    @77 I agree with you and I was thinking the same how in the past he broke up just a few days after things seemed fine! Yeah we ll just have to wait and see :)

  • Yeah right

    I don’t need to prove anything Lily, they just simply need to check out earlier Leo posts and the others who called you out on it with your full of shit rantings; Gee, TKRose, C/G etc. all know it Leda its very very simple.

  • @79

    Yeah, you need to prove it. That`s not how it works. You have your claims ( most of it untrue ) but you don`t feel like providing proof. You present everything as a fact and you think you are so right. But you have nothing but your theory as usual.

  • @above

    @Becky DD: u sound just as crazy…

  • @@above

    You must be new or something.
    Sometimes you gotta fight crazy with crazy. Some of us will call her on it.
    And as other posters have noticed from the summer threads and elsewhere, Leda IS as mad as a snake, not just here but pretty much everywhere else on the issue of Leo and his girlfriends! Cele****y, Popsugar, IDLITW e.t.c
    Really virulent, vitriolic stuff. wish nothing but bad things for Lily Morgan and protection for Leo/Blake/Erin e.t.c.

  • @82

    I can`t stop laughing at you and at your theory. But just keep pushing it. Without proof ( and you don`t have that ) you can call me a million names and you can post the name of a thousand websites you can`t be taken seriously.

  • @@82

    If you insist Leda. One only needs to look at earlier May -present Leo posts for proof. I don’t have to do squat.

  • sab

    Hi Everyone
    its nice to have new pics of Leo……looking good!!!…the hat is kinda grows on you, the more you see it……makes a change to the baseball caps anyway……..good to see that he has finally changed his sunglasses…..never liked the old ones much….these are slightly better. what can be said about the facial hair???… is reminisent to his body of lies days..and that is one of my fave movies of his…..and to be honest he always looks hot, with or without facial hair……..
    i do kind of like what he is wearing……..very simple and low key…of course we cant see his footwear….that usually spoils the effect cos he’s usually got socks on……but i can imagine him wearing flip flops or something.
    good to see Irmelin……i like to see them spend time together…..
    his phone accessory has gone a bit excessive…….I can understand why he uses it as a diversion when hes alone…but theres no need to be on it when your’e having lunch with a group of people, especially with the earphones in and you don’t seem to be conversing back….
    of course he could be really bored in that company and listening to music or something..but……

  • @sab

    Agree. Leo is quite a busy guy and he probably keeps in touch with people in the business. He’s got several projects ahead and it is only normal that he discusses business with them on the phone. And since he is with his mom and close friends, he is comfortable to do what he has to do in their presence.
    He looks good with the beard, I like it. And yes, it is reassuring that he can spend quality time with his buddies and mom without the company of his new flavour of the season, for once.

  • @84

    Is that proof for you? For what? How do you know exactly which comments are mine? Because you accused me of calling Erin names before that NEVER HAPPENED. And of course you failed to provide links. So you don`t wanna do squat because you can`t prove your `facts`. Like this morning you said there is a restraining order against me ( #70 ). Are you out of your mind? Who do you think you are claiming things like that? And you sound like you are all above this and yet you are here and you are surprised by comments like #81.
    I`m done with this pointless and stupid argument with you. You claim things that you can`t prove.
    Here is an idea: why don`t we get back to topic instead of ruining this thread for the others?
    @just future shows: You made some very good points but who knows what`s really going on? We have to wait and see…

  • @@84

    Pleeeaaaease your ramblings obvious by now LOL
    You always ruin threads for others, as you started to in #59 which. The evidence is there for anyone to look back on past Leo posts and the comments of the posters I mentioned no to mention two other posters that have just confirmed their knowledge of you rampant madness Livica 2.0
    But keep reassuring your psychotic head that its only me that sees it Yeah. And keep waiting for the Leo/Erin breakup so your stalker ass can harass the next blonde from your cell Leda.

  • @@84

    I meant post @59 Lily Morgan carry on ****** awaits you

  • Still wondering…

    I still find it strange that Leo didn’t manage to visit his girlfriend when she was just next door to where he was partying. Have you checked how close Merida is to Riviera Maya? It’s like a 20 minute flight… he could have rent a chopper….
    I guess like few posters mention above, he wanted to have a “good time on his own”.

  • Mari


    Hey Sab,

    I agree, Leo looks good here. He’s looking quite fit. I have to disagree with you about the socks though. I love his white socks. ; ) Okay, maybe not with sandals but with his nikes. Flip flops work too. I love his skinny ankles (seriously).

    I like that Leo has a good relationship with his Mama, although he does need to lose the ear buds and blackberry. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism because of the paparazzi but it’s rude when you’re around family and friends. I’m sure they’re used to it by now but still.

  • @88

    blah blah blah as usual. Two other people who confirmed what? Nothing. You have your theory that you are pushing in the middle of certain threads and you think you don`t ruin anything? Get real!
    Again: who do you think you are claiming that there is a restraining order against me? Or when did I say that Erin was a wh*re? Where is the proof that I was banned from several boards? All claims that you can`t prove and you keep avoiding the straight answer. Yapping about old posts is the easy way out. Stalking? Another claim that you can`t prove. Because all the info I got is from his bellazon thread but of course I`m the stalker. Honestly who do you think you are making these accusations? Seems like you have entitlement issues. Keep pushing your conspiracy theory and keep ruining the thread. You are doing an excellent job! lol

  • any other GAY

    HELLO ALL Fans Leo!!! ~ Keanu Reeves is on JJ…. “the other white meat” – :) Finally, a New Keanu thread. Something about his new work over in China, helping out in the World. This New Post is being treated with Kindness shared by Actual NICE Fans. And like any other Gay thread, where Decent, Respectable comments are being shared, we Love Keanu & LEO, but Look how YOUNG looking & Stress Free Keanu Reeves is….. and Guess what…. here’s the GREAT Part. – Keanu doesn’t have his MOMMY in Tow – This would be, Patricia Taylor, who is also “Divorced”, but chooses to use her maiden Last name, after all these profitable years!!!…..lolololololool…. I Simply LLOOOOVVVEEE HOLLYGAYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • any other GAY

    and YES, YES, YES…. I’m heading back over to KEANU REEVES – board to keep an Almond shape Eye on my Other Handsome HollyGaynett Hunk!!!! ;)

  • innie


    us has inside info from his pr. she wasn’t there.

  • innie

    she follows him when she has time off. he never follows her when he has time off. he hasn’t stopped modelising. same old leo.

  • innie

    it would have been easy for him to stay in mex to see her if he wanted to. he went to miami to party with models. no effort from him. well timed pap shots with mum. he loves his mum, but she is his cover.

  • shelly

    all your close relationship with your mom haters back off! LOL. no I am almost 30 and my mom is my best friend and has always been there for me when my other so called “friends” weren’t. so Kids; it NEVER goes out of style to be close to your mom! or dad or whomever else you are close with. Actually if a man is good to his mother (which Leo seemingly is) that is a good sign. ;)

  • any other GAY

    YEP….KEANU REEVES is NOT NEEDY FOR HIS MOMMMMMY ;) – Keep thumbing my comments above, Wiser and Upfront and honesty usually does get thumbs down!!!!

    Leo Threads are boring and Paid to keep up, by the JJ Peeps!!!

  • any other GAY

    Shelly is Totally GAY…. Shhhhh she Sucks her Thumb – and – Shelly hasn’t found her G-Spot Yet!!