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Stacy Keibler: 'X Factor' Deal In The Works?

Stacy Keibler: 'X Factor' Deal In The Works?

Stacy Keibler is in talks to join The X Factor this upcoming season, the New York Post reports.

The 32-year-old actress and girlfriend of George Clooney has reportedly been considered for a position on the hit reality television show!

Stacy Keibler is also in talks to join the show, but her lack of experience in the music business may make her more appropriate as a host. She looks fantastic and has bags of charisma,” a source said.

“You’ll have to wait and see. I can’t confirm or deny anything right now. The truth is, we are talking to a number of people,” judge and show creator Simon Cowell said last week about the open slots.

Britney Spears
has reportedly been in talks to join the show as well.

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31 Responses to “Stacy Keibler: 'X Factor' Deal In The Works?”

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  1. 1
    mkhay Says:

    im guessing as a host…

  2. 2
    Layli Says:

    Smart girl, using her time well I see

  3. 3
    The Brain Says:

    Great idea – making an already unwatchable show even worse. This no lip lurch is beyond annoying.

  4. 4
    lohan#1 Says:

    wow stick a fork in the show

  5. 5
    Paulie Says:

    Charisma?!? What charisma? I saw her for nearly 10 years during her wrestling career and I can honestly say “charismatic” is one adjective I would never use to describe her. She’s pretty but bland, and can’t act (although she’s doing a decent job in her role as Clooney’s latest arm candy).

  6. 6
    UGH Says:

    Wow!!! I need to find an actor who does want to commit and only be using me as arm candy for the next 2 award seasons if I last that long to make my career take off…if there is an application online for this position sign me up…I guess spreading your legs does get you somewhere in life…dammit my mum told me education was the key

  7. 7
    BEAN Says:

    It’s DEFINITELY ABSOLUTTTTELY fair to say that she is only even being considered because she is George Clooney’s girlfriend. I’d be embarrassed to take the jobs if I was her actually.

  8. 8
    I have to say Says:

    I Don’t watch it now But I Will Watch it if she’s one of the Judges.

  9. 9
    menna Says:

    Wait…who is she?

  10. 10
    Sean Says:

    LOL. This girl would be nowhere if it werent for Clooney

  11. 11
    vool Says:

    Finally! Her publicity stunt ”””relationship””’ with George Clooney being put to good use!!

  12. 12

    Bean like the rest of the bimbos du jour their is no sense of pride. Lack of common sense as well. Remember Krista Allen? George showcased her in a reality show and she went nowhere. Sad part about it is EVERYONE will know exactly how she got to this point. This garbage is EXACTLY why George did not win the Oscar. She get this and he might lose any credibility that he has left. Doesn’t George have a niece? How would he like it if someone did this kind of action towards her? Does he not get the meaning of karma and the backlash of it? People need to think of those things when they begin to engage into action. Just a thought….

  13. 13
    ms. Pendleton Says:

    Couple, not married but may be one day, will be invited to sleep in separate bedrooms and preferably the most distant from one another. This is obviously a powerful incentive to encourage the marriage of your young heads, and for them an excellent game night wandering in the corridors of the house in terror of being perhaps surprising to find the your friend’s room (it is customary that this is the boy who goes to appear before the Board of the girl is usual, moreover, that the girl simpering and denies access to the young man, at least for the first night!. The next day above ridges as if nothing had happened, does not refer to any slide hugs of the night, or make any mamour morning or hug in front of others. Be sure to know what time breakfast so as not to be surprised in another room than the one assigned to you. Be sure to crumple a few sheets of your bed even if you did not sleep.

  14. 14
    oy Says:

    As soon as she signs on the dotted line, George will take up with the next in line.

  15. 15
    Mr. Porter Says:

    the release of her perfume is for when….

  16. 16
    ali Says:

    wrong move for her… she’s too tall and will dwarf most performers. Wrong move also for Britney Spears – no capacity for thoughtful comments – she will look like an utter fool. Work on making a good new record, Britney. Stay away from Simon.

  17. 17
    gigi Says:

    Date me, date me george. Yeah thinkin he can build up my career. Haha.

  18. 18
    Saph Says:

    Clearly Stacy can’t be a judge no talent unless sleeping with someone who actually has talent get’s you consideration. Hostess well she can smile and is a walking Barbie doll. It shouldn’t be too hard for her to do clearly the girl can’t do anything that requires thinking or skill. George get’s arrested and Stacy runs of to Spain “to work” sure that sangria won’t drink itself. One thing is for certain she needs something quick that split announcement is breathing down her neck.

  19. 19
    Ylenia Says:

    It’s all about herself. Hate her, it’s so easy

  20. 20
    just saying Says:

    I wonder if she and George are on last leg. George usually doesn’t date women that actually have a life outside of being by his side. It seems when they start to be more independent he drops them. He and Stacey haven’t been seen together since that Prop 8 event. Or maybe I missed it. Well if she gets this job it will be because of her association with him. And I’m not sure how to take that. Sucks for her because even if it was not true no one buy it.

    Simon seems to be trying to pull every gimmick he can and that just scream of problems and desperation.

  21. 21
    Don. Anres Says:

    The only reason to be part of the show is George Clooney

  22. 22
    Sheila Says:

    Who cares really? LOL, too funny, Factor is getting more talked about and publicity about who will join the show than the actual show itself!!! Have they never considered replacing Simon?!! They should wipe the entire slate clean, why doesnt anyone talk about replacing Simon, ever think maybe he is the one that people can’t stand the most (his schtick is old and the same as on Idol).

  23. 23
    Amy Says:

    Putting her on that show would be the last nail in its coffin. The only way it would work is if she doesn’t talk. They could put her in a bikini and let her hold up scores.

  24. 24
    Mr. Porter Says:

    Stacy launched its ‘NASE’ Perfume

  25. 25

    Censoring again Just Jared? Well that is why I save my postings. You keep the one that you think slams George don’t you?

    H*e*l*l* to the f*u*c*k* NO! So this is why I and others have been badgered and attacked because her sk*a*n*k* crew wanted to distract for this mess? Simon needs to be slapped in his big head to even consider this! Kick this dip back into the wrestling ring where she belongs. Kick George in the balls for subjecting us, and real talent in Hollywood to this joker. Wait! Smack George in the head too. It takes work and REAL talent to host which she has not a clue about. All of the dips George has been involved with are so delusional. They think just because they slink on his arm they deserve the brass ring? I think not. Hollywood you disgust me.

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