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Bethany Joy Galeotti & Husband Divorcing

Bethany Joy Galeotti & Husband Divorcing

Bethany Joy Galeotti has announced that she and her husband, Michael, are divorcing after six years of marriage.

“I’m sorry to say that Michael and I have decided to divorce,” the 30-year-old One Tree Hill actress wrote on her blog on Monday.

“We remain friendly and dedicated to raising our beautiful girl in love and we appreciate your prayers and support during this difficult time,” she continued. “I feel immensely humbled and grateful that God works all things for the good of those who love Him.”

Bethany and Michael became parents to a little girl, Maria, in February of 2011.

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48 Responses to “Bethany Joy Galeotti & Husband Divorcing”

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  1. 26
    Amanda Says:

    LOL you are hilarious. Nobody wants a truce because there isn’t a need for one because most people with a functioning brain have better things to do than bash people they don’t know. You however, need an asylum # 24 along with the other regular Just Jared psychos who can never get enough of Sophia posts.

  2. 27
    Emma Says:

    no surprise. typical hollywood stuff. they all think they can “do better’ then who they’re with. it’s the hollywood curse.

  3. 28
    Carolyn Says:

    Media *****.

  4. 29
    Kary Says:

    A divorce is always a sad thing for all parties involved. I really am a huge fan of Joy and I hope everything works out well for her. She is an extrememly talented actress and I look forward to continue following her career and life.

  5. 30
    Weenie Says:

    Gee I guess Joy will be going to events to get her name out there. Of course that would be ok for her but not for other actresses. Self promoting bi@ch.

  6. 31
    Mandy Says:

    What a pretentious woman. Could she be more obnoxious?
    So full of herself.
    Watch this video
    VIDEO: Bethany Joy Galeotti Talks “One Tree Hill” & Diamond Gothic at Zooey Magazine Relaunch
    Trying so hard to be relevant.

  7. 32
    kaaa Says:

    omg you crazy nanny carrie like joy bashing stalkers… what the heck is wrong with you. Im pretty sure you all make fake brother Derek look like a saint. Id rather hang out in the parking garage with xavier then be in a damn slam ball arena with you people. Calm down and have some of Taylors special brownies.. top it of with a lil rocky road icecream and pop in the taped version of The Kindness of Ravens and let Lucas’s voice chill you out.. before I go all machine gun toting Dan Scott on your ass’s! hahahahhahaha No but really leave our BB Joy alone!! #othforeverandalways

  8. 33
    supcali Says:

    I have been a loyal oth fan since the beginning. I think the divorce has a lot to do with the fact that she and michael have not really lived with each other for long periods of time because she would always be in wilmington. Im not surprised that very soon after the filiming of oth and she settled back home with her family, problems arose. I expected more though for Bethany. She does give a very biased opinion in many of her blog updates some of which can be annoying and frustrating to read. So yea i am disappointed, but hey it happens

  9. 34
    Haha Says:

    I can’t stand this b*tch so I could care less about her so called marriage ending. In fact, Joy DESERVES it. Especially with the way she tries to make herself look like a saint when in reality, she’s FAR from it.
    And for the single 1 or 2 losers who keep pressing the thumbs down button….you morons DO realize that the comment can still be seen just by clicking on “click here to see” right??? Lol

  10. 35
    llisa Says:

    So sorry to hear about Joy and Michael splitting.

    Oh and look at Sophia stans getting pressed. Sophia is still an easy lay. 5 co-stars and counting? Doesn’t quite compare to a 7 year marriage with a child. Haha, sit down.

  11. 36
    olala Says:

    @supcali: OMG, a biased opinion! Who would have thought, right? The purpose of giving an opinion is to share YOUR point of view. It doesn’t have to unbiased. At least she’s not a phony preaching love and tolerance while calling those who don’t agree with her “hateful monsters”.

  12. 37
    olala Says:

    *It doesn’t have to be unbiased.

  13. 38
    Haha Says:

    Not all of us are Sophia stans you moron. So don’t try and chalk up other people’s hatred for Joy just on that. Nice try though.
    I can’t f*cking stand Joy.
    I think it’s hilarious when a woman preaches nonstop about how horrible it is for a child to go through a divorce and have 2 parents who aren’t together, yet she’s turns around and splits up her family.
    Uhhhh, hipocritcal much????
    If you’re gonna talk sh*t, then at least be smart about it and DON’T go back on your “words”…….like SHE did.

  14. 39
    Respect Says:


    But when has Joy said that? If you could provide a link to it, I’d be thankful because I don’t remember and I’d like reading it. Thanks.

  15. 40
    Amanda Says:

    Because she doesn’t preach “non-stop” about marriage lol. This person is a wackjob and needs help. No need to get so worked up over someone who doesn’t even know you exist.

  16. 41
    Haha Says:

    Oh yeah? And you think that Joy knows you or some of the other freaks on here exist as well??? Whats with the need to defend her?? I doubt she gives a sh*t about you guys trying to “speak up her.”Lol
    Forgive me, but just because some people on here may have a lot of time on your hands, doesn’t mean the rest of us do either. So hate me for not wanting to visit Joy’s previous interviews, blog posts, remarks, etc. to show that she has on more then once occasion talked about the struggles that come when 2 parents are no longer together and how she and Michael no matter their issues and problems, won’t ever want to split up or put their children through anything like that. Yet, she breaks up her marriage after almost 7 years and a years after her daughter’s birth. Therefore, making her look STUPID.
    I have NO problem with a person having their own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. However, when you say one thing but do another, it becomes really hard to respect you.

  17. 42
    Respect Says:


    I wasn’t disrespectful to you so I’d like it if you did the same to me. I was genuinely asking you to give me some of this info because I never saw it before. I’ve been following Joy (and Sophia and Hilarie and Danneel) ever since OTH first started and she’s never talked much about Michael and her marriage. She’s actually been pretty vocal in stating that there are no perfect marriages or perfect people and relationships and hers wasn’t an exception.*

    And I believe she did mention on one occasion that being a child from divorced parents wasn’t easy because Joy herself is one of them. That was it, I believe. But I never saw any interviews or occasions where she’s said she would never get a divorce because she knows how hard it is for the kids and so on. At least I never came across anything like that and I’ve been following Joy and the other OTH ladies since the beginning. But maybe I missed it and maybe you’ve seen things I didn’t see, that’s why I was asking you to provide me with a link to actually prove what you’re saying.

    I’m of the opinion people shouldn’t talk about things they don’t have proof of, that’s why I asked for evidence that confirms what you’re saying. I’m not calling you a liar but this is the internet and whenever I’m reading things about actors and whatsoever, I actually like to see some proof because you just saying Joy or Sophia or whoever said this, that and that doesn’t make it true. Evidence to support what you’re saying does.

    *If I have time to go on an online forum posting comments on a gossip site, I also have time to make a research and provide you with some things to support what I’ve said previously:
    - Joy saying that there are no perfect marriages: (04:36)

    Best wishes :)

  18. 43
    I know Says:

    Michael and Joy were friends for a while and he proposed and apparently she took awhile to give an answer. He was never supportive about her work on OTH. He and his friends/family would make fun of the show. I understand OTH is far from being a great show but mocking your wife’s work all the time? Douchey. Plus michael’s family is part of a church that is borderline cult like (like, you have to be a friend of the family’s to join, it’s very very closely knit and it’s creepy). Joy has always seemed way more social than him. I always thought she could do better. He and his family liked to explore her.

    Michael wanted her to be a 1950s wife.

  19. 44
    Please Says:

    Who really cares whether they are together or not? Any actor for that matter. It is these nutty OTH fans who think they know the cast and their every little thought. You all know nothing about them. Unless you are some relative defending your fav. Some fans still talk to Kenzie and she feeds them info. Look at the source before you believe that nonsense.

  20. 45
    BJL Says:


    What kind of info Kenzie tell fans?

  21. 46
    Joy Fan Says:

    Joy fans are saying Sophia sells her interviews to magazines. You are totally twisted! I say Joy is selling her info to magazines. What douches you are.

  22. 47
    Piper Sophia Says:

    They were having problems in their marriage and then Joy got pregnant. I’m guessing that they tried to work it out for Maria but they couldn’t.

  23. 48
    Katie Says:

    I think it’s crap how some of you are treating Bethany so she’s going through a divorce she’s only human, same goes with Sophia with her break up with Austin. I love Sophia and Bethany to death Haley and Brooke were two of my favorite characters on One Tree Hill besides little Jamie. Nobody really knows what went on behind closed doors between Bethany and her husband and I think it’s awesome despite everything that Bethany and her husband still remain really good friends. And try to get a long for the sake of there daughter. Bethany & her family definitely have all my prayers and support. And if you’re really fans of Bethany and Sophia you wouldn’t be on here putting them down and shut up about Chad and Sophia’s divorce that happened years ago time to move on already. Nobody is on this page claiming that Bethany and Sophia were ever saints so just be quiet about that already. Regardless I think Bethany is an awesome actress.

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