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Gerard Butler: Farmers Market Lunch With Parents

Gerard Butler: Farmers Market Lunch With Parents

Gerard Butler leaves Farmers Market after having lunch with his parents on Tuesday (March 20) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor dined at an outdoor table and took a phone call in between bites.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard recently signed on to star in Olympus Has Fallen, which he’ll also produce.

The action film centers around an ex Secret Service agent who has to prevent a terrorist attack on the president’s residence.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler with his parents at Farmers Market…

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131 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Farmers Market Lunch With Parents”

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  1. 26
    Sins Says:

    The fact that they ate outside is telling.
    They wanted to be seen.
    Anytime he is papped? It’s because he was SUPPOSED to be papped.
    I think his PR flew his parents out to ‘help’ get people talking about anything OTHER than the Janet’s accusations.
    She is disgusting. Hell hath no fury, Gerard…

  2. 27
    angelsandguns Says:

    He has boobs in that picture. Why hasn’t he gone to the gym??? :(

  3. 28
    Hell Hath No Fury... Says:

    J Alt won’t stop until Gerard’s entire career/image is leveled.
    She is pissed, broke, divorcing and has nothing to show for her marriage ending fling, except for unanswered phone msgs and embarrassment.
    Do you think she’s going to let Gerard just slide off into oblivion and change his number?

  4. 29
    Clamsie Says:

    @he is a loser:

    ita. He’s finished, career on life support and he looks like crap most days. We’ll probably hear next that he’s filing for bankruptcy or being sued for child support. Where is his boytoy Freddy Bosch?

  5. 30
    KiwiGirl (NZ) Says:

    We see through your supposed ‘rehab’, sxsw with your ex, charity appearances and convenient outdoor lunches with your mommy! You did that older married woman wrong and she means business! Maybe he should give her a call to shush her? I do agree this is bad for his career.
    What ‘boytoy?’ Does Gerard dabble?…

  6. 31
    angelsrock Says:

    I’m not convinced that everything Gerry does is choreographed. I think that’s exactly why he does get into trouble. He does what he darn pleases when he wants to do it. Of course there are times when he has to play the game. He’s a P.R. team’s nightmare. He’s spending some time with his parents and he’s being slammed for that. He admits over and over in interviews that he is a “bad boy”. And still everyone wants him to be the pairfect boyfriend and role model with the highest of standards who’s on a mission to save the world. You need to go find another celeb to swoon over and admire because that is not Gerard Butler and he will tell you that himself. His true fans realize that; they appreciate his hard work and love of making movies. They get a kick out of his antics that are actually rather low on the scale of “being a horrid person.” Of course there are times that we wince and shake our heads. But we take it for what it is and consider that most of the gossip is well just gossip and fabrication. It is quite evident that he disappoints some people. I’ve been a fan since 1995 and the same comments have been made about him since then. Especially the one where his career’s over. He’ll never work again. LOL He’s doing just fine making a decent living making movies. It seems he’s alive and well in Hollywood for at least the next couple of years. Sorry if that just sends you into a frenzy.

  7. 32
    angelsrock Says:

    Okay, I can’t believe I typed 1995. It’s early give me a break. I meant 2005 after I saw POTO. He wasn’t even working as an actor in 1995 was he?

  8. 33
    Haha Says:

    @Sins: Its not just the adultery. Its that he concentrates more on partying and having fun then his career when it should be the opposite.I mean he hasn;t had a really good movie since 300. He’s never in a serious relationship and every time they ask him about it he always says that he’s been in 2 or 3 serious ones but he kept them on the down-low. I mean come on how long is he gonna use that excuse ?…. but then again it’s his life and if he wants to ruin it it’s his call. I now some people might get upset over my comments but that’s what I think.

  9. 34
    RehabRX Says:

    The only relationship he ‘admits’ is Bianca…and maybe because of what his fcking FANS did to her he doesn’t go there any more. Don’t blame him. After reading here recently of what you guys thought of Brandi Alicia and Janea I’m not sure I’d want to be on the receiving end of that either to be honest :(

  10. 35
    RehabRX Says:

    I don’t think anyone is saying his every move is choreographed at all –
    I think we are saying that just his damage control/clean up PR is choreographed – and you would be stupid to think otherwise.

  11. 36
    ITA Says:

    The rehab, sxsw/mtvgirl-gate, charity appearance and nice little outing with mom and dad are a little to conveniently clustered and suspect.
    I think his PR team wants us to think about anything, anything at ALL except the fact that some woman – and a married with kids p0rn star which makes it even worse – is claiming she left her husband for Gerard. Only to be tossed aside when she was available. That looks very BAD on him. Very bad, don’t you see that?
    Not even a reality Z-lister puking off his balcony is that bad.

  12. 37
    um ... Says:

    I was just on Alicia’s facebook page. It doesn’t say she has a boyfriend.

  13. 38
    angelsrock Says:


    I do not call people stupid because I disagree with their opinion and perspective especially about gossip that none of us here knows for certain the details.

  14. 39
    um ... Says:

    This is Alicia’s FB page. There’s no mention of any boyfriend.

  15. 40
    GerrysGreenEyedWoman Says:

    Been dying to see these to back up the Tweet.
    Ah, a mother’s love. Every person needs it. He’s lucky to still have his. Some of us are less fortunate. A mother’s love is unconditional, supportive and real.
    Feel this man needs all the true honest sincere non-judging love he can find just now. And what better way that to start a new season, spring, with the one woman who never fails him, his mom?!!
    Big and clunky, comfortable in his own gear, Gerry so looks like the child at seven, which we all remain believe it or not. I love these!! These are precious! Thank you, thank you, thank you… these are just what I needed to see. Prayers do get answered. Now, if only he’d head home with them and come back after Easter. [read: might be pushing my luck but if you never ask.... ]

  16. 41
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Good Morning JJer’s! Loved the pics of him with his parents and at first I felt sorry for them being intruded upon by the paps, but I’ve been to the Grove and there is NO privacy there. I think he definitely wanted to be seen! Regardless, I’m glad his mother is there to smack some sense into him. Although, maybe she didn’t smack hard enough? He was off to another party last night:

    Hayden Black ‏ @haydenblack
    Saw more stars tonight than I have in 2 years. James Caan, Bill Murray, Gerard Butler, etc etc etc. Fun premiere/party at Chateau Marmont.
    Kari Mozena ‏ @karimozena
    Made my way over to Chateau Marmont. @Starz prem party for #MagicCity. Show good enough to make me subscribe.
    Kari Mozena ‏ @karimozena
    Gerard Butler and Damien Lewis here. Bill Murray popped by screening but doubt he is in this mob scene.

  17. 42
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:


    Well I suppose Gerard could have called the paps or just accepted that they would be there. Who knows. It obviously hasn’t taken anyone’s mind off of his current scandals. The question would be if he really thought that it would. I’m sure he knows that the public isn’t stupid. Is it possible that more is being read into this lunch with his parents than there really is? (checked for grammar and spelling errors this time!). :)

  18. 43
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen:
    ” Is it possible that more is being read into this lunch with his parents than there really is?”

    Absolutely! Perhaps that is just where his parents wanted to go. But it does make you wonder, with all the negative news about him lately, if he figured being seen with his parents would prompt a ‘good’ gossip article about him for a change. As usual, we can only speculate. I would HOPE that there is nothing more to it, but you just never know in Hollywood!
    BTW, good job on the spelling this morning! LOL =)

  19. 44
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:


    Haha thanks. I was rushing through when posting last night and was mortified at the errors when I looked back at my posts. What you say is very true. :) I’m sure his Mother worries for him too, but he’s a big boy. He makes his own choices. Bad ones it seems like these days.

  20. 45
    Ella Says:

    Hes compete stupid he shouldve never got involved with a married woman she wasn’t stupid to file for divorce he encouraged her & gave her false hope & then bailed! She was p!ssed as shes left with nothing he’s a coward can’t even confront or tell face to face & has to change his number such an immature man! He knows he looks bad & lost respect of ppl so is trying to act like the doting family boy

  21. 46
    Sussanne Says:

    He knows exactly how to avoid the paps they never get hold of him with his hook ups, he wanted to be seen if your so bothered about paps you don’t have lunch in full view he wants to show this to distract his latest homewrcking label

  22. 47
    GerrysFascinatingWoman Says:

    “Hes compete stupid he shouldve never got involved with a married woman she wasn’t stupid to file for divorce he encouraged her & gave her false hope & then bailed! She was p!ssed as shes left with nothing he’s a coward can’t even confront or tell face to face & has to change his number such an immature man! He knows he looks bad & lost respect of ppl so is trying to act like the doting family boy”
    Yes, he should have not gotten involved (if it’s true) with a married woman, period. BUT you don’t know what SHE said to encourage him! My guess if ANYONE had “false hope” it was HER for putting herself in an INSTANT RELATIONSHIP when there was no hope for one from the start and if SHE thought so, SHE is “stupid”. What kind of man would want a CHEATER for a partner? Eh? A real question! Besides it wasn’t for all that to begin with and SHE knows it. She thought having sex with him meant more than, well, having sex with him like most dumb women who know nothing about life! I think HE did her husband a FAVOR!!

  23. 48
    GerrysFascinatingWoman Says:

    Right he does know how to avoid the paps same like Jared can avoid posting the photo of him with his mouth open. From the hate vibes here no wonder he rides off the grid so much! I’m proud of him being with his parents. I don’t find it a stunt at all.
    It’s nearly Easter (and Mother’s day isn’t far off and no one knows their plans) plus he has family on the west coast for God’s sake!
    If they came over from the east coast to see their son, what’s he to do… say no my fans will call me a manipulator of press? Hell, no, he’s going to be seen with them because he wants to! You people are really morbid-minded and so out of focus. You’re too angry to care.

  24. 49
    GerrysFascinatingWoman Says:

    The only thing I’m annoyed with is his talking on his cell at lunch! LOL Really, turn it off for 30 minutes to eat in peace! I doubt anything is that important it can’t wait!

  25. 50
    GerrysFascinatingWoman Says:

    @Hell Hath No Fury…:
    LOL, You’re kidding right? Like who the hell is she anyway? If not for him she’s be well, whoever she was before… a nobody! Oh, wait… she still IS a nobody!

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