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Gerard Butler: Farmers Market Lunch With Parents

Gerard Butler: Farmers Market Lunch With Parents

Gerard Butler leaves Farmers Market after having lunch with his parents on Tuesday (March 20) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor dined at an outdoor table and took a phone call in between bites.

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Gerard recently signed on to star in Olympus Has Fallen, which he’ll also produce.

The action film centers around an ex Secret Service agent who has to prevent a terrorist attack on the president’s residence.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler with his parents at Farmers Market…

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I have to disagree. She is not a nobody to Butler like you and me. She has had him intimately in her, her world, her heart (if you look at it from her point of view). She also knows him in a way none of us will.
This woman scares the sh!t out of Butler IMO. All she has to do is open her mouth on a show like Howard Stern and believe me every media outlet will have a hay day. She is probably the closest thing to a ticking time bomb rather than a nobody.
This woman has brought him more bad publicity than he wants. She does have quite a bit of power. If she goes on the record it will only get worse for Butler because nothing sells better than the loved & dumped crowd. Aniston has made a career of it.
You don’t realize that by calling her nobody makes you… well… lower than that…

@just a thought:
You gotta love GFW’s spunk… if you can get over the smell. :P

“The very thought of the possibility of him hooking up with a pOrn star is just that.. disgusting. Why Gerry? No decent self respecting women left in the entire LA?”
He looks for easy women, why don’t peeps understand that?
All his women are easy women that will sleep with men without any guilt feelings. That’s what he looks for. Therefore, I for one am not surprised by his choice of women. Brandi’s, Alicia’s, Jeana etc…..
When he is ready for a marriage, if ever, he will look for a more discriminating woman, as many men do. Many men have double standards, even if they don’t openly admit it.

EveIn TheGarden @ 03/21/2012 at 2:41 pm

Trying to check up with what has occurred in his life over year(s). Almost died and addiction. Lawsuit(s) and heart break and heart breaker . My goodness he looks unhappy and unhealthy. Sad …Words fail me at this point….

@Question: Alicia admits to being 34. Which means she’s probably a few years older than that. Most celebs, especially female, lie about their age….

I was nice enough to answer a question, and some a/rse w/hipe has nothing better to do than thumb me down?

WOW. Insanity….. :/

I’m glad to see Gerry with his family. But he looking very dissatisfied. I think he don’t want to attract paparazzis’ attention.

If you are a fan of Gerry’s it’s because you like his movies. You may not like all the movies he has done but you are still a fan.
What I don’t understand is where anyone here has a right to ask for an apology or a explanation for what he does in his private life. He is the one who has to deal with whatever press good or bad comes his way.
Was he foolish to hook up with someone who will cheat outside her marriage with single and married men, yes he was. Is he paying for this indiscretion, yes. We really don’t even know who she is yet. Do I care, NO. We each have to live by are own standards of morality. It is not my place to approve or disapprove of his actions. It is unfortunate that he can’t separate his HW life from his private life, but some people just seem to thrive on the dirty gossip whether it is true or not. Wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants if this turns out to be all made up. As far as his mom and step dad are there, why read anything more into it that they are just enjoying a visit with their son. When Gerry left the legal profession to become an actor I remember him saying that his mom told him whatever he wanted to do with his life she would always be there for him. Was this a photo op to try and distract from the negative press, could be or it just could be he needed to see his mom to share some special time with her. Margaret is a tough lady that left a bad marriage with three small children to raise, she knows how to roll with the flow. As far as his career over, it will be over when he says it’s over. If he decides not to act anymore he just might want to produce films for other actors, maybe even direct at some point. I will stay his fan until he stops making movies and I won’t condemn him for his dumb mistakes. Heaven forbide we found out he is human!

angelsrock @ 03/21/2012 at 6:37 pm

I walk the same wavelength, lolita. Your words mirror my thoughts exactly. He is who he is. Period. Exclamation point. He is far from perfect and I disagree with lots of his decisions. But I’m drawn to him like bees to honey. I find him so hot and so funny and so charismatic and so……..wounded. I have always believed that he is lonely and really doesn’t know what he wants out of life. I hope he finds true happiness one day and the lady of his dreams who will scratch his back and “have” his back and vise versa. The Hollywood life is not good for him. He needs to get the H out of there.

Whatshedonenow @ 03/21/2012 at 6:45 pm


No.  His  so called true fans- the phannies – think the sun shines out of his a/se. Blame everybody and everything  but him for his bad behaviour. And when they begrudgingly forced to face the truth about  him  go inton”denial defence” with nonsense like -he did say he was a ‘bad boy’.  Or -what he does in his private life is none of our business. May I remind you nobody needed to know he went into rehab- in my book  that’s a pretty private matter – but he used it to garner positive PR. So if he’s prepared to play that game with his  private life, as far as the press is concerned all bets are off, and we can gossip and speculate about him and his private life – be it good or bad-  to our hearts’ content.

And by the way why are some of you still so ridiculously naive about PR? Even though you’ve been told time and time again about how it works in HW.  Don’t you get it by now-  if the Butty boy  doesn’t want to be seen- HE WON’T BE SEEN! Comprende! For crying out loud- (roll eyes)

@angelsrock: Angel, I just can’t see why people want to see just a negative in him when there is so much positive to him. I will never believe all the crap that is said about him. I have seen some of his dumb moves but we all have moments like that in our lives. He is special to me too and I agree with what you said.

AliceInWonderland @ 03/21/2012 at 7:01 pm


I don’t believe he deliberately looks for easy women! If he ever planned on gaining the respect of a decent woman in the future, he’s certainly going about it all the wrong way.
I think he as a low self esteem, for one. I know that sounds ridiculous with his looks and all but I don’t think he likes himself all that much. I think he carries around a lot of guilt and has a lot of trouble letting go of his past. He then sets himself up to attract the wrong kinds of women and the users.
He’s a nice guy, he’s vulnerable and like a kid sometimes. He’s often said he can be in a room full of people and end up by himself and alone.
Maybe some don’t know how to take him and I think some women think he’s coming on to them when he’s just trying to be nice. He may say something inappropriate or something that gets miscontrued as a come on. I think that’s a Scottish thing too and he doesn’t get away with it like say Craig Ferguson does because he’s a comedian.
I still believe that because of his looks people think he gets more women and “action” then he does. This whole thing with the married woman I’m willing to wager is another trumped up stunt with Brandi Glanville behind it. That’s a woman with baggage, a woman scorned by another man and she’s going to make every man pay for it. I know the type. She tried to use him, he didn’t go for it, she tried to embarrass him, he acted like he didn’t know who she was and this is her play. JMO.

angelsrock @ 03/21/2012 at 7:03 pm


I guess you didn’t read my post carefully. I do not believe the sun shines out of his ahs. I do believe he’s a P.R. nightmare. I know he makes very bad choices. And I am a fan. BTW I’m pretty sure that there has been very few celebs that secretly went to rehab. And may I add that you are exactly whom the tabloids and P.R. people love!!!

AliceInWonderland @ 03/21/2012 at 7:09 pm

@lolita: I’m with you! It’s one thing to frequent sites when you LIKE the person and it’s quite another to frequent sites when you don’t like the person! Why waste your time?
And worse, to call fans names and ridicule them for sticking by him! What’s that all about? Do they not see the irony in that? Can they not see that they are more effed up then any phanny ever was?

Is it the negative in him they see or more the true him?
Right now he hasn’t done a lot for fans to be proud of. Two movies that most didn’t see won’t save him from the PR his bad behavior is generating. The public is only seeing bad in the press right now and Butler’s rather naive attempts at positive PR just is insulting IMO. Like the first poster said, the public won’t forget and they are cynical.
What positive spin they put on the rehab is sadly by the wayside since he spent almost every night out partying for days after less than 24 hours out of rehab. Unfortunately the public is quite good at smelling bullsh!t and it seems that is all Butler is offering them currently.
Kudos for him not giving a damn what the public thinks but that attitude in the long run will cost him much more IMO. His fans carry only a miniscule amount of the tickets sales worldwide. His career is dependent on the public more so than the fans who willing overlook the behavior. It is a sad truth of life.
Conversely the public loves to embrace the underdog. What is sad is that Butler doesn’t get that. Maybe if he tried to act like he wanted to be redeemed peeps would cheer him on. But his f*ck it I do what I want no matter the consequences isn’t appealing to watch as he mows down everything/everyone in his way. Per the latest press stories, he’s a lothario that now breaks up marriages, seems narcissist and is spitting in the faces of those who have climbed the mountain of sobriety. Hard to cheer for the antagonist in this story IMO.

Whatshedonenow @ 03/21/2012 at 7:21 pm


I did read your post carefully enough. I don’t know if you are a phannie or not. That’s down to you. As far I can see there is a difference between a  fan and a  phannie. A fan doesn’t go ballistic if a poster  says something even marginally negative about the Butty Boy. 

Also I am more than a happy to be like most people on the planet and enjoy a bit of a gossip and a read of a tab.  As I’ve said before that’s what the celebs get paid the big bucks for – to entertain us.   

But alas angelrock, I think you are the one who’s the PR man or woman’s w/et dream.

angelsrock @ 03/21/2012 at 7:24 pm


That’s something that I have pondered too. Why waste your time talking about a celeb you don’t like? I just don’t get it.

angelsrock @ 03/21/2012 at 7:28 pm


Nope, I don’t believe any of the BS that is written about celebs. Because 90% is BS. They know it and the celebs know it. But the fans drool over it. And so it continues.

But we agree to disagree and that’s what makes life so darn interesting. Have a good evening, whatshedoneknow.

@AliceInWonderland: I agree, even to read more into his mom’s visit. If he would have went to Scotland to see his mom instead of her coming here they would be saying he ran home to momma. Don’t any of these people visit their parents just because. Enjoy your parents while you have them. He really can’t go to many places without someone recognizing him and tweeting or asking for a pic with him. When he goes to starbucks people tweet that they saw him.
@Angel, he disappeared for month for rehab and I agree if he had done it for PR it would have been announced when he went in not coming out. The statement released was he is out and healthy. They didn’t go into any great detail about it. TMZ and such are the ones who said the most about it.

oh c'mon ..... @ 03/21/2012 at 7:31 pm

“This whole thing with the married woman I’m willing to wager is another trumped up stunt with Brandi Glanville behind it.
This is where some fans lose all credibility. You’re willing to believe the patently absurd, rather than common sense. A Brandi Glanville conspiracy to explain away the p0rn star, a Jennifer Aniston conspiracy to explain why he was snubbed for an Oscar, and on and on it goes. This is what “Whatshedonenow” is talking about. It’s everyone else’s fault. If being a fan means you have to check your brain at the door, then that doesn’t say much about Gerry.

His mum and stepdad are a very handsome couple. Nice to visit with GB in sunny LA and enjoy lunch outside – who cares whether it was a PR ploy or not. Live your life – you don’t need to answer to anyone – make your own decisions then own it.

Hope everyone has a great evening and rest of the week. Hope all is well.


AliceInWonderland @ 03/21/2012 at 7:34 pm

@Manny: You’re way too focused on negativity! A lot of movies aren’t doing well right now. He’s done some good stuff and he will again. This will not hurt him but what will hurt him is his own inability to put it perspective and move on. So he’s gotten his nose bloodied by the HW rumor mill! They all do! He’s officially in the club now!
And how do YOU know the recent stories about him are true? Are you so gullible to believe things you read from the tabloids? He admits he’s a bit of a bad boy and if he screwed around with a reality star, so what? I really don’t even think that is to be contrued as “bad” behavior really.
The thing with the married woman needs more concrete facts and reliable sources for me then the Internet tabloids. I think it’s a set up and a fabrication by a bitter woman. Now she’s the one that’s damaged goods, as far as I’m concerned.

AliceInWonderland @ 03/21/2012 at 7:38 pm

@Whatshedonenow: Problem is your definition of “ballistic” is anyone counter pointing your negative comment. Your definition of a phanny is anyone who doesn’t agree with you, isn’t it?
We don’t all see him as all good but we don’t see him as all bad. I’m not sure what you’d call those who promote the negative here. They are not fans for sure. It’s rather troubling to me just what they are!

AliceInWonderland @ 03/21/2012 at 7:41 pm

@angelsrock: I think they are far worse then any phannie ever could be because they are so obsessed with him that even when he disappoints them, they still can’t let him go! That to me shows they are far more obsessed then any phannie every was! LMAO!

I think it’s odd that anytime some on here take a swipe in general – not even personally – at the ‘mean girls,’ for lack of a better description of them, there are immediately a little flurry of thumbs down. Does that mean the negative thumbers appreciate crass, nasty posts?

I’ve read on here for several years, and today’s meanies seem to be a different breed than those of the past. I’m not sure how to describe them or their motivations.Looking back, does anyone remember Stupidfans and some of her buddies? Now there was one sick chick. Her sole purpose in life was ragging on phannies and GB. People tried to figure her out but failed. In the end, she melted down in a crazy crash and burn. Hope there aren’t any more like that around. You can’t have a conversation with them.

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