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Jessica Simpson Talks Pregnancy on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jessica Simpson Talks Pregnancy on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jessica Simpson drops by Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about her impending mommyhood and her new show, Fashion Star!

The 31-year-old entertainer and fashionista shared that her baby shower had a “Charlotte’s Web” theme and included fun fair activities and munchies like fried Oreos.

As for questions about her having twins, Jess said that wasn’t the case but that she apparently has a lot of amniotic fluid. “Whenever my water breaks, it will be like a fire hydrant!” she laughed.

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  • Nina

    Get married you s lut. You’re dad must be really proud.

  • Nina

    Correction: “your” dad. Typo…

  • BEAN

    I love how she’s taking the mean comments in stride. It’s NORMAL people. She’s having a baby for crying out loud, and she’s a normal woman. Who is actually expecting her to look like Giselle right now? OR yourselves when it happens to you? And surprisingly it’s women that make the nastiest comments.

  • BEAN

    @Nina: Nina you’d still be a moron regardless of whether you corrected the typo or not. Marriage doesn’t mean love or commitment, or that the father is going to stay (consider divorce rates maybe?). You and your views belong in a museum

  • LisaLipps

    Why is she famous? Just go away Jess.

  • Nina

    @BEAN: I think she’s being selfish towards her baby and she hasn’t even been born yet. How would you have felt if you mom behaved like that? That is, assuming she didn’t.

  • BEAN

    @Nina: Selfish towards her baby HOW? My mother was indeed married before having my siblings and I, thank you for your obvious inquiry and 25 years on she hates his guts, wishes she never married him and actually, so do I. Getting married doesn’t equal happiness for neither the couple, nor the child and does not secure a happy childhood at all. There is absolutely nothing wrong with marriage then children, but I definitely have a problem with people like you who thinks it’s a requirement, and somehow you become a bad person for having a child out of wedlock. No ones situation is the same, so maybe you should refrain from judging other peoples private lives.

  • Courtney

    some of you are real insensitive shit heads she has a life threatenning pregnancy complication called Polyhydramnios which is the build up of exess amniotic fluid and it’s not her fault she’s just one of the unlucky women that get stuck with it which is less than 50 a year. carrying a 10lb baby is hard especially for a small woman like Jessica. try putting yourself in her position before you make sneid remarks for some people pregnancy is really difficult never been there myself but My mom has often told me how difficult her pregnancies were. the particular complication Jessica is suffering increases the risk of premature birth defects like hyaline membraine disease heart malformations ect and still-birth neonatal death. if that were to happen to Jessica and Eric they wouldn’t get the time they needed to grieve for their daughter and may never be able to speak about the heartache that causes look at Joanne Woodward she miscarried during her honeymoon in February 1958 and has never spoken about it publically because it was so heartbreaking to lose that precious child though she & Paul Newman eventually had 3 beautiful daughters but she has said each of those pregnancies were difficult because she was terrified she’d miscarry again and Paul would leave because he felt unable to comfort her

  • Shawna

    I had polyhydramnios with my 3rd pregnancy. Courtney is completely incorrect about the seriousness of it (1-2% of pregnant women get it and in most cases it is mild). There are risks though including – premature birth, premature rupture of membranes, placental abruption, stillbirth (but still only 4 in 1000), and postpartum hemmorage. That aside, it does cause you to look WAY bigger than you are. At 36 weeks pregnant I was measure 46 weeks pregnant (a normal pregnancy is 40 weeks). I am 5’2″ and I was HUGE. They actually had to deliver her at 36 weeks due to preeclampsia but I would have continued to grow bigger. Excess fluid makes you look as if you are carrying twins or triplets. So stay off her case!

  • Terri

    She is really a sweet girl and wants to be happy like all women. what wrong with you guys. even if she overeats or stuff like that, she is pregnant she is going to be a mother. respect that fact please

  • Lola

    @Courtney: your comments are increasingly creepy, seriously!

  • Whatever!

    You guys believe the words that are coming out of her mouth!!?? Hahaha, first she admitted to overeating which stands to be more true than the medical lie she is telling now. Why she didn’t mention this weeks ago when asked about her ballooning weight?? Due to public scrutiny her publicist told her what to say to garner sympathy, pathetic.

    Just be honest jessica, it works better and people will have more respect for you.

  • Trinity J

    I have no clue why people hate her so much. Shes a singer and a fashion designer!! Thats why shes a celebrity! Shes not like Nicole richie or Paris Hilton who are famous for partying and perfumes and having some house hold name. She worked for her success and took various paths in her career. People need to stop hating on her. Shes done nothing wrong.

  • pow

    this piggy is stuffed to capacity with fried oreos… oh,and a baby

  • Correction Trinity

    Her succes came from being on a realty TV show that spawned her first real successful album which was based on her stardom with her now ex- Nick Lachey in which she sold her virginal story and made the public fall for her with her quirky stupidity. So basically she is like Paris and Nicole she wanted to be a huge singer but it didn’t work and saw marginal success with her reality TV show on MTV. Once fame and fortune (fake designer clothing line) came she and Joe didn’t need her then husband anymore.

  • Nina

    @BEAN: I don’t really care if you have a problem with me. It’s not my fault your mother made bad choices, but some of us don’t and we want our children to have a secure family life.

  • Nina

    @Trinity J: I don’t hate her, I just think she’s an irresponsible, self centered s lut.

  • Love me boy

    Fried Oreos? REALLY? WTF?!! I’m a huge Oreo fan, lover, consumer, eaterrrr yet I wouldn’t put this in my mouth even if my life depended on it

  • karih

    The day her water breaks, there will be a tsunami lol

  • karih

    @Nina: There are so many divorces, to marry someone doesn’t mean your child will be in a secure environment.

  • Nina

    @karih: It does if you’re a grown up who makes good choices and marries the right person. What is it with you people? Do you all pick losers or what? Don’t project your man problems onto everyone else. Some of us have class and good taste.

  • vany

    Can’t she just stay at home or whatever instead of bein on ellen, kimmel and so on? A little bit irresponsible. Shouldn’t she rest?!

  • Low Light lucy Larry


    well honestly you don’t really know it’s a woman, b/c people make up names on here it could be men too… you are assuming based on a user name that is totally fabricated, lol

  • sb

    Nina, sorry to say you might have good taste, perhaps, but most definitely no class.

  • Nina

    @sb: You’re funny and most probably a single mother collecting welfare.

  • Marina

    I understand the criticism she is getting now. Don’t you remember when she kept saying that she was virgin, and that she would never have sex before getting married? She kept talking about her moral values, and blah, blah, blah. Pretending to be better than everybody else, and now she is pregnant, and single. The criticism is not against single mothers, but against JS for being a hypocrite.

  • BrainlessBEAN

    @BEAN: BEAN you really are a moron. You obviously don’t remember Jessica “waiting ’til marriage” to sleep with Nick, and now she’s knocked up and unwed. People are pointing out the fact that Jessica is a HYPOCRITE but you are too big of an idiot to actually get that point.

  • speaktruth

    GROSS!!! That water breaking turning into a fire hydrant bc of the amniotic fluid is just gross, gross, gross. Almost threw up!

  • team NickLachey still

    Jessica is very pretty.
    She took minimal acting skills, and ok voice and turned it into $300 million + net worth , at least, for her making a brand on clothes, accessories, etc. her brand is a separate worth. I am just counting her net worth.
    Jessica never has to record again or make a movie. Her brand has a life of its own.
    Yeah, she and her fahter and team did Nick Lachey dirty.
    She got hers back at being dumped so badly by Tony Romo.
    Nick Lachey makes his own money. Vanessa Hudgens makes her own money.
    Jessica settled for this baby maker no job no body Eric johnson who will get tens of millions per the prenup if IF jessica marries this bum. Hopefully, she won’t marry this guy. Just live with him until they split up. I give it 3 yrs. or less.
    yes, Jessica is carrying all front and is very very pregnant, but that is wat happens to many pregnant people. No one knows her diet adn stuff.
    She will with trainers, lipo, etc. and a big diet contract, lose her babay weight. Least no one can deny she is pregnant.
    Jessicia is not a bad person, but just picks the wrong guys.
    Lay off her haters. …and I am not a big fan of hers.

  • Roz

    What is she exactly promoting? her pregnancy? c’mon Jess, you need to rest, you’re way too big

  • The hair

    Whatever guys. I was just admiring her gorgeous hair the whole time (albeit most of it being extensions)

  • barefoot duchess

    she sounds like she cannot breath properly! poor girl… i hope she gives birth soon