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Katie Holmes & Suri: Toy Store Stop

Katie Holmes & Suri: Toy Store Stop

Katie Holmes and her 5-year-old daughter, Suri, head to a toy store on Tuesday (March 20) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress held Suri‘s hand as she jumped over a puddle in ballet flats while clutching her favorite Little Giraffe Little G Plush Toy!

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Earlier in the day, Katie left her place carrying a cup of coffee in hand.

Katie is in the Big Apple after spending time on the west coast, where she recently attended The Hollywood Reporter‘s Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon.

At the event, Katie spent time chatting with new mom Charlize Theron!

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  • jany

    ohhhhhhhh beautiful tititititiititititititititititiititititiit

  • Jasmine

    So has she ever stepped foot in a school yet?

  • Jan


    Hey she went for one day 2 or 3 months back before they went to NY for a couple of day that counts

  • marinafey

    her face looks evil haha. That dress looks expensive.

  • Duh

    Baby blanket, stuffed animal, and too stupid to know how to walk AROUND a puddle. Great..

  • patricia s.

    Her face looks like that because the poor thing has to stare at inanimate objects 24/7 during scientology psycho training. I would be timid too if I were her….Katie should be ashamed to trade her child’s soul for money.

  • Disney22

    Little cutie!

  • Hamlet

    No, considering she’s home schooled, #2

  • Shawna

    @Duh: How appropriate that your name is Duh. She is 5 years old. Kids like to jump over my puddles. My 6 and 9 year old daughters always jump over puddles when we are out, even if they could have gone around them. Clearly the only stupid one is you, for not remembering what its like to be a child.

  • opinionated

    poor little child- those photographers should be arrested for stalking, flashing birght lights and likely yelling at a child. No wonder she is going insane. so sad. I hope thos country makes laws that papparazzi cannot stalk and photograph children.

  • cari

    Katie said she gets summaries of what blogs and the media are saying about her. I’ve noticed since the last set of pics where she was carrying Suri, she has stopped now. Jared hasn’t featured the last several sets that have come out on MailOnline or Celebrity Baby. The last time she carried Suri over half of the blogs that write about her were pretty brutal about carrying Suri who is almost six. I wonder if she decided enough was enough and the little diva could walk from now on. If so, right on, it is about time.

  • Frozoid

    Spoiled brat.

  • marilyn

    to Frozoid

    so you/re admitting that you are a spoiled brat?

  • It’s Really Getting Creepy

    She’s six years old and walking around with a nursery toy and baby blanket. I’m going to guess that she’s still using that baby bottle.

  • Stop calling the paps


    How could you arrest those paps? They are invited to take pis of the airhead and her pimped put pawn.

  • Stop calling the paps

    Suri is not schooled whatsoever. Her job is to serve her pimp mama and gay employer’s publicity. No formal education required.

  • get a life

    How old are the people on here? You people have some serious problems posting the crap you are posting about this little girl.

    Oh and I know why you people hate her so much. You have some sick obsession with the fake competition you’ve created between this child and the Jolie-Pitts.

    To the person who asked about school, I didn’t see Z in school last week either when she was globe trotting. STFU and leave Suri alone.

  • esther

    Sad to see a child have to run from the paps like that. They should be made to BACKOFF where kids are concerned.

  • aimee

    @get a life:

    JP fans don’t attack children; all kids should be off limits. Those hating on this child are NOT JoliePitt fans. FYI.

  • Pippa

    Suri is home schooled. Katie recently said that in an interview. I think that is sooooo sad! The poor child needs to be around other kids DAILY or she is going to turn into the weirdest kid (if she isn’t already) that no one is ever going to play with. It’s just sad. She can’t change her sitch and has no idea that anything is even amiss.
    Also, “auditing” starts at 6 years old in scientology. Suri will be six in April so it will be interesting to see if her behavior changes. We will probably never see her again! Scary. Although some of you would be very happy about that.

  • Hoppymop

    Just when you think its safe to come here, the robobride and her malnourished brat are out for their photo op. Suri is old enough to know she should walk around the water puddle. She knows Katie is to weak to stop her so she jumps over the water.

  • jenn

    Katie has no idea what children’s socks are. What a backwards woman.

  • CHorowitz

    In the second picture her nose and lips are identical to Joshua Jackson’s. The nose is very distinctive…

  • oopsie

    oh JJ..who cares if she is carrying a cup in her hand? Is this newsworthy? geez!

    So..the brat is back? ugh

    Guess her bimbo mom is getting desperate. She stole a cover off a picnic table and designed her stinking shirt?

    Did they have cupcakes afterwards? who cares?

  • hoblit

    goodness grief! She’s home schooled? Oh gawd!

    The making of an nightmare for sure!

    She is going to be so warped…..yikes.

    shame on those idiot parents.

  • hoblit

    # 9 and 10- she ( the brat) is insane because of her parents- her upbringing. for heavens sake!

    only an idiot would comment that way.

  • Pippa

    Look at the huge bruise on her right knee in pic #5. Its not a shadow or dirt because there is another site that has a similar but different picture and the bruise is still there. This kid ALWAYS has bruises! I used to think she couldn’t see out of her left eye because in many pictures her eyes looked like they were 2 diff sizes. And one eye would be looking one way, and the other, another way. But that was when she was much younger. Now I think its because they literally let her do WHATEVER she wants…sitting and climbing on the counter, jumping down a flight of stairs, jumping over a puddle…(I actually think jumping the puddle is a totally normal thing to do for a 6 year old.) Why else would she have sooooo many bruises all the time? Anemia? from eating cupcakes & ice cream 24/7?

  • lALA


  • Iala needs help

    # 28- why are u screaming?

    calm down. you sound exactly like a teen or slow learning adult.

    get an education before commenting .

    having cash does not make this situation “normal”

    go back to school!

  • :-)

    There she is. The little feral child. Long time, no see oh litle feral one.
    NYC, thin dress. Ballet flats. Never dressed appropriately for weather.
    Hair unkempt, uncombed.

    Kaite looking …looking…just looking.
    No, no one here is making fun of an innocnet littel child, but are making fun of her parents and the way they put this child front, center, in spotlight by taking her to late nights diners, adult plays, lack of proper clothing, foods, etc.
    If Tom Kaite ahd never taken this out and all over like this, then paps would not be in her face 24/7. Nicole Kidman ‘s gilrs get a few pics taken as they walk through the airports, but they are not on display 24/7.
    School, none for Feral child Suir. Homeschooling the Scientfictionaloty way by Tommy’s sister, no doubt. She was the home schooler. for the children.

    Geesch. Poor kid.
    Hey, Kaite ‘s mother is in in NYC with her. You would think what, how, does her mother say. K
    Perhaps old lady cannot say anything bceacuse she will be cut off $$$ and cut off from Kaite and Suri too.

    If I were Kaite’s mom and sisters, I would have to say, “Hey Suri needs school with other little kids. Hey, Suri needs to put on tights, high top shoes or boots, frilly cottone long sleeve top and a jacket. Comb her her.

  • lALA



    # 29 – Go back to school also….YOU HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara G

    Do you guys notice that in Suri’s most recent outings she is becoming very upset with the press? Maybe that is why we are seeing less or her OR Katie has not upcoming projects so no reason to subject Suri to the press? Good luck to Suri.

  • Sara G

    For Suri there is a growing distaste for the paparrazi. It is making Suri upset to the point that she looks like she’s going to cry. It seems like the older she gets the less they will be able to carry her and protect her from the paps getting very close, although in another photo Katie was carrying Suri but those outings are numbered. Next month April 18th by their version Suri will be 6 years old. She getting older and taller. It will look awkward if they are still carrying her when she’s 7, 9, 10 years old.


    To pippa: It is normal for a kid having bruises, you didn’t have any bruises when you were a kid??? come on!…even those princes and princesses had bruises..suri is not an exception she’s a normal kid. You said she’s eating cupcakes and ice cream 24/7? Have you always seen her 24/7?

  • Adora

    Give the child a break, she doesnt have to be like other kids, whether she is homeschooled or not its doesnt matter

  • natalia

    suri not the prettiest girl anymore she looks like a old lady sad her face is like she wasn’t young ..maybe is because the way that she’s living her life ..not healthy for a children

  • lozzie

    although i am not a fan of katie and tom, i still think its unfair that people can take so many photos of a child, should b illegal unless parental consent.

  • Stop calling the paps

    @Sara G:

    Wow! What a great upbringing! The Feral Bart Suri wore a jacket or her PJ for the outing in the other blog.
    How pathetic is that? Katie the kaka for gray matter pimp mama cannot even make Suri change and dress before getting out? What kind of people wear their PJ out to the street? Yes, you got it, crackheads.

    Please do not make connection between Suri and home school.
    Just b/c she doesn’t go to school doesn’t mean she’s home schooled.
    This feral brat shows no disciplines, no structures and no boundaries, it’s 180 from most of the home school kids. Her pimp mama and the gay midget respect her and never say no to her. I don’t believe she’s schooled whatsoever.

    The feral brat reminds me of kids of white trash parents, neglected in the trailer park. Like I said before, Suri is already working to serve her bosses’s publicity. No forma education required.

  • who

    Suri can’t help who her parents are. You’re going to sit there and call this child names? “Feral”? WTF is wrong with you? She’s a CHILD, there’s no need to insult her and if this is how you get your jollies then I feel sorry for you. She can’t help who her parents are and she can’t help how Katie and Tom have raised her and will be raising her. Any behavior she has or displays, stems from them. She didn’t raise herself and she only knows what was allowed and taught to her by her parents. If she doesn’t know better it’s not her fault.
    And to the poster “get a life”, I’m a Jolie-Pitt fan and I find insulting Suri or any child, uncalled for and digusting.

  • Pippa

    @BALIW: to BALIW. Take a look at my “thumbs up” positive responses to my post. Then look at your negative thumbs down responses. Nuff said. (But ill elaborate anyway.) She constantly has bruises on her legs. Its not normal. My kids, my friend’s kids, other celebrity kids…don’t have that many bruises. What’s worrisome is that they are getting bigger lately. Cupcakes & ice cream: actually we do see Suri quite a bit and in 75% of the outtings they are either at a bakery, an ice cream store or a candy/toy store. Keep checking back to see your thumbs down numbers increase, soon to be “hidden due to a low comment rating”. Peace!

  • ellie’

    What a beautiful little girl…
    You people take care of your own children ..don’t worry about
    Suri Mom & Dad are doing a great job..
    Guess you never had a childhood to speak so badly about a little girl..
    sad people u are…

  • Gio

    I’m sorry, but I will never understand the hate towards a child, no matter how or who his/her parents are. Never.

  • Pootie


    LOL we all know you are the same poster as above.

    go back to school!

    no one is a hater here except you. LOL

  • PG

    Nice dress suri,my grandmother had the same one back in the 80′s!


    Hahahaha!…yeah i know I’m going to have more thumbs down,because you are all haters!!! haha.. peace!