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Michelle Obama Makes Her 'Letterman' Debut

Michelle Obama Makes Her 'Letterman' Debut

Michelle Obama sits down for her first Late Show With David Letterman appearance on Monday (March 19) in NYC.

During her interview, the 48-year-old First Lady chatted about President Obama, her Joining Forces initiative, and her late father, who had multiple sclerosis.

“I never knew him to be able to walk, but my dad worked so hard and he loved us so much, and I think from him I learned just absolute, complete unconditional love, the notion that kids really don’t need anything but to know that their parents adore them,” Michelle shared.

At one point, she got a bit emotional, telling Dave, “Don’t make me cry … this isn’t Oprah! It’s supposed to be Letterman. What’s up? Where are the laughs?”

After the taping, Michelle left the Ed Sullivan Theater and headed to a fundraiser dinner, which was attended by celebs including Beyonce.

Michelle Obama – ‘Late Show With David Letterman’
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  • jess

    Love the dress! She looks fab!

  • Zoe Moon

    I love First Lady Obama so much. In the complex where I live at, you do not see strong, educated, smart Black women like her. I love her more than President Obama, lol. She epitomizes to me class, intelligence, education, strength, and beauty. She knows what she wants and likes and doesn’t care what others think of her. To me, she always looks great! Oh, I ove the dress also, lol!!

  • Carpet Dresses

    Had no idea she was 48 she looks good..

  • lylian

    She’s good looking, she’s smart, she’s effective, she loves her husband, her kids, her mother and her brother and her friends. She’s a high functioning woman. What’s there not to like?

  • Anne

    God I can’t stand this women, she thinks she a celebrity instead of a polticans wife, she’s like a ugler version of Beyonce,
    Always with the ugly azz expensive clothes, the make team and hair, the vacations, White House parties, going all these talk show , showing up on reality TV, like Top Chef, as if she selling a movie.
    I vote for the devil of if didn’t have to see her or Obama for another 4 years, besides the economy will never recover and I won’t get a job after graduation if Obama not out o his ass,

  • Tom

    She greedy, she pretentious, ugly , a self-righteous cow who thinks so highly of herself and she loves spending tax payer money to live the high life
    For 2 years you didn’t see her because she was either vacationing, in Spain, France, Hawaii, Martha’ Vineyard, Aspen, New York, San Barbabra now she’s in campaign mode so we’ll be seeing this creature steady for another 6 months and hopefully that’s it , her and her husband will be out of job like the 7 million who lost a and get find a job under his polices.

  • Me

    Tom you’re an idiot. You’re just writing talking bites, lies and stupidity to add a negative comment. We haven’t seen the First Lady in 2 years because she’s been vacationing? Lies, unless you live under a rock. I’m sure one of the republic candidates, will run America so much better. Like let’s get women back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant only home schooled children Santroum is the perfect guy, or I can’t remember what I believed last week flip flop Romeny will do a wonderful job! Please.

  • nina

    She’s so classy, smart, beautiful… Love her.

  • sameturd

    obama vs romney
    blueturd vs redturd

  • ashley

    yuck, YUCK AND YUCK!!!!!!!


    Michelle O. Beautiful inside and out and Intelligent.

    Name 1 First Lady that did not travel or wear designer clothes or support their husbands.??
    FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!hahahahaha

  • Angie is a HO

    4 more years of war, new wars, the destruction of our constitution and loss of civil liberties (and yes the repubs will do the same)
    * (for those asleep, gullible and uninformed, above(duh), everything is great)

  • Guest 8

    Such a magnificent First Lady!! Thanks Michelle for showing them how it should be done.

  • play play play

    The first Lady is vapid and childlike.

  • Whatever

    It’s amazing and sad that people who are ignorant, insecure, or both, can attack this woman –a woman who attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School –vapid and childlike? Comments like these simply highlight the degree of ignorance currently dominating public debate in the US and driving you guys towards a cliff, as other countries clamour to take your place as first in the world. I saw the interview and she was articulate and passionate about the various topics addressed. Feel sorry for you guys…Really sad.

  • rose

    @Me: sorry for you, that you can’t take educated black people….that’s what your kind fear the most… at you….because blacks will continue to learn and seek education, while you kind will surely demise….

  • Suarez


  • Ronnie Cook

    All you haters. Shame on you. God has the last to say in this matter. Even your crazy sounding comments will be judged by him