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Katie Holmes & Suri: Dinner with Grandma Kathleen!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Dinner with Grandma Kathleen!

Katie Holmes carries her 5-year-old daughter Suri out of ABC Kitchen on Tuesday (March 20) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress and Suri were joined by Katie‘s mother Kathleen for dinner before heading back home.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the day, Katie and Suri were spotted heading to a toy store to shop for some goodies.

The week before, Katie attended The Hollywood Reporter‘s 25 Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon with her stylist, Jeanne Yang.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri leaving ABC Kitchen…

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katie holmes suri dinner with grandma kathleen 01
katie holmes suri dinner with grandma kathleen 02
katie holmes suri dinner with grandma kathleen 03
katie holmes suri dinner with grandma kathleen 04
katie holmes suri dinner with grandma kathleen 05
katie holmes suri dinner with grandma kathleen 06
katie holmes suri dinner with grandma kathleen 07
katie holmes suri dinner with grandma kathleen 08
katie holmes suri dinner with grandma kathleen 09
katie holmes suri dinner with grandma kathleen 10

Credit: CWPA; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I think Suri would look much better if she gets a bob haircut. Her hair is getting too long. If Suri wants to keep it long, at least Katie should do something with it like braids, ponytail or clip her hair up.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Hey, come on guys, we’ve had ENOUGH pictures of Katie Holmes and Suri. It’s time for someone else who’s not so bland and boring!

  • jenn

    Katie still carrying that 6 year old. I guess we will see her carrying her when she is in middle school.

  • gigi

    why is she out to dinner in her pjs? no one does that in ny. tacky? lazy? self centered?

  • Louise

    Jared, are you not listening. We do not want Katie Holmes taking up space in your fun sight.

  • jkl

    @gigi:relax she’s a kid.

  • Mimi

    @jenn: I know, WTF is with that family? They are so weird!!!!!

  • cari

    Guess I spoke too soon on the other thread about the last three sets of pics out there (not all posted on JJ) w/ Katie and Suri featured her walking–thought maybe Katie was letting her grow up. Ha! And why is she is in her pajamas. With that expression, she looks like an over indulged brat.

  • Nicci

    Everytime I see a pic of this family, I’m shocked at how wrong everything looks. Katie, Tom are totally bizarre and because of that, so is that poor little girl. Suri just seems off, and I don’t know why. Maybe its because she’s being raised by a couple of morons. She’s almost 6, yet she behaves like a much younger child, is always dressed inappropriately (PJ’s out to dinner? No coat. Lipstick and high heels etc), needs to be carried, walks around with a blanket like a younger child, used a bottle til not long ago…..its all just weird! All children are different. I have 3 and each is an individual, but they do have certain things in common in terms of development. Suri seems to be the exception to everything. Whatever the situation is with her, I wish her the best. If Suri is normal as an adult, it will be IN SPITE of her parents, not because of them. They’re raising that child to be a walking disaster with an attitude problem. What a pair of idiots.

  • Jan

    How late was this dinner that Suri has on PJ’s?

    If the kid is sleepy leave her at home or order In, she must really be looking for attention.

  • danielle

    Is Katie ever going to allow this girl to grow up? Pajamas at a late dinner? Leave her home! Blankie? Toys and more toys? Does Katie and her mom (and Tom and whoever) not talk with this child at dinner? Does she need all those toys and her blankie to amuse herself? Most five or six year olds would not want to be seen in public in their jammies. Would be self-sufficient enough to get through an hour to 90 minute dinner without bringing a toy store with them. Carrying a six year old? Obviously Tom and Katie have been unable to help Suri adjust to the paps unlike the Garner-Afflecks, Stefani-Rossdales, JP’s, Kidman-Urbans and almost every other Hollywood couple with kids. They continuously parade her out to the paps which obviously distress her. They allow her to act like a two year old by not imposing limits. Paris Hilton oR Lindsay Lohan Junior in the making!

  • Suri’s Rude
  • Fashion Show
  • KC

    I know I sound snarky but why is that child wearing pajamas out to dinner? Strange.

  • Claire

    Suri is always making weird faces. I wonder if she has any kind of nervous tick.

  • Miserable Purple Child
  • Bella

    When she was younger she used to talk around all the time which is odd that know she carried most of the time. I  don’t think Suri knows how to act one minute they are treating her like a baby wrapping her in a blanket, drinks from a bottle at 4 or she using a pacifier at 4. The next minute their have her in heels on walking around NY at 3, wearing big adult earrings, make up and telling her parents how she going to dress and out at a party  1 O’clock in the morning. She must have no clue how 5 year old acts because she ether being treated like an adult or a little baby never her age.

    Suri 4 on the bottle

    Suri wearing Heels, make up and adult earrings At 3

     I have no words for the pajamas in a restaurant.

  • No More Excuses

    @Nicci: Well said. I agree with everything. For the longest time (Suri from birth to 3 or 4 years old) I gave Katie & Tom the benefit of the doubt. I would look at comments like most of these and say “well, its a unique situation they are in & we don’t know what its like”, Or “maybe she falls asleep in the car on the way home & its easier to put pj’s before they leave”. Or, “they carry her because of the paps.” But I just can’t do it anymore. IT’S ALL WEIRD! They carry her inside the lobby of their building. They carry her inside of stores (not all the time, but frequently.) They carry her when paps are hundreds of feet away with a glass door between them. Pajamas out to dinner or a play one or two times could be excused but its happening all the time now. No more excuses. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Yeah, its not really our business to judge but fess up….its fun and that’s what these sites are for……Entertainment. So for those of you that complain that we are dissing on a child, get off your high horse and RELAX. We are not harming anyone here.

  • ali

    she dosnt have legs to walk on her OWN ?? Geezzz

  • noprobBOB

    Why is everyone so concerned with the fact that Suri doesn’t like to walk?!…maybe Kate just wants to shield her CHILD from the PAPs (aka creepy guys chasing her with cameras ) who r constantly in their face…I mean c’mon guys she is a 5yr old kid…maybe she was scared of the grown men taking flash pics of her every millisecond!

  • Sara G

    #15 at Claire: I agree that Suri makes weird faces that resemble a twitch. But if you look at the chornology of these pictures, I think Suri gets anixety when she sees through the lobby’s glass windows that there are paparazzi waiting for them outside like a mob waiting to photograph them. Clearly in these pictures they just came down from their apartment and got off the elevator and are now in the lobby of the apartment building about to go outside and get in the car and they see their are photographers outside already photographing them. In PREVIOUS recent pictures when they are in their apt lobby this is when Katie is seen picking up Suri in her arms probably Suri asked Katie to pick her up and she refused so Suri pouted. Katie finally gives in right before they are away from the glass windwo (out of the sight of the photographers) and picks up Suri. Maybe Suri was gonna throw a tantrum. Clearly Suri is becoming more and more upset with the paparrazi as she gets older. Unlike her parents, Suri does NOT like to be photographed.

  • Sara G

    Opps = Instead of their I met there.:))) Of course the pout is only a theory that I translate because Suri didn’t get what she wanted but I think the pout is also brought on by anxiety she is feeling by the onslaught of these paparrazi. But probably Katie and Tom don’t care and feel she better get used to it because it is an occupational hazard Suri needs to overcome because they are not changing careers, at least not Tom Cruise, maybe Katie, but not Tom.

  • Sara G

    Katie’s mother (who’s a mother of five children) reminds me of someone that encourages Katie to not let Suri get her way. Only problem is that Katie’s mother is not around Katie enough to really influence the way Suri is being raised. When Suri was pouting Katie’s mother was smiling as if happy that Suri did not get her way. Ms. Holmes, by the way she dresses reminds me of a no nonsense, practical, devoted, hands on parent. Her mom must be in her 60s and chose to let her hair stay gray. I find that interesting. Katie has said her mother helped make uniforms or costumes for her classmates.

  • Sara G

    If you look at most of the mothers of celebrities they usually color their hair (including Tom Cruise mother), but not Katie’s mom who chose to let her hair remain gray. If you ever look at pictures of these celebrities moms they all color their hair: Resse Witherspoon, Jennifer Gardner, Lady Gaga, Beyonce’s mom Tina, Charlene Theron, Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria, etc. All Katie’s contempories.

  • Sara G

    In this video I think it gives you a good idea at the madness
    that follows Suri. This is the side we don’t see in pictures all
    the time.

    Suri says “guys stop it, stop taking pictures.”

  • Sara G

    Here’s another video where you hear Suri say

    “guys, stop it”

    and another where she says “guys, get out.”

  • Sara G

    One more video of this outing. Again, Suri is hear
    telling the photographers “Guys, stop.”

  • Sara G

    In my opinion, the sad thing is that Suri is young and is going to feel entitled, feel somehow that they are photographing her because SHE is special, that there is something important about her and unless she becomes a celebrity or artist in her own righ,t the paparrazi one day will stop photographing her and she will miss the attention, the hunt, the pursuit. Really, even though this is annoying but there must be moments when one feels important, even becoming narccistic and egotistic. I bet the day the paparrazi stop photographing Paris Hilton or the Kardashians they will miss it. Believe me, it builds your narcissims.

  • Sara G

    The same will happen to Katie Holmes. Before she hooked up with Tom Cruise, Katie did not get this much press and when she’s with Suri they, or particularly Suri is photographed a lot and that is also because we hadn’t seen Suri in 2-3 weeks. And then they shows up in New York and we didn’t even see when they arrived at the Heliport which means they have the ability to come and go from New York to Los Angeles without being seen when they want to.

  • Stop calling the paps

    Suri works to boost her pimp mama and gay midget employer’s publicity.
    Without this whored out pawn kid, nobody cares about the brain dead bimbo. Whether Kaka goes out to the visit the dance studio or gym, looking really tacky awful, the only interests generated were comments on Kaka’s sloppy suicidal depressing looks.

    Only when the feral child is literally carried out to the paps that called, the society pay some attention, which is fading too.
    Suri has long lost her infantile cuteness but that doesn’t matter, it’s more important to look weird, distressed and on the verge to meltdown than clean, decent and comfortable.

    I don’t think Suri is schooled whatsoever and those PJ are too small too.

  • No more Sara G!

    @Sara G: stop commenting sara g! This isn’t the justsara blog. Get your own blog.

  • Sara G

    Clearly its Suri who asks Katie to carry her and not the other way around.

  • Sara G

    Suri Cruise, holding on tightly to her stuff animal, returns to her New York City residence with her bodyguard.

  • Susie#1

    I seriously question the competency of T. Cruise and K. Holmes as parents. The only way the paps know their location and that of Suri is because they have been called. Parents know when their children are uncomfortable or fearful and protect them; instead, knowing Suri’s discomfort, the paps are still being called and Suri is put on display. I also wonder why, when the cameras are flashing, Katie is smiling; not just in one picture, but all of them.

  • Jade

    Tom is egotistical and narcissist, Katie is a famewhore and poor Suri is a pawn. I really think this is all Tom’s and his PR team’s doing. They call the paps whenever they want to for publicity purposes and also to feel special with all the attention. He must really think they are the royal family – he the king, Katie, his queen and Suri their precious little princess.

  • sara

    Suri of all celebrity kids should be used to the paps being around. Geez, no other celebrity has been photographed more. She should be used to it. The fact that she shows fear and anxiety further proves Suri has psychological and develomental issues. I too believe she’s not schooled in any way. Lord only knows how she’ll turn out as an adult. My daughter is the same age and I notice a difference in their gestures, behavior, etc. Katie and Tom have screwed up big time with her. She’s never with any kids, always doing adult things and eating at adult restaurants. Yet she has her security blankie and bottle as if she’s a baby. Very strange. I really feel sorry for her. She is a feral kid and I don’t look at her with anything other than pity. Long gone is her kiddie cuteness!

  • Jenn

    I don’t understand why they put this little girl thru this,she is obviously upset because of the cameras.No normal parent would do this to their child.They could come & go without being seen if they wanted too.The only reason katie is being photographed is because of suri.And if they are taking her out to eat so late at night that she needs to be wearing pj’s(which look about 2 sizes too small),maybe they should’ve left her home with one of the nannies.

  • PG

    I’ve seen pictures from last fathers day of her on a yacht with Tom holding her in his arms like a newborn feeding her out of a baby bottle.This kid is going to be messed up one minute make-up & heels and the next bottles & baby blankets!Katie is going to be ripped from lifting that kid up!

  • Sara G

    When one reflects on celebrities who when they were children had an undeniable “it quality” that your born with and is nutured like: Brooke Shields, Willow Smith, Dakota Fanning and her sister Elle, the Olson twins, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary Shirley Temple, Natalie Wood, etc., there is something about those artists that make them stand outs from the rest. But with Suri I personally think she caught the eye of world because the controversy over who her father was (was she really Cruise’ or someone else?), the nice clothes she wore and she was photogenic, the cuteness of her early years particularly the years 2007 thru 2010 etc. Now Suri is nearing 6 years of age and her looks are changing, and her personality is coming out, she does not like to be photographed or like being in the spotlight, we see her going and coming from dance classes and who knows what other class they are taking her too. Bottomline: there should be a talent that soon emerges. A grace that develops because of the ballot and dance courses. Something needs to eventually emerge because Suri has had the priviliege of affording the fine things in life. That will eventually reveal itself. So far we are seeing what is exposed, a young child with a strong personality, minimal boundaries, blankets, bottles, a very gentle approach to raising her. NO, we don’t live with them but a few things are revealed when they step out in public. I suspect Suri is beginning to feel entitled, special because of this attention she is getting from the paparrazi. One day she needs to deliver the goods, reveal that “IT QUALITY” or else the paps will turn on her and provoke her and then abandon her. If your not known for a talent, then the paps will provoke you. Remember Sean Pean, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, etc.

  • Sara G

    The same goes for Katie Holmes. Since marrying Tom Cruise she has been able to take dance classes and is probably in the best physical shape of her life so far and is probably also taking acting classes. She’s had many career opportunities open to her because of her association with Tom Cruise that at one point there has to be a breakout performance or else those opportunities are going to dry up. We’ve seen her dancing abilities on Eli Stone and So you think you can Dance, her dancing rendition of Whatever Lola Wants, her acting on Broadway and in the movies (comedy and drama) and nothing has really made her stand out. Not even her fashion sense makes any sense.

  • Sara G

    One thing about this day and age, there is the Internet which is a very powerful media. So powerful it does not let celebrities get away with very much. Any missteps are recorded and then uploaded to the Internet like a worldwide library that is accessible 24/7 for a long time. Not like days gone by when someone wrote an article or took an embarrasing picture and if the public didn’t buy that particular issue it was forgotten. Not today. One thing that stands out to me about Katie in this chapter that she married Tom Cruise is who in the beginning she experimented with her hairstyle and designer fashion almost like a little kid in an expensive toy store. She went through several hairstyles but none were really her. When you google the Internet and see her videos where she trying to look sophiticated its almost embarrassing to see her like that today. She was trying too hard. Katie is really a jeans type of gal.

  • Hamlet

    How does she behave like a younger child, #9?

    How do they parade her, #11?

    You have no idea how any celebrity was or is being raised, #23.

    You can’t predict the future or where the paparazzi will surprise a celebrity, #28.

    What can her mother do about the paparazzi, #37? Her mother is famous on her own and doesn’t need a child that doesn’t do anything to be photographed.

    Link me, #38.

  • Susan Lambert

    Ah helloooooooooo, can anybody say SCIENTOLOGY!!!!!

  • @Hamlet

    Why should #38 link you to the pics of Tom feeding her from a bottle. They were all over the Internet, I bet all of us saw them. Do your own research.

    And Katie is not famous on her own. She is famous because she married Tom Cruise. If she hadn’t no one would care who she was, where she was going, and what she was doing. As it is, without Suri very few people other than Jared and the MailOnline seem to care about her movements.

    And Hamlet, you obviously don’t have kids. If you are eating so late that your child wants to wear pajamas to dinner, then order in. If you have to take an arsenal of toys to amuse an almost six year old, then she clearly isn’t ready to dine out with adults. And yes, most parents bring a toy, book, or coloring things, but they don’t haul their six year old’s blanket, snacks, toys, etc. A child that needs all of those props and crutches is clearly not ready to dine out with adults. And if Katie is too lazy to amuse Suri then she should not be taking her out either. Most parents that are good parents take their children out to an adult restaurant with expectations that they will eat, talk to them etc. And yes there are melt downs occasionally, unfortunately it appears Suri melts down often. She is clearly not ready to engage in adult activities. Let her be a child. Protect her. Don’t parade her.

  • FE

    Wow! I love this site, people sharing there opinions? it’s great! but pls..spare the child she doesn’t know what’s really going on, her parents really love her unconditionally but too much love is not good…love and decipline is a must when you raise a child.

  • Dr Wo

    The paps are NOT the problem. Suri is.

    This is just more proof she has issues.

    Sadly, the idiot parents don’t get it.

  • marilyn

    to Louise

    Jared, are you not listening. We do not want Katie Holmes taking up space in your fun sight.
    then why are YOU here?

  • theresa

    sara @ 03/21/2012 at 7:39 pm

    it’s possible the Suri is home schooled. the family living next door to my parents are also Scientologists and they home school their children. apparently public school is “bad” for children. go figure!

  • Stop calling the paps

    @Dr Wo:

    Suri’s issue is that she started working at the tender age of 6 months to prop the publicity for her pimp mama and may midget boss.

  • For the last time….