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Katy Perry's 'Part of Me' Video - Watch Now!

Katy Perry's 'Part of Me' Video - Watch Now!

Check out the premiere of Katy Perry‘s “Part of Me” video!

The 27-year-old pop star gets into uniform – complete with camouflage face paint – for the vid, which was directed by Ben Mor at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, Calif.

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“Part of Me” will be featured on Katy‘s forthcoming Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection album, which will be released March 27. You can pre-order your copy now on iTunes!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” video?

Katy Perry – Part of Me
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  • Gaby Lang

    Love it!

    Gaby Lang

  • Sara

    The song doesnt match the video …and she is a bad actress
    i still prefer “the one that got away” over this one

  • SAm

    I didnt really like it, I think katy perry just doesnt interest me any more. Video could have been better, a little more creative……

  • S

    Wasn’t a bad video, but I prefer it when the story line matches the song. I loved the video for “The One That Got Away” – I think it’s her best.

  • Brandon Hilton

    Definitely her best single to date. I love everything about it! unfortunately I cant watch the video on my iPhone, cant wait to see it!
    I owe a lot to Katy she was one of the first who supported my music and reposted my video on her blog!

    please check out my new single and be sure to “LIKE” me on Facebook here – im on tour this summer, posting tour dates this week!! xx

  • Brandon Hilton

    Katy Perry supported me when no once else would give me a chance! I owe a lot to her and will support her until the end of time! she’s an incredible artist with a heart of gold!!

    my new single ‘ONE’ was recently named the official theme song for Gay Pride 2012! I’m on tour this summer playing pride events across America, check out my music + new single & tour dates here –

  • Brandon Hilton

    Katy Perry supported me when no one else would give me a chance! I owe a lot to her and will support her until the end of time! she’s an incredible artist with a heart of gold!!

    my new single ‘ONE’ was recently named the official theme song for Gay Pride 2012! I’m on tour this summer playing pride events across America, check out my music + new single & tour dates here –

  • “You Mad?”

    Video was made near my stomping grounds!! Her best video yet!

  • Caboose

    I agree, this song didn’t match the video. It was not her at all. Could have done a way better job in matching the song. It was like all girly but she was trying to be manly and forget about her emotions by joining the military. It’s like she’s mocking it. Not cool. Join the military to forget about your boyfriend.

  • Re

    Can’t sing to save her life.

  • Johnny

    What a strange video. Everything happened way too fast. I love Katy Perry, but this is probably my least favorite video of hers. It just seemed like they tried too hard. It’s weird how she decides to join the marines just because her boyfriend kissed some girl. It was a little unbelievable for me.

  • eh

    her songs are so empty. the video just seems odd, like it’s propaganda.

    and i agree w/previous comment by Caboose. people join the military for a number of valid reasons but i sure hope those reasons aren’t b/c they just broke up with some dude.

  • Nika

    you can see how ugly she is without tons of makeup. I wish she left this planet and never returned…Adele has more talent in one finger than Katy Perry in her whole body + auto-tune…

  • jerrymancat

    Loves me my Katy!She looks GREAT!. nsm on the military thing… At least she won’t kill 16 sho.

  • AM

    This video is actually shot with real Marines…I know a few of them in it:) ..not her best video ever…but I like it better than others!!! :) :)

  • AARA

    Her boyfriend cheats on her… and the only solution/ thing to do after was to join the ARMY?!?!?!?! Hahahahaha!

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  • KissThis

    the video isn’t working for me :(

  • K.

    This is a rip off from the 80′s movie “Private Benjamin” if Katy Perry ever did anything somewhat original I think I would die of shock.
    She is horrible

  • JaneSays

    That was the most boring piece of crap I’ve ever seen.
    Katy has lost it, Or maybe I’m just really tired of her at this point.
    The song is bad and the video is awful

  • Kate

    B O R I N G .

  • Lisa

    Another Fail for Katy, She needs to take a long break and get over herself!
    I am really getting sick of her playing dress up all the time, She’s just a big bore now

  • Whitney

    How tacky of her to ride her Divorce in the press. At least Russell took the high road and didn’t use it as an angle to make money off his fans.
    She is a huge douche bag

  • Andy

    Dear All,

    I believe it was suppose to be interpreted as follows:

    She returned from the Marines to discover he was cheating (she had the bag of clothes in her boot i.e. she was returning from being away). The one thing he can’t take away from her is the passion she has for the thing she loves to do aka. a marine officer.

    It parrallel’s her r/ship w Brand as follows:

    She was out on tour for a year after they wed. She returned home to find he cheated on her. She’s returning to the music industry with Part of Me. i.e. music is the one thing he can’t take away.

  • Shelly


  • Andy


    Don’t believe she is riding her divorce. As a creative person she expresses her self through music (as all artists do). She is being honest. It wouldn’t make much sense for her to come out with a song about partying at this stage of her life would it.

    Quite frankly, I appreciate the honestly and this song is an anthem to the millions of people who have/are going through the same thing in their lives.

    It was brave for her to come out with this single. It’s not as though she is taking interviews about the divorce or has ever mentioned it. Don’t be so judgemental.

  • CC

    @Andy: oh get over yourself, Katy isn’t that deep, she’s a corporate money machine… ie, got a divorce and now puts out a single like this angling with a “all you can be” video = gets lots and lots of press.
    ie, lots of press means lots of money in managers pockets and her fans eating it up ie, you … Bingo!

  • N

    That was terrible.

  • jasper

    she’s 27? wow

  • AnnmarieZ

    Hey Katy, I have an idea, GO AWAY FOR A WHILE , WE ARE SICK OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No one

    I like Katy’s songs & her videos are usually good, but this one was just weird… I agree with everyone. Video doesn’t really match the song. Didn’t like it.

  • Nika

    @Andy: she said the song was written 2 years before her divorce so she’s hardly talking about that…get your facts straight!

  • marcus

    Somehow KISS missed mentioning this stunned turkey.

  • Luke

    @Brandon Hilton:

    Brandon Hilton, you are garbage. You will never be famous, and your music will always be cheap and stupid. Stop spamming yourself and making up lies all over the internet. You’re not friends with any of these people. You ARE NOT famous.

  • hatekatyjusthateher

    yeah, girl power and stuff like that, I got that. But presenting the military as something positive. oh god,…horrible…yeah, let’s all go to work and kill some people. so much fun….

    fail Katy,…

  • http://@pjsuzanne Centarus

    @Caboose: happens alot actually … 9 yrs prior service

  • http://@pjsuzanne Centarus

    @jerrymancat: and your a dimwit that sits in your comfy chair and talks trash on the net … good job combat expert

  • http://@pjsuzanne Centarus

    @AARA: marine corps there tard … way to support your troops … commie hippe freak

  • David

    The video is amazing! I just asked KP a question for the fan interview!