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LeAnn Rimes Congratulates Hilary Duff on Baby Luca Cruz!

LeAnn Rimes Congratulates Hilary Duff on Baby Luca Cruz!

LeAnn Rimes shares a laugh with her hubby Eddie Cibrian as they leave the Riviera restaurant on Thursday (March 22) in Calabasas, Calif.

Later in the day, the 29-year-old singer and her sweetheart took boys Mason and Jake on a ski trip. “Packing for Mammoth! I’ll be laying on the couch in front of the fire and cooking for all the men and lil ones after their snow days” LeAnn tweeted.

LeAnn also tweeted a congrats to Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie on the birth of their baby boy, Luca Cruz Comrie!

“Congrats @hilaryduff on your sweet love & great name!!!” she wrote.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian leaving lunch…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • dani

    Ohmigod. Leann TWEETED. What a surprise!

  • offtheproperty

    I can’t believe this name!
    Well, congratulations & God bless all three.

  • yoyo23

    Considering how pro this couple is at getting ‘caught’ by the paparazzi, you’d think they could make the photos look a little less fake. If you’re going to call the paps at least try and make it look like you didn’t!!

  • we’re not stupid leann

    Oh look, another totally natural-looking paparazzi shot of Leann and Eddie! She’s the only ‘celebrity’ I know who looks to be laughing like a maniac and tossing her hair in EVERY SINGLE paparazzi shot taken of her. Looks so incredibly fake and is a total give away that she always KNOWS that they’ll be there. Seriously, Brangelina get around less photographed, strange much?

  • Gossipgirl

    Does this woman do anything else besides go on vacation??

  • Jane

    Her shirt should read, “I’m so annoying” instead of what it really says. Also, as if she knows Hillary Duff? She tweets to try to make herself relevant. WEWE Mc Squinty is the last person on Hillary’s mind.

  • AGA

    the way this story is written it suggests the the boys are Leann’s kids.They do have a bio Mum,even tho she’s abit out there. its like she is trying to hard to be their mother

  • :-)

    Hmmm, no skiing for her. Must be preggars . Tweeting to Hillary Duff.

    LeAnn, drop that baby Cibrian like Federline adn Eric no job Johnson. New thing is these broke guys, no income guys hook up with a rich girl, silly girl , get her to have that money baby, and they dads can sit $$$$ for life. Ask Kevin Federeline how is his two financial windfalls doing.
    Ask Eric Johnson about his baby girl Simpson about to be born whi9ch wil give him tens of millions in a prenup when he marries teh Mother Jessica Simpson.

  • betty

    Two phonies together ,,another perk for Eddie Hope the kids have fun and don’t get sicker snow is not exactly ideal for kids with coughs.Leann seem to have a made a speedy recovery from her various illnesses.I wonder what’s her secret.potions are?LOL

  • sammy

    how sweet of leann (:
    can’t ppl make kind gestures without being questioned?

  • ……

    C;mon guys. Don’t make fun of her! She has a hard life! The last few weeks have been rough on her!

    She was really sick and had to cancel a charity event in Chicago because of kidney stones! And then the next week she had to cancel 2 more concerts because of the flu! AND, the next day after she began to get sick with the flu, she had to fly home, tweet endlessly, then go to Disney World, then sing for 7 days straight to record an album, AND go to Palmdale at night to Karaoke with Eddie and all the Toyota racing gurrrls….all WITH THE FLU! Now, just a mere day later, she’s horribly horribly sick with TMJ and has to go on vacation!

    THANK GOODNESS that even though Eddie couldn’t go with her to all those events, and she just coincidentally got sick at all fo them, she could cancel things, rush home and find him. I’m just soooooo happy for her that she doesn’t have to cancel all her vacations. That would just be horrible!!!!!

  • Ange

    How come the amount of Leann stories in a week are sooooo disproportionate to her level of celebrity? Getting a cut of the photo-ops she sells are we JJ?

  • scotgal14

    Leann never, ever, ever does anything that isn’t for publicity. She’ll tweet a congrats to a celebrity I doubt she even knows as long as it gets her attention, just as she’ll accompany a little girl who prob had no idea who she even was to Disneyland instead of just letting her spend the day with her family!!

  • LOL

    & while your going off on the men being gold diggers ya better think anout all the women out there that are far more guilty of using men for there wealth. Shall we start naming them.. Didn’t think so.. The percentages of women is far greater then men anyday.. check it out. ya want equal rights then deal with it.

  • Marieme

    Cooking! Cooking what? Grilled rice cakes? Or more schemes to attract the paparazzi?

  • CJ

    She looks like a perfect little spinner. Lucky Ed!

  • Ker

    sick, sick, sick woman. I’ve never seen anyone enjoy the attention more than this one. mentally disturbed I say!

  • AnnT

    ‘Sick’ is women who go to websites solely to trash people they don’t know just to be a part of some even more sick clique.
    How can you judge someone you will never even know and know nothing about?

    YOu blame her for being a “homewrecker” when apparently that marriage was over way before they got together. Get a clue, morons.

    Who follows someones twitter if they don’t even like them? Sick ho’s, that’s who.

  • AnnT

    He looks happy with her. He finally has found his happiness and it just pisses you cows off, huh?

  • julie

    Darn, Eddie looks bad. just realized what a long nose he has, Old and grey Now, a good looking man is Gabriel Aubrey, fine looking and hot as you know what

  • julie

    Ann or should I say Le ann. You are so obvious, Just how do you know Eddies marriage was over before they got together. Remember Le Ann , You are nothing more than a rich speed bump. Did Dean and Brandi know their marriages were over,Le Ann. don’t think so, until you made sure the pictures of you sucking eddies finger in the restaurant were published.

  • Jennifer

    Why is she always on this site? She has no career left and other than her tweeting non-stop and the fall out from her low class behavior in her personal life, there is absolutely nothing about her that is even mildly newsworthy. Does she really pay JJ to be on here all of the time? If so it is pathetic of both of them.

  • Ker

    @AnnT: I don’t follow her twitter or anything I just saw an article and decided to leave a COMMENT on how I feel. It’s an opinion. I think she’s sick for wanting all the attention since I see almost every other day on this site. That is my opinion of her. And you contradicted yourself by calling me a sick ho.. “since you don’t even know me” :)

  • Kristina

    @AnnT: You are getting pretty worked up over the fact that the majority of the public aren’t fans of someone you don’t know. If you are looking to read glowing comments about LeAnn, follow her on twitter. Her sycophants compliment her constantly and she pats herself on the back non-stop. Her fan site would be another possible option for you. If you are going to become enraged by someone saying that it is weird that she is on this site all of the time, when her career is in fact, not exactly peaking right now and that she seems to like attention directed at her, you should avoid all gossip sites as all but a few of the comments about her are negative. Calling people morons ho’s because they don’t like her makes you look worse than the people you are criticizing. This is NOT a fan site, it is a gossip site and she pays to be on it. Using it for PR doesn’t guarantee her positive feedback.

  • Anonymous


    Yes. Brandi knew she destroyed her own marriage way before Leann came around. Ask Schaena.

    I am not Leann, but I happen to like her. Too bad. You lonely, older, uglier women just can’t seem to get enough of her, on her twitter, on every article on JJ, probably search her everyday on Google, don’t you?

    You want people to stop defending her? Tough. She has a lot of fans and you know it (and 40 million in sales don’t hurt!). Jealous cows.

    Seems quite a few people can’t keep off their twitters, including Brandi and you lot.

    If I were Leann, I probably couldn’t walk straight after what Eddie does to her every night.

    Ya bunch of sicko’s.

  • ……

    @Anonymous: Her “lots of fans” should buy her albums then. ;) She sold what? 27000 of her last album? That’s not a flop, that’s below a flop. MC Hammer has sold more albums than Leann Rimes. LOL.

  • Stonegoddess

    What I think is even more telling is the sold her house today for $3 million + less then the asking price and it was sold to a trust company specializing in bankruptcy.

    Maybe not everything is as good as she would like everyone to think? I so hope she isn’t pregnant, can you image the amount of set up ops she’ll arrange?

  • betty

    @Stonegoddess Leann isn’t pregnant Eddie was interviewed and was asked about them starting a family and he hemmed and hawed but said without hesitation she was not pregnant. I doubt Eddie wants more kids he can’t keep a job and furthermore he might be shooting blanks. LOL

  • Laura

    OMG! Everything is soooooooo funny! Look at how funny everything is! Still laughing all the the way to the last picture………..although you can tell Eddie is tired of holding the fake smile and gives out toward the end.

    Is it just me or does Eddie look orange in the face like he just had a spray tan? They have got to be the most mismatched looking couple since Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley.

  • Jane

    @Stonegoddess: Now that is interesting…. I still wonder , thought…where on earth does she get all this money to spend on pricey clothes and keep Eddie in tow? I guess she had no choice to sell the house just to keep him. He is obviously not the bread- winner in that household. It’s sad, really. He can never be thought of as a good provider and he needs that female entity to pay for everything for him. What on earth is going to tell his kids when they grow up and realize who and what he is?

    You know—my hubbie’s friends are over watching a basketball game. During the commercial I posed this couple’s issues to them. I wanted a guy’s opinion. They think that the man has no balls if he cannot hold down a job and has to get half naked to sell towels just so he can say he “works”. He’s nothing but a pansy (removed expletive) who couldn’t hold his own. Even worse, they called him a douche for screwing around. (No—they had no idea who Brandi was until I showed them a pix. They think she is a beautiful woman.) They honestly don’t call him a real man. He doesn’t look as if he has held down a hard working job. As for Leann, they think she is something I cannot repeat on here. Do you think I am going to argue with 8 guys? Ummmmm…no.

  • Stonegoddess


    I agree he is the most pathetic *ussy whipped dude I have ever seen. He’s looking pretty rough lately too so I don’t think his “modeling” jobs will be around much longer either. Maybe she should put him to work as a gigolo. Would hate to see who would pay for that but you never know!

    What kind of “man” would let his new wife treat the mother of his kids the way Leann does anyways? A paid for, controlled one is who. Pretty pathetic, great example to set for his children too.

    He’s just a sad, pathetic little man. Brandi is SO much better off.

  • Jane

    @Stonegoddess: I agree. I hope that Brandi finds a REAL man who supports her in whatever she does. I heard that Brandi might be coming out with a book. It’s only a rumor. I would love to see her blow the lid off of the whole situation. How he could have done this to her is more than a slap in her face, it is a constant rubbing in his ex-mistress turned wife 24/7/365. I call it abuse and torture. I still recall the day he insisted that Leann was a “speed bump in his marriage”. He denied and yelled that he wouldn’t have anything o do with her. Now look. He has turned around and married the woman. He is also a liar just as Lean is. I guess they are made for each other. I want to know what he is going to tell the boys when they grow up. I can hear it now:
    Well boys, mommy and I weren’t getting along, so while I was making a movie with your Bonus mom I decided to sleep with her. Oh yeah, I was still married to Mom, but I didn’t care. Then US magazine caught us and I denied everything. I said she was a speed bump in the marriage just so I looked as if I didn’t do anything wrong. Well, Bonus Mom WEWE was following me around and well, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. So Mommy got angry and kicked me out of the house. So, I had nowhere to go and Bonus Mom WEWE took me in. We hung out, I told her to lose about 40 pounds and get breast implants because that is how I want MY woman to look. I didn’t have any money to buy her an engagement ring, but I wanted to be her husband so she could take care of me and pay for your child support, so I let her buy her own ring because she was loaded. We got married and brought you along to show we are a new family. WEWE called herself your Bonus Mom and she ..well…she likes to put your real Mom down. I cannot say anything about it; otherwise she will cut off my money. Oh yeah, I tried to get jobs, but I kept getting fired from them: like CSI Miami and the Playboy Club.

    Hey, boozing it up in Cabo and Colorado on her dime is the greatest. Working is for other people.

  • Moira

    It is kind of funny that LeAnn has fans who come onto a gossip site and berate her detractors. They always throw in the “she has sold 40 million records” garbage. She hasn’t sold records in years and that figure is from over a decade ago. Where does she get her money now? She is supporting a gigolo and paying his child support, she has an entourage of hangers on and has to pay this site to get any press. Honestly. the whole thing is sad, sad, sad. I wonder how long Eddie will hang around when the money is gone.

  • Jane

    @Moira: Well, she just sold a house slicing her losses I hear. It sold for much less than the original asking price. So, I guess she is selling off property and anything else she can get her hands on. Thus keeping up with her lavish lifestyle of always going on trips and paying Eddie’s child suport for his two “rascals” as WEWE calls them.

  • Dallas

    thanks Jared-always can depend on you for my Le&Eddie fix! love this couple

  • Josephine

    @Jane-your sick!Why would u waste precious time?