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Victoria Beckham: 'Vogue' Feature!

Victoria Beckham: 'Vogue' Feature!

Victoria Beckham opens up to Vogue in an article from the mag’s latest issue, featuring cover girl Jennifer Lopez.

Here’s what the 37-year-old fashionista had to share:

On her goals for her line: “I wanted clothes that were flattering, timeless, good quality. That was something that Marc Jacobs said to me at the beginning. He said, ‘If you have the best quality, people can always say it’s not their taste. But not that it’s rubbish.’”

On creating an illusion of height: “I’ve always had to make the best of what I’ve got. I’ve never been a six-foot-tall, skinny model [she is five feet four], so therefore I want to create an illusion. People always think I’m taller than I am – not just because of the shoes I wear but because of the way I dress. It’s all relatively streamlined.”

On deciding to stay in Los Angeles: “It would have been fun for David to play in Europe again – he’s not getting any younger. And Paris would have been very exciting for me, career-wise, but we came to the conclusion that it’s all about the children – they’re the most important people here. Also, David came here to raise the profile of soccer in America; I’m really proud of him, but his job is not done yet.”

FYI: Victoria is wearing a dress from her spring 2012 collection and her own yellow-diamond ring.

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Bigger pic inside…

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  • GaGa Army

    What this untalented bitch actually does these days anyway?


  • She is such a Flake

    Who wants to buy her clothes that made in China? LOL

    She’s so blah and meh.

  • BEAN

    She looks pretty, but that pout L-O-motherf’ing-L. Do these people know what they look like? ahaa

  • Justme

    That’s got to hurt that JLO made the cover and VB is only inside..rumour is that VB really wants a US Vogue cover and does everything but lick Anne Wintour’s butt, but nope, still no US cover. She doesn’t seel mags that is why. Her family is beautiful and nice to look out, but she herself is like a mannequin, she has no warmth, never smiles and never looks really happy. Basically she’s a human coat hanger for her clothes and nobody likes that enough.

  • lols

    I feel sorry for this woman. having everything and still whole world finds her full of complex
    and not to forget a very “faithful” husband. I feel sorry for David he could have sooo much better

  • EU

    So do you think Hollywood is the best place to raise a kid? Because you could have the same job anywhere: Paris, Milan, London…

  • Love me boy

    Why is she in Vogue when some talented folks are struggling to afford food out there?!? What a shallow world we live in…… I’ll never get it

  • She Stinks!

    I would much rather look at VB on that cover, than that overly botoxed, bleached skin fake haired lying low class no talent rotten mother JHO Bag.

  • Gossipgirl

    Excuse me, Miss Thing, but the American Olympic Soccer team raised the profile of football in the US, not David Beckham. That’s all I have to say on this topic.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love Her

  • Tara

    What a stunning photo that is, she has such presence in her photos, unlike some celebs. And a truly honest, and lovely article, so well written, her kids are simply lovely, and she and David come across as people who understand the importance of family, love how the writer noticed just how well mannered their kids are. Kudos!

  • Tara

    Oh and: “wearing her OWN YELLOW DIAMOND”, now that is rare even for Vogue, usually their famous women get borrowed jewellery, not Mrs Beckham, she has her personal grand jewellery, so not necessary to loan for her, ha! Love it!

  • sdf

    No1Currr! She was probably shocked to find out that Americans could care less about her & Beckham.

  • Helen

    I like her designing clothes and handbags

  • julie

    I think she has had so much botox that she cannot crack her lips to smile. Have never seen a picture of her smiling. She always looks to be a BIG SNOB and David could have done a lot better than that flat faced woman

  • UGH! She S**CKS!

    Ya, isn’t that the ring that hubby bought for her when his affair with Rebecca Loos came out? Here honey, here’s a $$$ million dollar ring, do you think you have the heart to forgive me for being unfaithful? Gag me! The Beckhams’ are the worst of the worst of celeb couples, they are ego, $$$, fame and celebrity driven. They are superficial, narcissistic, nauesating and above all LOVE to show off their materialism and lavish lifestyle. Ya, right hubby dear is bringing soccer to the forefront here in the U.S., ya, that’s why he’s always on “loan” to European clubs, rarely plays and is more interested in hanging out with his celeb pals. Give Me a Break! Only a very un-intelligent individual would claim that HollyWeird is a Great place to raise the children. Why o Why Ms. I’m so full of myself Priss Beckham do REAL stars such as Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt, Demi Moore/Bruce Willis, CZJones/Michael Douglas move their familes and young children OUT of Hollyweird to allow the children a more balanced and “normal” upbringing. They stayed for the $$$ and to enhance their already over-inflated EGOS! The Beckhams’ S**K and are a VILE couple. There is not one other celebrity today that I loathe as much as I loathe this superficial, narcissitic, shallow, conceited, vile B**CH and her lap-dog, unfaithful husband! Go Away!

  • WhoCares?

    JLo deserves the Vogue cover, she is a talented signer, dancer, actress and has proven her worth through the years. The Beckham woman is nothing and is only still famous and in the spotlight due to her marriage to David beckham. If she did not marry him, do you honestly believe that people would be hearing about Victoria Adams, the so-called “designer” or would be hearing about Victoria Adams at all? It would be Victoria who? Everything this woman has accomplished and gained besides being part of a manufactured, one-time girly band has been brought on because of her famous married last name: Beckham. Anyone who believes otherwise is as deluded and up themselves as she is. This woman in no way shape or form deserves an American Vogue cover. She cannot even conduct an interview on her own merit w/out mentioning her hubby, cause that name Beckham is all anyone is interested in. Fact.

  • johnny

    i love VB! She’s an inspiring woman.
    Great career (pop star & a designer) and great mother & wife. Plus, she has a gorgeous husband.
    What a wonderful life Victoriaaaa……!

  • FE

    Why VB can’t smile??..What is wrong with her? just asking…she doesn’t looks like a normal human.

  • honey

    @She is such a Flake: actually, it’s made IN BRITAIN unlike burberry and such

  • tania

    @FE: are you kidding me? watch her latest interview with extra! youll see she cant stop smiling!

  • faith


  • gh

    Funny how people are here slagging off JLo. JLo made it on her OWN – SOLO.
    Victoria would not even have got a solo cover of any fashion magazine whatsoever if it were not for her relationship and marriage to David. She is a failed solo artiste. She traded on his name when hers was worth nothing and is still nothing without his. Simon Fuller knows she is nothing without David. #17 words are harsh but so true.

  • liisa

    she never smiles because she has an ugly smile, her face gets distorted. Victoria herself has admitted it, and therefore you don´t see her smile in public. This is something money can´t buy.

  • She Stinks!

    @WhoCares?: JHO can’t sing, act or dance. She NEVER could. She’s a street HO that did the right guys. The only talent she has is picking the right guy to leech. JHO is a disgrace to real singers!