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Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose

Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose

Angelina Jolie is speaking out for the first time about her much-buzzed about pose at this year’s Academy Awards.

The 36-year-old actress showed some leg in an Atelier Versace gown both on the red carpet and on stage at the Oscars – a move that led to her right leg even getting its own Twitter page!

“I honestly didn’t pay attention to it. You know what I mean? I don’t watch those TV shows and if I go online and see something about myself, I don’t click on it,” Angelina told The Huffington Post.

“And the people I surround myself with don’t really talk about that kind of stuff,” she added with a laugh. “I heard something, but I didn’t pay any attention. It’s as simple as a being a woman picking a dress you like and having a night, and not really thinking about anything else.”

And there you have it!

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Credit: Ethan Miller; Photos: Getty
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  • Sprout

    She handles her own PR. This low key response shows why she’s so good at it, even when putting out a masstive “flame”.

  • busted

    @“Blog Brat’s Big Sis”:

    YOU keep talking about the Vanity Fair party. Angie and Brad didn’t go to the Vanity Fair party. They went to a private party with Clooney. So when exactly were they at the Vanity Fair party. There were no pictures of them there.

  • anustin

    lmao.fckniston ruined a 14 yr. old relation.its like forever in hollywood.

  • hen

    what she did was very normal. i still do not know why people want her to say what they like. she is one of honest woman.she is very beautiful. even she is thin, she is beautiful. that dress is also very beautifull. if u hate her, hate her but do not lie.she is one of desireable hollywood woman. if press talks something bad or good things, they know they can sell it. she has made so many people very rich because people want to hear about her.she is who she is.just God gave something and she still keep the title the holywood leading lady.

  • “BlogBrat”

    Amanda, that was too funny, but she has already lifted her dress to half of the men in Hollywood…This is a bad attempt on someones part to make it seem as if she pays no attention to what is said about her, but in all actuality, she reads everything that is said about her nasty, immoral, unscrupulous, man stealing azz….She knows people are hating on her more than ever…We are lovin it Ang…Go back to the gutter you crawled out of…We all know you are notorious for lyiing at the drop of a hat.. .You & your boyfriend are DONE…

  • anustin

    lolz @ the trollniston.listen bit.chez.golden couple is dunzo! fini,finito.moved on!

  • viv

    momee locked herself away
    an cried cried cried
    and smashed things all over tha place
    when the leg thing happend

  • Mia

    @Emma: Thank you dear. The media surely does pay her bills.
    She is NOTHING without her picture perfect life other than her acting career.
    Does she really believe we buy her ‘I do everything without thinking about what others think of me and no I really do not watch all that is written about me.’
    Sure, that’s why you are always denying that ”those” rumors are all false about this and that
    Mostly Brad talks about their missteps but now Jolie is noticeing that she can’t stay Mother Theresa and Sexy Hot at the same time..
    She wants to be in the spotlight so badly, so she can shine but honey you lost your looks a long, long time ago.
    Go grow some meat on your bones and stop acting like a Saint.

  • “Blog Brat’s Big Sis”

    If you all think she is so beautiful (which is a joke) then why does she have to dress like a s**t in order for people to even notice her. It might also help, if she washed that disgusting greasy hair too. I don’t know how Brad can sleep next to that, GROSS!

  • daral

    if angelina is such a fame hungary person, why isn’t she on twitter? :)

  • Think

    @“BlogBrat”: Why simy alinas is here posting 100 times? and who let the FF interns out here ?
    What is new Angie several times said she doesn’t pay atteniton to this kind of things. Why would she?

  • Mia

    @Bass: Such crap honey, this only shows how much Angelina CARES about what her image is

  • briseis

    “She has already lifted her dress to half of the men in Hollywood ….”

    Uh-huh, you are so right. Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor, Gerald Butler, John Mayer, Producer Boy, etc

  • daral

    of course u trolls just assume these quotes are real, when plenty of fans already have doubts.

    don’t cry too much if huffpo is caught in a fabrication :)

  • truth

    Anyone who is a fan of Angie know that she was just having fun and feeling sexy with Brad. All the hate that came her way is so predictablle. There is so much jealousy for Angie with so many women using Brad as their fantasy man. But truth is she loves Brad and he loves her and they are making their family work. I believe she does not understand all the fuss and I believe she does not read all the crap that comes out with her name on it. Brad must be so happy he found Angie.

  • cats and rats

    Oh way in new three days off her get restless. Women stay for you kids one week without here your name in world nosecess she is

  • “BlogBrat”

    Why we are talking about her being a phony…How about those hair extensions…She is so far from being a natural beauty (like Jen) and she knows it…Ticky tock Ho-lee is rolling down the hill, through the shrubs over the cliff, onto the rocks and SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Blog Brat’s Big Sis”

    Hey Truth, women might at one time had Brad as their fantasy, but after him getting with HO-LEE Im sure very few wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole! NASTY!

  • daral

    1 troll, 15 plus names.

    stay mad haters

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …`if that was anyone else they would of got torn a new asssholee. LMFBAO

  • HAA haa

    Ang threw out her hip to reveal a sexy leg
    most people saw a dork with a pale stick

  • Passing Through

    OT -
    This week OuttaTouch did a story on how much plastic surgery Megan Fox has had – and now someone at BuzzFeed has posted pix all the way back to 2002. The transformation is obvious – and scary. This girl is about to turn 26 and she’s got so much botox pumped into her forehead that she probably hasn’t been able to move it for more than 3 days a year since she was about 15. Last year she posted some dumb ass Twitpic where she’s wrinking her forehead but that was one of the 3 days each year she’s able to move it. She probably went right after that to her plastics guy and got it refroze. And what’s up with her eyebrows? They look like she uses a stencil and draws them on with a black Sharpie. Her lips were normal until mid-2007 when Transformers came out and she decided to pump 2 pounds of Restylane into them. She was a cute girl…now she look hard and plastic…and I think the poor girl must be a mouth-breather because she seems genetically incapable of fully closing her mouth…

  • Barb

    Angelina is truly beautiful. Her features are perfect. She owns the trolls…they can’t stay away and keep hoping against hope that something bad will open to her. Losers!

  • lylian

    Frankly it amazes me the amount of thought and energy that soooooo many people have put into the simple and innocent pose of Angelina Jolie.
    I guess there’s really something about Angelina which taps into much deeper issues. t’s not the pose, it’s because its a pose made by Angelina Jolie and all it’s associations. I recall an article where the author wrote that the kerfuffle was because Angelina is a woman in control of her sexuality and when she chooses to put it out. Because if you think about it, there are millions more provocative poses on the internet and in movies and TV. But these poses are made by faceless, nameless women, not Angelina Jolie.
    The other thing that amazes me are the number of LOSIES who come on these JP threads and are still feeling hurt and raw about BRAD PITT LEAVING SS. It just goes to show how these LOSIES know, SS has been such a LOSER for the last 7 years.

  • lurker

    @HAA haa:
    yes loser you guys are so stupid,i guess its boring in FF land,and why are some so call fans so defensive even if the quotes are real she had said several times before they do not have time for useless gossip am sure if she was asked about it she will answer no big deal

  • cats and rats

    Hollow all friend I wet. To swissland for my husbond cold skering a lot fun Ange chip for kids wear old cloth for kid to kid same old dress all money her have kid look bad a dirty she make she self look good. Over x.pose ange people in my county sake for her name go way five month

  • “BlogBrat”

    The day after the awards show, TMZ had her pose on their show…They called it awkward & desperate…I hope she keeps doing her usual s!utty PR attempts and digging her grave deeper & deeper…She doesn’t need too much help in ruining herself. She pretty much did that 7 years ago all on her own…Brad wasn’t worth the trouble is my bet…

  • Bambi

    I think it’s good that Angie is spending so much time on her leg damage control. That way, Brad has some time to collaborate with me on our project, if you know what I mean.


    but it doesn’t matter to me – angelina

  • “BlogBrat”

    KFC called, they want their chicken leg back…

  • Lara

    —————– NEW THREAD ——————-

  • lurker

    poor thing just stick to one name, fool

  • lurker

    i guess stumpy”s nasty fungal infected leg makes her tickletts mad lol

  • lurker

    bye fans,no news is good news too bad we have to get use to trolls going cray cray

  • GREAT.


  • omd

    she’s fierce. if maniston did it, it would be lame.





  • busted

    How many names is this one fool going to use tonight.

    I finally gave up counting.. LOL

  • dawne

    Thanks, Jared, you omit all kinds of JP news and accomplishments, but you throw out this troll bait with no problem. Why don’t we go back to the old thread………..this is garbage.

  • faz

    I love angelina but i’m sure she thought about and heard more about… i mean news about her makes the normal world news not just entertainment news

  • http://Yahoo ann71

    I’m having fun thumbing down the poor pathetic trolls!Miss the JoliePitt’s bet their having a wonderful family time.

  • villedeville

    There were a few other female stars in the Oscar’s red carpet who had gowns with high thigh-slit. Only Angelina was noticed and criticized or praised while the others were completely ignored. Jennifer Lopez wore a low-necked gown almost exposing her boobs. She was barely noticed or talked about.

  • Jennifer Aniston

    You guys are delusional if you think there’s only ONE troll on here, simply using different names. I’ve NEVER posted on a Jolie thread until this evening.

    Trust me, junkie kuunt Jolie has PLENTY of haters. And with me, it’s not even that I hate her (how can u hate someone u don’t know?) I just think she’s an arrogant, affected, phoney…. :P

  • Emma


    Pardon me, I didn’t realize I was talking to an irrational zealot.

  • Emma

    Yeah, it’s really too bad that Jared put this thread up because with nothing happening in JP-Land we could be stuck with this discussion for a month.

  • naia

    Why do people care about something like this? Do you have nothing else important to give your attention to?

  • anorexicjolie

    Yeah, whatever angie. It has been rumored that she pours over the online blogs searching for articles about herself…even commenting on herself with different poster names. (probably passing through, lol!)

  • olivia and popeye

    Could she possibly be anymore arrogant? Like who does she hang out with except hired help and her kids. Skanklina has no friends.

  • Liverwurst

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I see her pose! It’s so ridiculous!! Bahahahaha!!