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Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose

Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose

Angelina Jolie is speaking out for the first time about her much-buzzed about pose at this year’s Academy Awards.

The 36-year-old actress showed some leg in an Atelier Versace gown both on the red carpet and on stage at the Oscars – a move that led to her right leg even getting its own Twitter page!

“I honestly didn’t pay attention to it. You know what I mean? I don’t watch those TV shows and if I go online and see something about myself, I don’t click on it,” Angelina told The Huffington Post.

“And the people I surround myself with don’t really talk about that kind of stuff,” she added with a laugh. “I heard something, but I didn’t pay any attention. It’s as simple as a being a woman picking a dress you like and having a night, and not really thinking about anything else.”

And there you have it!

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377 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose”

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  1. 76
    shoes4life Says:

    Sounds like a cut paste from another interview and Huff & Puff took credit for a few quotes. Angelina usually don’t do interviews unless she is promoting a movie or cause. Plus she hardly ever addess dumb stuff like the over blown leg event. Sounds like Huff & Puff just want to get some hits from her detractors.

  2. 77
    Lara Says:

    —————————–New Thread———————————

  3. 78
    Skeptical Says:

    I agree, I don’t think she would talk to Huff Po, it does sound like a cut and paste with a little embellishment.

  4. 79
    lurker Says:

    @The Hunger Games:
    ass *hole stop reading tabloid garbage,trolls are having a meltdown they miss the JPS lol,even if the quotes are real it shows that she does not give a fuc*k about haters she lives her life on her terms

  5. 80
    Rose Says:

    Fans, it always amazed me whenever Angie looks especially beautiful, the trolls become especially cray cray. It’s amazing to see trolls torturing themselves by parking their Butts on Angie’s thread and then have a total and complete meltdown. Fans love to watch haters typing and changing names as fast as they can. Angle owns their A@@, they can’t stay away.

  6. 81
    Nina D. Says:

    I honestly still don’t understand what the big deal was about it.

  7. 82
    csa Says:

    Yeah,she didn’ t pay attention to the media but her publicist made a statement on the subject…Such a hypocrite!

  8. 83
    plz Says:

    @csa: She doesn’t have publicist.

  9. 84
    plz Says:

    @Nina D.: Me Neither. It is just a leg.

  10. 85
    guest Says:

    I thought the pose was cool. Who won the Oscars? She stoled the show. It was that “I’m still a Bad Girl” moment.
    She’s been talk about since her early 20′s and still being talk about 15 years later. That doesn’t happen very often in HW at least in the last couple of decades. .

    An Icon in the making

  11. 86
    gigi Says:

    liar liar! if you go online and see yourself just click on it. if you you wear these dresses you click on them, not act like you dont care

  12. 87
    juju Says:

    Emma @ 03/23/2012 at 7:28 pm

    it was not just my opinion
    it was the opinon of everyone
    that was in good faith
    nd that were not envy jealous
    b i t c h e s

  13. 88
    "BlogBrat" Says:

    She should have simply addressed it as ” I am a Hooch. Everyone knows that, why are you all so surprised at my desperste attempt for more Ho publicity”…Bye Ho Bye Ho, I am a Hooch you know, I dress like a sk@nk and I look like a snake Bye Ho Bye Ho….lmfao….

  14. 89
    Jennifer Aniston Says:

    I have a MUCH better body than that husband-stealing junkie!!!

  15. 90
    Jennifer Aniston Says:

    @guest: The ONLY thing that junkie “stoled” was MY husband!

  16. 91
    guest Says:


    Thanks, I thought I read somewhere that she wanted to be a Bond Girl. I agree she isn’t sexy by no means.
    I guess she threw it out there thinking the Producers would offer her that role after posing almost naked on magazine covers.

  17. 92
    The Hunger Games Says:

    I think she’s feeling the pressure from a new young lovely girl, that everyone is swooning over

    this was perfectly timed – say what you want

  18. 93
    "Blog Brat's Big Sis" Says:

    Whus up lil sis? LOL. JJ we appreciate you opening up this nasty can of worms. Just remember, you are the one that opened up Pandoras Box, and we will be more than happy to close it for you. She is a liar. She knew at the Vanity Fair After Party that she is the laughing stock of all of Hollywood.

  19. 94
    Lara Says:

    ——————– New Thread ———————

  20. 95
    Amanda Says:

    Lara, are you off your rocker?

  21. 96
    Amanda Says:

    Speaking of Pandora’s Box, maybe next time Angie will just lift her dress up over her head.

  22. 97
    ouch! Says:

    going out of your way to say, “tis nothing” = deep embarrassment

  23. 98
    briseis Says:

    @Jennifer Aniston: And the only thing YOU stoled was Heidi Bivens’ man of 14 years! Turns out he’s not that great of a catch after all, huh, if you’re still whining about the husband who dumped you 7 years ago. Women who’ve been widowed or lost their husbands in horrendous ways have had faster recovery times than you.

  24. 99
    BLAH Says:

    She’s so full of ****. She was a public laughing stock and she knows it.

  25. 100
    tazzy Says:

    @The Hunger Games:

    LOL, are you always this stupid?

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