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Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose

Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose

Angelina Jolie is speaking out for the first time about her much-buzzed about pose at this year’s Academy Awards.

The 36-year-old actress showed some leg in an Atelier Versace gown both on the red carpet and on stage at the Oscars – a move that led to her right leg even getting its own Twitter page!

“I honestly didn’t pay attention to it. You know what I mean? I don’t watch those TV shows and if I go online and see something about myself, I don’t click on it,” Angelina told The Huffington Post.

“And the people I surround myself with don’t really talk about that kind of stuff,” she added with a laugh. “I heard something, but I didn’t pay any attention. It’s as simple as a being a woman picking a dress you like and having a night, and not really thinking about anything else.”

And there you have it!

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Credit: Ethan Miller; Photos: Getty
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  • Rose

    @Jen the hag, you know SS must me mortified to know that his, mr squiggly, preferred way of shopping, dumpster diving, is now on the net. You know, he must just hate her fufu taste in decorating. You can tell by the way he dresses he loves his dumpsters find. I bet he shops at thrift stores for his clothing, seems like he his the kind of person that’s his taste. Nothing wrong with that, but you know she is desperately trying to make him over. Just like what he tried to do to Brad, making him into her Ken doll, that didn’t last. Let’s see if this one last.

  • Aussie Girl

    I AM pretty sure that Brad has been nom’ed twice for an Oscar since being with Angie–Benjamin Button & Moneyball. Plus all the other awards and nom’s piled high. Pls Tree of Life was up for Best Pic this year!!
    JJ–This thread is one of the most vile that i’ve read in a long while!! The Oscars were over a month ago,now you hens are all clacking like maniacs about it. Get a Grip–It was a leg coming out of a slit dress-Never seen it look so good before??

    BratPerson-You must have a really boring,lame existance

  • jen the hag

    @Aussie Girl:
    Yeah imagine that the hags has been renting on and on about Angie’s leg as if Angie showing her legs kill somebody -…. well I guess it kill the hags with envy because Angelina’s leg is more famous than maniston being naked … the hag is just boring naked hehehehehehe

  • Rose

    Aussie girl, I just looked it up. Brad was nominated for supporting Oscar for 12 monkeys. Therefore, two oscars and one supporting Oscar nominations.

    Whenever the trolls are so exercised is because things are not going good with their idol. they have been trying to pump life in her but it’s not working. Her new man looks like a joke, her movie bombed and she is looking rough, therefore, take it out on Angie. They believe Angie should not be happy if they are suffering, lol.

  • SS

    Aw come on. Even Angelina fan-boy Jared has made it the headlines, on the banner on top: Angelina’s leg bare. Enough to send everyone clicking on the link. The lady made an absolute fool of herself, it will be one of those crazy Oscar moments, like the streaker. I am happy I was not in her shoes, would;ve been embarrassing to go to the Vanity Fair after party.

  • SS

    @jen the hag:

    Hi Angie. Stop bombarding Just I know that you are sticking your leg…oops…neck out by going on an anonymous posting rampage. Bwahahahahaa.

  • SS


    No but the way she did it was hilarious. I must say, I love her for giving me the laughs. Seriously. And all you Angelina lovers, please tell her to EAT.A.SANDWICH.RIGHT.NOW.

  • SS


    She always looks like Morticia Adams. Even her leg looked straight out of the Adams family…pretty scary,a ctually.

  • SS

    @Best joke ever!!!!:

    Like totally.

  • SS

    I read somewhere that she was miffed with Atelier Versace. Well lady, didn’t you get the memo? I am sorry, you ruined our dress. Signed, Messers Versace and Muller.

  • SS



    Come on, is that even a verbal assault? You just cured my insomnia.

    Try harder next time.

  • SS

    The people surrounding her don’t talk about that kind of stuff.

    I am sure her kids are joking about it even as she is out, giving this interview.

    Chip of the old leg? Hell, not me. Now I know why mommy doesn’t let us watch TV. She made an absolute fool of herself in front of millions of viewers.@Amazing:

    Yeah, apparently she was really LIVID with Jim Rash. Poor man had to defend himself and call it a ‘loving tribute.’ Oh yeah, Angelina’s leg is good….


  • SS

    @Angie flying plane:

    Yes, passing birds apparently stuck their legs out and waved. Angie’s even had a new salute branded after her!

  • truth

    Wow the haters are always quick to Angie threads. She owns them and they try so hard to fight it. Poor things. Angie is the best and most beautiful so eat your hearts out.

  • Rose

    I just read a comment by one of SS hens who is now sure she knows what Angies kids are laughing about. This hater can repeat what the kids are saying. Hater, continue hearing voices, you’ll be locked up and medicated soon. Delusional thoughts can be treated with medications, you know who you are, take your meds.


    I realized that this new troll who is spamming the thread defending her old hag idol Maniston is none other than, Lisa/Laranjen/Whamo. So fans, please stop responding to this paid troll. She always have the same mantra. We know better. We don’t need to defend Angelina. She is loved around the world and she’s the highest paid actress in HW with multiple offers left and right. She is also a respected humanitarian and has six adorable kids with a great husband, Brad Pitt. That’s all FACTS. While her idol is forever and always be known as Rachel Green, TV star. That’s it. The paid troll can spam all she wants but she will be ignored.

  • Elizabeth

    I spend more time thumbing down the troll than making a comment.
    It seems like it has gone hay wire over the leg. Lots of actresses have posed almost “frontal” nude over the years. This is modest by comparison.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    These haters make me laugh they claim they hate Angie and yet they are here posting on first and nonstop,yep stalking her what a joke!Meh.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    WTF I’m on moderation for saying Angie does’nt give an eff and for cheering her on LMAO!Um mods have you read the hags comments?Really now?lol.

  • tazzy

    @Jennifer Aniston:

    No one gives a sh*t about Angwelina’s leg but you losers. You are obsessed with her.

  • lylian

    @Aussie Girl: @Rose:
    Since Brad became Angelina’s life partner, he has been nominated 3 times. twice for best actor – in COBB and Moneyball and once as producer of Moneyball for Best Picture.
    On top of this, Plan B also produced TOL but his partner Dede was nominated as producer of Tree Of Life Best Picture.
    Brad’s been in the following movies, all nominated for Best Picture:
    Babel, TOL, Moneyball, COBB.
    All these young up and coming actors who are being touted as “Mr Next Brad Pitt”, they have a ways to go before they prove that they can be, Mr Next Brad Pitt. I’m not interested in who might be the next Brad Pitt as nominated by the tablies because the tablies are only thinking of Brad Pitt’s looks. But that’s not what make Brad Pitt a fascinating and beautiful older man.
    Brad Pitt isn’t just Brad Pitt because he’s a good looking actor. If that were all Brad Pitt was today, he would not be described as a “god amongst men”. It’s the range of his intelligence, his commitment and his talents evidenced by the range of his successes which makes Brad Pitt the Brad Pitt. To be a top notch producer, actor, humanitarian and from all accounts a loving father of six and a devoted husband to Angelina, who is herself, an extraordinary woman.
    And Angelina helped Brad Pitt be the best that Brad Pitt can be.

  • Elizabeth

    I agree with piaf. “Who cares why she did it? She looked gorgeous.”
    Who was the poet who said “if eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being”.

  • tazzy


    The only one feeling the burn are you haters. How does that make you feel knowing everyone here is laughing at you?

  • new photos

    JPS has new photos, Brad arriving in LA (international flight) and Angie flying her own plane.

  • Rose

    @Angierocks, I believe moderation is done at random, that’s the only way it makes sense. Now that I’m awake, I have to go. Hope all the fans have a great day.

  • tazzy


    One foolish troll its name every minute. What a life, LOL.

  • tazzy


    No actually that would be you.

  • hello777

    considering everything she has gone through in the past; how can something like a pose affect a mother of six, actress and humanitarian? i love how she ignores it all. if i was a celebrity i would do the same thing because even now i know that the tabloids a negative magazines are all fake and for entertainments sake. love you angie!

  • tazzy
  • tazzy


    Do you feel better now after your little rant?


    blah blah blahh

    she talks bs..once again…this woman should stfu.

    she could have mad a joke,or take it with a sense of humor…oooopppss—i forgot—she has NO HUMOR!!

    there is nothing more horrible than a person with no humor—

  • tazzy


    LOL, there is no end to you loons.

  • deanie chin

    Bravo Miss Angelina Jolie ! Just be yourself & we love You !

  • gracie

    Hi JP fans. Almost missed this one. I don’t believe this interview but since you pathetic sad trolls are here like bees to honey and still sounding miserable as the day Brad dumped that bed hopping b!!tch ex he married on a rebound, I’ll tell you all this, gorgeous sexy most sought-after A-list actress, Angelina Jolie doesn’t give a fcuk what you losers think. She wakes up every morning with the hottest guy in Hw lying next in bed to her and she is surrounded by their 6 adorable little cuties — Brad’s ONLY children. You can hate all you want, Brad has made his bed and he is HAPPY and CONTENT, Angie is lying in it with him and will be in it with him till the end of life, can’t say the same about your idol, that’s why you’re all pissed and for ever fcuked-up miserable losers, even with all the money your idol is pouring on that gigolo, she can’t trust him or turn her back on him, she will always be living in fear of getting dumped again. And this time it will be the ultimate humiliation. She met her match, Lol. user vs user. Life is good to JPs and their fans.

  • tazzy


    No actually you did not read that. You were just listening to the voices in your head again.

  • gracie


    Stupid to be here in the first place and more pathetic cos only an idiot will post on a thread of someone they hate at 7.42 in the morning. She owns you. Lol.

  • gracie

    Trolls, take a look at ugly and not so sexy legs and then you will appreciate gorgoeus Angie’s lean sexy pins.

  • Tess

    @gracie: eeeeewwww lol wow my legs are way better than SS hahahahahahaha cant believe it…..


    Hi, I am Heidi Bivens and i love Angelina.



    Check this side out on FACEBOOK



  • anon

    Funny how some comments over at Huffpo say Angie is lying or dishonest. If I wasn’t banned over there I would tell the half-wits there that if Angie were lying and did read all the internet cr*p about her then she would know not to share ANYTHING with Huffpo. who can always be counted on for their snark and hostility, especially by their moderators.


    The Funny thing is, you see posing evertime from woman, victoria beckham, jennifer lopez why this isnt a big deal? well, they are not the queen of hollywood :-)



    GRACIE THAT PIC IS AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • briseis

    @gracie: Thanks for re-posting that. I bookmarked and saved it for future use. And these hags have the nerve to criticize Angie’s leg — I would rather have Angie’s smooth, long limbs than Ticky’s fat, marked legs and gnarled feet. Gawd, didn’t she have a pedi before she went on that HW star ceremony? My toes don’t have chipped polish after my $40 mani-pedi … why does hers look so chipped and unfinished after her $500 spa treatment?
    For her fans who said they read somewhere or heard somewhere about what Angie’s kids or HW said, they remind me so much of where I work where we constantly get patients with halllucinations. These Ticky hens really need their meds.

  • xoxo

    Yeah, right. Completely oblivious.

  • Average Jane

    I don’t really follow Angelina Jolie but I do think the way she worked that dress was awesome. Confident women rock. I don’t find her quite as beautiful as some people do, but I was wondering if anyone out there knows what kind of color/highlights she has in the pic above. My natural hair color is like hers (med brown) and I would love to get the highlights she has there. It’s so bright, yet she is still a brunette. Anyone know what you would ask your hairdresser for? Thanks!

  • SS


    Wow, coming from a person named Tazzy, that really stung. What kind of a name is Tazzy anyway? Sounds like a half-ass marmalade.

  • “BlogBrat”

    Well, I figured you Ho-lee trolls would be on here trying to do damage control with all your multiple names, and I was correct…Please continue on, the whore needs all the defending she can get after this…She was bashed & trashed through the night…Carry on losers…I am heading to the beach for the day….Summertime, Summertime…..

  • SS


    Yeah it’s sad. If I hadn’t taken the day off, I wouldn’t have spent too much time on this shit but seeing all these stupid Angie bottomfeeders really makes my blood boil,