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Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose

Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose

Angelina Jolie is speaking out for the first time about her much-buzzed about pose at this year’s Academy Awards.

The 36-year-old actress showed some leg in an Atelier Versace gown both on the red carpet and on stage at the Oscars – a move that led to her right leg even getting its own Twitter page!

“I honestly didn’t pay attention to it. You know what I mean? I don’t watch those TV shows and if I go online and see something about myself, I don’t click on it,” Angelina told The Huffington Post.

“And the people I surround myself with don’t really talk about that kind of stuff,” she added with a laugh. “I heard something, but I didn’t pay any attention. It’s as simple as a being a woman picking a dress you like and having a night, and not really thinking about anything else.”

And there you have it!

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  • Jolie’s power

    nobody knows horse face Jen outside of US but Angie is famous in every corner of world she has fans in Afghanistan to deep Sub Saharan Africa where people don’t even have TV/radio she is even more famous than Micheal Jackson nobody in Afghanistan/ inner Africa knows about Micheal Jackson but everyone knows about Angelina Jolie.
    that is because of her kind heart and good deeds.

  • Hollywood’s Biggest Joke

    Hollywood’s Biggest and Greatest Joke of All Time is an aging transvestite horse-looking ex-sitcom star buying an award to be the Hottest Woman of All Times. Right, Anustain?
    Snooki has a better sex appeal.

  • gracie

    # 306 SS

    Poor baby — Don’t let your blood overheat or else your skin will start looking like your idol’s crusty feet. Lol. All trolls have same leathery skin.

  • Emma

    Ha hah ahha ah. While you guys were having a bitter meltdown here yesterday, Angie was out flying a plane and Brad was on an international trip. They just keep living their lives and ignoring your azzes! Yeah!

  • Yoco

    Thanks fans for thumbing down the trolls. I didn’t have to read any of their asinine comments . As for this’ interview’ if it is real I think Angie was at an event like the MIR fundraiser,Women of the World or @ the ICC and she was asked this question in passing. IMO there is no way she called Huffpo. entertainment dept but I can see her talking to a reporter from the Huffpost WORLD dept regarding another issue and before hanging up answering another quick question.

  • yeah, well

    Yeah..and in plain English, it means she doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks any more than I give a hoot about this ridiculous story. I never much liked her anyway OR him and I don’t see what all the hype is about. Who cares?

  • icefire

    so when the writers went on stage accepted the price and did her pose, everybody on and off stage had a good laugh, she didnt pay attention then either? get real

  • a fan

    I watched The Tourist again last night and finally realized why Angie was strutting in the scene where she walks into the Interpol building. She was an agent re-appearing after being awol for a year. She was walking like “Yeah, I’m back. Yeah- its me. Deal with it.” She also had her right leg sort of sticking out in that scene inside the office and in the scene where she drives the boat up to the Interpol offices. Angie just knows how to make a statement with her walk and her poses.

    I think she looked great at the Oscars. Angie just has star power. That guy who won was so obsessed with Angie that he wanted to bask in her aura. He gave more thought to Angie than he did to his Oscar.

  • trt

    NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAD’S ARRIVAL!!!

  • Yoco

    @icefire: Actually she and Brad laughed about it backstage Brad even shook the hands of Rash and the others according to Entertainment Weekly(Oscar coverage) Busy Philipson AH said after Rash did the pose Angie did the pose again and smiled. Much ado about nothing

  • anon


    Are you obtuse or just have a problem with reading comprehension?

  • Lola

    @FANNY: you are boring and ugly.

  • Lea

    the truth is that there are some very sick and off things besides weight and paleness with dark circles: French kiss with her brother.
    blood hung of the ugly guy she married.
    sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend.
    become a lesbian and then not.
    and the list goes on and on …

  • anon


    Sounds like someone who lives boldly and is unafraid to make mistakes and who pays little attention to petty pygmies like you.

  • Lea

    @anon: what makes you think that they are mistakes for her? maybe she is proud of having as a lover her stepfather, falling in love with Chinese women, making out with his brother, etc. Better don’t try to defend her because you sink her.

  • Rose

    Trolls keep repeating a lie a million times does not make it true. However, if that gets you through the day or night then go for it. Just remember while you are talking trash, Brad still loves Angie. Brad said that Angie is “the only women in my vision”, guess what fools, word is Brad went to make preparation for the WEDDING, did I hear heads just exploded?, happy time,

  • Betty

    Paid to post comments of hate.Useless commenters.who cares????

  • CAM

    What Stepfather? her mother never married again after her divorced from Jon Voight.
    Stop reading trashy tabloids or those stupids books that had inaccurate information and was in bargiain bin after a week. The authors were called-out by criitcs from just pulling info from tabs and also using wrong dates, places. people and events..Bottomline they added nothing that everyone hadn’t heard before from the rags.
    Why don’t you do your research before coming here with nonsense.
    You don’t know the Angie ,Brad or their children and they don’t know you.

  • Betty

    Jealous and envious of Angelina Jolie.

  • Lea

    @CAM: Ok, errata: he was not her stepfather, because he was not married to Marcheline. She had sex with the lover of the mother.
    Wait, with that criteria, Brad and angelina are not legally married …

    Yes, I repeat do not try to justify that is worse.

  • Lea

    @Betty: anyone really cares for my comments or those of others or your own. Is just something silly to do, give the opinion on a subject substantially superficial and non-existent.

  • Angie’s Strap-On Dildo

    Angie’s packing Bradley’s fudge right now.

  • betty

    Jealous hags.Nothing but evil.Go to H*ll b!tches.

  • acs

    Oh pease!Everybody has a publicist and I actually read his statement on another site!

  • fact

    2012 Most Influential Icons (most talked about)
    1. Ms Angelina Jolie – actress, humanitarian, mother, red carpet queen
    2. Ms Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg – enough said!
    3. Ms Angelina Jolie’s partner/defacto/husband, Brad Pitt
    4. Ms Angelina Jolie’s first bio child, Shioh Jolie-Pitt
    5. Ms Angelina Jolie’s bio twins, Knox & Viv Jolie-Pitt
    6. Ms Angelina Jolie’s african-american daughter, Zahara Jolie-Pitt
    7. Ms Angelina Jolie’s 2 asian sons, Maddox & Pax Jolie-Pitt
    8. Ms Angelina Jolie’s residential abodes/properties domestic and international
    9. Ms Angelina Jolie’s parents-in-law, father/brother
    10. Ms Angelina Jolie’s ex-husbands
    11. Ms Angelina Jolie’s mortal enemy – notably the one who pretended to have her husband stolen from her; subsequently doing her own brand of defacto-husband stealing from her own friend, Heidi Bivens (a stylist to celebrities). Incidently, she also broke up the marriage of another friend, an Australian stylist. So it may be that stylists who work closely with this aging movie startlet (referred to endearingly on this board as Ticky), should well take note that if their husbands have a bit of resemblance to Ticky’s conquests / her type of men – to be very afraid unless they have the same deep pockets as Ticky’s. What men would not want to be maintained at that level ala Justin Theroux – its like hitting lotto bigtime!
    credit anita #212

  • Psis

    Ang got in her plane and flew off when she found out brad was heading home.

  • Psis

    Looks like she has more than one passenger . Who’s the guy in the back?

  • Betty

    @Lea: You are nothing but lies.You are jealous ,envious and hater.You sick fool.

  • gracie

    Lea @ 03/24/2012 at 4:34 pm

    Angie lives her life as she pleases and makes no apology for it. It’s called having confidence and being bold. Angie is not a follower she is
    a leader. Your idol is the one living unfulfilled life, afraid to be true to herself incase losers like you reject her. She is the one living in the closet, afraid to be herself, afraid to own up about not wanting kids or too old to have them, afraid to tell the truth about her discarded marriage and the part she played in destroying it. She is the one afraid to own up to all her lesbo relationships with her so called bffs. The one afraid to own up on how she really hates her mother and how she stole her gigolo bf from Heidi and destroyed a 14yrs relationship.

  • Betty

    How much are you being paid to post hate about angelina?

  • not Betty

    How much are you being paid to tell people off who don’t praise Angelina on internet?

  • anon

    When has Jolie ever talked to HP? Btw, the HP used to be something…years ago….what the hell happened to it?

  • CAM


    Please tell me who said she had sex with her mother’s longtime boyfriend and.Did her Mother have a longtime boyfriend? Please provide that link, did it come from her deseased mother, Angie or the mother’s Boyfriend? Or this another made up story from the tabs or unauthorize trashy books.

  • Jolie’s power

    Jolie is indeed most famous celebrity history ever produced, even more famous than MJ, Elvis Presley, Madonna etc her fame have no boundaries even on that remote areas which haven’t seen modern civilization yet.

  • gracie

    7plus yrs, poor deluded trolls still can’t get over Brad dumping boring Anuston for gorgeous sexy Angie. Poor things are not happy with unemployed mr stumpy gigolo.

  • The Jolie Effect

    Here it is over 30 days since the Oscar’s and the haters & media are still talking The Jolie and her long ggorgeous GAMS!

    Now that is power!!

  • James

    She probably has more to do than worrying about an event that happened one month ago. zzzzzzZZZZZZ…

  • alw

    i was thinking the same thing #343, do they remember who won the Oscar?

  • Jen the hag

    heheh JENHAGS ” thinking thoughts” that when Angelina flashed her legs at the OSCAR she will be redicule all over HW when in fact it’s the opposite .. she become the talking point in the last OSCAR when the winners were forgotten… who are the winners in the last oscar.. i bet you these FUGLY CRAZY HAGS can’t remember because they were all focus on Angelina Jolie. Must be so painful when you are not a fans of Angie but 24/7 you think about her and trolling the internet looking for Angelina’s thread just to post hate because that is the only thing that make you happy.. IMAGINE THAT!!

  • Go for God sakesddessJen

    LOL! Some of you are beyond delusional, they are calling it the “joke-a-thon” on Angelinas ugly leg…that can’t be good, YIkes! I bet the old wacko is hitting herself…with her own leg and going, “Why, why did i had to make such a fool of myself!” One has to laugh!

  • anon

    @Go for God sakesddessJen:

    Laughing? More like whining. So much hostility when others DON’T QUITE SEE IT YOUR WAY. The real joke is facing you every morning when you shave your menopausal flubby cheeks.

  • SS

    @a fan:

    That’s funny. Actually, her Oscar gaffe was so awful that even a guy who had just won an Oscar was eclipsed by its obvious ridiculousness.

  • GoddessJen


    Listen to yourself dude, defiinitively delusional lol! Too funny!

  • anon


    Listen to yourself, dud; beating a dead horse. Too stupid, but not unexpected.

  • Wonderbust

    hey you never answered my question on HOW Jen is more loved in HW and How Brads career was better with Jen..would love to know what you come up with because Jen has never been nominated for anything besides friends from her HW peers nor has she worked with respected actors AND brads career has been hot since being with AJ

  • danni

    That night she looked like a selfimportant corpse bride lol

  • luv brad and angie

    Brad and Angie doing great. Haters crawling out like roaches

  • tazzy

    @luv brad and angie:

    Cockroach, one of the most disgusting creatures on earth, is the perfect description of a hater troll.

  • guest

    I’m starting to believe this is made-up story or cut/ copy/ paste from some previous interviews Angie’s conducted. There’s nothing to support the story. Most JP’s interviews are to promote a movie. There’s always some introduction as to why and where the interview took place either by phone or in person.

    I could see if someone asked her on the red carpet and she responded.

    But this story leads the reader to believe Angie personally contacted them almost a month after the Oscars to discuss her leg pose.. Also Huffpost? Not People Magazine.who seems to be more connected to the JP’s. Even with People, it would have been a third party for something as trivial as this. It just reeks fakeness.

  • Rose

    @Guest, I red the story HP printed, did not see quotation around the article. IMO, it’s cut and pace. Fans know Angie don’t care about some nonsense story about her leg. SS was naked on GQ, and it did not get this much press. Gerard Butler stuck his fingers up SS butt and it never get this much press. This just goes to show how important Angie is to those people selling their rags. They all know when they mentioned BA they sell more magazines and get more hits on the net.