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Miranda Kerr: Adriana Lima's Pregnancy Is 'Such Good News'

Miranda Kerr: Adriana Lima's Pregnancy Is 'Such Good News'

Miranda Kerr carries her son Flynn while arriving at LAX Airport on Friday (March 23) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old Aussie model flew in from NYC where she recently attended a Victoria’s Secret event with fellow Angel Erin Heatherton.

Adriana Lima‘s second pregnancy is “such good news,” Miranda told NY Mag.

“Is it in the water? Because I need to buy my own water. I don’t know what is going on … they’re dropping like flies,” Erin added about Adriana, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Lily Aldridge all being pregnant at the same time.

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • maureen

    and lima’s “do nothing but bash other models” child stans in 4,3,2,1…

  • YAY!

    Miranda is back in LA from NY, and Orlando is back in LA from NZ.
    My favorite celeb family is reunited.
    Love all three of them!

  • awwww

    Flynn looks like he just woke up from a nap.
    Such a gorgeous little guy.
    Mom looks great, as always.

  • Truthie

    Dear VS,

    1.FIRE all the pregnant ladies. They kill your sexy image.

    2. Get rid of the generic girls (Heather, Lily, etc).

    If you don’t, you’ll become irrelevant .

  • Sayer

    That’s a giant baby.

  • tuck

    she wishes,

  • Lola

    Why is this woman being posted about every single day on this site not really doing anything at all?!

  • wtfhappnd2vsmodels

    fug chipmunk girl woman thing.

  • @7

    She’s famous, and people like you post on her threads.
    Simple logic.

  • BlameCanada

    Cutest kid out to Nahla…he should marry Nahla.

    He is big for his age..what is she feeding him and how on earth did she give birth to him naturally???

    I’d have a kid if he looked like Flynn or Nahla :D

  • Sarah

    Flynn is so cute. Miranda is beautiful. Glad that Miranda and Flynn will be with Orlando. They are my favorite celebrity couple because they are always supportive and encouraging of each other and are loving and protective parents.

  • Sarah

    I hope Miranda gets pregnant soon and has a baby girl. It seems a lot of VS models are getting pregnant so I wouldn’t be surprised if Miranda is next to announce her pregnancy.

  • ~S~

    Beautiful baby!

  • Amanda

    Don’t worry Erin, Leo won’t let your ass get pregnant anyways.

  • kami

    flynn is still the cutest kid ever and still happy.

  • Kevin

    Erin’s comment seems very rude.

  • lua j

    miranda is not human seriously, look how amazing she looks every day!! what a beauty, i can’t..! and her casual style is so perfect, no words!

  • adriana

    Miranda is quickly becoming one of those models who hardly work and have nothing but paparazzi pictures..I see more pap pics of her than actual work. Is the alien trend finally dead? She wouldn’t have even gotten famous in the first place if they weren’t looking for trendy big head gemma ward look a likes. Look at Gemma’s career now, LOL. Goes to show you the shelf life on alien freaks is short lived.

  • @18

    Ahhh, ignorance must be bliss for you, right?
    FYI, she went from doing promotional work for DJ’s and a shoot for UK Vogue in Australia, to Miami for a VS shoot, then to Paris to walk for Chanel and Miu Miu, then to NY for more VS work. And she also just appeared in an absolutely stunning editorial for Harper’s Bazaar.
    Hardly working??? Really??? LOL!
    But you already knew all of this anyway, right? I mean, you idiots follow her every move even more closely than her fans. Clearly, you were just feigning ignorance in a lame attempt to insult her.
    Care to try again, loser?

  • website

    Very cute kid and I have to say the same about the mother :)

  • frisbee

    @Lola: She’s famous for being pretty, having enough of a job to qualify as a ‘career’ and having a husband and a kid (all fields required). There’s a group of them – models, actresses, one hit singers – who play the media family game. They do find audience though, so I guess we only have ourselves to blame.

  • FE

    Here is flynn again.. what a cutie pie baby and mommy!..

  • Aussie Girl

    Flynn is now 15 month’s old and walking. That is a Toddler,he is not a baby any more.The only thing I will agree with is that he was born a big baby at over 10llb and that heis adorable and is always smiling!!

  • Manu

    Yeah i think its amazing too ! Flynn looks a bit like like Mason Kardashian dont yoiu think ?

  • nicka

    will some ignorant (obvious little girl) quit talking about how models should not be famous. You obviously know nothing and should brush up on your pop culture ASAP before saying such a thing. Models of the 70s,80s,90s were 100000xxxx more famous than models today, they were pretty much referred to on a one name only basis and in the news every week AND on major magazine covers EVERY month (not actresses/singers). so to say Miranda must call paps etc to be famous is absurd. Models have ALWAYS been famous, lol. In fact today they aren’t nearly as famous as they once were. My point is; if you think models don’t merit fame think again. They have been getting famous since the 60s…its nothing new.

  • @26

    Oh, they know all that. Some of them are old enough to be grandmothers, so they well remember the fame of the most popular models in their heydey.
    They’ve just run out of things to complain about, and are desperate to find insults.
    We have a picture of a group of paps (not just one) waiting for Miranda. If she was the one calling them, why call all of them? And why would they all bother to show up if her pics didn’t sell?
    I know. Logic is foreign to these haters, but we will keep trying to show them the light.

  • Sarah

    Miranda is beautiful and is a very successful model. Flynn is so cute and always has a smile on his face.

  • lua j

    seriously ppl you should stop this non-sense about miranda not working. if you don’t like her, why do you even come to her threads?
    i think that she accomplished a lot and she’s only 28y old. she has a healthy kid, a loving husband, an organic brand, she’s one of the few models who does both : couture & editorial stuff + commercials.
    at 28, very few models do runaways for chanel, balenciaga or miu miu, she still does, every season. and every week you can see her do new shoots for editorials or commercials. actually it’s a dream and a goal for many models.
    of course she is papped when she is walking around, but she is always with her kid, which also proves that she is a caring mother.
    from where i stand, she is quite impressive.

  • Jennifer

    I have been her biggest fan, but I start to think she´s quite unfair.. becouse she only preferes some of her fans… some fans she even chat and cam with through msn… I feel like theres no point in beeing her fan, becouse only some fans gets her attention. Thats so unfair. I still think she is gorgeous, but I start to dislike her personality…:( And thats really sad!

  • @29

    Really? That’s your complaint? That she doesn’t personally visit EVERY SINGLE FAN? How exactly is she supposed to do that, anyway? How could she, or any celeb, possibly have time to do something like that? And how would you know that she “cams” with fans? That sounds like BS anyway.
    Every week or so, she spends time chatting with fans on facebook. That should be enough for any RATIONAL fan.
    You sound like a stalker who secretly believes that they share a certain relationship with a celeb they’ve never met, and become jealous when they give attention to anyone else. Either that or a hater who is DESPERATE to find something to b*tch about. Yeah, I think that’s it. Just a pathetic hater who has run out of things to whine about.

  • @Jennifer

    That’s a whole new level of desperation.
    And I agree…quite stalkerish.

  • Jennifer

    I really know about some fans who she have been camming with. Maybe I´´m jealous, but I think it´´s unfair against her other fans…

  • Jennifer

    @@29: By the way, why are you so upset about what I said? You dont have to agree with me, but its childish to be upset about it. And if you say that I´´m a stalker, then what are you? You are looing up her on JJ, and also commenting and beeing upset about others thoughts… thats pathetic.

  • @33

    ‘Normal’ fans follow her on JJ and other gossip sites. ‘Normal’ fans ask nothing in return.
    STALKER fans expect some personal acknowledgement from the celebs that they follow.
    Your considering that it “isn’t fair” that she doesn’t recognize you personally in some way, is what makes you a creeper.
    BTW, no one sounds upset here but you. They simply responded to your statement.

  • Jennifer

    it´´s so fun to get angry posts by you people :D hihhii
    You take everything so seriously! Don´´t you have anything better to do than be here and considering that everybody else but YOU are creeps! I bet you guys LOOK like creeps, thats why you get so upset about everything ;) I´´m not a stalker, I just said she´´s unfair to the rest of her fans, that does not make me a stalker or a creep, just a very big fan! I have never met her, not even seen her irl, so how could I be a stalker then??.

  • @35

    Again, no one here is “angry”. That’s all in your imagination.
    And one more time, since you seem too dense to have caught it the first time…..’fans’ who think that they deserve one-on-one attention from their idols, and consider it “unfair” that said idol doesn’t contact them personally, has a stalker mentality.
    You could never meet them in person, and still be considered a stalker.

  • Jennifer

    @@35: I just think you care too much… big deal. That was my opinion so you dont have to call me a stalker, just becouse I think that she shouldnt give all attention to one or two fans. Insted she should care about all her fans. And if you dont agree with me, then u r not a big fan of her.

  • @37

    She gives a lot of attention to her fans. She logs into facebook semi-regularly to touch base. Why do you care so much if she has a more personal relationship with a few fans? Do you expect her to contact each and every fan? That’s ridiculous.

  • I

    @@37: No, not contact each and every fan. Just be equal to everybody. She could chat to everyone and not give special attention to some persons just becouse she seems to like them more. .. I mean, she tells in her books that all women are flowers and that women shouldnt compare themselves to others… but then she highlights some of her fans, and makes others feel insignificant. contradictory?

  • @39

    If you feel insignificant because a celebrity talks to someone else, that’s your problem, not the celeb’s. Miranda has nothing to do with your low self esteem.
    And since it is absolutely impossible for any celeb to personally contact each and every fan, i guess that you don’t want them to contact ANY of them. That would be equal, right? Just how you wanted it.

  • I

    @@39: Yeah, I think a celeb should think about that they might hurt someone who is a big fan… but everybode are different. You might not think so but I do.

  • @39

    “She could chat to everyone…”
    How exactly is she supposed to do that? Exactly?
    She chats on facebook. If you want acknowledgement so bad chat with her there. Of course your next complaint will be that this very busy wife/mother/career woman isn’t on facebook 24/7.