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Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt is greeted by a mob of fans at LAX Airport on Friday (March 23) in Los Angeles.

The 48-year-old actor flashed a smile for onlookers as an escort led the way through the airport.

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“It was a bit of a blur because New Orleans will do that to you,” Brad said to Ellen DeGeneres on her show (via People) about his first trip to the city in the 90s. “I fell in love with the place. The people. The music. It’s in the air.”

Brad recently hosted a fundraising event for his charity the Make It Right foundation in the Big Easy.

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376 Responses to “Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!”

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  1. 51
    Brad flew home from France Says:


    Brad arrived back from France. Paps did not get pics of him leaving on Monday. X-17 has pics of him walking to his car with a big bag of chocolates for his family. He went to check on their Miraval home renovations and the winery production.

    Just the facts as always.

  2. 52
    daral Says:


    as always, trolls like you will always end up disappointed.
    lies and lies and lies and more BS and lies.

  3. 53
    Not Pitt Says:


    Lady leg has six children and unfortunately is no longer beautiful
    That man fall in love with her?Source?

  4. 54
    Free Angie Says:

    @Not Pitt: Bwhahahaa I’m not surprised a pittfan would visit Ian halpapigs faux site. Ask him if Ang still has the restraining order on brad. Lmao

  5. 55
    daral Says:

    @Not Pitt:

    there is not a source, otherwise the troll would post a link.
    either that or it’s twitter garbarge or halpeen.

  6. 56
    wow Says:

    @Brad flew home from France:
    I really think they are going to get married this year.

  7. 57
    daral Says:

    @Free Angie:

    you seem extra crabby and salty today syd.
    i love it when u are mad with extra toppings, spam spam away ur saturday gurl, ur life sucks so may as well troll ur heart out

  8. 58
    Gee Says:

    @Brad flew home from France: sunday and Monday the nights she got caught at a hotel.
    It was the same hotel aniston and her man
    hanging out at and invited reporters
    to capture their date night with friends.

    It’s why she gave an interview. Angelina doesn’t
    give random interviews for no reason.

  9. 59
    lol Says:

    The trolls are making up stories again. LOL

  10. 60
    daral Says:


    link link link link link

  11. 61
    plz Says:

    Stop being delusional. You make a fool of yourself.

  12. 62
    daral Says:


    and sarah palin was there, and an inflatable giraffe eating ice cream and free OJ for everyone

  13. 63
    Alice Says:

    Papa Pitt looks very happy to be back his family.

  14. 64
    daral Says:

    btw, where are those tim robbins pics at?
    that’s right, F ALL since a twitter troll posted it.

    i bet it was another twitter sighting right?
    that’s why no link, because anyone can claim anything on twitter.

  15. 65
    daral Says:


    you said brad made angelina give an interview because he found her at a hotel?

    yet now u say will brad find out?

    so which is it?


  16. 66
    Sex on Legs Says:

    Brad, you are so sexxxay! Every day you get better! Glad to see you on terra firma, safe and sound.

  17. 67
    well Says:

    These days you can’t really trust twitter. Yesterday there were many tweets of Brad filming in Massachusett. Obviously wrong as he arrived at LAX international terminal last night.

  18. 68
    Not Pitt Says:

    Hard to believe.This news would be on the cover Star, intouch etc etc

  19. 69
    well Says:

    These days you can’t really trust twitter. Yesterday there were many tweets of Brad filming in Massachusett. Obviously tweets were wrong since Brad arrived at LAX international terminal last night.

  20. 70
    daral Says:

    @Not Pitt:

    and even if it was, it still means it’s BS because those tabs lie too :)

    u have no lives yourselves so u live through gossip, and try and play games with fans online to fill ur day, anything to stop u thinking of ur real life which sucks, alone and wiping bums for a crappy living.

  21. 71
    daral Says:

    as usual, once u ask for a link or question a trolls trolling, they have nothing.

    turn into mutes, or just post more bile and lies.

    pathetic, yet they will still be here in 5-10 years time, typing the same BS.

    one day it will hit u hard about wasting ur life .

  22. 72
    hehehe Says:

    The hater always loose their sh!t when they see one of JPs traveling and start to write fictions always. hehehe

  23. 73
    caliny Says:

    When you are surrounded by ‘good people’ and do ‘great things’, it just naturally resonates through your face and a whole presence.
    Very nice to watch him getting older gracefully and happily.
    He well could have been sitting around in the Malibu mansion and do nothing but raking money with no kids to bother.
    I admire him trying hard to make differences in people’s life, and that is something that should not be marginalized.

    p.s. let’s try not to make comments on his ‘older look’ so much.
    he is 48. newsflash! people do get age and celebs are people.
    some people criticize one day celebs getting plastic surgeries. then
    next day the same people once again say nasty things about them
    looking ugly. make up your mind.
    good things come around and only do the same good thing for
    one another.

  24. 74
    awww Says:

    Brad Pitt hit on my BFF in Paris yesterday. What a douche!

  25. 75
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Welcome home, handsome! You look overjoyed to be back home and on your way to receive all kinds of hugs from your family. Angelina will smother you with kisses as the kids hang all over you joyously screaming “daddy, daddy!”

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