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Christina Aguilera: 'The Tonight Show' Appearance!

Christina Aguilera: 'The Tonight Show' Appearance!

Christina Aguilera hits the stage for an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday (March 23) in Burbank, Calif.

The 31-year-old singer went on the program to chat about her hit show The Voice.

“I believed in the concept of the show from the blind auditions to the battle rounds, us being in the spotlight as coaches…its an amazing experience and journey and it promotes real talent! And it brings back the idea of judging purely on vocal talent,” she said about her faith in the reality competition.

“At the end of the day honestly, we can all tease each other and talk about each other, but we’re like family,” Christina said about her co-mentors Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Cee Lo Green.

Tune into The Voice this Monday on NBC for the start of the final battles!

Check out part one of Christina‘s interview below, and click inside for the second half.

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  • harry

    She looks slimmer

  • LilMonster08

    looking good

  • Me REAL kel!

    Finally, she looks good. i like it

  •!/RatedXtina Clem

    Gorgeous! <3 <3 <3

  • Jane

    She’s GORGEOUS!

  • Sushi

    She looks so amazing!! Love her body, hair, make up *-* Everything! She’s gorgeous! And the interview, ahh she’s so cute *-*

  • Amy

    Curves in ALL the right places, she looked flawless last night! She needs to keep this stylist. Looking fierce, Chrissy!

  • ChristinaAguileraColinFarrell$


  • Christina Aguilera N1 Best

    Diva amazinz beautiful sexy

  • Christina Aguilera N1 Best

    love love love

  • Christina Aguilera N1 Best


  • shenanyginz

    The best I’ve seen her look in a while! I can’t wait for new music!

  • Sam

    She’s looking gorgeous, this is the perfect shape for her.

  • Sam

    Also, she looks young and very stunning from face.

  • GaGa

    I see this dumpy fat little culture stealer has finally put the bottle down?

  • justsaying

    @GaGa: You just make yourself look stupid with remarks like this.

  • maya

    she need to make this look fix to her

  • Audrey

    WOOOOW! She looks so amazing!
    She definitely lost weight, and I love her hair and make-up!
    Go Xtina!! Can’t wait her new album!

  • xd


  • marcus

    The remnants of the Xtina fanclub just landed.

  • Aguilera wins by default

    Christina is the best.

    Best pop star with the best discography, looks, voice, etc.

    She wins.

    No awards or hits on the charts required. Her work speaks for itself.

    Christina does not need your validation.

    Christina Voicelera is a real legend.

  • Ana



  • Ana

    She is AMAZING!

  • Joshua

    Like Snoki more and more

  • Maria

    She is happier now because her son was finally diagnosed correctly as a special needs child according to Xtina’s agent and is now receiving the correct education and treatment in Los Angeles. That is why Xtina was under so much stress before and drinking too much because she was concerned and unhappy about Maxx. Now Maxx is verbalizing better Xtina no longer bar hops at night and is focusing more on her career. Yah!

  • nugo

    she looks stunning
    love her hair :)

  • jeff

    Christina looked flawless and stunning last night on Jay! I loved her interview and also love how she got her team for The Voice to sing throughout the show! They sounded good to! I can’t wait for live shows of The Voice starting in April. it’s going even better!

  • Rodriguez

    @Maria: Great! That explains why she looks so much better I’m glad Maxx is better too a happy kid makes for a happy mom.

  • Simon


  • Sam

    Love her!!!

  • Yo Chola!

    So she has a SPECIAL NEEDS KID so what? At least she is taking care of her son and attends to his concerns and I give her credit for that at least. You never see Xtina running around with teen age boys ignoring her kid just because he has problems the way JLO does with her twins one of whom has Autism is is being raised by nannies. So congrats Xtina on your comeback.

  • laura from France

    WOW ! such a beauty like that ! limmer and less makeup with a sexy dress. I love her like that

  • Teresa

    @Yo Chola!: Please don’t mention that neglectful, untalented mother? JLO who could care less aboiut her twins. Unfortunately, JLO’S twins only communicate with their hands otherwise they would certainly tell her a thing or two about her LAXIETY as a mother.

  • Nina

    Being able to hang around Disney World after hours sounds pretty cool. She’s so lucky!!

    And she is looking gorgeous. :)

  • Willian Alves de Souza

    Christina looks fantastic…like a barbie..i love her
    her face..with the right make up (no red lips).
    She’s Beautiful..i love her…pretty talented girl.

  • university chick

    @Teresa: C’mon, you have to remember that JLO has two special needs children, plus she had an abusive husband who is also a drug addict so she had a lot more to deal with. All of those stesses lead to the dissolution of her marriage I’m sure.

  • Max

    Lookin’ Good!

  • http://slayer4xtina Bryne

    Queen Xtina Returns!

  • marcus

    Poor Xtina.Even her fans can’t find anything to do.

  • Nathan

    @Marcus Seriously shut up, Christina looks amazing and it shows you have a sad life criticising her, when you should look at your own.

  • christinalover

    omg, this is the greatest comeback ever! She looks more gorgeous than ever. This is defintely the hottest woman on our earth and of the whole universe!♥♥

  • Britney

    She is jealous of Adele who is a thousand times better and has won more awards in one year than Xtina will win in a lifetime.

  • marcus

    @Nathan: Get serious.Most people can’t stand her including everybody on the Voice.That’s what happens when you screw your fans and cancel tours because you don’t have the guts to stand up for your music.That’s what happens when you swagger around acting like a diva when your career’s on life support and your only gig is judging talent shows.
    Now as you criticize me,I can only assume your life is getting sadder by the hour.Doesn’t that represent the depth of your logic Nathan?Simpleton.

  • christinalover

    @Britney: greatest joke ever!

    adele will never ever have the style, the class ,the vocal range and the beauty of madame christina aguilera!

  • christinalover

    @marcus: stop hating, you know absolutely nothing about christina!

  • jean

    she looks so PERFECT !!!!!! LOVE YOU CHRISTINA AGUILERA you are so beautiful

  • LopezToday


  • http://n/a angierocks

    Love Christina!

  • marcus

    @christinalover: There’s not much to know is there? She doesn’t do anything.Check that,she puts out wretched albums that even her delusional fans won’t buy.

  • Shayley

    She looks great!!